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I could see peace instead of this

“In a time of crisis, we all have the potential to morph up to a new level and do things we never thought possible.”– Stuart Wilde 00001a

Hey, team, thought it might be a good time to review ACIM lesson 34. As I write in my book, “Today’s mantra is an all-purpose elixir. I use it at all times, in all situations.”

No matter what happens, no matter how bad things look, I remind myself that, “I could see peace instead of this.”

I’m in no way beholden to see peace. There’s no pressure to give up my perception. But I AM asked to raise peace as a possibility. No matter how remote it may seem, it helps to admit that “I COULD see peace instead of what I’m currently seeing.”

It’s a reminder that perception starts in our minds.

So while you’ve probably been lectured a million times in the past couple weeks on how to properly wash your hands, I’d like to offer the following 20 seconds on how to properly disinfect your mind.

1. Distance yourself from fear.We can stop or slow down the highly contagious disease of fear by reducing contact with our biggest enemy–internal thoughts of OMG! We’re doomed.

We can use this time to go within, to imagine a better world, to send love and peace to each of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. We can use this time to create, to envision a world and a government that, instead of focusing on economic stimulus, focuses on love and humanity and equality for all.

2. Stock up on some perspective. The media loves to talk about the “deadly” new virus, but I’d like to point out that, even at its most virulently projected mortality rate (and we still don’t have precise figures), 97.5 percent of those who get it make a full recovery. Just like we do from many other illnesses. That’s not to say we shouldn’t take precautions. As Jack Kornfield likes to say, “Remember your Buddha nature AND your social security number.”

3. Empower your internal pharmacy. Cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton says stress is a contributing factor in 95 percent of all illness and disease. So we can best inoculate ourselves by watering seeds of possibility, not worse case scenarios. A calm nervous system fosters a strong immune system. I recently heard the expression, “Proceed as if there is not a problem” and remember your body is resilient and has self-healing superpowers.

I’ll end with this wonderful video by my friend, Karen Drucker that proves we can send out love vibes even when washing our hands.


Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Hi Pam…..I love your posts and writing……sending caring thoughts to you…..especially at this unsettling time…..blessings to you and your family……Fay Kennedy…..🔰🐈……sending from Virginia Beach…….

  2. Thanks Pam! That’s one of those ACIM lessons that is a constant in my inner world. Thanks for the great reminder and important messages, loved the video too. I do think, the CV is allowing us all more time to be inward and present. With so much being canceled, etc. There is some good that come out of this. Less traffic, people helping each other out more, focus on the elders/children/sick.
    Families being home together, exercising outdoors, amping up healthy practices, maybe it’s even an opportunity for people to let go of materiality and focus on what is really REAL, and what if we realize nothing REAL can be threaten, nothing unreal exist, herein lies the peace of God! Hum….
    Love, and More Love Awesome Pam G!

      1. Amen Pam…… the voice of reason that we all need to hear. Thank you for saying what needs to be said in a time when “experts” only fuel the panic. Yes , let us all use this opportunity to- go within, imagineer a much better world and send the love to our brothers and sisters so that this event becomes a turning point for humanity

  3. Thank you so much Pam for this uplifting post in the midst of what seems like a push for chaos. Yes we can choose to see and be peace!

  4. I can’t express how grateful I am to you for sending this email, it’s exactly what I needed to hear today, and exactly the state of mind I hope to find. Thank you so much for sending a message of hope and peace and love in the midst of the whirlwind of crazy circulating us all. Love is always the answer.

  5. Thank you Pam!!! So needed to read this today. Whenever I see 222 I think of you and Taz! Blessings! ❤️🙌👊🏻

  6. You are just the voice of wisdom I’ve been hoping to hear and asking the divine to deliver for the last several days. Thank you thank you as always-you are a beautiful breath of fresh air and a gift to us all.

  7. Thank you for your wonderful voice of reason. Sending love to all, ‘Dale

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  8. You are so clever and inventive and wise. In short you are perfect and I love you very much. I also love the video you shared.  You are the face of God.  Love cheryl


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    *overnight stays in Guest Suite and Bohemian Bunkhouse

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  9. Pam, your response to the current situation just made my heart and soul sing. Thank you! And thank you, too, for creating the beautiful ACIM book we all begged you to write. It is a treasure and so are you. Sending love and peace to you and all.

  10. Wonderful, fabulous, marvellous! Perfect post for the present persistent panic pounding on the door of our minds. I CAN see peace instead of this! Thankyou Pam – and the little hand washing video is delightful. I tried singing twinkle twinkle little star instead of happy birthday but it was way too long!! So this one is probably perfect ☺️❤️⭐️💜😘

  11. Awesome Pam! I love your “let’s calm down and kick fear to the kerb” approach.

    Love Linda x

  12. Thanks a lot, Pam. These ones are the recommendations we all need to hear at the present moment. I’m going to translate them and send it to my friends.

    Love from Spain, Susana

  13. Let us be a lighting the darkness.❤️
    There was so much political division in our world and distancing from one another.
    A lot of terrible social postings and words at rallies. It’s sad that now this virus has come upon us. Is this what it takes to bring us together again in empathy, compassion, and love? God bless and guide us all to bring the light and love into full view for the world to see.

  14. Once again you give us great advice❤️ Thanks for the positive reminder of who we can be.

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  15. Bless you, Pam, for keeping us on track. I kept checking my gmail for your post and I knew you would come through. I love your new book and it is just what we all need at this time and beyond. Mary Owake used to say this when things looked dark, “Show me the gift.” There is a gift in all of this it just may take awhile for our limited perceptions to see it.

    You are a great light.

  16. I’m right there with you. I see peace even though I’m ‘supposed’ to be one of those vulnerable persons. 🙂 Watching the reactions of people is amusing. I’ve started writing down the lessons for each day with your explanation on index cards so I can look at them throughout the day. My daughter likes the idea. We read the lessons to each other daily. I’ve read a lot of Jack Kornfield and love his sense of humor as well. Your book came out at a perfect time. I had my 83 year old quilting friend ask about your book on her visit. She is looking at getting it for herself! We quilters are excellent at self quarantine as we always have plenty of projects at hand and always have an extra hand to lend a friend in need. 🙂 This too shall pass. Marlene Herself. 🙂

  17. Dear Pam..Keep those spiritual messages coming through and being a light in all the darkness❤ so that we all join you.

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