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Always open, always there

“I found the material world was getting in the way.”—B.J. Novak living-in-a-simulation_v2-600x315

So I got an email the other day with a question about my new book. This reader wasn’t sure whether to do the daily lessons or just read about them.

I nearly choked on my JP Licks hot chocolate. I was in Cambridge, Mass at the time watching the parade honoring Elizabeth Banks as 2020 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.

Clear communication, for an author, is right up there with words and  sentence structure. I realize if there’s even a smidgeon of doubt, I’d failed. At least with this reader.

So let me make it abundantly clear. Doing the daily lessons is the ONLY reason to have this book. And the ONLY reason to do the daily lessons is to establish communication with Divine Intelligence. Once this “Voice” (the Course calls it the Holy Spirit, I call it your stunt double or your own personal butler) is awakened within you, you can pitch my book in the trash. Of course, I’d rather you recycle it or pass it onto somebody who has yet to fall in love with the Divine Presence.

Once you establish communication with this bigger thing, your every question will be answered, your every need will be met. A clear path will open up for your life.

The reason most of us are not in touch with this Divine Intelligence is because we’re paralyzed by the material world. We stare at it as if it’s real. The fluctuating bits of energy that make up the material world is a virtual reality game, a giant simulation that we create with our beliefs and expectations. It’s malleable. And we’re in on the game. Even Elon Musk, who says there’s a one in billion chance we’re living in base reality, believes there’s a more sophisticated intelligence.

My friend Cindy pointed out yesterday that my dedication in the book (To Taz, I could never live without you so I don’t) should be lesson # 1.

Maybe it’s the only lesson we need. Why would any of us choose to live without the aid and assistance that’s available from the other side? It’s like taking an eyedropper to the ocean and settling for that for the rest of your life.

As I hope I’ve made clear, the entire purpose of the Course in Miracles, both the original and my cheeky translation, is to connect with the invisible guidance that, like a 7-11, is always open, always there.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. I think there is a typo in this message. Thank you meant to say I could never live WITHOUT you so I don’t.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I absolutely love the dedication to Taz. Most people would never think that was possible (not living w/o her). That is what is so special about you and what you teach. And why I will, for darn sure, be “doing” the lessons, each day, along with you.

  3. Pam,Bought the book (2 of them actually) on the first day available! LOVE it.There is a critical typo in this post. See it here:”My friend Cindy pointed out yesterday that my dedication in the book (To Taz, I could never live with you so I don’t) should be lesson # 1.”The book says “without you”….Thanks for being you!Sharon

  4. LOVE the book. Critical typo in your post! “My friend Cindy pointed out yesterday that my dedication in the book (To Taz, I could never live with you so I don’t) should be lesson # 1.”

    I am sure you mean “without you” as soon in the book dedication.

  5. Dear Pam,
    I pre-ordered your book last year 💜
    I’ve failed to do the lessons. I seem always to be in a hurry to get ”there”, reach the ”end”.. I get disappointed with each guru, who is telling what you should do This it That in order to get there (I listened to Joe Dispenza’s recreate yourself (not sure if that’s the right original title). But I lost it when I was supposed to do certain steps in achieving the perfect meditation..

    I have never felt disappointed with your text or these blogs (I love, love love these!) but somehow, I don’t master myself to read only one lesson in a day and try it.
    I pray that I could summon the energy to take it day by day, lesson by lesson. Although it (to me!) seems somehow so futile and I do get frustrated. 🙈🙈🙈
    I am not sure if the Dude is trying to wake me up, I’ve been seeing 222’s a awful lot. Latest was that I found 222 inside my winter boots ❄️❄️❄️ That really made me smile!
    Am I a lost case?
    Yours sincerely, Teija

    1. 222 inside your winter boots! How cool is that? Yes, the signs will always be there when we decide to notice. Do not beat yourself up. None of us is perfect in doing the lessons every day. Seriously, I sometimes blow them off myself. But I do love knowing that the guidance is there and the Holy Spirit will answer whenever I ring the little bell. Eventually, we’re all going to get this anyway. So no pressure. Be nice to yourself. Then you’re on the same frequency as Divine Intelligence.

      1. I love this perfect reply❤ we are all going to get there. Yesterday was
        2/2/2020 ..big smile.

  6. Howdy Pam! It feels like you are having breakfast with me every morning, because that’s when I’m reading your book!! And I LOVE that! 🙂❤️🙃

    Also, I was just reading the comments and saw that someone picked up on a typo. I hadn’t seen it, so I went back to the post in my email…and to my amazement…there it was. I guess my mind’s eye saw what I expected to be there…it filled in the blanks so to speak! What’s exciting is that this is actually proof that we create our own hologram! So….great job as always!!! You gave proof of the pudding, without even trying! 🤓✍️

    1. Same here, Virginia! I did not notice the typo, since my mind “knew” what she meant. So cool that you see it as proof – as it is!

      1. And to quote our favorite Avatar, “I see you”, my friend ❤️👀 !!!!

  7. I guess you shouldn’t have made fun of one of your readers because your line about (To Taz, I could never live with you so I don’t) doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think it was nice making fun of that reader. ☺

    1. Jane I think it doesn’t make sense because in that line Pam made a typo! It was supposed to read “I could never live WITHOUT you, so I don’t.” VERY different meaning! If you read some of the other posts and some of Pam’s responses you’ll see what she really meant. Hope that’s helpful.
      Jenny Louise.

  8. Hi Pam. I got my copy of your new book the other day and read it all the way through – love it. Now going back to the start to do the lessons. I gave away my copy of A Course in Miracles earlier this year but think I might have to buy another copy to use alongside yours. Thank you for your wonderful books and your positivity. When are you coming back to London?

  9. You’re coming around the (Taz) mtn and are turning more towards what’s ‘always open, always there’…..good work, o eloquent one. Love Jeff


  10. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today, in the midst of emergencies ❤️ I love your presence in my life!!!

  11. Every day I read only the chapter (lesson) for that one day. Though I want to just keep reading, I don’t. I read it out loud and over and over until it is committed to memory and then recite it to myself and practice it. Your book “Thank and Grow Rich” is my Bible. I have highlighted the heck out of it and the pages are worn. It is a constant reminder to me of what life truly is. Thank you, Pam Grout, for just (basically) being you. 🙂

  12. Hello Pan! Have read several of your books and I really like your super simple style. One question I have for what I’ve read in the preface is about the connection between the Course and Abraham-Hicks. They seem to me super familiar and related. I’ve heard about the course before but never read that. And I’ve been following AH For the past 2 years and made a lot of sense to me. What would your take be on this?

  13. You did nothing wrong. I have to admit that, in spite of your notices to “do the exercises” (which are fun, btw), I debated over just reading them. I find that is due to laziness on my part or a fear they might not work. I am so glad I do them as they work more and more for me all the time!

  14. Did you mean you could never live “without” Taz? You said you could never live “with” her, so you don’t. Please clarify.

  15. Your beautiful book is on my bedside dresser. Thank you Pam for being part of my life journey and longer..
    I also loved your talk on the Hay House podcast..so nice to hear your voice. Happy heart opening month❤

  16. I recently read an article about William Stead, who passed in the Titanic disaster, and the several contacts his daughter and others had with him through mediums and automatic writing. Here is a book that tells the story: Transcending the Titanic, published by White Crow Books.

    It was quite interesting that the book’s author wrote in the article that:
    In his initial communication through Woodman’s hand, Stead recalled the “indescribably pathetic” scene he witnessed after the ship went down, as hundreds of souls hovered over their floating bodies, some of them not comprehending their new state and concerned with having lost their valuables. After what seemed like a few minutes, they all seemed to rise vertically into the air at a terrific speed. “I cannot tell how long our journey lasted, nor how fast from the Earth we were when we arrived, but it was a gloriously beautiful arrival,” he communicated to his daughter through Woodman. “It was like walking from your own English winter gloom into the radiance of an Indian sky. There, all was brightness and beauty.”

    Stead also talks about the gradual transition from earthly existence to spirit. It was quite interesting.

    Hope you are well, Pam.

    Diane Dobry

  17. Pam this is a beautiful post. I also didn’t understand your dedication at first and then figured it must be a typo. So glad you got that sorted because it’s a beautiful dedication and a powerful truth. Thankyou. I also love this line “we stare at it (the material world) as if it’s real.” And of course, in staring at reality we continue to make it our reality. And yet as you say it’s our inner world, our connection to the divine within us and to everything, that is the true foundation of reality, and we are a part of it. Anyway, Thankyou for this post and for all your work. I haven’t come across your new book in any of my local bookshops yet (in Melbourne Australia) but I’m assuming it will get here soon! I’m looking forward to it!

    Blessings and love from Jenny Louise 💖⭐️☔️💛🌷

  18. Dear Pam

    I am loving your approach to the Course! I have had MS for over 30 years, having had Polio as a child, and am now wheelchair and house bound. I divorced my coercive and abusive husband 13 years ago and now live alone, but with my 3 dogs (2 rescue) and my cat.
    I live with joy, have practiced TM since the early 90’s and have a large self-help library, accumulated while trying to save what was left of myself, following my divorce! I have made several attempts at the Course, with mixed results! I therefore leapt at the chance to view it through your eyes, having read your work before!
    I am loving it and am much more hopeful that I will get further through it this time. After meditation I start my day with a lesson, and your thoughts about each days project make me start my day with a smile on my face and confidence in my heart.
    Thank you – with love
    Gaby 💗💐💗

  19. I explained that you need to read no more than one a day to my daughter who was not the least interested in reading ACIM but she runs in the door after work and asks if I’ve read today’s lesson and then promptly reads it for herself. Then we talk about it. She loves your writing style as much as I do and the humor will reach so many more to get the point across. I still have my copies of “the course” to cross reference but glean so much more from your point of view. I wasn’t reading this in editor mode so I did not see the typo. Just the heart of it. You get to go to the most interesting places. It’s a tough life but someone’s gotta do it. 😉 Hugs, Marlene

  20. Thank you Pam, Love your Course in Miracles! Sent a copy to my sister and niece. I keep my copy in the car face up – to start my day smiling read before going anywhere, and its joyous cover might just catch the eye of a passerby!

  21. Thank you amazing lady Pam! I am having an 85th birthday… Five years after a course in miracles and magic at Omega with my two daughters Bonnie and WENDY. I am still trying to follow your path. I love you and your spirit. JANE WRIGHT

    “Live without pretending Love without depending Listen without defending Speak without offending.”


    1. Magic and Miracles abounded that weekend at Omega! I am forever grateful ❤️👀 for our connection. Love you!!

  22. Pam, thank you SO much for your book! You make me feel like ACIM and I are just having coffee and visiting with Aha Moment after Aha Moment. All my other attempts, both with the original text as well as others’ versions of reachable, felt like an academic lecture that required my dissertation as a response. I purchased your eBook AND a physical copy for myself, as well as a copy for my Mom (who is thoroughly enjoying it as well). This book is my daily meds (meditations)! Big love to you. Always. <3

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