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Magic is afoot!

“Through it all, I keep coming back to love as the answer, the golden repair that lasts.”–Sue Cochrane

natoliYou know those bobble head dogs that people put in their back car window?

That’s what it’s like for me here at the Namaste community in Ajijic, Mexico. I  keep hearing things that resonate so deeply and I can’t help but nod and nod. And smile. And pump my fists.

Every morning, we gather together for satsang and it’s just so beautiful the things that are shared. Yesterday, James Twyman, who started this community, sang a song that he wrote just that morning, 30 minutes before group. This is nothing unusual. Because he’s so on fire with Spirit’s call, music flows through him. He seems to have a new song every morning.

Yesterday’s song, however, came straight from Taz. Several community members came up and said they felt her presence.

Here are some of the lyrics:

“You may think I’m leaving, but where would I go? I’m right here inside. Your heart might be grieving but there’s one thing you should know. What you feel inside is yours for all time. It will never fade. It will never fade away. For your heart is now mine. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Always.”

“I’ll be there when you call. There through it all. Your heart is safe with me.
“Just choose to believe. That love always finds a way. It finds a way. When your heart is open wide.”

“Watch for me. In the signs. Dream is now ending. It fades before your eyes. There’s no need for defending. You never really die. All you have to do is feel. My hand upon your own. Always there. Always there.”

If that wasn’t enough, several of us went out to a French bakery for cappuccinos and quiche, and my coffee cup, the only one of six, had E=MC2 on it. Everybody else got different logos, sayings, pictures. We all laughed at the clarity of the sign and I couldn’t help but exclaim ‘Thank you, Tazmosky!”–one of several nicknames I gave her over the years. In fact, Lisa Natoli, my new mighty companion, bought the cup straight from the restaurant and gifted it to me.

Lisa Natoli, if you haven’t already been introduced, is somebody you definitely need to know. She’s a powerful, incredible Course in Miracles teacher. I was so moved by her words that I literally walked up to her out of the blue and asked her to co-lead a week-long workshop/playshop at the Omega Institute from July 5-10. We’re calling it “All heaven will break loose.” Look for it in the upcoming catalog.

The other thing I’d like to announce is that my brother, James Twyman, is heading back to the States tomorrow. On January 4, he launches a radical, two-month tour of his “Brother Sun/Sister Moon” musical. Even better, he and cohort Bill Free are doing it just the way Saint Francis of Assisi did it back in the 12th century. They’re going penniless, on foot, trusting completely in God and the generosity of God’s children.

Here’s why I think it’ll change the world.

These two are all in, 100 percent. Like the original St. Francis, they’re completely on fire with love, with truth, with trust. The tour kicks off in Portland, Oregon, goes south to California and eventually will end with a two-week tour in New York off-Broadway.

They’ll be at Unity Village near me end of January, but, sadly, I’m giving a talk in Boston at that time. I hope to meet up with them in Phoenix in mid-January.

If you feel moved (and believe me, being with these two is such a gift), check out their schedule and offer to feed them, house them, help them get from place to place. They’re trusting in Divine Providence, but, as Paul and John said, it never hurts to accept “a little help from my friends.”

Being in their presence is an experience I have so treasured. And I know you will, too.

I’ll end with the ACIM quote Lisa shared this morning. “If you knew who walked with you, fear would be impossible.”

Have the best weekend of your lives, my friends. I love you to the Planet Zorpia and back.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Pam Grout! You probably won’t get this, but I’ll be sending you and Taz great vibes forever more!

    Dunn Neugebauer
    Holder of lots of jobs
    Author, coach, nice guy–

    From: Pam Grout
    Reply-To: Pam Grout
    Date: Friday, December 27, 2019 at 5:01 PM
    To: “Neugebauer, Dunn”
    Subject: [New post] Magic is afoot!

    psgrout posted: ““Through it all, I keep coming back to love as the answer, the golden repair that lasts.”–Sue Cochrane You know those bobble head dogs that people put in their back car window? That’s what it’s like for me here at the Namaste community in Ajijic, Mexi”

  2. Hey Pam,

    Honest to God, I had a dream last night that we were hiking up a mountain and Taz was speaking through me to you. You guys were having a conversation, laughing hysterically.

    That’s so cool.

    Hope all is well and you’re enjoying your trip to Mexico, Pam!


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  3. I love this post so much. You are definitely on fire. What a group you connected with. Pure magic.   I’m glad that you are sharing that magic.  Love cheryl


    *yoga and senior fitness classes

    *overnight stays in Guest Suite and Bohemian Bunkhouse

    785-640-4049 mobile/text

  4. What a precious song, and connection! Thank you for sharing and all you do to help us see that the Universe is a most abundant and humorous Source for us all. Safe travels!

  5. Awesome post, and so happy you are having a great time with your peeps in Mexico! And OMG, Omega in July! Not sure if I can make those dates work, but I’m sure gonna try! Miss you, Pam!! 🙂💜🎵👀

  6. Love the words of the song, love the E=MC2 mug story, and I love you Pam! Thankyou for your inspiring, delightful posts- I value them and your commitment to helping us all live full, blessed, delightful lives. I’m so grateful I trusted the feeling that buying your book e-cubed would be good for me- following that feeling led me to your blog, several of your other books, and to a joyful relationship to the number 222! 😁
    Blessings galore my friend 🌸⭐️💗

  7. So exciting to see you connecting with Lisa Natoli! I love you both! Is your Boston engagement open to the public? I have been an ARDENT lover of you and your work for a long time now. I have so much gratitude for you and your contributions to joy and sanity here on our little planet.

  8. I’ll be looking for that song set to music? Please post when it’s on Utube Thx for the light you share!

  9. Hi Pam…This may be my all time favorite post! I love so many thing about it…Thank you for doing Life at 100 percent when I know its been such a challenge. I have such love and respect for you, as if I’ve always known you. (I know, get in line behind half the planet:) If you ever come to Carmel by the Sea you’ve always got a place to stay!
    In Love and the Brightest of Light!

  10. Thank you sharing this LOVELY message Pam… wishing you and your family EXTRAORDINARILY EPIC PROSPERITY & SUCCESS in the NEW YEAR/DECADE 2020! Elle💕

  11. I’m so glad you posted this message. I was not aware of the production by James Twyman and would love to view it as well as help.

  12. Yikes Pamy,
    I was so excited when you queued me into Ajijic Mexico. I’d considered Ecuador for retirement and affordability. Wanted to find only good but it’s environment is often loud, crowded and many locals with documented illnesses directly related to high industrial run off into precioso Lake Chapala and it’s sweet sister Aqua Caliente. There are dirty secrets….but oops, they are not secret. When one does due diligence and a fat deep Google Search one is reminded how the country of Mexico rates poorly at environmental concerns. Do your abroad posse members trust your judgement 100%? Me thinks they are highly impressionable.
    Forever Love You and Taz.
    Donna Sue Shepherd

  13. I’ll be at the Brother Sun/Sister Moon show in Phoenix. Hope to be able to give you a hug there. 🙂

    1. So lovely to run into you at the show in Phoenix, and I also wanted to add a thank you for the introduction to Lisa Natoli in this post. I just started her 40 Day Transformation and I can tell it’s going to be life changing. Maybe I will see you both at Omega!

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