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Today I am brave. Today I am generous

“Turn your light on for those with no vision.”—Pharrell Williams

story worth telling
My last blog post about the “news being irrelevant” provoked a couple questions that I’d like to address. As always, I appreciate all your thoughtful comments.

Many years ago, I went to a bullfight in a foreign country that shall not be named (It was not Spain.) I left early because well, it didn’t seem fair. Before the matador even strode out in the ring with his red cape, the poor bull had been stabbed in the neck and endured six barbed sticks thrust into his shoulders.

I’m just like that bull when I consume too much news. I’m at a complete disadvantage because the “news,” which I often call “the olds,” plays on my emotions. It uses fear to grab attention. It’s often misleading, manipulative and shows a very tiny picture of what’s really happening in the world. I don’t need all that cortisol and other toxic chemicals flowing through my brain.

It’s not that I don’t want to know what’s going on. I just don’t think the news is the best delivery system for finding out.

More than anything, I long to spend my life being brave and generous. My intention is to bring out the light in myself and others. When I practice being grateful even for things like blue skies and singing birds, I’m better able to enact my intentions. It’s much easier being generous when I feel good about myself and about the world.

I feel quite confident in my ability to be an informed voter. I’m extremely aware of certain “realities” that are happening. But because I view them as temporary (there are always a gazillion other possibilities), I do what I can to shine my light.

For example, I donate money to an organization that works with immigrants. I display a yard sign in 3 languages that says, “Whoever you are, wherever you come from, I’m glad you’re my neighbor” and, every week, I take a couple young Mexican girls to get ice cream or to the movies or to paint pottery.

My job, as I see it, is to relentlessly present other data points. Even in my work as a reporter for People magazine, where, yes, I report on tornadoes and kidnappings and whole towns being washed away by floods, I witness the most incredible displays of generosity, the very finest of the human spirit.

No one protested or railed against dial telephones. Yet, for the most part, they disappeared.

Somebody created a better reality. That’s my commitment. What’s yours?

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Thanks, Pam! What a great post! I love the ending: No one protested or railed against dial telephones. Yet, for the most part, they disappeared. Somebody created a better reality. My commitment every day is to create a better reality…for myself and for those around me. Have a great day!

  2. Yesssssssss!! Pam! Yesssssss. I am a devout student of Abraham and a lover of your delicious work and I say, hear, hear! More of this please. I have decided to care more about how I feel than anything else, and I am loving it! No more attention to things I don’t want to see. I can’t tune my vibration to the best in life if I am always bombarded by fear and lack in the news. I’m over sensationalism to prove my empathy. My feeling bad won’t make them feel good! As you say, these are temporary conditions, therefore better and better things are on their way from every direction all the time. Let’s go!!

  3. Hi Pam,

    For a huge smile check out this video of 2 college kids given the task of making a phone call with a dial/rotary phone. Can it really be that long ago that we used them that the “art” of dialing is lost?

    I reporter recently told us that in the newspaper or media business, “if it bleeds it leads”. Therefore, I manage how much news I let in to my brain. Enough but not so much that I am a wreck all day.

    And since I started reading the Daily Word again, Life just is so much better!!!

    Thanks for your posts. Even when my mailbox is overflowing, if I see your name I skip the others and go right to your posts.

    Love and Light!

  4. And we all thank you for your intention, your vision and your thoughtful reminders.
    Much Love to you Pam.

  5. Thank you, Pam. Yes, creating a better reality, seeing a higher vision for ourselves, each other, and the world!

    For me, it’s a commitment to raise my own consciousness by living in heart-centered Gratitude and looking for light/good/God everywhere — seeing with inner eyes the divine essence of everything. The more I live in Gratitude and look for the Good, the more effortlessly it appears. It’s an observer-created reality!

  6. Pam I appreciate your point of view about the news. I know that many people feel this way. I have a different approach. I read the headlines of two newspapers each morning and do what I call news homework.  Once I am finished I place the papers on my lap and close my eyes, go to my heart and call upon the forces of divine love and light to minister, uplift, heal and transform the energy that each news headline represents. I do this when I watch the news on TV… rather that get plugged in or judge what is happening I intend to be a channel of conscious love and light to shift our events to the highest possible reality. my blessings to you Peggy  http://www.morningmessages.com

  7. Bravo!! Well explained. I’m forwarding this to some family who watches lots of news 🙂 And a few friends that would enjoy the read… xo

  8. I’m with ya, Pam! I stay “informed” and pay attention to “what’s going on in the world”, without consuming too much of it, and focus much more on the good news and blessings. Looking forward to voting and improving this political “reality”, but don’t necessarily think that cell phones are a better reality. I’d like my white, rotary dial princess phone back, please! Ha ha!

  9. Keep em coming and looking forward to your book! I have all the Pam Grout fans at my school ready for a great read. Hope all is well and keep on spreading the good words.

    Neugebauer, Dunn
    Holder of lots of jobs
    Author/coach/nice guy

    From: Pam Grout
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    psgrout posted: ““Turn your light on for those with no vision.”—Pharrell Williams My last blog post about the “news being irrelevant” provoked a couple questions that I’d like to address. As always, I appreciate all the thoughtful comments. Many years ago, I went to a “

  10. Thank you True Days without tv are better There are a zillion great things in books and video to make me happy Your books especially Xo

  11. Thank you for putting into such clear words “exactly” how I, too, feel about the news and why I might check on something I’ve learned about by doing a search, but would never watch it. I copied your post and pasted it in a Word document to remind myself of and share with others who are interested in clarification.

  12. Well stated! I too don’t pay attention to the news. When I was growing up with those rotary dial j\ones, we didn’t know what was going on even one state over and I turned out to have a pretty bright and shinny light!!

  13. Thanks Pam for your response. For me you owe no justification for what you said. I know who you are!!!❤️

  14. Bravo, Pammy Sue. Bravo. Speaking as a retired journalist, I always strove to be fair in my reporting. But that was some time ago. Now that I am retired, and pursuing many passions… one of them involves community service… something we can all benefit from doing. After all, it’s why we’re here; to bless and prosper each other. Hugs, dear heart. Hugs. Rick :O)

  15. Ah Pam I just love you! Thankyou for generously giving of your delightful light to help brighten our lives, and to help each of us think about what we can do to add light to the world. By focussing on the light already in the world and by shining our own light, we can help dispel any remaining darkness. We CAN focus on the kind acts, the beauty and the love people demonstrate in times of great tragedy rather than on the tragedy itself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was the focus of the news? To demonstrate the way the people handled the disaster – flood, tornado, fire, terror attack etc – instead of the disaster itself. I’m glad you’re doing that in your reports for People magazine, and I’m going to imagine a future where that’s the way the news is always presented. In the meantime I’ll continue to rarely watch it and focus instead on the “good news” stories happening around me. And do my bit to be a part of creating those stories. Blessings and thanks Pam 😘

  16. Dear Pam,
    I am SO GRATEFUL for your words!! You make me laugh and cry at once. You are a true hero and always remind me of my own aspirations: To live fully and fearlessly with an open heart and dance in the light!!

  17. Some news is relevant to me, some not. I get to choose what I listen to each day. Some folks would complain if they were hung with a new rope as my last husband always said. I’m on your side 100%. You get more of what you focus on and I choose light and love and generosity too. Let the rest of them quibble among themselves. Life is just too short for all of that. Now, where is the party? I’m heading for 71 and no one expected it to happen. Ha Ha! Fooled them again.

  18. I too do not invite the news into my life, due to its one-way focus. I figure if there is something I need to know, it will find its way to me. Thanks for spreading the Love Pam 🙂

  19. I freaking love you! When you post it’s exactly what I need to hear or am feeling. Keep rocking your strength and love out to the universe Pam!

  20. How about this, when the news, (media, print or even the dreaded Facebook) decides to report about all the good that’s going on in the world, at least 50% of the time, I might (but doubtful) tune in to hear about “what’s happening “. In my world, without the news, I encounter more beautiful, loving, peaceful “happenings” (and people) than I can count. To me that’s really what’s going on! And, as we know from The Course, love is the only truth there is! The rest is just made up to appeal to the drama that is the collective mind… no one reports on that tragedy! Let’s change the story, let’s report on all the love, let’s hug people who rarely experience human touch, let’s tell them there beautiful, let’s spread love…. Yahoo!

  21. You just made me cry. Thank you, I would list the reasons but this comment would be much too long.

  22. I love that you have chosen ‘Brave’ for how to be. I need to be brave today and the universe has reminded me through you today that I can be. Thank you!

  23. You have put into words my exact feelings today-thank you and keep on keeping-your doing amazing 💕

  24. Now I know what the significance of the two huge “bull” mud flaps I pulled up behind this morning was. The synchronicities are pretty amazing!

  25. Marvelous! I like inviting the girls for ice cream. I live in Ecuador where we have so many Venezuelan refugees so I will try that. Thanks for the direction. Carry-on shining your light ! 🌟🙏🏽

  26. Pam,

    I am so grateful for his post. I struggle with friends who feel they are obligated to stay up with all the current events in order to be good citizens. And they are always worried and afraid, feeling overwhelmed. They’re concerned about my unwillingness to watch the news. I tell them I have to work in my corner of the world and make it better. When I am confronted with upsetting things politicians are doing, I send them wishes for peaceful, kind hearts. Thank you for always sounding the call that lets us know there’s always another (or a gazillion) ways to do something to shine the light!

    Yours in love, Julie Mulcahey

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    1. Thanks, Julie! That is the highest calling for all of us–to see that light, even when it’s not readily apparent. It’s there in every single one of us, this I know.

  27. Dearest Pam,

    Two things:

    I just invited a blind girl to come on a retreat with me & share my room. I put myself in her shoes & thought this would be joyful for her. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered if this would be a lot of extra work for me as I am running the retreat. Minutes later I opened your email & read “Turn your light on for those who have no vision.” Definitely made the right decision! I almost cried I felt so good.

    I absolutely refuse to watch the news & if someone turns it on I leave immediately. I consider it basically mis-information & the commercials during the news are actually as horrifyingly as the news, mostly pharmaceuticals preying on people’s fear. Brainwashing people at a vulnerable time is unfair.

    I think your take on the news is visionary, fair & full of light & love – just like you.

    That’s some good news for today!!

    Love & peace, sister.

    Alanna Siemens

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  28. pam,

    i read one of your posts aloud to my yoga classes tonight. i had the mondayest of monday’s. i read the post about walking on the bridge and wanting to fist bump and send love to strangers. when i got home, i had a residuals check for $22.22.

    i thought you’d love the synchronicity.


    Jade Sent from Jade’s iPhone


  29. Hi Pam
    Thank you. I m reading second time your book E2
    It’s helping in my life all aspects!!
    Thanks for being you!!😊

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