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Yet another trio of tales from the annals of magic and enchantment

“What power is this. I can’t say. I just know that it’s there.”–Alexander Graham Bell 222 sign

I have a magical inbox. It delivers miracle stories from readers of my books. Anytime I need a boost, l simply open my email and voila! an inspiring new story shows up. Lately, these stories often include pictures of 222.

It’s kinda amazing how creative Taz gets in communicating through all of you—bologna biscuits? Yesterday, for example, a reader who works in a bookstore said she was thinking of me when a customer named Tamsin signed up for a loyalty card and got the digital security code—222. She thanked me for reminding her of the beauty, magic and love that always surrounds us when we’re open to it.

Ashley wrote to tell me that, after taking her real estate exam and missing it twice, she started doing the exercises in E-Squared, going so far as to write her requests on a cocktail napkin. Not only did she get an unexpected check in the mail (she says it blew her away), but she passed the once-elusive exam with flying colors and has gone on to be quite successful in real estate.

As she says, “I have shared your book with 20 people so far because it has changed my life. To know we have the power to change our lives by simply changing our mindset is a game changer.”

This next story is particularly poignant because is demonstrates that it’s not what happens to us that determines our happiness. It’s how we choose to approach what happens to us. Thank you, Mari, for sharing this inspiring story and for running Girl Wise, a leadership program for young girls, that according to Mari is now incorporating gratitude.

Take it away, Mari:

“First of all, your books have helped me change my entire life. I started with Thank & Grow Rich last year and have just finished up E-Squared and am almost finished with E Cubed.

“You have helped me enjoy life more and play more, something I thought I lost a few years back. Just yesterday I made grocery shopping into an excellent adventure starting with blasting music on my drive there. When stopped at a stop light, a man came up beside my car and started dancing to the beat on the street and I danced with him in my care smiling and laughing with each other. Connecting with other humans is truly one of the greatest joys.

“To give a little background, I am a rising junior at Bentley University originally from upstate New York. I grew up on a farm with a close-knit family including myself, my sister, and my parents.

“I just recently read Experiment #4 in E Cubed and related more than anything and wanted to share my family’s successes due to remaining positive and faithful. This was inspired by this line from your book: “Many things at face value look like difficulties end up being miracles in disguise. The cancer that we might believe isn’t fair can be a pathway to Truth. It can be a door to potent opportunities. We get to decide.”

“Last June, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma which in the past has had a 5% survival rate within the first year. While others not on the frequency may have cried and screamed at God, my family, a bunch of German “do-ers”, simply thought out an action plan. My dad was going to live and there was no question about it. The first step was making a treatment plan to fix the physical problem.

“At the same time, we fixed other things. We turned family dinners into important events. Instead of all coming home from work and doing our own thing, we would share our favorite SNL skits. We started watching “Grace and Frankie” together every day from 8-10.

“We started making regular dermatology check-ups, a step we all should have taken years ago. We adjusted our diets to decrease other health issues. Where I had previously been caught up in basking in the short-lived fun of college with all of my friends and sorority sisters, I was brought back to the importance of family and went home to visit my parents when I could during the year, something I never used to prioritize.

“Although my parents have always had a healthy marriage, they realized that they had been wasting so much time that they could be enjoying each other. They started walking the dog together instead of taking turns, and cooking dinner or going grocery shopping as a team instead of alternating turns.

“Now a year later, my dad quit his job of almost twenty years to live and have fun. My parents moved back to their hometown and are now constantly surrounded by friends and family taking day trips to breweries, checking out the best farm stands in the area, and spreading love and joy as much as they can.

“They have started to travel again starting with a Spring Break exploring the Southeast, and currently planning a summer trip to explore and hike the Pacific Northwest and a Thanksgiving trip to visit me in Dublin, Ireland while I am studying abroad.

“Cancer was our truth. Cancer was the life altering sign from the FP saying “What are you guys doing?! You could be having so much fun and loving others so much more!!”

“We have all shifted back to the love frequency appreciating each other, appreciating nature, and appreciating all of lives gifts from our beating heart to the ability to wiggle our toes. Life is good and love is good. I have lost the belief that bad things happen at all. I am welcoming of every gift I am about to receive and I am ready to give gifts back.

“So thank you from the core of my soul. You have enlightened me on the joys and gifts of life. You have helped me reap an abundance of treasures that I did not even know were out there.”

Thanks again, Mari, for the reminder.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. My daughter and I also share 222 as our number. I tell her every time she sees it she can reminded how deeply I love her. She has bipolar, PTSD, an eating disorder, and ADHD. She needs to know I love her frequently and 222 gets sent our way daily. We text them to each other.

    One day it started with a weird glare in a restaurant window. The sunlight hit the window and it looked just like 222.

    Here are one of MANY examples. We see it daily. All over the place.

    A game!

    The time. Of course I never have much of a clue what time it is and constantly glance at the clock at just this time. She texted me a picture of a wall clock at exactly the same time I texted her.

    And a day to look forward to:

  2. “I have lost the belief that bad things happen at all.” Thank you Mari, for acknowledging and honoring how I feel, with your words — you let me know today that I am not alone. And thank you Pam, for reminding us all that this tribe is real. <3

  3. As always, Pam, am sending and receiving love… bathing in it tonight in Australia. I was woken and unable to return to sleep, reading inspiring messages from beautiful friends around the globe.
    And then your email arrived.
    Sending and receiving.

    And I wanted to tell you also-
    Last week my 12yo daughter (we are sole together, like you and Tas) said on a walk how amazing she keeps seeing ’42’ everywhere.
    We were walking past a house with the number ‘222’ on it, which shir pointed to and laughed- ‘Look Mum! It’s a joke from the heavens! It’s so close to 42!’
    So there you are, Mum. You are touching and she is touching … sharing lightness of being with the cosmos. And we’r are all rolled up in it!

    Love love love!

  4. So good to have you back. You are always in my thoughts, and now you are also in my email. Loving it.



  5. I get so excited when I see I have an email from you! It truly is the highlight of my day! I cry happy tears every single time!

  6. WOW !!! Pam I read it and my life is overwhelmed … my story is different because reading made me realize that I was living in an automatic pilot. I am Iveth Vengoechea, I am 41 years old, Engineer, wife of Hector and mom of my beautiful Valeria who is 9 years old. All my life I have been a witness of miracles, lasted 8 years to be emabarzada, my daughter at birth was born with heart disease and we had to operate with an open heart. God has manifested throughout my life and I simply lived. By the little ways. Today I feel that I am aware of my thoughts, how I want my life, I appreciate everything, Thanks and Generates abundance came to me in the most unthinkable way, a maiga I give the book and hard kept 2 years in my closet. in April of this year a friend included me in a whatsapp group 21 days of abundance and I did it and I began to realize the immense power that has to thank, the power of our thoughts and my life change. at the end of that group the 21 days put together my own group, when finished nobody wanted it to happen, we had formed an extraordinary group full of love, energy, we had shared experiences and it is inexplicable what it feels. one day thinking about how we were still organizing my closet and “by chance” today I know that nothing happened. I found the book and it was magical how we transformed our lives. Every day is an adventure, every day is an opportunity to be happy, and the most important thing is to impact lives around us. I have friends who went through very difficult times and you know how this process has helped them. in my work has been wow, I see life in another way, with other colors and nuances, and I feel that God has called me and I have found my purpose. I do not know what it is yet, but it will show and put in my way what it is. Thanks for reading and hopefully I can meet you someday. You are someone great and TAz from heaven I know that she is proud of you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    ________________________________ De: Pam Grout Enviado: jueves, 18 de julio de 2019 1:27 p.m. Para: ivethe_v@hotmail.com Asunto: [New post] Yet another trio of tales from the annals of magic and enchantment

    psgrout posted: ““What power is this. I can’t say. I just know that it’s there.”–Alexander Graham Bell I have a magical inbox. It delivers miracle stories from readers of my books. Anytime I need a boost, l simply open my email and voila! an inspiring new story shows u”

  7. What a sense of humor:
    2 bologna sandwiches $2.00
    It really made me smile Pam.

    I love that the family used a Love
    Plan in the face of cancer💜

  8. What a sense of humor:
    2 bologna sandwiches $2.00
    It really made me smile Pam.

    I love that the family used a Love
    Plan in the face of cancer💜

  9. Good morning dear Pam. So lovely to have you visiting my inbox again so soon 😊🌸💛
    I just love that bologna biscuit sign! Lordy lord lord isn’t life amazing? My latest “sign” from the universe is 11 minutes past any hour. It boggles my mind how many times I happen to glance at a clock, my phone or at a clock that I’m not even aware is there and it’s 11 minutes past the hour! Bizarre! Except of course it’s not bizarre. It’s true magic. Thankyou for reminding us that life is full of true magic and that even during what appears to be a disaster or a tragedy there can be a magical gift for us if we’re willing to look for it. Biggest blessings and lots of love to you dear Pam, and to all the fellow travellers here. I do love “this tribe” that is definitely real (just as Gina Drellack said in her comments above) 😁💖

  10. Goosebumps and Happy Tears…gotta love that believing in miracles does NOT mean you are full of bologna….even when they are on sale for such a beautiful price…!

    I heard a friend say that her cancer, when given the space of a higher perspective spelled “SEE Answer” as it also provided the catalyst for turning her values and priorities right side up again. Crazy how we allow ourselves to be so distracted that it requires something like an illness to bring our focus back to what truly matters.

    Blugs to you – xoxoxoxo, Sarah

  11. Awesome post as always! So happy to be part of this tribe ❤️😊
    Never had a bologna biscuit, but suddenly I’m craving 2 of them! Sounds like the perfect snack to have at 2:22 am!

  12. Love Mari’s story, a great reminder of the beauty and love that surrounds us❤️❤️❤️

  13. Mari is letter just made my heart smile and we all need to be reminded of all the love and good there is in life. Thank you Pam! Love your work.

  14. While at the gas station I looked at this post at 2:22 this afternoon. It was in the hardware store half an hour before that reading the first part of this post when my neck hairs rose up repeatedly. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow, this post particularly touched me this morning as I sit here writing a book on my teenage son’s stage 4 cancer battle and not only how we are surviving it but in fact growing, opening up, finding the beauty in the experience and choosing our happiness despite all cancer can dish out! My heart is with you and Taz as a mother, I know the pain can be great but as the quote in this post says,

    > > “Many things at face value look like difficulties end up being miracles in disguise. The cancer that we might believe isn’t fair can be a pathway to Truth. It can be a door to potent opportunities. We get to decide.” >

    I had made a choice several years ago to be Happy on Purpose and have made it my focus on how to live my life. Truly a game changer and a life saver as my son fought for his life!!

    I am not looking to be a part of your blog but instead would love permission to use this quote from you book E- Cubed and perhaps some others in my book because I seek to assist others in their journey with a teenager with cancer and would love to include recommendations for books and blogs such as yours with a periodic quote to demonstrate what helped me find enlightenment and profound beauty as a result of my son’s journey with cancer!

    Hopefully, this reaches you Pam, not just your people! Sending love and continued healing and discovery of joy in new ways with Taz and life! Hugs to you!

    Stacy Temple stacytemple@me.com 208-290-7765


  16. About 3 min after reading your post this is what I saw.  License plate. 22222. Hugs and love.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  17. I got married on 22/2/2002! Your book “Thank & Grow Rich” show me the path of gratitude. Gratitude brings satisfaction in life. Thanks a lot.

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