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Abundance, hoarders and why I’m a whole lot richer than #realDonaldTrump

“Only if there are angels in your head will you ever possibly see one.”—Mary Olivertaz4 (2)

Thought I should check in, let you know I’m back from India, still working on the Course in Miracles book and still moving full steam ahead with the 222 Foundation in honor of my epic daughter, Tasman.

I’ve even found what I think will be the first recipient for the upcoming February 22 award.

In the meantime, because I’m feeling a bit cheeky, thought I’d run a favorite post from four years ago.


“I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.”–Bruno Mars
taz photo ???

I didn’t make Forbes’ list of billionaires in 2015. Unlikely, I’ll make it this year either. But I do know a secret that makes me deserving of the list.

I know with complete certainty that the world is limitless, abundant and strangely-accommodating. I also know that anything I could ever need or want is as easy to manifest as plugging in the toaster.

Take today, for example, I’m making limoncello for my daughter’s party, enjoying mochas and breakfast out. And in a few months, I’m flying to Barcelona to visit her in her new post.

Those billionaires? I doubt they could spare the time.

In fact, the only difference between me and “The Donald” is I choose not to carry my riches around. It’s comforting to know that anything I could ever want to do is available to me, but why flaunt it or drag around a bunch of material baggage?

In fact, I’d like to argue that amassing $10 billion, the dollar amount Trump claims to be worth, is not that different than hoarding old newspapers, leaky buckets and all the other junk collecting in the homes of the dysfunctional folks we watch on the A&E show, “Hoarders.”

No, my role model is Peace Pilgrim who, when she was very young, made an important discovery: “Making money is easy.”

Which is why she could give up her earthly possessions and walk around the world with nothing but the clothes on her back. As she said about her 28-year-old journey, “Life is full. Life is good. I have a feeling of always being surrounded by all of the good things, like love and peace and joy. It’s like a protective surrounding.”

That’s all anyone really needs. To know with sure conviction that “the world is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating.”

It’s not the “stuff” you want. Jesus could never have brought Lazarus back to life and multiplied all those fishes and loaves if he’d been preoccupied by the desire for a beachside residence.

That said, I do not want to make you feel guilty for wanting a big home in Malibu. There is not one thing wrong with a big home in Malibu. Or anything else you want. Want it. Walk toward it with all your heart and might. Just know that there are higher rungs. And know that most people hoard material things out of fear. And fear, after all, is what we’re attempting to move away from.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.


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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

    Thank you Pam! Your vibe is so contagious n yummy. Got it!!

    Thank you

    P.S. Remember to sign up for my FREE email newsletter by clicking here. Love & light,

    Stacy Krafczyk 414-460-4781 http://www.allspirithealing.com “What others think of me is none of my business.” ~ Buddha


  2. Hello Pam , I just want to let you know that I know the pain of loosing a child, and as you have done I turned the pain into a wonderful experience of helping other people that were going trough losing a son or daughter , somehow the Universe enlightened me so that I could speak the right words or write the right words in a letter. Thank you for your wonderful posts I always look forward to them. May you be filled with the wonders of joy, love and gratitude today and always. love , Marta

    1. Nothing political about it. She wrote that post a few years ago, when he was just a billionaire reality t.v. personality.

  3. Thank you Pam, I just finished Ecubed last night and It doesn’t shock me now to read this post. It would have a week ago though. It’s amazing to me how much I have been missing all this time. The little messages of encouragement that were there in plain sight all this time. Thank you, I feel an excitement about my life I have never felt before. I am so grateful, thank you! Love PeterD

    so crazy how I think if you as a friend and I was worried about you and was wondering how you were?!??
    Wayne Dyer in one of his talks spoke of someone..and he said” I never met him but I think of him as a friend”.
    I understand how he felt…so glad you seem to be riding out the Storm…should I say category 10 hurricane👍👍👍😁😁😁🤗

  5. Pamela, as always, you are an inspiration! Looking forward to all the goodness you will share with us and the world, in the days and years ahead. xox

  6. Why does anything have to revolve around Donald Trump? Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is laughable. You’re so trigged because you’re NOT rich. Why else write about it? Nobody is counting your pennies.

  7. Yes! Haha I love Pam Grout. I’m so glad you loved your session! Would you like me to add you to my Facebook group? I do videos and post there about this stuff. It has turned out to be a group of lightworkers, haha and I never intended that it just happened. 🙂

  8. Pam, you are a constant inspiration. It was lovely to see a post from you in my email inbox this morning – but I had no time to reply just then. For me here in rather hot Melbourne Australia today it’s just after 2pm in the arvo. I’ve just boarded my train home and have a chance to reply. And I’d like to say that even though a few people here (on this blog post today) seem to think you’ve “turned political” or that you are jealous of Trump’s riches, I appreciate the wisdom of your words, and that some of the richest riches are all around us and are free to be enjoyed by anyone at any time. Thankyou for being you and for reminding us that life is “limitless, abundant and strangely accomodating” whether we are billionaires or ordinary everyday folk. Amen 🙏 ☺️💛⭐️🦋

  9. Great post Pam, your vitty message is hilarious! Love it! Sometimes it nesesary to reassess our values in life. What is the richness of all we seek since birth till the day we leave… Warmth… kindness… care, heartfelt connection with a fellow human. Value of a big $ …how much is enough? Can we share, to create something big to benefit for all.
    Happy to see you back ,Pam
    Keep going … you have to 😉 xxxxxx

  10. Sending you big parcels of love, sunshine from Queensland, sparkles (why not!), big hugs (global hugs of comfort or joy or a shoulder to cry on or a silent ear… global because they don’t have to be from me exactly, but they’re there).
    And gratitude again… in a kind of ‘wow, Sister!’ delightful, sharing, discovery kind of gratitude way.

    Glad to hear you’re hanging in there.
    Know it’s not always easy. Know there’s a new beauty creeping in through the poignancy and pain.

    And thankful for your words and from wherever they come from…. am always a little more open to REALLY hearing/seeing and knowing their real Truth. It’s where I’m at and your words find a home in me.

    Big sparkles

  11. I’m so happy to hear from you, my friend! (Even though we haven’t even met!). You reaffirm Truth and Love, and inspire me to find Joy.

  12. Cheeky! I love it.

    I thought of you the other day. I got a day pass to accompany my wife on a follow up visit to see her surgeon. I was assigned two triple deuces.

    She had lung cancer. They went in through her back and removed a lobe. No chemo, no radiation. She was soon back walking a couple of miles each morning.

    BTW – we live on Route 222 (aka Groton Avenue).

    Love you Pam.

    Each time you share my heart beats faster. I also find meaning in numbers. I was cast adrift from my 38 years as an engineer on 3/4/15. I took it as a cosmic sign. Time to March Forth.


    Kind regards,

    Doug Bentley

  13. Why do you always take cheap shots at Republicans ONLY?  With due respect, it does not feel very “spiritual” nor does it reflect well from a leader.  

    1. That’s just silly 😉….You seem to have missed the point. This was written before DT was in politics at all.
      Maybe do a little research into Pam’s personal circumstances at this moment. The context and content of this article may help you on your journey to a more open experience.

  14. Beautifully stated. Though we’ve not met you’ve become a big part of my life recently. I was introduced to E2 and now I’m reading E3. That led me to check out your blog just last week at which point I read about your bright star of a daughter. Since then you have been more in my life than ever, in my thoughts and prayers and I am grateful for both You and Taz. Since last week it seems I have tirelessly contemplated on the mystery of life and death. Why such a special young spirit could die so young. I too am a fan of Lorna Burns which helps to make more sense of it all. Your daughter Taz has certainly had a huge angelic touch on my life. Her story has made me look at life more deeply than ever before. I feel she is shining bright for many of us to go deeper, to live fuller, to love better. There is a Prayerformance ceremony here on Kauai for women only to come together to share different performances and honor each other. It is going to be an incredibly beautiful and fun event. It’s a wild yet reverent crowd. It’s in late January. If somehow your on Kauai your invited!

  15. Pam I just want to give you the heads up that I received spam mail using your account. I know for fact it wasn’t you that sent it because I recieved that exact message from another spammer. It was the exact same message title except the sender. I don’t know how they do this but this has happened to me where my email account was used like yours is now. I changed my password and it helped although I don’t know if completely.  Love and light to you Pam!! Keep up the amazing work you do! XoxoX Love, Anna Murillo 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  16. hi Pam although I wouldn’t ask a house in Miami, I wish to win the lottery from Atlantic 6/49 game called Grand a day for a lifetime. when you win in this lottery you get 1 000 dollars a day for life. it would help secure my mother who worries about my future.

  17. Pam, I just wanted to say…… I am grateful for you and the books you write. Keep up the wonderful inspiring work. I value your guidance in my life.

    Judy Crossley

  18. Sending HUGE buckets of SUNSHINE and LOVE, HUGS AND JOY….and sending comfort to your tears…So much Love,
    Kate in Camel Ca.

  19. Your as EPIC as Tasman-an inspiration always-stay strong and may your angels guide you going foward-wishing you peace and love

  20. Amazing, Pam! Great cheeky re-post! I am about to do a tidy-up like I’ve never seen before, and it’s a great reminder from you how hoarding material possessions ‘just because’ really and truly holds us back. Side note: I send you a little love-thought every time I see your and Taz’s number 222. Thank you for all you teach and the way you teach it. Blessings to you at such a strange, unfamiliar, deeply felt time. We stand with you in your grief. May you find peace in unexpected places, may you find joy after a moment of sorrow. Xoxo

  21. A wonderful thought. I am reading a new book on my Kindle:”Moving through Parallel Worlds to Achieve Your Dreams”. It is helping me to understand a bit more of the Law of Attraction and choices and such. Deep, but very good.
    Author is Kevin L Michel.
    By the way of LoA, yesterday, I went to get my pills for morning out of the holder. I dropped 2(usual) and bent to pick them up. I found them and went to take them. I noticed neither was one I normally take, so I began searching the bottles. It turned out that the night pills had fallen out and had I taken them with my morning pills, there may have been some bad consequences. So, if I hadn’t dropped them, if they had just fallen on the cabinet, I might have just taken them. Bad thing = nice warning…that’s usual for me anymore.

  22. Welcome back Pam! I’ll be waiting for you in Barcelona – I hope that the Universe responds and I bump into you!:) sending lots of love!

  23. I get so excited when I see messages from you in my email. Hoarding out of fear…I have a lot of things to donate and this message is very helpful to help me let them go.

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