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No longer subject to the rumors of my mind

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”–Bob Marley1 ab

Whew! So relieved today’s ACIM Lesson 248 didn’t come up back in January. To suggest that tragedy, chaos and unhappiness are nothing but a ridiculous rumor doesn’t typically sit well.

Polite company tends to be heavily invested in the inevitability of sorrows and trials.

Even making a joke about suffering not being a standard part of the human condition can get a gal burned at the stake.


So I’m hoping that now–after 10 months of thumbing our noses at illusions—we can finally just come out and say it. Life doesn’t have to suck.

The only reason we think it does is because that’s the reality that has been cemented into our consciousness by years and decades and centuries of conditioning.

Even death is a false idea that we should strike from the record books.

To believe there’s no way to escape suffering and pain and lack is to disown the truth.

This lesson asks us to disown falsity, to disown all the inevitable sorrows to which we’ve been so faithful.

Sure, it’s a hard pill to swallow, that we—you and me—made the mess we call material reality.

But look very closely at the building blocks of the universe and you discover they’re dicey at best. As renowned physicist Brian Greene, who is much better at explaining these things, says: “quantum fluctuations so mangle space and time that all conventional ideas become meaningless.”

In other words, we experience death and depression and limitation because that’s what we’ve come to expect, that’s what we think of as reality.

The exciting thing about this truth (that it’s us, not some random misogynist named God) is that another way IS possible.

We do not have to accept war and sickness and injustice. By disowning falsity, by refusing to buy the illusion, we can create a peaceful world that works for everyone.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Hi Pam! I’m so glad you’re back to writing regularly. I really look forward to reading your blog posts! I wanted to share something with you.  I recently published my first book, Take the Leap and reference you and E2. I still refer back to that book often since the first time I read it. I also have my own podcast, Living a Balanced Life, where I interview guests on mindset, overcoming obstacles and perseverance. I would LOVE to have you as a guest to discuss the FP and help open listeners awareness. My goal is to live by example – be the Light house for others. If you’d be down for a podcast interview, I’d love to connect. I keep each episode roughly around 20 minutes to provide a high level overview and you of course can plug your books or any upcoming programs you may offer. Looking forward to chatting soon! ~Heather

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  2. Not sure If I am embarrassing myself here but
    I like all you articles and Blogs but not responded much but it’s my Lazy me lately but that will change
    So true I haven’t posted or replied a long time
    Reasonably I came across many articles of people with depression but yes it true we can change our lives to better
    I just need a kick in my ass too I was working because of my car accident but did a lot working on myself, finding myself
    Gained some tummy fat because I ate what came in my mouth but I be back working out to get that fat off of me, it’s not because I don’t like myself but because I let myself be and enjoyed my time off work
    One of my Question is why people get inspired and then lose interest even they like things, what is it self sabotage, or why is that happen to me
    Ever time I have a nail in my hand or look at my calendar I be reminded at you nail story from
    E-square you had me thinking 🙂
    Was I lazy, probably yes and am I regret it ..Maybe
    But my mind was still going
    No sorry for myself at all
    I had some negative days but I always remember myself of keeping up that positive mind, and tell me that monkey mind I just put it out of business for the good
    Back in my mind I always have you book in my mind and like a voice that speaks to me comes from you book the E-Square that keeps me going
    Some Abraham Hicks
    Thanks Pam
    Love and Blessings

    1. My comments may not be flowy enough, nor fit in as a reply. Here goes any way. I’m retired, been goofy busy for a couple weeks, oh, couple months with garden blackberries & now apples. This week I seem to be the family chauffeur, so I’m off balance from my usual schedule. After returning my first patient back home to the north side of town before an orthodontist visit for another family member in the opposite direction I stopped at a couple scrappy stores, Art Salvage and Goodwill. A woman at the art supply store referred me to an art show of hand weavers at the downtown city government building, some of whom are old friends. I’ve lived nearby in the county for almost 40 years, haven’t been downtown in 30+ years to that particular area. Bizarre how much has changed. I felt like a tourist. The parking garage is a maze now, though, once I arrived at City Hall and lined out by a security guy by the elevator complete with my visitor badge, while waiting for the elevator, loads of official sorts pile out of the adjacent elevator door complete with the city mayor. The guy waiting with me, nods his head, says, ‘Mayor’. He and I load up inside the other door. I said to my companion, “I live in the county, so I can say out loud, I’m not impressed.” Companion smiles. I never, repeat, never, say derogatory comments out loud. Not sure if this is an improvement or not, though speaking my mind feels like it.

  3. Got it. I watch the news in fast forward with the sound off. I don’t take it in that way. It’s not relevant to me since I can’t do anything about most of it. I can catch an art show coming up or a book signing but that’s all the news I want. It’s not in my field of reality so why participate. Another good one, Pam. Thank you.

  4. As I was driving down the road, my husband said did you see that? I said what? He had seen something completely different than I had seen. That started me thinking about people on a bus..how everyone on the bus is probably seeing something different. And it all has to do with what frequency we are at or we see what we want to see.

    I’m seeing the beauty in everything because that’s what makes me happy. It’s not something I can tell everyone as few seem to see what I am looking at.

    Thank you, Pam, for continuing the blog. I would have quit the Course of Miracles without your emails and I’ve actually enjoyed it as I see the happiness in it all.

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