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Upgrading my search terms

“It is natural for you to play, to skip, to dance…anything else is resistance.”–Abraham-Hicks

kana1I’m giving a talk this evening about my book on quirky things in Kansas. My state, I gleefully discovered, has no shortage of curiosities including the world’s largest hairball and a motorcycle made from cow bones.

Which is to explain that, even though I’m jazzed that the ACIM review is finally over, I’m rather occupied today so probably won’t find time to sit down and write a blog post about ACIM 221.

I’ll just say this. From here on out, the Course tells us that words mean little. Rather, we can go straight to the Source.

The experiment I’m using right now is what I’ve dubbed bait and switch. Every single time I think about checking my phone (way too often), I check in with the Divine Buzz instead. Or at least first.

I’ve found the Divine Buzz (love, peace, compassion, creativity) has much more to offer than my phone…which is basically a bunch of stuff that’s already created. The Divine Buzz gives me an infinite number of new possibilities.

And with that, I’ll share one more miracle story that came to me yesterday.

“I’m a 17 year old high school student from Germany and would like to share my story about our incredible universe. I’ll try to keep this message short, since there is actually not much to say about the law of attraction and our loving universe other than that it works.

“I was introduced to this thesis in December 2016 when I read E squared for the very first time. I immediately started the first experiment and ordered a miracle to happen in the next 48 hours. At this point I need to add that I was (and still am) very investigated in international youth exchanges.

“My miracle: exactly 48 hours later my normally very shy and introvert dad told me he had decided to do something crazy for once and signed up as a host family for a foreign student. Our new family member from Taiwan arrived one week later.

“After that I kind of lost track of my experiments for a while until I decided to go on an exchange years to an English-speaking country. Exchange years are incredibly expensive and I knew that my family could never afford something like that. So I decided to ask the universe.

“One day later I saw a brand new poster hanging in our school auditorium about a full scholarship for one year in the US. The date of that poster informed me that I had exactly time until midnight to sign up.

“Since there was no time to think twice, I applied without even telling my parents and two months later I got that life-changing call that I was the proud winner of that scholarship.

“But the interesting thing is this: I promised myself to use my year abroad for learning more about the law of attraction and when I finally received my placement, it said that I was gonna spend my year in Topeka, KS, 30 minutes away from the woman who introduced me to the field of unlimited potential. No more words needed….”

And speaking of no more words, here’s a fun video of the Kiki Challenge.

Drake’s new song has inspired all these Kiki dances. I like this one that was shared the other night by Trevor Noah. Enjoy!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Love the miracle story, love the groovy dance clip, and love the idea of checking in with The Divine Buzz rather than (or before) checking my phone! Groovy! I’m going to try that out today and see how I go 😁
    Thanks Pam! 👍🏻💖🌸

  2. Go straight to the Source 🤗
    I loved the young lady’s story from Germanywho arrived full scholarship 30 minutes from you..Divine Serendipites. Thank you dear Pam for these inspirational posts💖

  3. Hi Pam, this is just a thank you, grateful for people like you who inspire others.

    I have enjoyed your books Esquared, the next one and especially Thank and Grow Rich.

    I have to say that most of the experiments in Esquared did not work for me. I am a 65 year old seeker who probably only realises NOW,even as I am writing you a thank you email, that we never arrive, reach the end of our search, for that we are seeking.As it’s been said the real fun is to enjoy the journey and participate in this game of life here on earth. Games , as we all realise , are not about who wins or who looses, it’s about participating and accepting the outcome.

    In Esquared there was an experiment about manifesting an object/thing that you would see in the next 24 or so hours. I decided it would be a bright Yellow Vespa motor scooter, it did not happen, years later I saw one, it may not have been a Vespa, but a look alike. In TGR , you mentioned that the Pope, when he sees white roses knows he is on track , you mentioned other people all with their own signs that all is good and I thought that’s cool, so I decided whenever I see a small Fiat car,is it a Fiat 500?, I am on track. I have seen heaps of these small cars lately, not only white, I take it that if I see a black one, I may need to reconsider something, it’s now a game within the BIG game, and I like it.

    I would love to have more wealth, but hey, I have good health, a caring wife loving adult children and 2 grand kids, life is good, and Thank and Grow Rich made me appreciate this wonderful life, there is so much to be grateful for, even this Samsung Tab A ,I am writing this email on. Then there are emails,kinda like in Get Smart , when Max caught a baddy, a musical conductor and Max said if only he used his baton for good not evil, things would have been different, the internet, emails etc are kinda like that, we need it to spread the good stuff, like you do, use our batons for good.

    I thought I would like a steady job, I was made redundant a year ago, I was a conciliator in the government, the place was restructured and all the new positions went to young people with degrees and I went out the door. I am now gardening, after delivering pamphlets telling people of my affordable service, I now get to work with mother nature most days, I love the garden, weeding, pruning trimming hedges etc, it’s a buzz, so being made redundant has given me a new and healthy way of making a living. I think I would like to write a fictional book too, maybe that can be a new experiment, Rod Callaghan…….Author.

    Anyhoo, Pam, I cann prattle on, and all wanted to say was a big THANK You to you, keep on doing what you are doing, your emails do make a difference, the subject is often about something giving me a concern and then I read one of your emails and wham, concern is just imagined.Yesterday I was thinking of your emails when I was driving, the car in front of me had a number plate that was ACM 5??……, and I thought a Course in Miracles and what was that email about the only lesson really needed, must look that up, now.

    Its time to get going,out into the garden, Eden, the birds are calling outside, I think they want me to come and share in the world outside with them.

    All is good, Cheers Rod Callaghan, Bonbeach Australia

  4. I seem to be easily distracted today as I’ve tried 3 times to leave a comment. I’m always happy to hear a miracle story of someone’s success. They keep me going. Thanks for sharing them. I’ve been getting lots of answers direct too lately. Kind of fun, isn’t it.

  5. I was in Italy for 8 days, returning on August 8 with a beautiful pepper/salt giant schnauzer puppy. The next day, August 9, Facebook reminded me of my post 2 years before when my plans to fly to Hungary to get a puppy were changed.

    Delaine Lowry
    August 9, 2016 ·

    Today was a NO day for me. I woke up at 2:30 AM feeling that something was wrong with my planned trip to pick up a puppy. At 2:20 AM, I had received the following message.

    Hi Delaine, yesterday we checked the puppies…and unfortunatly I CAN NOT give female pup from this litter to you, so sorry 🙁 I hope you can delete your travelling costs.

    I know the reason and it’s for best. Last night before bed, I asked that my energy of attracting wounded dogs be removed so that I only accept healthy dogs.

    And then, I remembered this rough draft chapter for my book.
    Sometimes, the Answer is No.

    The Summer of 2003 was the 10th wedding anniversary for JIm and I and we wanted to do something special. I was up late one night and was thinking about how fun it would be to go to Alaska but Anna did not have U.S. Citizenship so we could not go on a cruse. Playing around with the frequent flyer miles, I figured out how we could fly into Seattle, spend a few days, and then fly out to Alaska all on the same ticket.

    On the day of our 10th wedding anniversary, we flew to Seattle, rented a car, and drove to Paradise Inn, a historic hotel built in 1916. At 5,400 feet on the south slope of Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park, it is the place many mountain climbers start their climb to the summit.

    I had hiked to Camp Muir, which at 10,000 feet high, is the highest place that a hiker can go without actually climbing the mountain on August 13, 1992, the date of the first anniversary from my first husband. I was dating 3 eligible bachelors that summer and the Engineer wanted to insure that I was doing something very special on that date. He had planned the hike, paid for my air fare, and with only knowing my shoe size, bought me hiking boots that felt like bedroom slippers. I have an album full of pictures from that day. Spectacular views with the triumph moment of my standing in front of the stone structure at Camp Muir where actual mountain climbers spend the night before climbing to the summit.
    I had called Jim, another one of the three suitors, from a phone at the Paradise Inn immediately after our successful climb. So Camp Muir had been on Jim’s wish list.

    Jim has always loved the idea of climbing mountains and has read numerous books on the subject. He’s obsessed with George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. So, a hike up to Camp Muir on our 10th wedding anniversary seemed the perfect thing to do. We woke up bright and early and started our climb up the mountain early the next morning. It was a beautiful day when we started and we were wearing proper hiking attire with ski poles. We were having fun and we were positive that we were going to make it to Camp Muir. I, especially, knew that we make it to Camp Muir because I had done it 11 years before and knew that Jim and Anna were in even better physical shape than me.

    However, Mount Ranier makes it’s own weather and on that day, July 11, the weather changed. I kept wanting to push to Camp Ranier but Jim recognized the danger, and said we had to turn back.

    So, we hiked back down, and although we were disappointed that the weather had said NO to our plans, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Paradise Inn as we looked out at the horrific weather, feeling sorry for those that were stuck on the mountain as the weather had turned into a blizzard.

    We drove back to the airport the next morning and headed off to Alaska.

    We rented a car and set out with a map, with no hotel reservations.
    One night, we found ourselves in Homer and after visiting the Marine Sea Life Aquarium, stopped at the Chamber of Commerce to look for a room. On the door, was a list of people that had rooms available for rent for the night and I picked one and called and booked a room.

    The beautiful log home had one spare bedroom and there was room for Anna in the closet. She wasn’t really happy about it but it did work out for the night.

    I felt an instant connection with the couple and we started sharing stories that we don’t normally share with most people.

    Our host had been a teacher for many years. He had taught school in the Interior of Alaska in some really remote areas and he and his wife thought he should get the teacher crew member position for the Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986. The wife started the story. She told us how he applied for one of the 11,000 positions. The selection was long and arduous and after a long time, he was one of the two finalists. Everyone that knew him was certain that he would be selected and then they were shocked to find that Christa McAuliffe had been selected instead of him.

    The wife was so angry that night that she went to bed and demanded that God tell her why her husband had not been selected. That night she had a vivid dream of the Challenger blowing up and everyone being killed. She shared the dream with her husband, but no one else. It’s not the kind of dream that anyone can really share…

    The day of the Challenger Launch on January 28, 1986, , they didn’t even watch. And then they heard that that the Challenger blew up and everyone was killed. And she remembered her dream. We shared more and the next morning at breakfast, the teacher that felt that he should have been picked shared with me that his first application was lost. He had been very angry about having to reapply as it was a complicated application. So God had told him NO from the very beginning. If his dream had been given to him, he would have died in 1986 and that was not part of his mission. He had more work to do on Planet Earth.

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