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Small sign, ginormous implications

“Facts, my dear Sancho, are the enemy of truth.”—Miquel de Cervantes
The brain, as cool as it is, mainly serves as a reducing valve. It takes the overwhelming flood of information available and filters it down to a trickle. It’s efficient for survival, I suppose, but it screens out most of life’s wonderment.

That’s why my job, in my books and here on the blog, is to point out all the miracles, signs and blessings we tend to miss with our rational, utilitarian minds.

Take yesterday, for example. When driving the windy roads to my dad’s memorial at an outdoor venue in the Great Smoky Mountains, I nearly ran over a turtle.

Thankfully, I managed to swerve and not hit the poor fellow. But here’s why it was extremely significant for me.

When I was growing up in small towns, my dad often took me for “Oh look at that” drives out in the country. We frequently spotted horned toads and box turtles and, 70 percent of the time, we stopped, picked them up and took them home as pets.

In fact, my turtle, Pokey, after three weeks of winning the Saturday night Turtle Races in Ellsworth, Kansas, held in the IGA parking lot, had to be retired. Race officials deemed it just wasn’t fair to the other contestants.

Keep in mind, I haven’t run across a turtle in probably 30 years. But yesterday, on the way to Dad’s memorial, smack dab in the middle of the road, just like I remembered, was a box turtle.

Most people would shrug, call it a coincidence, but I know better.

ACIM Lesson 143 is a review reminding me that if I choose, miracles are all I’ll see.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Mjuses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. We both know, Pam 😉 (super strong goosebumps here ;). I had a very similar experience when driving from my father’s memorial. Tears of happiness in my eyes now, we are the lucky ones <3

  2. This gave me chill bumps!! The universe is amazing! Love you so much and Dad gave you a very loving sign only you would get!! ❤️🦋

  3. I read your stuff regularly. The box turtle story while driving to the memorial made me smile widely. Thanks for seeing the messages in real time, real life.

  4. Hey Pam, sending you so much healing and love in the time of your Dad’s transition. How super sweet that he sent you a turtle! Great reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey too:) Warmly,

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    Website: http://www.thesoultranslator.com



  5. Omg. One hour ago, I saw a huge turtle and stopped to help him across the street. No coincidences.

    Amazing as always!!


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  6. I just KNEW he would find a way to show you his love from the Other Side !! Thank you for telling us. 🙂

  7. Pam you are right on target! That is a definite sign. So glad you had the wisdom to notice it and to share it! I promised I’d send you a gift I got from my spirit son on Mother’s Day, but I can’t find your email and this space will not take the photo. If you can let me know how i can send it to you I will. It is truly amazing!
    Thanks for sharing that there is no separation: no death! xx

  8. I’m with you on this one. I remember my dad’s memorial service. You know how still and sticky the air is in the Midwest. Just as they were playing taps for my dad, a wonderful breeze came up around us then never came again. They have their way of saying they are still with you. Everything is a miracle. 😉 Thanks again. Thinking of you and sending heartfelt hugs.

  9. Such a beautiful story. I hope you are at peace with your Dad’s absence on Earth. Obviously, he is having some fun wherever he is.
    Love to you and your family.
    Pamela Joy

    1. P.S. Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a local theatre production of Man of La Mancha. If I had seen the quote on your post, last month instead of now, I would not have recognized it.

  10. Great story! Great way of looking at life 😁 And the last sentence sums it up beautifully- if I choose, miracles are all I’ll see. Yes! Thankyou Pam and blessings galore to you 🐢🌷💖

  11. This is my absolute favorite post you’ve done thus far! There are no coincidences and I’m so happy for you that you had this experience and happy for us that you chose to share it. Keep on rocking on, dear friend! Jenn Roadcap, avid reader 

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  12. As soon as I get up Pam, Im going to go out into my backyard here at Byron Bay and hunt down some miracles. m sure Ill come back with a swag load! I
    ( Thank you, Universe for Pam Grout – what a miracle she is!!)

  13. Small Sign, Ginormous Implications! After reading your post, Pam, I just had to share this story with you. I, too, just attended a Memorial for one of my parents–my Mom. My husband and I live in California and we returned to St. Louis (my hometown) to attend her Celebration of Life. While we were there, my hubby, Jim, wanted a tour of all the homes we had lived in there in St. Louis. My big brother was happy to oblige. First stop: 990 Grovena Drive–our family’s first house back in the 50s.

    Before I go on, I must tell you that as I was preparing for my Mom’s celebration, I was going through many many photos to use on her collage. The photo I loved most (and one I have no recollection of) was my Mom standing in the kitchen (at 990 Grovena Drive) looking very serious and cutting up celery. I thought to myself, “I’d love to go inside that house again and look around. But that’ll probably never happen (the lesson here: “Never say ‘never’ “). And now back to our tour.

    My brother pulled up in front of the house, and my sister and I immediately jumped out as did my hubby. I was encouraging my brother to get out of the car so we could take a pic on the front porch of us three kids as we did every Easter and Christmas. I looked up at the front window and there was a young girl playing the piano and two other kids with their noses pressed against the glass. Two girls and a boy–just like our family.

    I said to my sister, “Go up and ring the bell. See if we can go in.” She denied but my hubby announced, “I’ll do it!” And he did, and we were soon chatting with the entire family on the front porch. We took a few shots of us three kids (as in years gone by), and then the parents asked if we would like to come inside and see the house. Well, they didn’t have to ask me twice! In I went followed by my sister. The Mom told us to look around. Of course, I headed straight for the kitchen. While the rest of the house had been rehabbed over the years, the kitchen looked exactly the same. And I could almost see my Mom standing there cutting celery. Of course, I got all teary eyed and goose bumply.

    After the tour, we stepped outside and there was my hubby talking to the Dad. He said, “Honey come here, I want to introduce you. This is George Bailey!” I just started laughing. Of course, it’s George Bailey because truly “It’s a Wonderful Life”! Like you, we don’t believe in coincidences (or accidents). But we do believe in signs! Thanks, Mom, for one of the greatest signs EVER!

    1. I love this story Cher Cher! Fabulous! Thankyou for sharing with us. The universe truly is amazing and we are definitely all connected. And, like today’s lesson says, if we choose to see miracles, we will! 😁

      1. Jenny, I so love that you said “we are definitely all connected.” Those are the exact words that have been running through my head ever since we’ve returned from my Mom’s Memorial!

  14. Reading about the turtle brought tears to my eyes. No coincidences. Continuous miracles for those of us who recognize them. Thank you for your wonderful words again today.

  15. I loved this story, and reminder that miracles cram every space around us. I have had my “fear blinkers” on for so long, that I did not recognise them. I’m making up for lost time now. Thank you for the reminders to stay present, and focused on being in love with life. Your books have not changed my life, they have saved it. Have an amazingly awesome day X

  16. What a beautiful goose bumps over my body message…Condolences for your loss, blessings for the proof he is with you, now and always! <3

  17. I’m Catching up on yesterday’s emails, and the email right after yours was “Quilted Turtle Marshall MI Retreat – Registration is Open!” …. I get a lot of quilt emails because I wrote. A couple of quilt books but never heard of this particular retreat before! I had gotten a strong presence of my dad a day or two ago…Fun to be dancing in the energy with you…

    TURTLE Thanks to you I see so much more PAM your Blessed

  19. How lovely that your Dad reached out to you and let you know that he’ll always be a thought away.
    With deepest condolences on the loss of your Father.

    M Jerzyk

  20. I just love all these stories of “coincidences ” ha we know better!

    I have a good one for you. I was in Cuba Havana 2 weeks ago with a friend and we had our last night and wanted to go somewhere fun before we headed to the beach part of the trip. We got in our Taxi and requested the first place we wanted to go, we got there and it was closed for renovation. So my friend who is a foodie suggested a second destination and the cabbie took us there and there was no restaurant at all. So the Cuban Taxi Driver said I know of a good place to go trust me. So we agreed and he drove off without telling us the name of the place. We had been driving for a little while and we’re driving past the Floridita a famous bar in Havana where Hemingway used to frequent and I suggested we just go there instead. We had stopped by there on our first day in Havanaand had the Daiquiris which were excellent but our Taxi Driver said NO this is a tourist spot, I have someplace better. So we let him continue on for a block or so and we were getting a little concerned/hungry and just as we’re about to say something He pull up to the location and he said here it is the Buena Vista Social Club! You see this is the place we go initially wanted to go to. We couldn’t find it in our 1 guidebook and we didn’t have any internet so we just gave up. Well the Universe had our back! It was the best night of our entire trip!!! We sat at the dinner show which was starting in 10 minutes and just smiled and laughed and danced to the Buena Vista Social Club Band (which included Grammy winners from the album). Love this Universe!

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