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“Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book.”— WALT WHITMANhelp-i-need-somebody1

A reader emailed me this morning to regretfully admit that, alas, she was unable to faithfully execute the hourly reminders requested in the Course workbook.

I had to chuckle because a) In 20 years of doing the Course, I have never once successfully completed the task myself and b) the only reason we’re asked to do that is to be reminded–our minds are like pinball machines. And we need help.

My favorite Course lesson is “I need do nothing.” I love this one so much because of my great aptitude at proving to myself over and over again that, despite my best intentions, my own efforts are futile. They simply don’t work.

But there is, as the Course tells us, a better way.

The better way is a four-letter word: HELP!!!

In ACIM Lesson 100, I learn the following:

1. God’s will for me is perfect happiness.

2. My joy is essential to the healing of the world.

3. And Super God itself is incomplete without my joy.

So anytime I don’t feel perfect happiness, I have to stop and realize that I made a decision that differs from my Source.

And since that decision was my best effort (again proof of my futile efforts), I just have to offer that magical four-letter plea: HELP!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Whew! Glad to know I’m not the only one! But yep, my mind can surely be a pin-ball machine!

  2. I can’t believe we’re 100 days into these blog posts and into 2018!

    I find it interesting that some of the lessons stick with me and I ho problem recalling them while others are forgotten almost immediately after reading them. I do find this whole experiment very interesting.

    Best part is Pam reminds us to keep it FUN. Don’t sweat not remembering, just enjoy the ride.

    Love you, Pam! Lynne xoxoxo

  3. HELP! One of the many things that I love about ACIM is the variety pack I receive every day. You most definitely spin a story that makes it light and fun. Another friend sends zingers – quick and dirty. My daily, 5 years going and I forget hourly my practice, is direct from the source. All so different and enjoyable. I think when you turn this year of writing ACIM into a book, you are really going to turn some people on. Way to go!

  4. Thank you thank you Pam for sharing your take on the course each day. I pray for the wisdom and healing from all I am going through to one day be able to help others as you are helping me💖

  5. A while back you reminded us that we don’t have to do the Course perfectly, and OMG was that a game changer! So, yeah, I do the best I can and ask for help from Super God all day long. Thanks for another wonderful post, Pam. I appreciate you so much!

  6. I have to share the universe playing with me and all of us on this awesome ACIM’s blog. Right after I read this I asked Alexia to play music from the 60 sixties, as I have taken your advice on dancing to happy music a bit in the morning. Guess what song came up???
    You got it, HELP from the Beatles! I had a happy dance laughing all the way and feeling so connected! With Gratitude and love for Pam and all of you!

      1. Anna Marie, I love this little miracle of the Universe playing Help! Laugh, play, dance is all that I am reminded to do.

  7. I once read that there are only two prayers : “Help !” and “Thank you !” … Seems accurate on this post 🙂 Besides, they work perfectly !

      1. Delaine Love your comment on my post above, and yes I love how the universe plays with us! When we are open it comes! have a great weekend!

  8. HELP!!! Like please and thank you. I think that’s why I have loved the music CD from AH. I swear the song,”Joy,Joy, Joy” runs through my head all day long. When I screw up, (human) I start singing one of those tunes to myself and get in a better vibration more quickly. We will never be perfect or even close. I’ve stopped beating myself up over it though. Back to joy more quickly. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Ahhhhh, this is a great post! Mama Mia! I love being reminded of how simple it really is and how I am NOT bad or stupid or useless just because I forget to do the processes. And, SO important for me- it is totally ok to ask for help from The Super Dude! (That just came to me then – a combo of The Dude and Super God. Heehee – I like it!) I often feel bad for needing to ask for help. I feel like it means I’m a failure and I “should” be able to do this stuff by myself and “get it right for God’s sake!” Today’s post is bringing up a lot of the “stuff” that gets in my way- the negative self talk and the harsh judgements I put upon myself. I can let them go! I can ask for help. Amen! And I totally love the three main points of lesson 100. How cool that my joy is essential to the healing of the world?! And extra cool that The Super Dude is incomplete without my joy!!! Wow! Powerful stuff here. Thankyou Pam. (& it just occurred to me that if the Super Dude is incomplete without my joy then She would totally want me to ask for help because the happier and more peaceful I am, the more complete She is. Yeah!) Ok! I feel 100% better than I did when I woke up this morning 😁 Blessings galore to you my friend 🌷

  10. I love this! The magic word Help. I ask for help often and thank you for this reminder that the ask for help is always answered.

    1. Thank YOU Delaine for reminding ME (& all of us) that the ask for help is ALWAYS answered. I almost always forget this. 😊🦋

  11. As a long time course student, I found two quotes I use most days.
    Love is all that is real.
    Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

  12. Pam, I love how you’ve simplified The Course. The book is a bit overwhelming. Reverend Angela Montano teaches help as

    Need I say more?

    PS I look forward to your posts every day

  13. Dear Pam…I just think you are awesome and a true inspiration…and that is all I have to say about that.

    But on another note…if in a few years I were to move to America (I am currently in London) where would an ACIM full of love & light find kindreds? Preferably not a big city but somewhere smaller with a community of like-minded spirits and beautiful nature? Santa Fe perhaps?

  14. I’m happy to know I’m not alone in this! I first attempted A Course in Mirackes workbook 5 or 6 years ago. I think I made it to day 242. I decided to start again about three months ago and have made it to day 43. Sooo not perfect execution every day for sure. BUT I do feel it’s sinking in more than the first time around. So I just gotta keep at it!! Because if at first you don’t succeed… try like 8 or 20 more times. 😜

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