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It’s you, boo!

“There’s a difference between knowing the path. And walking the path.”—Morpheus, The Matrix

Cause And Effect

I simply must start today with shout-outs, high fives and fist bumps. You, dear readers, have been the fuel that has kept me blogging each day.

Still not entirely sure I’ll keep going. (I have upcoming travel writing assignments, speaking gigs, etc), but for now I’m pumped to keep sharing my thoughts.

Please keep in mind they’re just my thoughts and that there are a gazillion paths toward the light. A Course in Miracles is one of many.

That being said…

ACIM Lesson 23 may be the best news yet. It offers the secret key to the ocean of love that all these spiritual practices keep promising. It offers escape from the closed psychological structure that most humans have developed, the psychological structure that causes our pain, our problems.

It says: I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. If you haven’t been clicking the links I’ve added, this might be the time to start. This one is definitely worth reading.

It succinctly explains that cause and effect is the organizing principle of the universe.

It says point blank, “There is no point in lamenting the world. There is no point in trying to change it.”

The world is merely an effect of my thoughts. That’s worth repeating. My thoughts and beliefs about the world are its cause. In quantum physics, it’s called the observer effect.

So while there’s no point in fighting to change the world, there is HUGE BENEFIT in changing my thoughts. That’s why this daily practice is so important. Why Morpheus said, there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Like it or not, I am the image maker of the world. This is shout-it-from-the-rooftop exciting because all I have to do is change my thoughts and beliefs. The world, once I do, changes automatically. Beautiful experiences rise up. Joy, beauty, love and peace show up.

It’s also worth mentioning that–despite what all the self-help books and all the therapy sessions tell us–even changing our thoughts and beliefs is a simple matter of asking for help. Your good is already cued up. It’s waiting. All you gotta do is let go of any belief that a) it’s hard and b) that you have to do it yourself.

The universe is waiting, my friends, eagerly excited about interacting with you, blessing you, guiding you.

Can I get a big “Wahoo!”

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Wahoo!

    4 a.m. here, lovely early arrival of your post.
    I have been using the links – hooray! And your mention of your ‘nowness’ being the only certainty in these posts, doesn’t strike the chord of mild anxiety that it did when you first mentioned you may or may not continue.
    I’m on the waterslide now! I know I am capable of continuing without you – but super-super glad I open my inbox and your doorway to today’s lesson is there!
    I’ve started the course more than once before but this time it is so manageable and my commitment (thanks to your posts) is carrying me with its own momentum.


    Cheers AGAIN, Pam!

  2. Yep there’s a Wahoo from Colorado! I need this because I was just journaling about how I have felt like a victim??? (attacked) And there is a pathway out!

    1. Not only is there a pathway, it’s inevitable. It’ll happen–getting out–it’s just we can speed up the process. That’s what I like about it.

  3. I appreciate your help, as long as it lasts and beyond. ACIM always seemed weird and inaccessible to me, and this year I have been able to peer into it through your efforts.

      1. I’ve been reading it for 20 years or so and I often don’t understand it. But it’s okay, I feel the difference.

  4. Thank you for continuing these posts of daily messages from the Course in Miracles. Some go to my heart more surely than others, and this one is among them. For however long you decide to continue, I am blessed to receive.

  5. Of course you have to keep up with the posts, Pam. It’s your next book, written one post at a time!!

  6. Pam, Please don’t stop writing! I read and practice your teachings everyday and its changing my life!

    Sincerely, Christopher Sheehan ________________________________

  7. I have had A Course in Miracles sitting on my coffee table for a very long time and have picked it up numerous times trying to “get it “.Now with your blog ……I get it !
    Bless you Pam Grout !

    1. We all get it! We just don’t KNOW that we get it. That’s why I love the Course. It’s a big giant eraser….and we don’t even heave to beat it with other erasers.

  8. LOVING this messages every day. So thankful for ACIM. So thankful for your interpretation Pam.
    PLEASE keep them coming as long as you can


  9. Thanks Pam .. I am in Australia and wake up to your blog post (via email) each morning ❤️ I have purchased the course of miracles as well

    You make my day shine from the start

    Thank you 🇦🇺

    Di xx

  10. Wahoo, woohoo, yahoo, and yippee!
    I admit that I stopped clicking on the links, a week or so ago. I like, and “get” your interpretations better. But on your invitation to click back in, I did. I still relate to yours better, but turns out I could really use this lesson at the moment. I have two situations that feel less than ideal, right now. And even though I am all about “only good can come from this situation, despite how it looks or seems”, this lesson reminds me not to attack back. Not even in my thoughts.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Hey, my friend, no pressure to click on any links. And just so you know, I see that good coming from your situation sooner rather than later. So glad you, like me, know that it’s only good. It’s always good. Love, love, love.

  11. Wahoo from the DC area, where there seems to be a lot of opportunity to attack and be attacked, but not in my tiny corner of it, thank you very much! I’ve been lucky enough to discover Seth, Abraham, you and so many others who provide so much perspective and guidance with a smile and often an outright laugh. I too am appreciating your posts and if you miss a day or twelve, will likely read back over what you’ve shared thus far and practice away til you return. If you tell us you’re stopping altogether, will figure out what to do then… i’m a bit hooked on the Course now and what it seems to promise. Will cross that bridge if/when it comes. Safe travels! D

    1. Thanks so much, Donna, and here’s a big star for your tiny corner of D.C. that, in my mind, is growing–the love corner, let’s spread it everywhere.

  12. WOW Pam- your generosity in posting ACIM and your helpful inspiring writings is really making a big difference in my life – it keeps me on track to watch my thoughts – and already I am so much happier . ( Initially I was very resistant to anything remotely “Christian” , having being brought up in a suffocating , devout, churchy Christian household from which I ran screaming into the arms of Seth, Abraham etc, etc ) I have also been “on the other side” and God is definitely not a He or a She- God is an energy – a light. “God” has no gender- There is also no judgement and certainly no devil or hell there either. Anyway – I digress- a HUGE thank you for your work! ( I get that it requires a lot of your time to write about this on a daily basis, however I will continue to do my daily “lessons” now that you have introduced me to ACIM !

    1. I totally get it–your resistance to the Christian terminology. I’m right there with you. Luckily, for me at least, I am able to overlook it. In the first book I ever read about the Course–Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky–he didn’t even use the word God. He just called it LOVE. Which is really what it is!!!! That’s why I wrote that section in E-Squared about the myths about God, those stumbling blocks that keep us from experiencing this really cool force that LOVES US SO MUCH!!!

      1. LOVE is it!!! It’s a beautiful, exquisite, thrilling, ecstatic, glorious, mind blowing LOVE bomb….yep….that’s God !!

  13. Please continue! I’ve had the Big Blue Book for years – and this is the first time it’s made any sense to me! Your interpretations are something I look forward to each day. Thanks for making something so important accessible to all of us!

  14. I am really digging your posts – they make the lessons so accessible and add great value to my practice so far… the last few days I have been getting repeated messages about turning away from the hard/painful/uncomfortable and facing towards ease/pleasure/grace and your post today confirms that message again for me.


  15. Oh please don’t stop. Your post has become part of my morning routine. I excitedly open your post. I read it. I then read the attachment from the course guidelines. Then I write. Then I meditate. For the first time in my 62 years of life on this planet I feeling like life is a ‘piece of cake’ Thank you Pam for giving us your take on A Course of Miracles. I have never had such an understanding of it as I have now. Have a great day. Susan

  16. I don’t care how long it takes to get through this. I also know what it takes to get a post out. And I’m retired with little pulling on my time. If you get them here we will appreciate every word. You seem to have the knack to make these apply to real life so we can get it. I know this one very well from my study of quantum physics. It’s interesting how people react to you when you aren’t willing to join the “Ain’t it awful” club. How dare you not get righteously indignant about what is going on in the world. My daughter is the most generous person to help those in need but like I’ve said before, when they try to make her join the club, she just says to herself, “not my circus, not my monkeys. We have matching copies of your books that we work through when we are together. 🙂 Do what you can and we will understand. You do have a life. 😉

  17. Wahoo! Keeping up the blog takes a lot of energy, but it is so inspiring. You will be led to where you need to be. Thanks for all you do.

  18. “WAHOOOOOOO!!!!” Groovy! Cool! Fabulous! Wonderful! And every other joyful expansive word in the whole universe!! 😁 Thankyou and wow! Life is just SO GOOD isn’t it? Amen! 🎶⭐️🎈😁❤️🎵

  19. Oh, I love what you’re doing with ACIM!! I’ve been wanting to do these workbook lessons for so very long and you’re take on them has inspired me to do them! I started with you on the first of January and I am learning so much. I do hope you continue xoxoxo

  20. Dear Pam,

    You have taken on an extraordinary task – commenting daily on A Course in Miracles exercises! I hope that you continue, but will understand if you cannot at some point.

    It’s because of you and your more universal perspective that I’m even willing to consider looking at A Course in Miracles. I’m not Christian and your comments are helping me participate in the exercises…a buffer against years of religion used as a weapon rather than for healing and growth. So if it becomes too much for you, please consider a reduction rather than quitting altogether. Maybe a couple of days a week instead of every day. It would help me stay involved.

    I have read and practiced some in both of your E books and play your main party game daily…and blessings and magic abound! I love your spirit, your writing and that you are a part of my life…thank you so much!

    A big fan…Randy

    Sent from my iPhone


  21. Wahoo!! Thanks, Pam. I SO appreciate your take on the lessons. What a gift to learn the Course doesn’t have to be super serious. Your posts are such a treat. Thank you.

  22. I’ve tackled ACIM for the last couple of years but always end up giving up half way through. Felt pulled to do it again this year and have been loving the synchronicity of your daily musings. They’ve really helped me go a little deeper into the lessons. Understand totally if you can’t continue to blog them daily but grateful for your posts so far! Thank you.

  23. Wahoo! Thanks so much for your wonderful insight. I just recently found your blog after finding your first book in CD from. The way you explain the Course principles is amazing. I have been a student of ACIM since the late 80s and have read or heard many people on the subject but, for me, you seem to “hit the nail on the head”. I sincerely hope you continue your blog as I look forward to your wisdom of the previous day when I do my morning meditation and reading. Wishing many more blessings.
    Elizabeth Mattingly

  24. Thank you, Pam, and WAHOO! I’ve picked up ACIM again after many years and am doing the daily lessons. Not well, but doing. I figure there’s always another year.

  25. WAHOOOOO!! Thank you, Pam, for taking the time to post these daily lessons. I am loving them! I will appreciate them as long as you keep doing them and sharing your thoughts. Love having the links, too, so thanks for including them. Much love to you!

  26. Keep blogging!!! Your posts are a high five in my already great day …don’t leave the high five hanging!

  27. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE….don’t stop with your daily ACIM posts!!! I’ve been studying/doing the Course for at least a few years now and you’re explanations of the daily lessons are exactly what I needed to further understand what can sometimes be confusing/frustrating exercises! THANK YOU! W

  28. I have always had a serious outlook towards life. You are helping me at 66 years of age to connect with lightheadedness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart sister in spirit 💕

  29. Just a thought, Pam…..perhaps you could go to every other day or twice a week while you’re traveling and busy with other things? These posts are fantastic, so finding a way to continue that is comfortable for you would be great. I must admit, I can’t always keep up every day, so receiving these less often would be helpful for me on a personal level. 🙂

    ~Dawn Be awesome. 🌟


  30. Please keep blogging. I read them daily and now have been doing TCIM lessons each day. They have been giving me a much needed reboot from a fresh new perspective. I love your fresh, clean perspective on our world too.!!! Short and sweet. Crisp and clean with a sense of humor. Thank you. Much love.

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