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Why I’m march/dancing for everyone—no exceptions

“If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” ― Emma Goldman 1hermio

You better believe I’m heading soon to my local women’s march. Although I intend to dance, rather than march my way along the route.

And rather than be against anyone or anything, I’m FOR unity, peace, love, joy for all.

I’m dancing for the oppressed AND the oppressor, for the bullied AND the bully.

Because here’s the thing. You can’t leave anyone out of the equation. Otherwise, you’re still going to have the same old equation

Lesson 20 in ACIM is simple. I am determined to see.

It asks me to step up my game. I’m asked to remember my intention a couple times every hour, to apply my desire to see to every situation. And I’m asked not to give in to resentment or opposition.

Opposition only perpetuates the old paradigm of winners and losers, of somebody being left out of the equation.

Remember the story I told a couple blogs ago about the Bangladeshi store clerk who decided to forgive the swastika-tattooed vigilante who shot him? What he discovered, when he became “determined to see” is that his shooter had come from broken parents, broken schools, a broken prison system. He grew up knowing that if his mom had been able to scrape together just 50 more bucks, she’d have aborted him. Is it any wonder he might have a slight bit of anger and resentment?

Someone also sent me an inspiring story about Sarah Silverman, the comedian, who instead of resisting and opposing a troll on twitter who called her a cunt, decided to befriend him. He opened up, confessed he’d been sexually abused and had tremendous back pain, and well, she helped him (through her massive twitter presence) find a support group, a doctor and the money to pay for it. As of last report, he’d started a GoFundMe campaign to help others.

Like Esther Hicks says, “What we see now is like old gum with all the juice chewed out of it.”

It is time for us to see and create a radically new vision, one where everyone wins, everyone gets a seat at the table. And for that I dance.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Beautiful blog!!! Thank you for posting it. Now, I’m ready to seize the day! 🙂 Without resistance!

  2. Pam — You likely know or remember this — the power of dance to bring us together, with Matt Harding & Melissa Nixon. Five minutes of joy . . .

      1. Oh boy, I hadn’t seen that one before!! TOTALLY wonderful. Shared, as is your post, Pam xx

  3. So good. And I am doing these lesson. I know you have covered this sort of thing, but in this lesson, I am determined to see, how do we not see the 13 children who were abused and held captive by their parents in unspeakable abuse? It just feels like ignoring it or glossing over it, or sticking my head in the sand to just see what is good and not see what is actually happening. I guess I am stuck on this sort of being a Pollyanna-type, only seeing the good, and not acknowledging the bad. So I feel stuck. 😒

    1. Hi there Beth. My name is Jenny Louise and I just thought I’d respond to your comment because I totally get what you’re saying. My understanding of this lesson is not so much about not looking at what is there but its about not judging it. In this post Pam says she’s “dancing for the oppressed AND the oppressor, for the bullied AND THE BULLY”. To me this means we are to see the whole picture and not our judgement about it. So it’s not about ignoring abuse or pretending it isn’t abuse but it’s about seeing the abuser with eyes of love too. I don’t claim to be able to do this- I find it really challenging and almost impossible – but I know there are people who DO live this way and who help heal the lives of the abused AND the abuser. Does that help? I’m not sure if I’m on the right track here but that’s my understanding. Just thought I’d share it in case it helps you get a little less stuck 😊

      1. Jenny, thank you. I do get it intellectually. Just emotionally I’m a wreck about these kids. Oh, to have the kind of love to be able to love even the monsters in this world! That’s why I need this so much. I will keep trying and thank you again for your kind reply.

      2. Dear sweet Beth–The thing I like most about the Course is having the choice to live in this moment only. To know that I can respond to what is mine–in this moment–and not have to dwell on the past. Thanks for your inquiring mind. I send you love and light and especially peace.

      3. Thanks, Jenny, for this astute comment. Really, I so appreciate your beautiful wisdom. I love the oppressed and the oppressor because I am the oppressed and the oppressor at times.

    2. Hello again, Beth–I say again because I think I commented on someone else’s comment on your comment earlier. What a tongue twister.

      Here’s another feeble attempt at an explanation. I am committed to bringing everything I can to each moment. The things that are mine to do (rescue people in a next door fire, say or whatever else might be happening directly in front of me) is worth my undivided attention. When I’m in joy and peace and truth, I am better at attending to those things. The things that aren’t mine in this moment are in the past and only drag me away from my joy–my place of power.

      Make any sense?

      1. Pam, I saw all the comments. I just can’t thank you enough for taking the time. It does feel like you are reaching down to help me, and others, get to higher ground. What an incredible kindness! You have my love and gratitude.

  4. Yes, yes, YES! Beautiful! You’re spot on…we MUST send out nothing but positive energy to attract more positive energy. As Mother Theresa once said, If you invite me to an anti-war rally, I won’t come. Invite me to a Peace rally and I’ll be there. I’m paraphrasing of course, because I can’t remember the exact quote but the message is clear. Thank you!

  5. Well I just love this blog, Pam. Being new to ACIM, I have been doing the daily exercises, but sometimes wondering WTH is going on here? Something changed with today’s exercise, and everything looks different. Your daily blogs are making a huge difference.

  6. You just keep topping yourself. I got this one awhile ago. I’m not happy with what’s going on in some of the world right now but slinging slurs does not fix anything and there are two sides to every pancake. If you look a little deeper you can see the why. I like dancing for the bullies too. Most were deeply hurt as well. That’s what I tell people when the malign someone. Let it go and wish them well. At least this is one lesson I actually understand. Thanks for making it so real life and personal.

  7. YES!!!!! 💗💗💗💗

    Joy is strength ❤️ Erin Kelly Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor (773) 569-1015


  8. Here is another, I appreciate the opportunity to share with you as it means you are present every day in my heart. Enjoy, Batb

  9. Seen!! Yes-I sista Pam, I&I I-firm the overstanding that one love lives and abides in each and all, blessed be your words and teaching, Peace and Love, Rastafari ❤️

  10. Pam you just continue to inspire and uplift me. Your work is so precious. Thankyou. I am encouraged daily by your posts and I am learning so much. I have kept every email I receive from your blog so I can re-read them at any time. Great inspiration. I love your way of explaining these truths. Magically, joyfully and so clearly. Can’t say Thankyou enough! 😁⭐️

  11. Pam, thank you for your continual posts. They are so helpful as reminders. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shall dance along side you in Spirit. I’m so glad you posted Matt’s video, I have played it over and over. The first time I went to Disneyland and went through ‘Its a Small, small World’, I had tears in my eyes at the Unity of all the different countries, all the love, and the fact of us all being One, Matt’s video gave me the same feeling. Tears of recognition of Truth, and Unity. Thanks for posting all you do. That video hit home with me! Jenny Markakis

  12. Thank you for this profound wisdom. Gratitude and Love MaryAnn Ephgrave

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  13. When I was a victim, I had no power. When I finally figured out that the person who victimized me came from a place of his own complete lack of internal power – hence the constant need and want to seek power externally by his need to control and violate me – I was able to reclaim my own true power – which is internal. When a person knows their true value inside, no on can take that away from them. Did it take several decades and some really good therapy for me to get here? Yes. And it’s working.

    1. Beautifully said! It’s so true. The Course tells us again and again that no one can truly hurt us. It’s an impossible belief. Thanks for sharing!

  14. It is my duty every day to shake my hips if even for just a few moments or a few hours. It really is that simple and to do so brings a joy so intense I know I need not concern myself with trivial matters….

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