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Like a room without a roof

“My whole life has been an effort to find freedom—freedom from myself, freedom from my own fears.”—Helen Mirren

As a journalist, I was taught that the lede (the opening paragraph) of any story is my big chance to catch a reader’s attention. Tell them who, what, where, when and how—right up front.

Course in Miracles doesn’t do that. It tills the soil, prepares us slowly for the insanely radical notion that we’re not so much “observing reality” as we are creating it.

A few people have commented on the difficulty of previous lessons. A theme of sorts has emerged—How in the heck can I possibly believe my thoughts are meaningless?

So I’ll try to explain:

Any thought that falls into one of the following categories is basically meaningless:

Life is hard.
I’m separate and all alone.
I’m limited.
There’s not enough to go around.
I have to struggle.
I’m not worthy.

Every thought that falls into one of these categories is meaningless . It’s simply NOT TRUE. It only appears that way because we secretly (or not so secretly) put our attention there.

The first few lessons of the Course serve as a giant eraser to gently remove those meaningless thoughts. Then, there’s space to focus on all the things that actually ARE true.

Things like ease and grace, being connected to everything, experiencing great abundance, seeing that who I am is love, recognizing that my role here on Planet Earth is to be a big giant light to illuminate the dark places.

Lesson 16 (I have no neutral thoughts) is meant to dispel the belief that your thoughts have no effect. It goes so far as to say that there is NO EXCEPTION to this fact. And furthermore, every thought either furthers the illusion (the meaningless) or it furthers your role as creative light bulb.

I can’t stress enough how exciting this lesson is. We, my friends, no longer have to cope with what we observe out there. We don’t have to face reality. We get to create reality.

And with that, I’m signing off with one of my all-time favorite songs.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious

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  1. Hi Pam – Your Course in Miracle blogs are of enormous practical value. You’re ability to consistently clarify themes, inspire and hit the sweet spot is miraculous. This holds true for your books which are also an absolute delight. Thank you so much. My very best wishes, Sunil

  2. This is why you are the only way i will listen to the course. After having years of depression from childhood and calling to God for help for so many years and getting nowhere, one day i realised i was the only one who would help me and no one else. I started with neal donald walsh and continued through the set. Wayne Dyer, Abraham so many different books. Then after 10 years of trying the course turns up to undo all of my work! It all sent me rather nuts in the end. It made everything meaningless. I gave up on everything in the end.Your explanations make it seem ok.

  3. I am really enjoying ACIM as told by Pam Grout! THANK YOU! I am HAPPY (never get tired of that song- it always gets me dancing!)

  4. Thank you…I started reading the Course yrs ago, thrn stopped snd woukd start etc. I got into all the other books that like Lyndsey above comnented on….I am now finally realizing that in some ways, all these books with great teachings can kind of ‘bog’ me down, ehich in turn would depress me more thinking that I wasnt doing something right…..the FP was demonstrated when you started wriying about the Course….right around the same tine I picked it up again, and started also reading M Williamson’s Return to Love which I had seen a long time ago but never felt the urge to pick it up until now as well…..makes my belief that the Course is meant for me to study, to help me to learn what I need to to find some prace and hopefulky joy for once in my life!!!!!

    Thank u for writing about it, it def helps to understand better!

  5. This is powerful stuff! One exercise I’m doing right now is to question every thought, feeling and point of view and ask- “who does this being to?” It’s part of Access Consciousness and I’m amazed at how many of the things that come into my mind have not risen from me! I even asked this when I awoke to my own morning grumpiness, and I suddenly felt lighter! Whose grumpiness have I been carrying all these years??? Thanks Pam, as always, LOVE your work (or play) – whatever you actually call it! X

  6. YES! “…every thought either furthers the illusion (the meaningless) or it furthers your role as creative light bulb.” This is the best explanation I’ve ever got! Pam, you definitely have to write that book, you’re meant to do it, no kidding!
    Yes, it is our choice, we can really create our life. Now it is clear for me.

  7. I hope that you cleared things up for some people… like you did for me! It helps to know that not ALL my thoughts are meaningless – just the ones that limit me!

  8. Pam, you bring a perspective and slant that is so totally different than what any others bring, and so fully comprehendable. Your mind works like none other. Today’s list of meaningless thoughts was clarity squared! Was a significant ah-hah for me. Thanks for taking the time…

  9. I love your books and your emails!!! Thank you so much for adding so much love, light and freedom to my life!!! Please continue with the Course in Miracles lessons, even if some people are put off!!! I have tried to go through the whole book without luck, and your emails, which simplify the messages and make the language more approachable, are helping me so much!!!

    Much love and light to you!!

    Jeanne Johnson Music of the Spheres jeanne@jeannespheres.com http://www.jeannespheres.com

  10. “we’re not so much “observing reality” as we are creating it.” Once again you make it simple and understandable. I’m keeping this whole post for future reference. I can understand the truth of it but could never have explained it all the way you just did. Perfect, Perfect. Thank you.

  11. This blog came at the best time. I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery this morning. It’s now 9 PM central time both my hands are still really really numb. It started to make me cry because I had created the reality thatl the numbness would go away immediately. My wife is awesome. She has to do everything, and I mean everything, for me right now.

    Your blog today and linked song helped me regain my joy, my happiness, in spite of the lingering paralyzing numbness.

    Thank you for your daily blog!


  12. Thanks Pam! Boy did I ever need this; started off the day and lesson 16 with fairly generic thoughts…as I was leaving work ( I work nights) my thoughts had the better of me; thoughts of self doubt, fear you name it I was in a down spiral. Thank goodness I just happened to check Facebook as I turned in for the night and came across this post! I am now restored to sanity and I get the lesson! Thanks so much your interpretations of the course have been amazing- and tonight miraculous!

  13. Thankyou Pam, really understood your explanation about thoughts this time and loved the video, really appreciate the time and effort you take to help everyone. XXX

  14. Thanks Pam for all of this – I am listening along with your daily emails to the audio Course in Miracles program that i got from Hay House. It’s all good, as are all of your books which I have read and truly

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