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Indescribable happiness: a lesson in focus

“Don’t put the past in the cupboard of your flesh.”—Claudia Rankine

look depperI’ve got a confession to make. I’m starting to question my commitment to these daily Course in Miracles lessons. Not my commitment to doing them myself, but my crazy idea of blogging about them every day.

Here’s why: I’m seeing the lessons through your eyes. And I’m thinking yuck, who wants to talk about being upset and meaningless worlds. To read lesson 12 (see I can’t even write it), click here.

Luckily, this lesson also offers a side note in focus, as in “we get what we focus upon.”

Later in the lesson, I’m guaranteed that once I give up my meaningless thoughts and ideas, I’ll find a much more pleasing reality. It says that once my thoughts and assumptions are erased, I’ll find indescribable happiness.

So today, I’m going to tell a story about erasing meaningless thoughts and assumptions.

Anand Giridharadas is a young Indian-American journalist. His book, True American, won all sorts of Best Book of the Year awards. It’s about a Texas vigilante who walked into a Dallas mini-mart ten days after 9/11 and shot Raisuddin Bhuiyan, an enterprising Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh.

Bhuiyan survives, ends up getting to know his swatstika-tattooed perpetrator, befriends his daughter, even tries to free him from death row. Let’s just say the book is incredibly inspiring and shows that beneath the labels (our meaningless thoughts) is a much deeper story.

But my story today is about Giridharadas himself. He’s 30-something, politically liberal, very PC. The other day a middle-aged white guy came to install a stove in his Brooklyn apartment.

The white guy asks, “So……Where are you from?”

That all-too-familiar question usually raises red flags. “Here we go again. Another redneck racist making assumptions about my brown skin.”

But he chose to give up that meaningless thought.

Rather than deliver his stock, wiseass, cut-him-off answer (Cleveland, because well, he was born and raised by Indian immigrants in Cleveland), he decided to engage, to give him the answer he knew he wanted. “I was born in Cleveland, but my family comes from India.”

The stove repairman smiled and said, “That’s what I thought. My brother married a woman from India. She has become the light in our family. We were a pretty dysfunctional family and then she turned everything around.”

So, yes, it’s easy to assume we know the way people are, the way this day is going to go, the truth about the way the world works, but once we give up our meaningless thoughts, a beautiful new indescribable happiness is free to come streaming in.

Have the best weekend of your life, my forever friends!

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Beautiful and btw I can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts on acim on a daily basis. I’ve started acim- have dabbled before but sometimes found the tone and language off-putting. However I absolutely love the lightness and joy you being to everything and decided it was worth revisiting. So please continue to share your daily thoughts if it’s wonderful for you. I’m very grateful for whatever clarity and perspective you can bring!

  2. I am weirdly enjoying the not enjoying of these lessons. It’s kind of similar to the way I enjoyed stopping a 12 day addiction to adderol. My higher self was calling me to a clearer more fun path. But the upshift felt as bad as addictions dying are want to do. I for one would be sad if you were to stop them. They’re deep and rich and I’m so signed on for the upshift

    Love, Natalie

  3. I am a self-producing playwright-composer who naturally sensed everything you state so concisely and brilliantly and the only thing I take time out to read each day is your blog because well….the clarity of your thoughts is my comfort food. Don’t stop. Thanks.

  4. Please go on, I love what you are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This helps so much going through the course!
    Love, Elke from Holland

  5. I’m further in the Course than I’ve ever managed before and not at all put off by the language itself, though your take on it really helps. I’m getting excited by the prospect of learning what meaningful thoughts might be and the prospect of cutting down the chatter in my head when meditating so meaningful thoughts or no thoughts at all have a chance. Even a couple of seconds is an improvement. Thanks!

  6. I had a meaningless thought that you’d want to kick yourself somewhere down the line with this task. It can be arduous and I can only speak for myself when I tell you how deeply it’s appreciated. Thank you for explaining it all so well.

  7. I am also glad that you are sharing ACIM on your blog. I admit that the language in these recent lessons (I have the book and have been following it daily) has been pretty off-putting. You have brought new perspective to these for me, showing the light and joy in the outcome, and I keep that in my mind while practicing. Thank you!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Pam, I so understand your doubts about this blog. Funny thing, I just started with the course in Miracles, when your blog showed up in my mailbox. First thing I thought was: it is my lucky day! I once before started with The Course, but stranded after 23 days or so, but now I thought, with Pam Grout on my side, I will make it all the way to day 365. Second thought I had was: how in the world is she going to do this every single day… So I understand if you throw in the towel, but I really hope you don’t…

    Bye! Hanneke

    06 234.70.119 info@hbtekst.nl http://www.hbtekst.nl

    2018-01-12 16:57 GMT+01:00 Pam Grout :

    > psgrout posted: ““Don’t put the past in the cupboard of your > flesh.”—Claudia Rankine I’ve got a confession to make. I’m starting to > question my commitment to these daily Course in Miracles lessons. Not my > commitment to doing them myself, but my crazy idea of blogging abo” >

  9. LOVED that story! My favorite posts (of yours) are the ones that share other people’s “aha moments”. Today’s was a great example of why we should pause just that one extra second before replying to something that contains a trigger… EXCELLENT!

  10. Pam, thank you SO MUCH for sharing the lessons of the Course with us. What a great way to start this new year. How comforting it is to be reminded daily how our thoughts frame and shape our lives.

  11. Please keep going on ACIM! I am loving the way you write about each lesson. We NEED this in 2018! I always enjoy your posts. These have been really inspiring.Thank you for your books and the daily posts!

  12. Your blogs are amazing and I too hope you continue. I look forward to them each day. You have such an amazing talent for bringing the lessons down to earth in a practical understandable way. It keeps me motivated to continue but totally understand how big a commitment it truly is. You are truly appreciated.

  13. Oh man, I have to laugh at how this lesson just slapped me in the face. I tried to leave a long comment, had to login twice to post it, and it’s nowhere to be found. I was angry. How funny!

    Here’s a shorter version of my story. Years ago in the late’ 80s my husband and I were struggling with our spiritual lives. We wanted something bigger than the church we grew up in was offering. We went to see a psychic. It was Neale Donald Walsch before his Conversation with God books. It was a life changing session for us. At the end he said to me, “Contemplate these words: Nothing matters and you think it does.” I thought he was bonkers but I did think about what he’d said. Some years later, my naturopathic doctor told me about his 40th birthday ski trip with his friend where their old equipment broke and they were unable to ski. “But it didn’t matter,” he said. “We had such a great time.” And I said, “That’s it!” I knew what Neale was trying to tell me. It’s all in our perception of events. They are neither good or bad, they just are. We’re the ones who give them meaning.

    I can’t say I always live what I’ve learned as I related above. I get angry and upset at the way things are going, and then I have to remember. God, or the FP, is in charge and because I’m human, I can’t possibly understand the big picture. For me, it’s a matter of trust. I have to let God be in charge.

    Pam, I want to thank you for your daily posts. They help me understand the lessons better, but I understand being overwhelmed, or being guided to do something else. I’m a fan will continue to read your blog and books.

  14. Yes! I have put “switch it up” into practice–and it works. It’s not always easy, especially when your bubble is saying otherwise. Awareness and a few thoughtful breaths, as opposed to automatic or knee-jerk reactions, do wonders.

    Thanks, Pam!

  15. Blogging about the Course lessons, every day, is surely a huge commitment. But I can’t express how much I love that you’re doing so. I look for your posts each day, and gain so much insight from them. Please don’t stop.
    Sending you joy in the writing!

  16. Please keep posting. I really enjoy and look forward to what you have to say each day. I find it uplifting and I always have a smile on my face as I read each post. Thank you for the time and effort you are putting forth.

  17. Yes Pam, For selfish reasons I would love you to continue your daily posts. However, as my wise daughter tells me often, YOU DO YOU MOM. So I lovingly say to you, who has given much wisdom/love/peace to the planet, YOU DO YOU PAM. Much love Peg

  18. I’ve read the Course, but didn’t try actually doing it. I agree the language can be difficult and off-putting. I think it takes someone who had done the Course, more than once and that someone should have a wonderful sense of humor – like you. Sometimes a story will illustrate a concept better than just stating it. I agree with a couple of the comments the other day – there is a book here, a light-hearted, joyous, loving commentary on the Course to help the Miracles come easier, happier and with lots of laughter.

  19. Thank you, Pam, for these very enjoyable daily ACIM blogs. You have inspired me to start doing the lessons again after some 15 or 20 years. I hope you continue but it’s understandable if you stop. In any case, I’m grateful to you and your offerings and look forward to your blogs every day.

  20. Pam – this is the first time I’m going through ACIM, thank you for the posts because I doubt I’d be able to do it without these. Appreciate it more than you can know!

  21. What if we helped you? What if you assigned those who are willing to submit to you their thoughts on an assigned lesson? Too weird? Too hard? I am happy to help.

  22. Your posts on this blog are inspiring and I’m trying to live using the lessons you are sharing.

  23. Hi Pam,

    I’ve been enjoying your books and newsletter for months. Most recently I look forward to the daily ACIM lesson. Thanks so much. It’s a lot of work but i hope you continue. Your stories add insights to the lessons.

    Best, Liz

    Liz Jansen

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  24. Wow, great awakening!!! I have met this man you speak of and I am in awe of him! You are so right about this message! Yesterday I was in a prison serving 75 Native American prisoners, the beauty of this facility, (if there is one). Is that we do not know why they are there. The guards are not told as well, that way everyone is treated with the same respect. We ere there all day, creating medicine wheel, honoring their ancestors and them, sagging, oil and prayer requests of each individual. We brought lunch and served them, they were honored, touched and thanked us over and over again. After you get in there with them and they share with you – you no longer feel like your in a prison and I certainly don’t feel like I am interacting with prisoners! We connect from the heart and are as Authentic as we can be with each other. The most amazing, spiritual heart felt experience ever – we are one, everyone of us!!! Aho

  25. Pam,
    You are an inspiration. Have you thought of taking your blogs about ACIM and making a book from them? They have helped me so much with understanding just what I am reading.

  26. Well bless your little cotton socks! I went to relax yesterday and I was thinking about your incredible blogs on ACIM and thought to myself “how can she do this every day for a whole year?…….I’m going to miss other subjects that Pam writes about”… so I decided I’d re-read Thank & Grow Rich instead of discussing ACIM. Couldn’t resist, I just had to peek at todays blog. I did read what you didn’t want to write and felt depressed, Watching the dancing on the London Tube (Underground) where I travelled for many years made me happy – what fun! Please dear Pam do what you feel is right for YOU! Not to say I’m happy as piggy in a blanket you’ll be dancing again in the Light of FP……We ALL love you, is it possible I can love you more?!!!!

  27. Please keep blogging on the Course. It is so helpful to be led through it! I just may make it through it this time…because of your help. Thank you.

  28. Please keep the lessons coming! I look so forward to reading what you have to say about each lesson. Without your blogs, I would never go through the course of miracles. Thank you again!

  29. Please keep going. I’ve had ACIM for years but never got through the whole thing. I love your take on each lesson 😊

  30. I LOVE your ‘take’, your stories with the ACIM lessons in mind. And, I hope they eventually become a book on the daily lessons! I’ll pre-order. 🙂

  31. I haven’t read the lesson yet, and I will as soon as I’ve sent this reply.
    My heart was in my throat… will this doorway to the lessons close…?
    No 🤗 ! So far no!
    I enjoy your posts… I appreciate your flavour and take on creativity and creating and Creation! I read most of your posts usually.
    AND… these posts attached to the course in miracles…. well I’ve been hooked! It’s what I’ve looked forward to when my eyes open in the morning… I’ve been diligent with the lessons in a free and joyous way, and I love reading the posts.
    I LOVED this one 😊.
    Glad to be part of the walk here… hope in some way to add to the journey for you. In lieu of knowing how (yet?) will simply…

    Thank you again 😄


  32. I know when I’m over-the-top HAPPY–I cry and smile and have goosebumps all at the same time. An amazing feeling! Thank you, Pam, for sharing this video which made me over-the-top HAPPY! Woooo hooooooo!!!

  33. Thanks for your daily sharing of ACIM. I LOVE it! Several times I’ve started to study the Course and never finished. Now I’m very much enjoying it. Love ALL your writings; I facilitated a study group for “Thank and Grow Rich”. We had a great time and such fun. Thank you so much for your influence on my life. One of your amazing posse!

  34. I have three times started (and not gotten far) with the Course of Miracles because it’s so highly regarded. Your explanations are the first time I’m getting it! and enjoying it! I look forward to each days revelation which you make clear with the LOA vision.

    If it’s not right for you, stop and I thank you for what you’ve cleared up for me so far. I do hope you continue so I can Look Deeper.

  35. Pam, please don’t stop the lessons! I look forward to them everyday! I studied ACIM about 10 years ago, then got hooked on Abraham/Esther Hicks, and now back with the course. I love your blogs!

  36. I love your takes on ACIM I am in my second year of studying the course, and my greatest difficulty has been that instead of being encouraged to celebrate my human experience on a higher level, I was being taught to disregard it. You have given me light to relish it all and to realize that while I’m a spiritual being having a human experience that it’s wonderful to enjoy theeauty of this experience while I explore the depth of possibilities that my spirit can experience. Thanks for the perspective

  37. Thank you for this. I know you thought it may be negative, but it has helped me immensely on a day my coworker had the need to bash Princess Diana and Oprah. I have really tried to “let everyone stay in there own lane”. She is an adamant Trump supporter so I have looked for the positive side a lot!

    My 2 favs bashed though. OMG, what am I manifesting today?

    I do appreciate this lesson!

  38. Dear Pam, like so many I would like to add my gratitude for your posts on ACIM. Although I have looked so many times at that big book and even delved into it a little, it wasn’t until I began reading your posts, that I got REALLY interested – or even knew that there were daily lessons I could follow. I had always seen a huge chunk of tiny type (we found a large type copy – yay!) that seems just too much to digest.

    NOW – each day my husband and I read the daily lesson, followed by your fantastic blogs, which we love and which enhance the lessons so wittily and brilliantly. It has helped us navigate some pretty challenging weeks recently and we look forward to sharing your insights.

    We would LOVE YOU to keep this up! As long as it’s fun for you. Maybe, when we are a bit more into it, we will all start adding stories that you can use in your blog!

    We love you Pam, and everything you write.

    All the very best


  39. I don’t think this will get to you but there is only one of us here. I have been a ACIM student for 27 years but I have lost interest in the last 5 years. My instructor left and my group dissolved and it is really hard to do it by yourself. I LOVE your blogs on ACIM. Your email is the first thing I look for in my inbox. Maybe you could keep it shorter but PLEASE don’t stop. Namaste



  40. Thanks for this it’s very relevant to me today! I have for the past week been decidedly ill with Norovirus and yesterday my young neighbour knocked to ask if I had taken a parcel in for her. As I handed it to her I apologised for not taking it round and explained that I was unwell – she just said ‘Thanks’ and that was that! ‘Great’ I thought ‘She couldn’t care less!’ This morning she sent me a text saying ‘Hiya, how are you feeling today? I’m going to Asda later, is there anything you need?’ I told myself off for judging her I can tell you and won’t be so quick to do so in future! Many thanks for your words of wisdom and your wonderful books! Much love, Jane xx

  41. I am so enjoying these lessons and the stories you write to help illustrate the lesson. I have gotten farther in ACIM than ever before with you help! Love you, love your books and your blog!

  42. I love the daily posts and appreciate the time and work that goes into them. I may not be able to read every day, but I play “catch up” on the days I have more time to read. I’m so grateful that you are offering us this guidance. Thank you.

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