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You say tomato. I say toe-mah-toe!

“Why get rich quick when you can be rich now?”—Alan Cohen
I got a question yesterday from a newbie to the Course in Miracles and thought I’d address it today since it relates to today’s lesson (6): I see only the past.

She said she was stymied by the idea that Sandy Hook and the Holocaust were illusions or holograms. It didn’t seem quite right to ignore the fact that people died.

And while I am no expert on the Course in Miracles (or really anything for that matter), I would like to share my take on it.

When we focus on the past, we ignore the astounding love and grace of right now. To really experience this moment (which is unique in all the world and has never happened before) can make tears roll down your cheeks. It’s that beautiful. We don’t notice because we see only the past.

So it’s not about ignoring tragedy. It’s about NOT ignoring what’s possible right in this moment. I myself don’t want to miss it.

I heard this story the other day. Two celibate monks were crossing a river at the same time as a beautiful, sexy woman. She slipped in the water so one of the monks put her on his back and carried her over. The other monk was aghast. He silently stewed about his friend’s indiscretion: “That’s against our vows. We’re not supposed to touch female flesh.” Finally, able to bear it no longer, he questioned the other monk who replied, “I set her down four hours ago. It seems you’re the only one still carrying her.”

Also want to answer a couple other questions that have popped up:

1. Who am I to pontificate about the Course in Miracles? This question, by the way, came from my own head. I don’t profess to be an expert about really much of anything. I’m a seeker and, over the years, have explored everything from rebirthing, h’oponopono and tapping to Abraham-Hicks and Byron Katie’s The Work. I love them all. I just keep coming back to The Course because well, that seems like my path. It’s not everybody’s tomato nor does it profess to be. All roads, as they say, lead to Rome. I like it because I’m a sucker for miracles and being happy.

2. Will I continue to do this the whole year? That’s a really good question that’s yet to be answered. That’s my intention and as long as it’s fun for me (again, always my bottom line), I’ll be doing it.

3. Which Course in Miracles book is the right one? There’s really only one and it comes from the Foundation for Inner Peace. It’s blue and has the workbook (which is what I go through every year), the text and a manual for teachers. It’s dense and often hard to read and understand. That I’ve stuck with it all these years surprises me as much as anyone. If you don’t feel inclined to buy the book that some have called a useful doorstop, I’ve started (as of yesterday) including a link to the lesson in each post.

That’s it for now, my beautiful, wonderful friends. There are probably other questions, but I’m off to my possibility posse. Oh wait there’s one other thing I should probably mention.

Lots of people who read my book E-Squared are focused on manifestation. And today’s lesson—I see only the past—explains those times when the new car or the new job or the new iPhone X seem stubborn about not showing up. The manifestor is stuck in the frequency of the past where, indeed there was no new car or new job or iPhone X. As Elsa sings, “Let it go. Let it go.”

In this moment, anything is possible and everything is here.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. You are SO dear. And whether you are an “expert” – or not – on the Course in Miracles, your daily thoughts have made my journey through the Course just that much more fun, and even gives me a further – or another – insight to the day’s lesson. Because of YOU, I have begun the Workbook, again, for the umpteenth time. And….THIS time….I’m actually having fun with it and even understanding it more than ever. The lessons don’t flummox me as much….but then, we’re “only” on Day 7. :-)))) That’s MY “expert” opinion. Thank you SO very much for your sharings!

  2. Pam, I love that you are taking us through TCIM workbook. It makes it fun and easy to understand for me.

    Many blessings, Sara Blumenfeld Houston (Clear Lake) Texas

  3. Pam, I love how you stated this: “So it’s not about ignoring tragedy. It’s about NOT ignoring what’s possible right in this moment. I myself don’t want to miss it.” It causes me to think of that phrase I heard so many times when I was young, Remember the Alamo! or Remember Pearl Harbor and many like them. Some seem so afraid to let go, but I love how you said, “it’s about NOT ignoring what’s possible right in this moment.” It is so true that we so often see only the past which becomes our now. . . again.

    I also loved the monk story. It makes me laugh at how we hold on to things that are so long gone.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you so very much for all the happiness and love you spread! I am so excited to be receiving these emails every day – I look forward to checking my email! My days have just been filled with miracles and I am so appreciative of each of them! I had a snow day from school the other day, spent the day at home with my children, got a coupon for my favorite store, used my “newer” computer to download pictures speedy quick and got to enjoy all that I had done in each picture again and many other miracles! Thank you for helping me to see them! There are not enough thanks for all that you have done and continue to do! I also love the link to the Course in Miracles – it helps me to understand it better! I am just so very happy! I could just keep adding more !!!!!! throughout this email!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And may your day be absolutely wonderful!!!!!

    With tremendous gratitude, Barb

  5. Thank you, Pam, for your enlightening and witty take on ACIM materials! I’ve studied (not mastered, does one?) the Course for years, more recently am working with Paul Selig’s The Word channeled series which feels to many like the next phase of the Course…….blessings, Mary

  6. I hope you do continue to do this all year. I look forward to every post. It’s a bit a me time to reflect and learn. Thank you for your time in doing this.

  7. Pam, thank you. I had been hoping you might blog daily together with the workbook lessons! (I also love following them annually.) I love your fun, wise, unique and lighthearted take on them, and look forward to you continuing this with us, your online possibility posse for this year (maybe publishing a book with your reflections afterwards?!) Thanks and smiles across the miles…X

  8. I have been starting the Course every so often but wasn’t sure it was meant for me until you started doing it with humor. That was my sign . You make me laugh and remind me that it’s just not that serious. I’ll understand if you decide it’s way more than you want to do but, until then, I’ll be enjoying it. Thanks!

  9. Well said.
    I lost my book in my last move and just bought ACIM app.
    As I tell my students,
    Easy peasy Mac and cheesy!

  10. Dear Pam, Thank you, I’ve been a student of a CIM, for many years…I had no intention to re do the daily lessons until you showed up in my in box and I thought, How fun is this, I love hearing your take on the CIM….As I read/listen/work the daily lessons , they feel more truthful & helpful then they ever have & anticipate your daily blogposts……..just what my soul needs <3

  11. I certainly hope you can find the fun in doing this everyday. I think you kind of work as a partner for some of us.

    Maybe this explanation of how we react to tragic events will help? The website itself has a ton of q&a’s

    Viktor Frankl worked on forgiving those imprisoned him and in doing so he liberated himself but offered a fantastic paradigm in dealing with our troubles.

  12. Holy sh*t! I have been reading ACIM, or attempting to, for years and I just got it from reading your email. “I only see the past” and your example of not having the IPhone X or the job because I didn’t have it in the past blew my freaking mind! I hope sending these emails about working the Course remains fun for you because I am FINALLY getting it. Thank you so very much Pam, Andrea Young

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Yeah, that textbook part can be really hard to read sometimes…but, if you read it slllloooowwwllly…One sentence at a time, if really digs deep and it is so beautiful!

  14. Thank you, Pam! I am enjoying ACIM, with your guidance. I love your reminders to have fun, no matter what!

  15. Well, this is a little off the topic of ACIM, but I wanted to thank you again for writing your TAGR book… I’d read chunks of it before (as well as most of your other books), but last week decided to read it through.
    I’ve been on this divine thought journey for a few decades, and I’m actually pretty used to living one miracle after another. But I haven’t been quite as tuned in after an injury last summer which resulted in a sobering amount of chronic pain. I was feeling too distracted to juice it up myself, but I knew I could follow a roadmap. So I started reading. Before I went to sleep, I wrote the words “Amazing Awesomeness!” right on the piece of furniture that is next to my bed, which I see first thing in the morning.
    The next day I was notified that a rather large chunk of money came in from an anonymous source, designated for me as appreciation for some of my volunteer work. Of course it was exactly the amount I needed for the remaining bills on the desk, sitting there during the days we’ve been snowed in, waiting for a way to fulfill them. So yeah, I’m feeling like I’m back in the saddle, and certainly ready for some more Amazing Awesomeness today. And tomorrow. And the next day. Thanks for the nudge!
    PS- And thanks for mentioning the amazing Greg Tamblyn last week. I love his music, I happily own it all, but hadn’t played it in a while…hearing his amazingness always bumps the vibes up a few notches, too.
    PPS- And no appreciable pain for the last couple of days, either. A good way to start the new year! Namaste.

  16. Pam,

    Don’t ever stop what you’re doing, I love the daily lessons, stories and personal experiences! You make a huge difference in my life and the world, and I love you ❤️

    Much love and fun adventures, Janie

  17. Love these Pam – as a fairly new student of ACIM (I completed the workbook for the first time on 12/31/17 and am going through it again this year and am on chapter 20 of the text), I am loving your posts and your take on the lessons! This one was especially helpful to me – thank you!!!

  18. Bless you Pam. Loving your introduction to ACIM. I had only recently discovered & made it my New Year’s project. So exciting!
    Thank you Pam …. for everything!!!!!!

  19. Pam, I am so grateful that you are taking us through the Course with you each day!!! I have tried to do it myself, several times and always quit, so I am hoping with you’re help that I will finally get through all of the lessons! I am hoping that this stays fun for you and that you see you’re intention through…you are helping so many who may not have ever even heard of this path.

  20. There IS now another published version of ACIM. It’s called the Complete Editon (CE) and was edited by Robert Perry. It claims to be more authentic and complete than the editing chain that the published (blue book) FIP edition resulted from. I’m reading the CE now, but also find that Perry has made a few changes more akin to FIP than the original notes.

    I have read/studied the several edits over the years, and my personal favorite is the Hugh Lynne Cayce, (HLC) for readability. It doesn’t edit-out (substitute) the word “soul” as the FIP and CE mostly do. The CE IS the most complete and makes the fewest changes.

    Anyway, the thing I’ve come to realize is that they are ALL interpretations of the dictation as originally given. Even Helen – who heard the Voice – would leave things out she wasn’t comfortable with when reading her notes to Bill T. for typing, the next day. Or she’d add things in she received spontaneously.

    Here is the order of available editing – each being progressively shorter, and based on the prior edit: (1) Helen’s original Shorthand Notes, (2) the Urtext, (3)the HLC, (4) the FIP and (newest) the CE, which claims to go back to the original – combining the Notes and Urtext – but also includes a few interpretive changes – mostly as footnotes, but not always.

    Most versions are available as PDFs for free download at Biblical scholar Doug Thompson’s site at this link;


    He has a published version you can buy on Amazon too. And the CE is available on Amazon as a published book or Kindle.

  21. I pray that you will continue doing this work for the whole year – 365 Lessons! 😊❤️ Know that your work (post/blog) with the Daily Lesson is loved and appreciated and is greatly helping us students of the Course to better understand and apply the lesson in our daily life because of your practical, simple yet wonderful way of presenting it. 👸🏼💐 Love and gratitude,Riza 

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  22. You strike gold again. Perfect. I don’t dwell in history. It happened for each person differently. I learn from it and look forward. I can get hurt always looking in the reverse. I read this in the morning and have to wait for more time to comment but I’m in it for the long run. No one has done this better for me so far. I’ve read all the same stuff you have and I think they all tie together nicely. I wanted to throw Byron Katie’s book a long way in the beginning but it taught me so much when I finally sat still with it. Every one has a different approach to the same direction. Which one works for each person is up to them. Yes, ACIM was hard to digest alone, but you are making it real and alive! Don’t let them sway you. I’m just so happy here I could pop. 🙂

  23. Thank you Pam! I do REALLY hope that you continue blissing out on sharing it as I am loving it!

    After I realized a couple of years ago that my favourite teachers and authors (yourself included) were students of A Course in Miracles I decided I had to do it.

    I listened to the audiobook, bought the “useful doorstop” and downloaded the app. I got a fair way into the text but never got past lesson 5… I forced myself over and over but just couldn’t do it. I got to Lesson 5 in possibly 5 separate occasions.

    Then the other day, without any forcing, planning, preemptive big resolutions I just did Lesson 1, then the next day I quietly did Lesson 2, next day Lesson 3… until I opened your email and saw Lesson 5… the lesson I was on. And I knew the Universe, like always was just putting you in front of me as a guide through my little hump. And today I am on Lesson 6. Still no big hoopla or forcing or goal to stick it out and finish it this year. Just every day, I remember to open the book and do the lesson.

    Love your work! Thank you for being the vessel that the Universe used to speak to me 💖

    Shannon x

  24. I love having your notes everyday! I love the lessons! Love them! You are putting them in their place. Loads of fun, loads of enthusiasm and loads of curiosity. What to go and thank you!

  25. I found Gary Renard’s book “The Disappearance of the Universe” to be like a primer for the Course in Miracles. Although Gary can be a tad…what’s the word…. irreverent maybe(?), he put the jist of the Course in layman’s terms. Then, when I read the actual Course in Miracles text, it was a beautiful thing. I read every line with a ruler and underlined 3/4 of the book lol.

  26. Hey Pam, I NEED to tell you how much I appreciate you doing ACIM. I have wanted to do it but never did because of the religion and the heaviness. I honestly got so excited when I read on January 1st that you were doing this. A friend and I are doing it together, with your email lessons (love that you are including the link to the original now too). I have been in a really bad depressive phase and haven’t been able to find my sky. For some reason, your email gave me a ladder. You are an inspiration in that you do things only as long as they are fun. My hope is that you will find it fun for the the whole year. I don’t know who you are to pontificate on ACIM. But then again, I don’t know who anyone is to do so on anything. We are all doing our best. I wanted you to know that I appreciate you and what you are sharing. It is making a difference in my life. So thank you. Today, as I am dealing with the hologram of something that isn’t there and feeling the depression push on my brain and energy, I keep thinking of that woman who walks around the neighborhood saying “I love you, I love you. Goodbye.” I thought about the Universe saying that to me today. It helped. Thanks, Pam. I discovered you with E cubed and follow you through email and then E cubed. I wish that right now my words expressed better what I want to convey to you but hopefully you will get the feeling. Have fun, Ellie

  27. Acknowledge past events, be cognizant of them, OK, but don’t *dwell* on the past or past problems. That only serves to recreate the problems. If anything, dwell instead on the solution(s) to any given problem.

    The ultimate solution is found in the present moment — is the present moment. When you forgo self-consciousness you find yourself celebrating the magnificent difference all around you rather than persecuting the difference you perceive in others or yourself. You have transcended the meaning attributed by past events to the present. You have transcended judgement.

    The future present is an empowered, peaceful and loving world.

  28. Thanks for sharing the wisdom of a Course In Miracles. Another great source for this the app. Yes, there is an app for everything! Search for it in Play Store.

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