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How to get past the bouncer of your limited thinking

“Enlightenment is the unlearning of the thought system that dominates the planet.”—Marianne Williamson
bouncerPicture a big, muscle-bound bouncer, a Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson type. His arms are crossed and he’s got that “no way, no how” look on his face.

Anyone with a lick of sense can figure out it’d be best to come back later, to try again when Mr. Tough isn’t so diligently blocking the entry.

Our current beliefs about the world are just like that bouncer. They block all the joy, peace, meaning and other Divine goodies that the Universe so desperately wants to bestow.

Which is why the Course in Miracles is all about clearing our minds, about undoing the beliefs we think are absolute fact.

Enter Lesson 3: I do not understand anything I see (in this room, out the window, etc.)

Again, we simply take a moment or two to look around and say, “I do not understand this pillow. I do not understand this cat. I do not understand this hand.”

Remember, we don’t have to believe these lessons. We just have to do them.

And as we surrender our old certainties (the world is flat, the table is solid, what we can’t see with our physical eyes does not exist), a new kinder, more loving reality comes gushing in.

Our old beliefs are dominated by fear, separation, limitations. And because our brains are private investigators looking for proof of our beliefs, we collapse the wave (a physics term that describes plucking a single superposition from all possible superpositions) to show us the “desired” superposition that supports our beliefs.

So sure, I may think I understand this pillow, this cat, this hand. But it’s possible I don’t.

And I’m willing to surrender my feeble understanding of the world to the infinite field, acknowledging that even my most brilliant ideas and plans are nothing compared to those of my Creator.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Man, do I know this bouncer! He lives in my head. And just maybe I don’t understand him either 🙂
    Love this, Pam!

  2. Thank you so much for explaining the lessons. This is my third year doing the Course. Your last post really grabbed me about doing the Course in earnest. I realized I had not been doing that–the earnest part. I know you’re a busy travel writer but I would love it if you would write a book about the Course lessons. Have you ever thought of doing that? Again, thank you.

    1. Yesss…A Pam Grout book about the Course,it would be a fantastic Idea. Pam can explain everything more understandable than other “teachers”. Hopefully she considerates it.

  3. I have been doing ACIM for years. I have read a few books ‘explaining it’ yours is the best and makes the most sense. I agree that you should write a book on ACIM. You make it simple and easy and relatable to everyday life. Plus you are very fun and funny!
    Life is supposed to be fun!!!

  4. I love your posts, Pam, and thank you for sharing them…. I just want to comment that—I believe ACIM must work for a lot of people (b/c they say so), but it wasn’t for me and it kind of f*%#d up my head (I got to lesson 314 and then sold the damn doorstop on Ebay)…. for me, the teachings of Abraham (-Hicks) are so much more kind, and helpful, and loving….. by the way, your last post (with the story of Evy McDonald, and the wonderful song that your friend created) was SENSATIONAL!!!!!! Happy New Year, Much Love :~) Cathy

  5. Please keep this up, Pam! This is a tremendous gift. And I support the suggestion above that you turn this into a book.

  6. I think the book idea is fabulous too!!!! And must say that I hope it does f”$k with my head in a good way because my head needs it!! 😁

  7. Love, Love. Love it. I have tried to read Course in Miracles several times. I got to about lesson 200 and gave up. The lessons I did understand were truly life changing. I hope you continue this all year long – a tall order I know – but I think there is so much to learn – I mean – re-learn from that book. Thank you for the insights today and yesterday!

  8. Thank you for sharing the lessons with all of us, Pam. I’m rather new to ACIM and found out pretty quickly that this book had A LOT of meaning for me in that it seemed to look much like my old Catholic school lessons and so my resistance went up- high alert.

    I’ve since had many kind reassurances to the lessons and so I am acting more like the blank slate of awareness, and continuing with curiosity.

    Thank you for going over these lessons with your audience. I trust you. I trust your words. My only other thought is, “Let’s do this!”

    Thanks for your light!


  9. Rebecca, Jan, Hil, Kris…..
    I am loving Pam’s “gift” here, too!!
    And, Cathy-doesn’t it hold true, “Take what ya need and leave the rest!” I’ve heard the lessons from Abraham are fantastic. What resonates for us in the moments is the message! Tho I am sometimes unclear with my ACIM lessons, I know it will. Come to me as I dance on!!!
    Light & Love-

  10. The most important reminder for me that you stated is, “Remember, you don’t have to believe”, any of the lessons, just read/do them.

  11. Pam, I really appreciate this step-by-step journey through the course in miracles the way you’re laying it out. It is perfectly coincided with all kinds of insights that I have. Then I open my inbox, and you have written something that reinforces the lessons my life is teaching me.



  12. Thank you Pam for explaining this ACIM lesson. I’ve been doing the lessons in accordance with Marianne’s program that I subscribed to, but I wasn’t understanding WHY I was supposed to look around the room and say I didn’t “understand” the items within my view, or why I was telling myself those items didn’t mean anything. I know if I can hang in there with the lessons of this course it will be life changing because some of my favorite authors who have already blessed me with life changing lessons from their books (you and Marianne Williamson) follow and tout the lessons from ACIM….it just feels a little silly sometimes. Thanks for explaining. You two gals should work together on something. ❤

  13. Thanks Pam, Yes I LOVE that your focusing on the daily lessons of the course…….I’m wondering if you will be blogging about the lessons daily. Oh I would love it if you would as I’ve started the lessons more times than I can count, without completing them, but I KNOW for certain I would read your blog daily. I did pull out my CIM book and am on Lesson three, thanks to you……much love Peg PS: Marianne Williamson’s “A return to Love” based on the principles of a CIM, changed my life thirty years ago when I read it…..

    1. Me too Peg. Return to Love was life changing. I was searching for answers after my Mom passed away. It started a life long journey for me.

  14. Pam, this is freeeking amazing! I have been wanting to do ACIM and up until NOW, I had thought of it as too overwhelming!! As you said in the introduction of your newest book Art And Soul Reloaded…. we get a guide named Pam!! What more do we need to make this more fun and exciting???!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    ❤️Virginia 😍

  15. i saw the blog of lesson 1 of ACIM and here it has lesson 3 but i seem to have missed lesson 2 of ACIM. care to tell what lesson 2 is?

  16. I am a devotee of A Course In Miracles and just love that your post is reviewing the lessons. I helps so much!

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