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Don’t buy your diagnosis

“Reality is so vast that there is no way from our small place in the universe to see it all. We create cultural constructs of our knowledge and try and make the whole vast infinite universe fit in our tiny little boxes.”
― Lyssa Danehy deHart

Whatever affliction you believe about yourself is a hoax. It’s a tiny box that you continue to animate by your belief in it.

I know it seems like stone-cold fact that you are depressed or financially challenged or still suffering the aftermath of something your parent did or didn’t do.

But it’s just not true.

It seems true because you’ve collapsed the wave of that reality. In the quantum world, the observer (that’s you expecting and believing things are a certain way) interacts with all the possible superpositions (the world’s unlimited possibilities). Once you collapse the wave (the particular state or affliction you’ve been colluding with), all other possibilities vanish. As you feed those thoughts, that one reality grows more and more solid.

So if you really insist on believing in your affliction, just make sure to couch it like this:

I am temporarily having thoughts about being depressed. Or being poor. Or_________________.

And know those thoughts are one tiny possibility and that there are even more superpositions (possibilities) where you are ecstatically happy and financially secure and completely free from anything at all that occurred in your past.

The superposition you feed with your attention is the one you will animate into your life.

So which wave do you choose to collapse today: That you’re a hot mess? Or that you’re hot shit?

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. I honestly had to laugh at this post. Today I received my (everyone over 60 gets these) bowel cancer test kit. Yes, there will be some hot shit involved. Bless you. Gillian xxx

  2. Only too timely for me. I went for my annual physical (3 years late) and now they are ready to diagnose me with what my sister has and mother died from. Pulmonary Fibrosis. My son wants me to rush them to give me answers. I say I want them to take all the time they want so I can transmute any thought in my head that it’s there. I buy into things way to easy and know it’s in my power to have it vanish if I want. I’ve copied your sentence and will keep filling in the blank. Thanks for this.

  3. Thank you, Ms. Pam, I needed this today. Wrote it on a post it and am keeping it near to remind me.

    Kathleen Miller

  4. Your best post ever! Understood this now like at no other time. Thank you for tipping this into the basket.

  5. Oh my God! I love you! I love you! I love you! You have no idea what your words meant to me today. I am facing eviction, emotionally devastated, and trying my best to keep hope afloat. I even called Unity and Agape prayer lines, and began with those sorry-ass words, ‘I don’t have any money… ‘ Sheesh! Thankfully, those skilled prayer facilitators kept that High Vibration for me, and helped me rise to a clearer understanding of what God – and I – are capable of. I felt so empowered after reading your blog today… Girlfriend, I have options! I’ve tossed that previous ‘poor me’ mantra that felt so awful, and have replaced it with “ecstatically happy and financially secure and completely free from anything at all that occurred in your past.” Surely, bells are going to ring for me!

  6. It all boils down to belief, doesn’t it?? We have “smart bodies” and they listen to what we say, or affirm. They follow our instructions. ….so, Create a good, healthy one!

  7. I needed this post today!! Just what I needed to read, thank you. This post was right on time, really renewed my energies.

  8. Pam you have such a fabulously funny way of clearly expressing such wonderful messages of truth. I laughed when I read your question about being a hot mess or hot shit! Thankyou for sharing your unique and so very inspiring views on life, god, the universe and shit. You are one very cool woman! 😄

  9. Hi Pam

    I always enjoy reading your blogs and today I wanted to email you to say Thank You. I recently lost my Grandmother (who was like a mother to me) and I am really struggling to be my cheery, positive self. I am feeling frustrated at my business and the people that I have dealings with. Perhaps, because it is hard to be accommodating to others when I am dealing with my grief. I do wholeheartedly, believe that we should be vulnerable and real and live the emotions we are feeling in the moment, but I also believe in the immense power of ourselves to create our realities.

    As I was sitting cursing my inbox this morning and the perception of peoples’ demands on me, I read your email and it instantly snapped be out of it. I opened a wellness centre to bring people together, to care for people and to spread kindness and joy. I have not been doing that and your email was a timely reminder. My Grandmother was a women who gave to others until her last breath. She was still thanking the nurses even though she could hardly breathe and it caused her great pain to talk. And I am complaining about a few emails from people wanting to enjoy being part of my Wellness Centre.

    Your email snapped me out of my place of doom and gloom. Although I still feel great sadness that my ‘Grammy’, is no longer physically here, I will be approaching my day with gratitude for all that I have.

    Thanks again for sharing.


    Helen Hart
    Owner – Mundaring Wellness Centre
    Clinical Hypnotherapist | Reiki Master
    Neuroscience Researcher | Mindfulness Educator
    Dip C.Hyp

    Awakening the Mind, Heart and Soul

    Mobile: 0409 682 429
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  10. great post. I was diagnosed with hep c from a blood transfusion in 74. My doctor begged me to go on treatment and put me in transplant program. I refused the treatment messages from ”’
    spirit said no, no, no. then when the new treatment came through. the miracle treatment, less invasive. i used it. i was cured.

  11. This is the perfect sentence to put in our head’s…”I am temporarily having thoughts….”
    Thinking perfectly positively is my goal and this little clause will help me keep it there when I have those creepy little ones slither in between!

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