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It’s impossible to fall short of the glory of God

“We are players, actors on many stages. We yearn to wonder, we long to be amazed, to be enthusiastic, to be expressive. In short to be alive. Creativity keeps us creating the life we wish to live.” Matthew Fox

Although the term “fake news” is nearly as popular as Despacito, it recently hit me that the first purveyor of vicious falsehoods was probably the fundamentalist church. It created its entire doctrine around the idea that “all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Think about it. The first thing a young child learns sitting in the pew is that he (or she) was born into original sin.

My message, the same one that J.C. and the Holy S came to spread, is that every one of us, without exception, was born into original blessing. Every one of us is entitled to the infinite outpouring of the Divine, of the indwelling spirit that continuously bestows miracles and grace. This flow never stops. It can’t. It’s impossible for it not to love, to bless, to comfort, to pass out miracles. Sin, in fact, is nothing but a mistaken identity, an oft-repeated item of fake news.

As regulars to this blog know, I consider it one of my jobs to document the many miracles that so many of us pass over and call coincidence. That’s why I often share stories readers send my way. Today, for example, I heard from a reader whose hospital bill was unexpectedly paid off by an unknown guardian angel. Another reader told me about landing the exact home on the exact street she’d been visualizing complete with roses and honeysuckle around the door.

But today, I want to share a blessing that happened to me.

My new book is out and, well, it hasn’t exactly been tearing up the charts. I’ve even seen a few reviews comparing it unfavorably to E-Squared, the book that will probably always be my “Jack and Diane.”

So I was feeling embarrassed that my “violin,” this time around, seemed to be out of tune and squeaking. Doubting the wisdom of asking readers to undertake weird and unfamiliar creative projects.

So the universe, who kinda has a thing for us humans, noticed I needed a little sign. It noticed that well, I was feeling a little blue. So it recruited this amazing man from Melbourne to send me the following email:

“I felt I had to send you photos of my Art and Soul amulet. I can’t tell you how much fun and the sort of release this bought.

“The thought of making something like this would have never crossed my mind before your book. The son of a talented artist who did not feel as though he received the “gift”, I was intimidated by the seeming ease with which my father seemed to be able to create things, that I felt as though that I had failed before I had begun, stunting any creativity.

“Making this gave me great pleasure because it freed me from my self judgement which crippled me from trying things. I now feel freer. You have given me the spark to write again and for this I am truly thankful.

“I have to admit that I was reticent to take part in you projects at first but I now see that they free from constraints I put on myself and allow to be in places I never expected to be.

“Once again, many thanks.”

And many thanks back to you, Graham, and to the universe for reminding me that even if only one person is comforted by my creative output, my efforts will not have been in vain.

I am so grateful for the unique opportunity to share my gifts with the world.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Oh, Pam … you’ve done it again! Thank you so much for making us all feel loved + deserving of the goodness of the world.

    “Every one of us, without exception, was born into original blessing.”

    I’m so happy Graham sent you that wonderful appreciation letter. And dontcha know, they say that for every letter you receive, 1,000,000 people feel the same exact way. Something like that.

    I LOVE all your writings + encouragements + boosts. Your new book arrived + I can’t wait to read it!!!


  2. Oh, Pam … you’ve done it again! Thank you so much for making us all feel loved + deserving of the goodness of the world.

    “Every one of us, without exception, was born into original blessing.”

    I’m so happy Graham sent you that wonderful appreciation letter. And dontcha know, they say that for every letter you receive, 1,000,000 people feel the same exact way. Something like that.

    I LOVE all your writings + encouragements + boosts. Your new book arrived + I can’t wait to read it!!!


  3. oopsie. I felt so strongly, I posted twice by accident. I’m so sorry that I can’t figure out how to delete one! Please consider this double the gratitude. 🙂

  4. Pam, I have all your books and I love every one of them. I havent delved into the new one yet but after reading that story I def am. I need that type of “fun” back and being creative and writing for the fun of it again. I thank you and can’t already wait for the next book. I love the way you write, I love the LOA and I love playing the games you have in the books. I am sure I am going to love the new one just as much as every other one I have.

  5. I absolutely love this blog entry. I actually looked at your new book and decided it was not for me since I tend to place judgment’s upon myself with regard to being artistic. This post made me decide to let go of my self judgment and give your new book a chance and see what happens. Thank you so much!!

  6. Pam. I totally love your book and I am endeavouring to do the exercises. They really are fun! But I also appreciate that you are willing to share your concern and vulnerability that sales are not going as well as you had hoped. I am an artist. It took me about a year of painting and getting my work out into the world to be able to claim that word to describe myself. Your books have helped me find so much joy and abundance! I am excited to continue reading and doing the exercises and I know that your book will help me reach new heights as an artist so thank you, thank you, thank you for all your do. Vonnie

  7. I love the book and it keeps me in touch with Source. “Pam Grout ” is a household name for my daughters and me when we need to re-set!!

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  8. I enjoy your e-mail/facebook posts so much! A big thank you to the man from Melbourne for his comments; I immediately ordered your new book. Blessings, Mary Ann

  9. I’m only into week #2 and and as always, I am completely drawn in by your unique style and sense of humor!! This is exactly what I need to help me get out of my own way and at the same time, not take myself so seriously. Just looking at the cover makes me smile…and who can resist having a guide named Pam to walk us down the crooked path of possibility??? I’m all in!!

  10. OMG Pam !!!!
    All those naysayers are just afraid to admit they are divine because then there would no one else to blame for the situations they find themselves in. They would have to accept total responsibility…and I know from personal experience that’s not easy to do.
    Keep writing and keep rocking Pam.
    I love you 😁😁😁

  11. Pam: Thank you so much for writing this post. I think this is such a cool and brave thing for a writer to share. I love your blog, and I love your work. It has helped me through some really rough patches. Many miracles!

  12. Hi Pam, don’t you just love the name Graham?! And I know you do because you basically created a sign from him. Key is “if one person benefits….” Whenever I am in doubt about anything I do whether creatively or mundanely I feel if one single person benefits then I feel great. You are an angel to me.

  13. We love Art and Soul Reloaded! Thank you Pam for yet another inspiring creation! I can’t tell you how much you have changed our lives! From E-squared to Thank and Grow Rich to your awesome blogs and now Art and Soul Reloaded!!! It is like a bolt of freedom fun joy and laughter shooting through our household giving us exactly what we needed! My soul needed this joy freedom and playfulness. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t tell you how transformational this is for us!

  14. This was so special, thank you for sharing. I think most of us can relate. But the chance of making a difference to even one is often enough to keep heeding the call.

    Much love,

    Iffath Lotallah 404-751-7562

  15. Thank you for writing this post and for ALL that you share with us (including your vulnerability). While I have not had a chance to read the new book yet I know that whatever you write will be a gift to the reader. THANK YOU for reminding us of all the beauty and magic in the world.

  16. Hi Pam!
    I am thoroughly enjoying Art and Soul Reloaded. I will admit that I have hardly done any of the projects or Zumbas. I am reading it through, and will probably go back and do the things that resonate with me. But it’s such an enjoyable read (of course!), as all your books have been. I want you to know that even if I did not do one project/exercise, just reading the book has made me realize how creative I already am and have always been. A lot of the Zumbas are things I already do or do something similar. I find that I can’t force creativity or ideas, but lots of them just naturally come to me, and when they do, I jump on them.
    So rest assured, the topic of this book and the way you present it, are Extraordinarily Epic!
    Keep doin’ what you do! We’ll keep reading and adding to the good energy of the Universe.
    Pamela Joy

  17. Hi Pam ,….
    I also want to say Thank You…because of Art & Soul I actually started my own blog…at first I was doing the maybe later…not sure how to to it…but I caught myself and DIA 😄😄😄
    I look forward to writing it everyday 😄😄😄

  18. Hi Pam,
    I think the only problem with your book is that I want to sit down and demolish its gorgeous contents in just a few days! But I can’t, and have been restraining myself from reading ahead- and doing the activities that really appeal to me. All sorts of fun and crazy ideas have been flooding in since starting to read your book, and I’m totally loving it. Today I sit in a cafe, and I was given the choice of rye or white bread for my sandwich, and guess what, I’m having a slice of each. Mixing it up is so much more fun! Thanks Pam! P.S. The lady who just brought me my sandwich said it was such a good idea, she is going to do it for her home tea parties!!

  19. …and so it is! Our message, our voice, our art, have a greater purpose:-) Whether for one person or 100ds of people!
    Thank you for sharing:-)
    Mag L. Brammer

  20. hi Pam i wanted to ask you if you could check out the video of Shania Twain’s Life’s about to get good and tell me what you think about it, here’s the link here:

  21. Dear Pam,

    I’ve bought Art and Soul and haven’t read it–okay, I’ve actually read some of it and I display it prominently as a mild rebuke to my resistant self. Don’t worry about the popularity of the book. I’ve bought a lot of your books and adore you and your thinking. You are my greatest influence and inspiration. The resistance is truly mine–my stubborn inertia that I now own proudly because (head shake) it’s sooooo me. I wonder how long it will take me to actually start doing anything you’ve suggested. . . But I’m not worried and neither should you be. The book is just ahead of its time😘

  22. For each naysayer the number of people who love your books are in the thousands. I am certainly in the latter category. You are one of the most vivacious, bubbly and joyful people I have ever come across and I look forward to every single book and newsletter. Your words never fail to cheer me up and, in the splendid fashion of the FP, they always reach me when I need them the most. Every morning I get to read your newsletter is a good morning. I love the light tone and sense of humor that shines through in your book. You’re spread so much joy and I will always be grateful for the moment that I first picked up one of your books(think it was E-Squared). As for “Art and Soul Reloaded” I am making my way through it and, as with all of your books, I adore it. My creativity has been dormant for years(or so it feels) and this has given me the boost I needed to just start doing something. Jotting down three ideas each day has been an amazing experiment in that the ideas just seem to flow effortlessly, even ideas that never before crossed my mind. But the most incredible experience so far was when I sat down to write an invocation to my muses. My initial reaction was: “What in heavens name do I write?”. Upon sitting down the words just flowed and it took me mere minutes to write it. I read it every morning and it brings forth a burst of inspiration and gratitude that lasts throughout the day(much needed in my current job, I might add). Thank you so much for being you, for blessing the world with joy and gratitude and for being such an inspiration <3

  23. Pam thank you. Thank you for “the sign” that you, along with the Devine Universe sent for to me to read this morning, along with the great smile you put on my face and in my heart with your picture included in your post.

    I knew your new book was out and wanted to order it to read because your other books have inspired me, as well as reading your blog.

    Life threw yield and stop signs my way when my 89 year old MIL became gravely ill last year and in May she became completely bedridden. She was a widow of 29 years and my husband and I had been taking care of her needs ever since, since she also did not drive. Long story short, her quest to reach 90 fell short by 3 months on Labour Day, despite her valiant effort.

    The legal paper work began this week after her Celebration of Life this weekend. My soul just kept asking, “what now?” After so many years of her needing us, what was I going to do with this time I was so used to dedicating to her?

    Viola…you sent me a sign. Your book is about to be ordered as soon as I post this. Just like seeing is believing in E-Squared seeing Green and Orange cars….I absolutely know, reading your daily exercises will set me free to be the new authentic me in my new chapter of my now life.

    Thank you, once again, for your perfect timing.

  24. Pam, you are ever an inspiration to so many. For all the blessings of inspiration you give the world through your work, may the Universe continue to bless you a thousand-fold! Amen!! And, hugs to you… 😉 !!

  25. Hi Pam,

    Art & Soul Reloaded is absolutely AWESOME and so are YOU!!!! I have done some of the silly, funny and out of my comfort zone exercises which have given me courage to create what brings me great joy. And it doesn’t matter how many times I’m told “that won’t work” or “why would you want to do that” or even if it fails I know I’ve tried and it brings me great joy. And maybe just one day it will bring that same joy to others. Here’s to creating what we love !!!!!!

  26. I’m reading your book quickly and not undertaking any projects yet, as I’ve checked the book out from the library. I have to finish in three weeks and can’t renew as there is a waiting list for your book. I’ve found so many good ideas, so much inspiration for writing projects, crafts, and drawing.

    Your book also provides so much wonderful knowledge. Today I read Ch. 13, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” where I learned the ancients believed in these guides that assisted us humans in our creative endeavors–daimons for the Greeks, genius (in its original meaning!) for the Romans. Loved the Liz Gilbert story about imploring the “thing” to help her–to show up and do its part when her work was not flowing. We can do that?! Call on the muses, the daimons, the genius, the “thing” for help?! Wow!

    One last thing, Liz Gilbert tells a story (went to a lecture she gave) about an idea she had for a novel. She started writing, but got interrupted by events going on in her life. After quite a long interlude, when she finally had time to return to writing that novel, nothing, nada. She couldn’t even muster the “thing.” Later she was sharing the theme for her latest project (the one going nowhere) with her friend, writer Ann Patchett. It turned out Ann Patchett’s current writing project was the same theme as Liz’s. This became Patchett’s book “State of Wonder.” Liz now understood why she couldn’t summon the “thing” to help. She had dropped the ball on a project the “thing,” the Universe wanted to see created. Gilbert understood that immediately. She even recognized in hindsight the moment the muses passed the project from her to Patchett. So the moral is, when the muses inspire you, stick with it and see it through the end–otherwise they’ll find someone else to bring the creation into being–the story, the painting, the music…

  27. I just bought a copy of your new book after reading this. I’m sure it is as wonderful as the rest of them!

  28. Dear Pam,

    Somehow I found you when you had just recently published: Thank and Grow Rich. It was a game changer for me and now Art & Soul Reloaded has moved right into that lineup of the most important books in my life.

    I really want you to know that your newest book is actually the perfect tune for me, and just the right pitch.

    I carry it around the house like its Christmas everytime I open it.

    I love it.


    As I awaited its publication I knew that it was going to help me mark and navigate some pretty big changes that are coming to my life. I’m only on week three, so I will have to fill you in down the road as to just how this all plays out! I can’t wait to see what happens!

    My writing has shifted. It is flowing and I know a book is coming.

    My artmaking has taken priority again. Yay!

    And… one thing I know is that I’m going to find true love. I don’t know quite in what form, but I know it is coming. I know it.

    These past seven years have been filled with so much death and loss. My husband to cancer, my sister-in-law (actually my husband’s first wife, but I got too many crazy stares when I tried to introduce her as that), my father, my sister, dear friends, my two dogs, and the list goes on…

    But new life is coming and even though I get a bit scared, I am ready, willing, and open to it. I just keep doing my zumba for the soul exercises (tweaking them as needed- I don’t do nail polish, but streaked my hair with a rainbow of colored hair-chalk instead) and let myself feel like a kid. The joy and lightness in my heart is so yummy!

    So I just wanted to you to know that you have made a huge difference in my life and are on my list of people I hope to meet someday in the remaining time I have here on this incredible planet.

    Lots and lots and lots of love and delight and beauty to you Pam!

    I’m off to make my amulet and paint a pair of tennis shoes!

    Thank you!



    Lea Goode-Harris, PhD, NC website & blog: http://www.leagoodeharris.com


  29. Hi Pam, I am reading your new book also. I suffer from depression and fear in big long lasting ways. Thank you for telling me that you get the D or as I call it my dark night of the soul. One way I combat this is using my creative process to have established a Facebook page called Animals and Such. It is all about my dog CYMBA and life through her eyes. I am very proud of it and I am seeing lots of likes. It is my DIA. (Not the airport)🤓 I have read three other books of yours. You get me and I like that. (Awhile back I dared my sister to throw a pie in my face at the grocery store and she did it!!) For awhile, other than your books and our love for pb (3.5 now after over three years),I felt I couldn’t relate to you because of your travel opportunities and me sweating out the rent kinda stuff. I feel closer to you now more than ever. I can so relate to the barbecue potato chip stuff cuz even though I don’t look it food becomes an issue for me when I am afraid. It takes me out emotionally really quick when this happens! My mother was an alcoholic person with huge mental health issues before she choose to end her life so fear may come more easily to me. ANYWAY, your latest book means the world to me!! I even learned how to undderline on my kindle app!! The fart one is fun. We need you and I have said it to you before, if you make it to Fort Collins let’s get on the court. Take the best care of you sweetie pie. Laurel Hageseth


  30. Dear Pam Grout, I wanted to ask you where I can download all your protocols from E2 and E2+? or could you be so kind sending me pdfs?  thank you so much, sincerely yours Alessandra Ravanelli

  31. Dearest Pam!!!

    You are often my gift. Today (WednesdayŠwhen I wrote this) you were my Sign From the Universe!!!

    Thank you for this particular posting, since it was my Sign that I am Living my life exactly perfectly…touching one life at a time. No awards, no tv or radio spots. No celebrity. Just me.

    And it’s perfect.

    The rest of the details don’t matter‹your Gorgeous Light has shone really BIG in my life today‹thank you for the Blessings of Being YOU.

    Sending you very much Love & LIGHT & a Great Big HUG! Maia

    Maia Beatty Chief Inspirator

    Maia Beatty & Associates, Inc Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster

    *Make Simple Shifts *Unite Your Team *Transform Your Leaders *Energize Your Audience

    Contact us: 330-573-0526


    From: Pam Grout Reply-To: Pam Grout Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7:17 PM To: Maia Beatty Subject: [New post] It¹s impossible to fall short of the glory of God

    WordPress.com psgrout posted: “³We are players, actors on many stages. We yearn to wonder, we long to be amazed, to be enthusiastic, to be expressive. In short to be alive. Creativity keeps us creating the life we wish to live.² Matthew Fox Although the term ³fake news² is nearly as “

  32. Pam,
    I love ART & SOUL RELOADED too. My husband and I are doing it together. It’s been so much fun creating my Invocation and now my medallion. I’m not a visual artist like my husband, but I like the way it has turned out.

    I’m so grateful for your blog posts that remind me on a regular basis to turn my thoughts away from the negative, and toward the positive. Keep up the great work. I’m right there with you as are so many others. I’m excited to find a virtual community that is set on creating a new, better, more positive world. Thanks for facilitating!

  33. Worry about what others say??? Be thankful they are looking and reading. 👍
    Your words are inspiring and helpful to everyone ready to do the work. Carr on. 😍🐾❤️

  34. Joyful One,
    Let me tell you what a difference you and your books have helped me make in my life. The first time you were inserted into my life by a generous universe was when Hay House was promoting the publication of E squared. I was intrigued and bought it for my Kindle. It is wonderful! But I would compare it to “From Me to You”, the first #1 hit by the Beatles with many, many more to come. I’ve bought all of your books since then and I have them all as audio books as well. You’re with me in the car and you reach me while I sleep (no creepiness intended).

    My success with the principles has been “spotty” and some months ago, I skidded into reverse. Health and financial issues came along and I lost track of my excellent self. I stepped away from my feelings, my joy, my creativity and my spirituality. I was just beginning to come out the other side when your new book came out. For two weeks, I listened to it every evening (it was around day eight that I finally stayed awake long enough to hear the last half of the book). You made me laugh. I hadn’t laughed aloud in a very long time. Now, I’m happy to say that my Spirit and my Creativity are flowing again. I recently completed my first sewing project in nearly a year and I’ve started another. Plot lines from the novel that will change the world are popping up everywhere from the shower to the grocery store.

    And if that wasn’t enough, today I received a phone call from someone I love dearly. My “Issues” have hit her hard and today she tried to explain why I should turn my life and my choices over to her so that I can prosper in “the real world”. I held my ground as lovingly as I could, reminding myself that these were her fears, not mine and the best, most loving thing I could do for her was to be true to myself. But when I got off the phone, my mind kept going back to the conversation and thinking of all of the things I could, or should, have said in my own defense. That nagging voice, my “inner Salieri”, got defensive and fearful. Then I saw one of your FB posts and that inspired me to catch up on your blog posts. And there it was, the sign I was looking for, literally.

    So, I wish you the best with your charts, but I want you to know that the difference you’ve made in my life is right up there at the top of my personal chart, where it will remain.

    With Love and Gratitude,
    Diane R.

  35. Hey Pam, to me Art and Soul is like a ‘slow cooker’ version of your message, whereas Esquared, Ecubed and Thank and Grow (all of which i adore and still re-listen to) are like fastfood versions, you can use them and get fun fabulous results straight away.
    With Art and Soul we are incubating and evolving valuable new habits and philosophies that will change our life in a bigger way, it’s not meant to bring about a flash in the pan response but a more sustained, more nourishing result.
    I love it, I love the challenges and the way that I get to bring what i know to be true into my life as a whole, not as a separate experiment.
    Life is a journey and so is integrating new thoughts into our daily existence, good things take time. I see Art and Soul as an investment in my future, a daily gift i choose give to myself.
    Also i haven’t reviewed it yet because it’s a work in progress, so I believe you will get more positive reviews as we work through the book.
    Thank you for all that you share xxxx

  36. Your words inspire me everyday. I love that you use real world examples from people who have taken your word and ran with them. It keeps me motivated constantly to know there are blessings raining down on us all day everyday! Much love ❤️

  37. Oh, Pam, I am so sorry. Had I known the reviews and all, I would have told you sooner. “Thank and Grow Rich” has, in my opinion, outdone the squared book. That book totally changed my life; this one has refined the changes. I am now free from the idea that I have been “doing it wrong”. I know now that I just need to change some of my thinking and all will be great (right now, it’s very good). My stroke has helped me; your book has helped me; and I am now moving into the next phase – I have begun my “book” and I began a Sunday 1-3 meeting for the “:Law of Attraction” and had two wonderful ladies tell me they will attend this coming Sunday!
    Thanks again,

  38. Tha being to my command
    Lately l came across videos such as signs, don’t why, is it possible because l am around things , signs l am more aware off, or does my mind is getting all over
    Here as l posted on Pam’s Facebook too

    I am having fun
    I go by Pam Grout
    This is my little today story sign l came across lately more often
    by watching YouTube videos
    And by listening to people, well is there another choice l just hear it, did l give attention too, well not really and if than l have a counter offer, my ego or that scare m e voice, to be aware..l tell it out and simply say as Pam Grout say the voice in you hear”that slaker” 🤣

    Okay here are you ready for a little teaching 101 end world lesson, can l say lol

    A little shocker
    23 of September who have hear is it a scam, a fear spread
    We all hear stories about the revelation
    So what is it, the end as we hear it
    Well l call it as……
    I believe nobody knows
    Leave it as that
    If we face the end as they predict the end
    Give no attention just listen to you 💖
    A bunch of people are bored and don’t
    know whatever to come up with to convert, scare people
    Yes the world changes but it always was like that
    It’s just as we give more attention to and we continuously will always
    If the signs as predicted in many religions, what are you scared of that teaches separation, oh well
    If it’s true than stop and think, if an end is near only one knows, l called the higher power, the creator, stop did l said God….
    A bunch of fear based predictions don’t make it better. Just a bunch off panic making Morgan’s lol
    If it so than l will shall be
    I am not scared and l don’t let me being influenced by the news, it doesn’t scare me, otherwise If so l am ready….Amen!🤣 Let go and let God and stop worrying
    Ups! I forgot isn’t halloween soon lol

    Please leave me a feedback especially you Pam Grout what you think my writing style comes about, do l have the slightest change for a book
    I don’t copy nobodies style, but l can’t help l read to many books by you Pam scary to myself bit l found my writing style in you Pam Grout what you think
    I can’t help myself, do l cheat, he’ll no!
    I just write what comes to me out if my genius mind. Pam your the nest I inspiration ever
    Love and blessings to you Pam and all Pam’s friends💖🤣🤗👏👍🌹🌺

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