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“My mind is a bad neighborhood I try not to go into alone.”–Anne Lamott

“Thinking the physical world is all that matters is like shutting oneself up in a small closet and imagining there is nothing beyond it.”—Eben Alexander

One of the great joys in my life is knowing the universe is so much bigger than anything I can conceive, in knowing that miracles (or what we call miracles) reside right on the other side of the veil I’ve imposed with my very limited brain.

As cool as the brain is, a veritable network of neural pathways, it actually puts up a tremendous barrier to Truth. It limits, it takes all the available input and boils it down to what I call “Cliff Notes for Dummies.” Sadly, our Cliff Notes are restricted to what we’ve decide to let in, to what we’ve erroneously pick up from our culture, our family upbringing and the six o’clock news.

As the Course in Miracles says we would be astounded, literally blown away, if we had even the slightest idea how many limits we have placed on Reality.

While we’re here, living on this physical plane, we put the brain’s two pounds of wrinkled mass on a pedestal. We believe everything it tells us, listen to its crazy promptings, its tendency to focus on the past and worry about the future.

I amaze myself with how much time I sometimes waste thinking about some person who “did me wrong” or about some financial dilemma. Not a good expenditure of my valuable time.

The brain is so NOT reliable that, I believe, our very highest calling is to distract it as often as possible. That’s why meditation is so important. It puts an end (or will eventually) to the crazy person blathering in the brain. Once the brain gets out of the way, Truth can’t help but rise up.

I really hate to knock my brain. It has accomplished a lot in my life, but from here on out, I’d like to officially appoint it as secretary of my neurology, digestive system and other things it’s proficient at and leave the rest to Source, to Truth, to the Reality of Pure Bliss.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about-to-be released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Thank you, Dear One.  Thank you!!! Diana

    “What are we here for if not to make life less difficult for each other.” –George Eliot  

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  2. Thanks for this…having a sh*t start to my day and unfortunately I’ve allowed those unwanted thoughts grab hold of too much momentum – quieting and distracting my mind sounds like the perfect antidote! 😉 🙂

  3. I am making my brain my B*tch. It does what my heart inspires. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it. My thinking is my own making so I can change my mind any time I choose. Just takes practice and I am practicing.

    1. Remember, your mind is a tool (a powerful tool at that) than you can use to your own device.
      Empower your heart and let your mind do its thing according to your hearts will.

  4. Hi Pam;

    Where to start? So much to say, so much gratitude for your words… your brain… you simply existing in this world and how blessed I am to have found your work! In particular today, this post, has meant everything! Thank you! Well, I hope one day I get to share my full story with you, but in the meantime I will keep it simple to one question : can you recommend any meditation audiobooks? Youtube videos, etc? Meditation is hard and since I can rarely make it to Yoga (at the moment) guided meditations at night help me tremendously. Appreciate any ideas you can send my way.
    With warm gratutude;
    Un abrazo,

    1. Eli…..meditation is not difficult. What you are asking for is guided meditations and these are more like vizualations. Just sit where you are comfortable, floor or chair.
      small cushion behind your back if you sit in a chair, to keep he spine straight. pick a mantra (a word if you like) such as peace, joy, inhale and on exhale release the word in your mind, feeling your shoulders ‘drop down from your ears!’….RELAX. when thoughts come into your mind to ‘talk’ to you just say “not now” in your mind. Gradually peace will prevail and thoughts will stop. When this happens just sit in the awareness of nothingness. Hope this helps. You can do it…just let go…….love, Diane.(a very old yoga instructor!)

  5. The brain is great, but it’s a specialised tool, not a Swiss army knife. For keeping your autonomous functions and internal organs ticking over, and getting you through your civil engineering finals, it’s the right tool for the job. But you’re so right, putting it in charge of whether you’re happy or not is probably not the best idea.

  6. This is brilliant. Simply brilliant. Shifting perspective to see what is triggering my actions, asking constantly where does this prompt come from, is helping me rise above doubts and “in the box” thinking. thank you for the reminder!

  7. Wow… Pam.. Amazing..
    Explaining complex spiritual truths in such a simplistic expressions

    In the ancient Vedic Philosophy- This material world is described by two words namely- illusion & ignorance. This world is an illusion came out of ignorance.

    The ignorance does two thing- First, it shield the Truth & secondly makes us believe the untrue ( material world ) as true.

  8. Hi Pam, I sent you a message but I was thinking it might be nice to share the information with more people because I am sure I am not the only one that might need some guidance. I tried the experiment in E squared asking the FP to show me proof in 48 hrs. This is the second time I have tried the experiment in the last three years and it didn’t work or I wasn’t aware of it working. I do believe in the FP and I also believe you can manifest things into your life good and not so good by the way you think. I wanted your opinion why don’t you think it worked? I read all the amazing things that have happened to others and I get a bit frustrated. Thanks for your help.

  9. “You are not your thoughts”. Old Buddhist saying. Still works today. Just because we have thoughts- it doesn’t mean to say we have to identify with them. As soon as unwanted thoughts I arrive- I say “You are not your thoughts” ( or your feelings and emotions for that matter) I then flick them off – physically off my shoulder like a piece of lint. This way I only have room for beneficial thoughts. Sometimes- when they feel like they are sticking like glue I get very determined – and stern and say ” I REFUSE to have these bad thoughts. I REFUSE !! Works very well. Empty headed and thoughtless is the goal. In a good way LOL! BLISS

  10. Hi Pam, I just finished reading your Thank and grow rich. Haven’t put everything into practice yet. In the meantime I got your E2. Started the first experiment today at 11.10 am. I set my intention to remove all preconditioned ideas , said the prayer, closed the book, winked at the Big Guy upstairs and settled down, took my phone out and when I looked at it was 11.11 am…. that is my totem sign too. Of course I did tell the Universe I needed another concrete sign. Isn’t this just wonderful…to see 11.11 soon after I started my very first experiment? That can’t be the sign can it? In just 5 mins? Hugs, Usha

  11. Pam,

    I hope you know how much you help me every day!
    And not just me — I have sent E-Squared and Thank to almost every important person in my life. Heck – I’ve even sent it to a couple of folks because they are mean and miserable. This might be their last hope 🙂

    Thanks for the great reminder today.

  12. I love this post 🙂
    I recently finished reading your book Thank & Grow Rich which had been on my audible wish list for ages. I must have finally been ready for it. I have followed Abraham Hicks for a long time and I love listening but something about the way Thank & Grow rich was written sunk in for me and helped me understand those teachings better. I think I was being WAY to serious about it all!!! The party games really help!! I woke up this morning thinking I need to sit down and write a new story, a story I like much better. This way an awakening for me, like waking up from a coma so to speak. I live too much from my physical reality and as I get older I see things slipping away. You know this will take 20 years and this will take 30. If I don’t hurry this up I’ll miss out etc

    I saw that I just need to thank all the parts of my life now for they have brought me to this place and enjoy a new story for all aspects of my life going forward. I really like the separation of all that noise my brain is making from who I am. It helps to know I can tell it to pipe down and get on with my day.
    Thank you

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