Why I like to gang up on perceived problems

“Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or the things we do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.”–Simon Sinek

If you’re a regular at this blog, you know how much I love my Lawrence possibility posses and how important I think it is for all of us to “gang up” on perceived problems of lack and limitation.

I am so thrilled that groups are forming all over the planet to talk about the principles in E-Squared, E-Cubed and Thank & Grow Rich. And so grateful for all the amazing things people send to me—everything from origami roses to Love Lists (thank you Sherry Richert Belul).

Since I get together with my one of my posses every Sunday (they’re like my own personal pit crew who help me change my flat tires when I’m heading in the wrong direction), I often have great stories to tell on Monday.

Here are just three from yesterday:

Never Say No to Fun Rhonda and Carla were driving home from a gardening workshop in Overbrook. Rhonda said to Carla, “You know what I need? A friend who loves to garden and has lots of extra plants to give away.”

The next day (literally the next day) she’s at the posse and a new guy walks in. Rhonda starts chatting him up, welcomes him to the group. “So what do you like to do?” Innocent enough question, right?

He replies: “I’m a Master Gardener.” She has been getting free plants from him ever since.

Jeff didn’t mention it to anybody, but thought, “I’d love to get a mountain bike.” He filed it away in his “someday when I get some money together” file.

Last week, out of the blue, one of his co-workers presented him with a…do I really have to say it?..a mountain bike with a 29-inch frame that was too tall for its original owner, but just the right size for Jeff.

Robbin’s daughter, Kitty, who recently manifested the perfect interior architect job just manifested a second job at the same company for her best friend from college. The two recent graduates moved into an apartment together that, included in the rent, just happens to have its own concierge, its own driver and its own personal trainer.

There were more stories (there are always more stories), but I’ll close for now by reminding us that we are here on Planet Earth to magnify and glorify infinite potentiality. We can’t do that if we depend on what we’ve seen in the past, what we think we know. That’s why it’s so darned important to keep this conversation going.

Anyone else have a great story to share?

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Hi Pam,

    This sounds like you!!

    Rumi It’s good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing.

    ~ Rumi

  2. Thank you for this message- a great reminder that I could use today! (And the illustration is beautiful!!)

  3. Blessings to you send many thanks for the encouragement and inspiration you share with us so we keep focused and do the work! Was that a run on sentence?🙀

  4. I love the encouragement and the reminder that we are here to help one another achieve greatness. Thank you for continuing to share these awesome stories. Quick note… This morning I instructed the universe to bring me more local clients. At 10 AM, I got a call from someone that I used to coach and he wants to start a new executive coaching contract. When I trust that this Universe has my back and I let go of the need to control, I simply have to receive all that it offers. Thanks Pam!

  5. Not a grand thing but a little thing; one of the blogs I follow said to make two lists…one for all the things I love and one for all the things I appreciate and focus on those lists all the time and I will attract “things I love and appreciate” tenfold. Well on my way back from an exhilarating hike in a beautiful park this morning I passed an elementary school and it was recess with kids playing all over the place in groups of 2, 3 or 10 or so then then I saw this one little girl sitting under the shade of a tree meditating! Meant the world to me.

  6. Love those manifestations stories. They are all about M.A.G.I.C. Manifestations According to God’s Infinite Creativity.

    Here’s one of mine. Several years ago I looked at a MacBook Pro 17″ model at the Apple store. The one I wanted for video and other high-end stuff would cost $3,500. I had a decent computer and that budget breaker wasn’t logical. But I thought about it. Then, a few weeks later, I ran into a friend at the Atlanta Airport and he broke out his new MacB\ook Pro 17″ model. Yikes! Everyone has one!

    The next morning I went into a consulting client’s office where he asked me if my current computer could handle the kind of video editing we would be doing. He asked what would. He authorized a MacBook Pro, 17″ model, not just to use but to keep!

    So, I’m ready for a new car…

  7. Hi Pam,

    Reading E2 for the third time and LMAO at this mornings events. I heard a cacophony of crows outside this morning and look outside to find a neighbors cat WAY up in a huge tree being dive bombed by 3 crows. I’m not sure which building the neighbor lives in and had just run into her yesterday and she commented about how she’s training her cat on a leash and had just gotten her, etc. The kitty is so high up I can’t imagine a way down and I’m panicking. Don’t have a ladder, no neighbors home; what to do? Four hours later of trying a metaphysical way to let the crows know to leave kitty alone (ha). Been up and down the street 5 times trying to find the lady that adopted her and no luck. Then I’m thinking, does the fire dept. still rescue cats from trees? Really? So I go to call them and while I’m on the phone watching kitty, I notice that her tail is wagging big time. She’s loving this. Who am I to intervene? Hang up the phone, come inside to refill coffee, look back outside and she’s out of the tree and walking along just fine. Who’s the dummy in this equation? Gotta laugh at ourselves but fit perfectly with so many of your observations.


  8. I was listening to an archived podcast of “Cutting Edge Consciousness” on UnityFM. Not sure which episode it was, now – I’ve heard so many.

    Anyway, one of the co-hosts may have even been quoting someone else when he said: “The world isn’t made up of molecules, it’s made up of stories.”

  9. I’m in one of the huge stores (in Australia)where an assistant no longer exists with my husband who suffers from ‘analysis paralysis’ looking for window blinds thinking to myself ‘if only someone would come and ask if we needed help’ . I literally turned around and an employee appeared from Jon where asking if we wanted assistance WOW. With our questions answered I then thought ‘I don’t want to be here all day choosing from the large selection, please can I have the most appropriate blind reveal itself’ A short walk down one of the many aisles and there they were – the four last blinds at a discount of 40% – a big thank you. We were out of there with what we needed in less than 15 minutes.

  10. What GREAT stories! Thank you for always sharing these.

    It also makes me happy to read about places like Lawrence and Overbrook…miracles happening in my literal back yard (y’all live to the east of me!)

    My story for the week happened yesterday – slow start to Monday. After sending my three things of thanks and channeling awesomely amazing thoughts, I remember thinking “You know, it would be great to get some extra sunshine and love today.” At that moment, the doorbell rang and my husband brought down an amazing bouquet of flowers in a handmade paper vase. One of my busiest friends had just May Dayed me!

    She rang the doorbell, dropped off the flowers, and took off down the driveway.
    I don’t know what was better – the beautiful flowers or her cute little butt scurrying away before I could catch her 🙂

    1. What a sweet image of her cute little butt scurrying away after leaving you some sunshine!

      1. YES! It was awesome – especially since our driveway was so long and far off the road…she was destined to be caught 🙂

  11. I read E- squared in my posse.
    I am a Realtor. I was thinking a couple of years ago that I would like to have a BMW to drive around in because it would be nice for my business to show up in a nice car. But I didn’t want to have to pay the big dollars for it. So I kind of forgot about that. That was October 2015 and by January 2016 I actually got into two BMW’s. My ex passed and I got back the car that was half mine and his 5 series ( as my girls didn’t want it).
    It wasn’t how I would have worked it out. I left it up to the universe …

  12. I have a story from yesterday. I had plans to meet a good friend, Elina, at happy hour to celebrate her birthday. It was 8:30am and I still hadn’t thought of a meaningful gift. Elina is a minimalist and doesn’t want more stuff and so I was trying to think of a non-material way to express my love for her that I haven’t done before. Right before I sat down to meditate, I asked the universe to please tell me what Elina might want. Literally as the meditation bell was rung, the gift idea dropped in: interview her about her elderly best buddy, Lola, the dog she has loved for 13 years. I printed up a photo from Facebook of Elina and Lola and I photoshopped birthday hats on them. Then I came up with a bunch of questions. I brought a microphone to our happy hour cafe and Elina was so touched. She started crying as soon as she read my gift note about what I wanted to do. She said, “No one understands how much I love Lola. No one knows how much I love to tell the stories about my life with her. After she dies, I will have this interview of all the things I love about her to keep her spirit alive.” It was the perfect gift for Elina. And the gift idea was a gift to me. It may have been one of the most instantaneous examples of manifestation I’ve ever had! 💥💓💥

  13. Hi Pam,

    I am so inspired by you and am once again shifting into a space of gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

    I want to know more about your possibility posses and how to start one, join one, something! I really need the support!

    Thank you!

    In love and gratitude, Pegatha* C: 321-615-4678 E: laughcentral27@icloud.com


    1. We all can use the support. I always say spirituality is a team sport. As for forming a possibility posse, just put it out there–however feels comfortable for you. Ask the universe to supply your perfect comrades. Blessings to all!

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