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Jobs and money are separate entities with very little in common

“You should be dancing in your shoes at all times.”—The Way of Mastery


I frequently get emails beseeching guidance on prosperity. Readers ask, “How do I overcome my fear around money?”

So here goes:

The best way I know to prosper is to separate the notion of “having money” from the notion of “having a job.”

In our consciousness, which provides the blueprint for our life experience, we believe the two are inseparable. Can’t have the first without the second.

But is that true?

In the field of infinite potentiality (FP), there are a gazillion ways for money to appear. In my life, money comes in all sorts of unexpected ways. In fact, that’s one of the greatest benefits of being a freelance writer. I’ve never made the hard and fast connection between jobs and money. So my consciousness has never blocked the tremendous gifts the universe wants to bless me with.

In our society, it’s quite true that money and jobs are dating, but, take it from me, they’re not in a monogamous relationship.

I was once in a workshop where we came up with 200 sources for obtaining moolah. A job wasn’t one of them.

Here are three stories from my inbox that demonstrate that obtaining prosperity has little to do with a job:

Numero Uno: “I spent much of my vacation-rereading your book. It truly revived and excited me to start the new year. I asked for January to be a great month full of good times with friends and a month of abundance with the universe sending me things all month. Well it has been two weeks of good times with friends and family and so far:

“Jan 5: Hotel $600 refund charged at arrival – the owner of resort just happened to come talk to us
Jan 9: Dyson part–$50 even though warranty three months over
Jan 10: Pickering rec center $20 swim credit – completely unexpected
Jan 13: Starbucks $1.50 in extra change
Jan 13: $20 bath and body – lady at cash out of nowhere gave daughter and I- two $10 coupons off our purchases
Jan 14/15: new clothes from a friend
Jan 16 – 2400 points – $240 travel credit from credit card – got an email out of no where – completely unexpected
First two weeks – $1000 .”

Although I haven’t heard the tally for the rest of the month, I did hear she was recently gifted with a Gucci purse.

Second story:

“I decided that I want to have 300€ but not from my parents (as I am currently in university) I didn’t know how I just believed it will happen and I left it like that.

“After a week I looked at my bank account and I had 300€ more from somewhere and I had no idea how that happened because only my parents have my bank account. So I thought it might be for my rent so I didn’t touch it and asked my landlord if my rent has been transferred. He said yes?!

“Then I told my boyfriend all about this and he told me that it’s probably the rent for next month and I shouldn’t spend it. My reaction was: “Nonsense, that’s a gift from the universe to me and I’ll buy myself a birthday present”. After all I was a bit suspicious so I spent only the half of it if in fact that was my next month’s rent. And this month it turned out it’s not. And it was a gift from nowhere.

“To be honest that’s just one of the many examples that happened. I’ve been able to attract everything that I want with the mindset that the universe knows what’s beat for me and I should just relax.”

Story #3:

“It’s as though the universe in many instances handles those wants in such a quiet way that we often miss the fact that our wants and desires have been met. I just woke up to that fact recently.

I wanted a watch which I really did not need that had the phases of the moon on it and I asked the universe to give it to me so that I would not have to purchase it myself. What happened was that I was on a cruise about three months later that gave us so much money to spend and when I went into the store that sold watches on the ship I saw a watch with the phases of the moon on it. I had actually forgotten that I had ask the universe for it and when I went up to the counter I asked the gentleman how much the watch was and he said it was $320. I actually had $350 on board credit to spend on this Cruise and I knew that the watch originally cost $895 but they were having a special sale that day on this particular watch.

“It didn’t register with me that I was getting a watch for free and it wasn’t until a couple of months later that I figured out that the Universe had supplied me the money on the cruise and had reduced the price of the watch so that I could purchase it.

“It is almost as though the universe is playing with us and every now and then tries to sneak something by us just for the fun of it.”

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Pam,

    You make an excellent point here. I needed to hear this I think. I have always connected money either to a job or a business or a service. Though I have had numerous experiences in my own life when money just showed up exactly when I needed it, I still struggle with completely believing in it.

    Thanks for another reminder.


  2. “Jobs and money are dating, but not in a monogamous relationship”. Ha – I love that line!
    We’ll be taking Amtrak to San Diego in a couple months. We’ve been saving up our credit card points (and since we never keep a balance and don’t pay interest, they are “free”). The whole train trip for the three of us, the motel, the rental car, and a little left over – all FREE! We’ll only have to pay for food and entertainment. Maybe those will magically come to us, too!?!
    Also, we were about to buy a new t.v. (our old one was from about 1992), my co-worker gives us a used, but very new to us, t.v.! Needed a new computer monitor – again, a co-worker gave us a new to us monitor. This was all right around my birthday, when there were lots of generous gifts and extra big birthday tips, etc…
    And of course, I always celebrate any pennies or loose change that come my way (per Pam and per Greg Kuhn).
    This stuff is not unusual for me/us.
    Pam, please could you list for us, sometime, the 200 or so (all the ones you can remember) ways to get $ besides a job. I suspect I know many of them, but it would be a very fun list to see.

  3. Thank you, Pam this email alone is a RESPONSE from the ABUNDANT Universe that arrived at the PERFECT time… NOW!

    I LOVE the part about money & a job dating and your belief that they are NOT in a monogamous relationship! Thank you for this witty & LIBERATING idea.

    BLESSINGS to you Pam… xoxo, R!

  4. Just seeing a new email in my inbox from you makes me happy – I know that whatever you write about is going to have an uplifting message to remind me to get my head clear and stop the “stinkin’ thinkin’ –
    I want to say thank you for all you do!

  5. Love this post and the stories that followed. Thank you, Pam! I am so grateful for you.

    Thanks to you, I’ve been entrenched in gratitude work since last month and having a blast uncovering all of the little things the U tries to sneak by.

    The latest “proof in the pudding?” I got an e-mail telling me about several hundred stock options that I didn’t know about. I almost filed the e-mail without opening because it looked like a “Terms of Use” letter. Something made me open it – I about fell over when the realization hit. Seriously! It was like winning the lottery.

    Thank you for all that write and share – even without the little lottery ticket, my life was already buzzing on the right frequency.

  6. I have a little song I sing whenever it pops into my head – It’s “I’ve got plenty of money and money comes easily” sung to the tune of “I’ve got plenty of nothing and nothing’s plenty for me”. Anyway I was walking through a parking lot, singing and I looked down to find a $5 bill on the ground. I know it’s small change but it was greatly appreciated by the homeless man I gave it too!

  7. Thank you Pam! Your words just make my spirit sing.. and dance… and cry with joy.

    Very timely arrival in my inbox. Thank you Universe!

    Namaste dear.

    In Light,


    “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”

    Alice Walker

  8. Hi dear Pam! Today while in Sea World I received the great news: after 10 years of struggling I’ ll be receiving my pension! You helped me like nobody else!! 😘 Nelly

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 1 feb. 2017, a las 15:47, Pam Grout escribió: > > >

  9. Great stories! I loved the comment about the Universe sneaking something we desire by us. This happened to me a couple of months ago. I had a date to meetup with my family, including a brother who had stopped speaking with me, in San Francisco. On the way my car started making some awful noises, and I ended up having to be towed to a garage and missing the gathering. I rented a car, and a few days later my estranged brother called to say he wanted to take the ferry and meet me for lunch. The problem was I had to pick up my car as well as return the rental. I asked the Universe to help me solve this dilemma. I drove the rental down and had a nice lunch and, healing reunion with my brother who apologized for his behavior. I asked him if he’d be willing to come with me to pick up my car and return the rental, and he was happy to do so. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized the clever way the Universe arranged for everything to work out so well!

  10. Thank you, Pam! Will you please share with us the 200+ ways to generate money without a job? My sister asked me today how I will make a living when I can no longer work and I am struggling to let that thought GO!

    Thank you for being the example and for sharing so many stories of others’ success. I truly makes it seem possible that it will certainly happen for me!

    1. Well, how about us readers making a list together?? 🙂

      – Winning the lottery (a man in my small hometown won big time (he only says it’s more than a million Euros, won’t tell the exact amount), and told a woman that he always had had the thought of not having to work for money one day and that he thinks God always provides for us!)
      – Finding money (happened to me a lot in awesome ways)
      – A relative or friend unexpectedly gives you money
      – My mom has a friend who once was summoned to court because of not paying a lot of parking tickets. Some time later, she drove along a street in pouring rain and saw the judge that had treated her case. She gave him a ride and they kept in contact. For a lot of years now, he has been sending her 500 Euros every (!!) month because he doesn’t have a family and doesn’t know what to do with all his money. This way, she, being a single mother, can easily support herself and her two children with a part-time job!
      – One time she thought that she could use some more money that month, like 700 Euros, without even knowing, that exact month “her” judge sent her 700 Euros!! They are “just” friends, never have been in a relationship.
      – Unexpected tax refunds
      – A friend of my parents one day received a payment for a job done. Only that the company transferring the money “by mistake” didn’t transfer the charged amount but the account number, so the friend received a loooot of money and when the company realized the mistake and the money was transferred back, the friend had already received some hundred Euros of interest from that money!!
      – Here in Germany, we have an awesome project called “Mein Grundeinkommen” = “my basic income”. To support the idea of an unconditional basic income, they raise money and as often as they have 12000 Euros, they raffle this as a one-year-long unconditional basic income.

      1. – One more: my friend’s sister one day went to a cash machine and “by accident” got a Euros-bill extra (I think it was 50 Euros, if I remember correctly…), stuck to one of the other bills. (It was never withdrawn from her account!).

      2. Those are a lot of good sources! Regarding your addendum, that happened to me too. I was in line at the ATM and the guy in front of me told me it had a problem. I withdrew anyway and the machine gave out an extra bill.

        I also remember Doreen Virtue’s story of a $100 bill suddenly manifesting when she needed it. I’ve experienced something like that too when I asked for some shopping money for the weekend. I checked my wallet the following day and I got a P500 bill that I swore wasn’t there last time.

  11. Hi Pam

    Timely as usual – Last night I was reading a book saying that to achieve your goals and money goals you have to sit down and itemise what you want and the amount it comes to and set about planning how you are going to achieve it, saying you can’t just sit on the sofa and dream it into existence.

    I didn’t feel comfortable with this idea in my gut as I am already fully aware of the magnificence of the FP it also felt to constrictive and having just recently finished rereading Wayne Dyers ‘You see it when you believe it’ and reading Marianne Williamson’s ‘Return to Love’ where they were more inline with ‘Letting Go and Letting God’ (or the FP) and this feels a lot more comfortable.

    Then this morning I had a nudge to read your blog post and (shouldn’t be) amazed at how the subject was reminding me/confirming how magical the Universe is.

    I’m interested to know your thoughts on setting financial amounts and actions on achieving them.

    Many Thanks


  12. I lost my job, my car was vandalized, my floor vacuum caught fire. I sat in the bathroom alone asking the universe for a new job. As I headed to Walmart to purchase a new vacuum that was on sale, I stopped at the local Casino to spend my free $10.00 coupon and turned it into $40.00. Moving on to another slot only to play $20.00 and leave I played the max bet and on the second round I became the casinos first MILLION dollar winner!! Actually I won $1,435,00!! I love your books and feel like we have been friends at sometime, LOL. I look to the Universe with my feet planted on the ground with gratitude daily, life is good when you just let go, trust and it will come. Bless you!!

  13. Read your books, need to get the latest. Always such great thoughts come about. This comment may not be about this post, yet I think it is relevant to the overall picture. here goes..
    My brother, always used to say to me..”You are so positive, you always have hope. Even in the darkest of times”. We were abused as children and not given food. I realized to survive we had to eat. So I ate dog food. But I always knew there was something, something out there that was way better and outstanding then the one who was blocking our view. And it is hard to be positive when you are being abused, especially as a child. But lately I have found myself sad, defeated. Not like me at all. Many miracles happen with me. I am always provided for. It is on a small scale, yet that is simply from my limited view. I say that with great love. Anyways…I realize I have been giving time and energy to those who want to be negative and defeated and like misery. And they want me around because I do their work(gag) and shine a light in. Makes sense. But I have become depressed, tired(not normal since I am a marathon runner at 53), defeated, nauseous.
    And I know why…It is the company I keep. Not all but I do give significant time to.
    And two days ago I went to a job interview and Me came out. I was bubbly, optimistic, charged and operated like I was 20 and had all the vim and fire inside of me. And realized I was going for this job to be creative and to be in positive energy, around those like me. Because when I do that…so many miracles happen. And I got the job…YEAH!!!!!!!!!! But a friend was so unhappy. And I thought..OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!! So I pushed them out of my life and said no more and I slept so soundly and every time I thought about it I smiled. I am humming again….humming…Provision…miracles come from the oddest of places…

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