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Confessions of a bleeding heart liberal

“Shall we let the election be the big bang of our national universe, the time we let our differences send us flying apart? Shall we let terror simplify the world to good and evil? Or shall we lean toward one another, recognize our need, and cherish all magnetic nudges toward inclusion?”—Kim Stafford we-are-all-one

I cheered for Meryl’s speech last night. I was deeply disappointed in the recent election. But I’m also a Course in Miracles student and know my job is to forgive, to recognize oneness with everyone and to see the possibility of the now. This now. This moment.

Byron Katie calls it ‘first generation’ truth. Seeing something as it is without filters, without all the baggage we lay on top of it.

It’s hard for us to look at anyone or anything without seeing our personal interpretation. But as the Course reminds us “perception is learned, selective, unstable and inaccurate.”

Robbin, from my possibility posse, told a wonderful story that speaks to this truth.

She and her daughter were on the turnpike and noticed a bumper sticker on a big truck ahead of them. You’ve seen the bumper stickers with mom, dad, the two kids and the pet, right? Well, this bumper sticker said, “Meet my family” and portrayed a series of guns, from pistol on up to gigantic artillery cannons. Robbin and Kitty looked at each other, rolled their eyes and, like I would have done, made a judgment.

Robbin pulled up to the toll booth behind the truck, reached for her wallet to pay her fare. But the tool booth operator stopped her. “Put your money away. The truck in front of you paid your toll.”

So today I ask each of us to look at our perceptions and judgments and, as Kim Stafford urges, “lean toward one another, recognize our need, and cherish all magnetic nudges toward inclusion?”

I love you all with every ounce of my beating liberal heart.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Thank you Pam. I was one who was critical awhile back when you voiced your political opinions. This is beautifully written and I very much appreciate it. Rock on…you inspire me!!

      1. Good morning Pam,
        As you know the only way to truly beat your enemy is to make him your friend, and thanks I believe from Abe.

        With love and gratitude,
        Michael A. Stilinovich

  2. I learned this lesson when I noticed people with Confederate flag emblems on their vehicles being polite to me.

  3. Don’t ya just LOVE how the universal has a wonderful ways of teaching us! God winks for sure!!
    Thanks for sharing this story Pam, always welcome inspiring reminders, great way to start the day! Carpe diem all!

      1. Pam,

        Thank you so much for your wonderful, funny books and for these postings.

        I found “A Course in Miracles” so incredibly deep, it was a little daunting to study. Can you or any of your readers, or international possibility posse recommend any related books which could be used as study aids?

        Blessings from Texas to you and all.

        Many thanks in advance.

  4. Oh, what a precious, precious story!!!!!  A fabulous reminder for us liberals.  🙂  Thank you!!!! Diana

    “What are we here for if not to make life less difficult for each other.” –George Eliot  

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  5. Oh my gosh. You express my feelings … from the immediate fear and disbelief following the election, to a new awareness that we are all on a divine journey. Our Unity minister here in St. Petersburg, FL, spoke on the trees in the garden: the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge (of good and evil), and when we select the fruit of the second tree, what we are doing is gaining experience and education. I see how people are now joining in good work and I am heartened. Friends are riding a chartered bus 13 hours one way to D.C. for the Women’s March. A couple thousand folks here have already committed to our own walk in St. Pete. I love your encouragement and I, too, have faith. By the way, I read and re-read your amazing books: E-Squared, E-Cubed, and Thank… They have appeared at a perfect time. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  6. The universe manifested Trump, the fear spewing from the media, entertainment industry, commmunity organizers are speaking and acting based on innuendo, what they think will happen rather than what has happened. If we are truly evolved students of manifestation, and understanding the field of infinite possibilities, why are the so-called evolved expending their precious energy on the negative, rather than seeing our leaders and government working together for the highest good of all? We continue to live in silos that create separation (ideology) rather than oneness. We’ve come so far, and yet we continue to go down the path of fear. The news media fosters this fear of separation, and yet spiritualists continue to be lured into the trap of the repeated sensationalization of media-driven stories. That’s how they make their living, tapping into our fears. During the inauguration it would be refreshing to see Americans come together to embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead, rather than protesting what we fear, that which doesn’t exist, unless we expend energy manifesting our fears, allowing our minds to be jerked around by the latest news cycle.

  7. I adore just about everything you write Pam. But this one REALLY did it for me today.


    All love, Steph Lagana [image: 🐑] Alchemist @ Mythical HQ Connecting People with Divine Support in The Inside Track Spiritual Wellspring + Quirky Sock Lover

  8. I wasn’t watching much last night since I hadn’t seen any of the movies or TV shows. But I “happened” to tune in just in time to catch Meryl’s speech. As she got to the middle part, about the one “performance” that blew her away, I seemed to know what was coming and listened, barely breathing. What struck me was the absolute silence in the audience. No cheers, no boos, no groans, nothing. Just total pin-drop silence from an otherwise-raucous audience that had been drinking all night. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few conservatives in Hollywood, and many were in the audience. But everyone listened. Respectfully. While she cogently and respectfully and beautifully made her point. Maybe that signaled a beginning for the possibilities you’re talking about.

  9. your first two sentences almost prompted me to discontinue any communications with you. I have bought all your books and bookmarked many of your messages. I have little patience for anyone that could possibly believe Hillary Clinton has any business managing a Taco Bell let alone the biggest country on earth.
    God has many messages for us all. I love and need to hear your messages. You are one of God’s bright and shining Light. I am not depriving myself of that. I only hope that you, and other liberals will have compassion for opposing views. love and blessings. Gary

    1. Thanks, Gary! Glad you didn’t discontinue communications. I think we all need to communicate more. We have so much more in common than we have differences.

  10. Your posts are often the highlight of my week. This one was no different, because the election was a terrific blow to my faith (in the FP). I had maintained, all summer, that there was NO WAY that megalomaniac bastard could be elected, because MY reality didn’t include it. Well, surprise! I guess my faith needed to step up, to be stronger, to be tested with just how much it really IS my reality, how much it CAN’T be affected by outside influences, and how much control I really do have. Stay tuned… ​

    *Robyn Kevlin* *“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” –Hafiz*

    1. As someone else said in my posse yesterday, if a reality star can be president, it just shows how anything, anything at all is possible.

  11. You hit it out of the park. “The measure of our compassion always resides in our ability to stand in awe at what folks have to carry rather than in judgement at how they carry it.”-Greg Boyle. You’re a gift. #acoachforyourheart

  12. As American, Arab, Muslim, 71 year old female, I am judged at the airport for my looks, my name, and chronological age on my USA passport: ” do you have any surgical replacement parts in your body that might send the alarm?”

    My friends worldwide are devastated by our most recent election. They watch too much news and listen to all those “political experts!” and swallow more anti-depressant. I just tell everybody that we need not exaggerate and blue up the results. This universe is created by our thoughts and judgment -I am an adamant Epigenetics practitioner- Let us exchange competition by cooperation; let us smile widely and repeat Hooponopono day, night and ever;

    Your recent book Pam, “Thank and Grow Rich” is the new Sacred text in my life. I read it twice; took notes to make it briefer and easier to practice; I simulate the biggest smile ever and keep it on for at least two full minutes many times day and night and life with you, with Maryanne Williamson, with Bernie Sanders and million others go on. Our Grandpa the Universe, is taking care of everything!
    And: that biggest smile is lifting my neck skin, my jaw line and my cheeks immensely. Are you going to bill me??????????

  13. Perfect. Thank you – as always – Pam! That was a great story, and it is so nice to have great reminders to not judge, and about how caring and good people can be, even when we are quick to judge.

  14. hi Pam i have a question for you, in your book Thank and Grow Rich, you say that everyday you say “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today”. I say that with this phrase after ” And unexpected amount of money comes to me every day”. My question is do i have to stop saying the second phrase or keep saying the 2 phrases everyday? it keep me in a positive mood whenever my imagination comes up with a negative thought.

    1. Different Pam answering this question, and this is my opinion.But I have read enough Pam Grout (and I was lucky enough to have coffee with her!) that I think she’d agree… anything, ANYTHING that keeps you in a positive mood and successfully quiets the negativity is a good phrase to say in your mind or out loud. If it makes you feel good, go for it! Something that I like to add to my “something amazingly awesome is happening to me today” is (from Gabrielle Bernstein) “and I expect miracles!”

  15. I recently spent time with my extended family who tend to be very judgemental. It drains me and brings me down, and I end up feeling negative toward them. It is good to be reminded that we all have way more in common than we have differences, and sometimes we need to focus on those similarities, and focus on the good things about people, even when it is difficult. It is our egos that get us all rowled up, wanting to prove wrong those we disagree with, and thinking we are better than them. I love your posts, thank you so much!!!

  16. Wow, Pam! Positively, Powerful stuff going on here with this amazing post! Very helpful to/for me, as I have been more surprised by the voices of friends who preached peace, love and understanding prior to the election, and since have harbored hate, anger and a vile-ness that hurts like heck. You have supplied me with a salve to help a bit…lots of bits for me ;-)….and hopefully for them!! We are all One! Love ya, and thanks.

  17. Wow, Pam! Positively, Powerful stuff going on here with this amazing post! Very helpful to/for me, as I have been more surprised by the voices of friends who preached peace, love and understanding prior to the election, and since have harbored hate, anger and a vile-ness that hurts like heck. You have supplied me with a salve to help a bit…lots of bits for me ;-)….and hopefully for them!! We are all One! Love ya, and thanks.

  18. Hey Pam –

    A newbie fan of yours, but this and the globes left me feeling disappointed since I don’t believe that either is the platform for political opinion. I will keep following as I do believe that your inspiration is good for my transformation and the power of positivity is essential to an abundant life. It would be great if the universe could use appropriate platforms for their opinions.

  19. Oh yes, the judgments I have made, and still make. I try not to be knee jerk, but sometimes my reflexes get the better of me. Slowly I’m training myself to immediately see the flip side of anything I think that has a negative charge. Like the man who had been in prison and was afraid it was going to affect him negatively, He asked a friend how to handle this. The friend said, “Don’t say you were in prison, say you were in a gated community!”

  20. It can be a difficult life for us bleeding hearts when faced by such obviously unjust and unconscionable behaviour as displayed by the president-elect. But his power comes from inciting fear and division and it is this that we must resist.
    It requires faith and trust in the ability of the FP, which your great books help us develop, to deliver a world of love, peace and prosperity for all. We all need to hold onto this vision to create this better world and know our combined will has greater strength than the ugly words of a mere man.
    Like others here Pam, your words and loving focus give me strength.
    Many thanks!

  21. Thanks, Pam, I have not been successful in thinking positive about this election. I have tried to put a spin on it, tried to be enthusiatic about the possiblilty of change for the good. And yes, I saw and heard all that Donald Trump is and its hard to approve his meaness and criticism of people. Yes, I am aware of the oneness, and perhaps I am not being patient enough. I am so sad to see Barack Obama go, with all his intelligence, his class, his profound speeches, and his goodness to be replaced with Donald Trump. If Trump can rise to President Obama’s level, it will be a miracle, and I think it’s possible the Universe will present us with just such an event. Just possible.

    To John, up above in a post, in reference to a ‘Course in Miracles’, I recommend Alan Cohen’s ‘A course in Miracles’, made easy.’.

    Pam, thanks for putting a positive spin on the recent election. I will grasp on to that. I was thinking, before the election, America will never vote for Trump, not with the rise in Spiritual consciousness in this world now. There are too many of us uplifting our thoughts and our Spirit, and too many of us have risen up into positive thinking and that creates an unbelievable amount of power. But it did happen. I am still trying to accept it

  22. I was raised on a cotton farm on the edge of a desert in West Texas. We worked ourselves silly making a go of it, and then that finally turned into a good success. I am not a bleeding heart liberal. The main stream media and Hollywood culture is so biased to the left that people like me feel disenfranchised by it. I’ve been a fan of yours for some time and have written daily in my journal since 2015, “Pam’s Something Amazingly Awesome is Going to Hppen to me Tday”. I just renamed it and on the other hand had just started your latest book. People wanted someone to clean up the mess in Washington and bring some sanity to this country again. I’m manifesting that our country will finally turn around and get better to it’s fullest potential.

  23. Pam, I’m a conservative to the bottom of the barrel of my gun, and I love this blog. You are my favorite author, and what your friend experienced at the toll booth is typical behavior from most conservatives. I believe there is a very fine line between most “bleeding heart” liberals, and gun toting conservatives. It’s too bad that all we are exposed to are the extremists in the media, I love you from the bottom of my conservative little heart. ❤️

  24. Thank you Pam, I am an independent with a conservative bent and for me, just as Donald Trump’s words have frustrated me so, I do believe in what he says that he will do. Whereas liberals say they have lost all hope, for the first time in many years I have hope. I have read two of your books and am now reading Thank and Grow Rich. I have loved them all. If we can’t discuss differences, connect with each other, find compromises, then what you say in your books is meaningless, isn’t it. Living a life without condemnation, judgement, or blame is not as easy thing to do, is it. Thank you for helping me walk the walk on this magnificent gift of life we’ve been given

  25. Thanks for a great post! It truly met my heart. It is both humbling and uplifting when people I find myself judging do me a kindness, or do something I greatly admire. It is a healing moment.

  26. Pam, I also want to tell you that I love metaphysics because they unite people of all backgrounds, politics, and beliefs. I’m also an artist, and I find this is the same in the field of art– artists run the entire political and social spectrum. So in my life, I find myself blessed to be around people who have passions in common that unite them. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thanks again for a wonderful post. Love your books & love you!

  27. @John: I love the book “A course in miracles made easy” by Alan Cohen. I feel that it really motivated and helped me get started with ACIM.
    And thank you so much Pam, because of you and your books I started thinking about studying it in the first place!
    Lots of love to all from Germany!

  28. I would love for everyone to read this post and the truth in really living A Course in Miracles and/or the Law of Attraction. I know so many who are still putting out and focusing in on any negative that can possibly be found or construed from President Elect Trump. I hear the same examples all the time and pray for others to stop the negative concentration on these matters as they will not help us as individuals or as a nation.

    Let us please lean into each other, find the positive, and move forward. All of our rights have not been denied, we still have the ability to contact our local and national representatives. I deeply appreciate Meryl Streeps words and heart, we need more of this in our public servants. I also appreciate how easily anything can be misconstrued by those looking to support their own agenda 🙁 These things are usually powered by fear without the person even realizing it, but due to the habit of the thought process we are adapted to (sadly from childhood). It takes a lot of desire and reinforcement to change these patterns.

    I hope this is a time of growth in many ways for Americans as individuals and as a whole <3 Eileen Davis

    1. Thank you Pam. I needed that today..//seems like everything that can go wrong has../but I’m overcoming it….All your experiments have works for me and my confidence is growing..

  29. hey Pam as you might not know i live in New Brunswick Canada and this week we had freezing rain, me and my mom lost electricity on Tuesday night and got it back around 4:00 pm the next day. but i couldn’t go online nor watch TV. On Thursday i took a walk to go buy some groceries and on my way back i met a guy that i used to work with, he said that he was writing a book, and it was as though the FP was telling me to go back to write in my book. and so i did; it’s a special book i call it an amalgam of books, part autobiography (about me), part recipe book (only 2 recipes), but mostly part information like quotes from famous people, and also i was a pack rat when i was young (still am a bit) but when i was young i would save things like Ann Landers column and other column from the newspaper. Oh and by the way i mentioned your name and your 3 books as well, i hope you don’t mind.Today i had to buy download and install a word perfect program to continue as well as ask customer support from Microsoft to help transfer my book into the application.

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