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Too blessed to be stressed

“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”– Buddhagratitude-is-the-open-door-to-abundance

Happy Thanksgiving week, my fine-feathered friends.

To commemorate this holiday that I like to celebrate every day, I’m posting stories that have recently popped into my inbox.

This one came yesterday, reminding us that “Thank you” is always the correct answer. And that we should always listen to our soul.


“Message: PAM GROUT YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Always and forever!!!!!!!!
It has taken me so long to find the words to contact you, every other attempt was either completely in caps or just un-understandable!!!

“Oh crikey where to begin!!!!!!!!!

“A few years ago I tried E-squared and E-cubed experiments and they worked a bit but I knew I had major blocks on my frequency.

“I was on a mission to figure out how to release these ginormous blocks to my constant stream of magic and miracles. I found the work of Dr Joe Dispenza – active meditation that when applied fervently and ferociously can clear blocks to absolutely anything.

“As a result of doing the work to become aware of and release it all, I became happier than I had ever been before!

“Those folks who write to you that it doesn’t ‘work’? It’s just because they have blocks bigger than they know on their frequency! I know that for true, because I was one of them! Only I knew it was my thing to sort out, not your fault for telling us how to do it!!

“So I clear the blocks – I was living in a capsule of fear that I didn’t even know about. Major clearage happened and continues to as I meditate every day!!!!

“I get to the point where at the end of August, I really need to find a job and start living the magic I’m feeling deep inside me. But I still felt a bit stuck as to how to do that. I couldn’t turn back to my old life or ways of being, I had come to far on the river of change!

“Then your book Thank And Grow Rich was released and I heard my soul say READ IT.

“I downloaded it onto my kindle app on a Sunday night and started reading. The next morning my soul said ‘Don’t spend all day sending your CV out places. Read the book instead. So on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I sat with notebook and pen and my broken screen phone (!!!!) reading the first part of the book.

“I started daily gratitude lists, and I wrote out the 5 principles (the 5 kinds of capital discussed in the book!!) over and over until I had memorized them and could put them into my own words and tell someone about them without needing the book in front of me! Then I wrote down where I was at with all 5, and wrote down ideas for creative and social.

“On Thursday morning I woke up and I heard my soul say ‘Walk up Webbs road.” It’s a street opposite me with cute shops on it but I don’t go there much.

“I thought, Ok I’ll walk there later. I decided I couldn’t ‘waste’ any more time reading and writing – I needed to get back to the job search.

“By 4pm, I had melted my brain. Staring at the computer with no leads and endlessly searching.

“My partner David calls and asks “Did you go down Webbs road yet?’ So I figure I’m melted, I need fresh air, I’ll walk there then meet my man at the train station.

“The first boutique I walk into is this cute little jewelry shop with interesting handmade jewelry and other gifts. It has good energy.

“I start chatting to the lovely lady and we totally hit it off, she’s Irish too!

“Out of nowhere I say, “I don’t suppose you have a job?

“She says yes! They needed someone for sales and marketing! I think, hey that could be fun, that’s my background – I’m an artist/maker and a ‘lets make this project happen’ consultant.

“The next day the owner calls me; we set up a meeting for Saturday.

“Saturday morning I meet the owner – let’s cut a long story a bit shorter here (!!!!) – her original vision was to have a shop that makes bespoke jewelry with meaning and interior products made by her husband a third generation London metalsmith! I say let’s do that ‘instead!

“By Saturday night I’m drinking CHAMPAGNE – I now have a full time job, AMAZING PAY, I’m the manager of the boutique, I’m designing the new jewelry collection, and I’m the consultant for the new venture, keeping the vision on track!!!!!!!!

“WHAT THE BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I spend the next 3 weeks feeling like I am constantly on drugs and EVERY DAY since that week of BRINGING YOUR WORDS ALIVE INTO MY LIFE I have experienced EVEN MORE MAGIC AND MIRACLES – that’s like a whole other set of emails I’d need to write!!!!!

“I wake up each day and think I’m the happiest I’ll ever be and the next day I wake up even happier!!!!!! It just doesn’t stop!!!! Magic everyday!!!!! I’m learning how to be too happy!! There aren’t any books about that yet!!! I feel inspired to write one!!!!

“I wanted to meet like minded people and as you always say – if you can’t find a group – start one! So I did! A meetup in London called Magic and Miracles!!

“It’s SO MAGIC I could burst!!!! We’ve had one session so far, I can feel the energy and power in it growing and growing!!!!!

“We share our daily gratitude list!!


“Anyone I share the 5 principles with have immediate results!!!

“One friend – one hour later – huge investment in her business!

“Another friend – a few hours later – offered a £60/hr job!!!!

“My miracles continue – in my relationships, in my own creative projects, in each of the 5 principles!!!! Alchemic, Spiritual, Creative, Adventure and Social!!!!!

“These were the missing pieces for me. I didn’t know how to live a happy life because it really wasn’t one that I was living before. You have helped me see how to do that and let the magic that’s there all day long flow effortlessly to me.

“I link arms with you in my mind while we skip everywhere spreading immense joy!! I join your joy ambassador-ship!! I join you in being a PR woman for the universe and its magic and miracles!!! All day long I serve!!!

“Nature sent and continues to send many signs, birds, herons, robins, they arrive when I need to be reminded of truth! My friend who passed on last year is very present and even more so since I started all of this! She made herself known to me in the most magic way!!! And im being constantly shown that anything I’ve held on to as truth is nothing but pish posh! Blah! That just isn’t real!!!!!!

“I could keep writing but really Pam there’s only one more thing for you to know. I send you a CONTINUOUS stream of Thank you. All day long. Always and forever.

“I hope one day we do meet and skip our way through life!

“I send this out to the universe with all my love”

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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    1. I love Dr. Joe. I’ve presented with him a couple times. In fact, once when I lost my Einstein wands at a Hay House event, he rushed around, found hangers and made duplicates for me. They even matched my outfit.

  1. THANK YOU, and thank the writer of this letter, for sharing her experience. I needed to hear this right now. 😉

  2. OMG! What a visual. I’m going to begin doing this with not only the people I love but the people who don’t love me back!!

    “I link arms with you in my mind while we skip everywhere spreading immense joy!!”

    Love you. Love your books. Love the world!! xo

  3. I am expecting a sum of money to come to me. I need to repay a long standing personal loan from my sister. I choose to live in the zone of expectation and thankfulness. I have no idea where this money will come from. I just know it will come. Thank you Pam for helping me understand true gratitude.

    1. Loans are beautiful things to be thankful for because they are living proof that somewhere along the line, the universe helped fill a perceived void in your life. Thank it to the stars! 🌟⭐️☄️

  4. YES! ~ YES! ~ YES! That was just what I needed to start my week. I am following her lead and learning the 5 principles by heart this week. I was just on a Webinar with Morry Zelcovitch http://infiniteabundanceprogram.com/newsubscriberspecial/ I am doing his
    Gratitude Meditation and putting to practice Thank and Grow Rich principals and changing my LIFE this week.
    You are the best and most inspirational person I have ever had the pleasure of being connected with. I, also, can imagine skipping around Fisher Island FL {(another place George Clooney slept) Oprah and my step-daughter have vacation homes here.} with you, spreading JOY to everyone!
    Thank you for what you do!!!! Thank you for daring to become who you are and inspiring us to do the same!

    1. The 5 principles of which she speaks are actually the 5 kinds of capital that I talk about in Thank and Grow Rich. There’s spiritual capital, adventure capital, creative capital, social capital and alchemic capital.

      1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful email from our London friend. Thank you Pam and thank you universe. I’m ordering your new book!

  5. Pam, Thanks for sharing, and pass on my thanks to your reader. I don’t believe in coincidences. Just this morning I resolved to let go of my need to control my emotions, and let all the blessings flow in. I was like your reader. I read all the books. I did the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations, but there was still something holding me back, and I knew it was me. After reading *E Squared*, and now *E Cubed* and *Thank and Grow Rich* at the same time, I got the message. I love you mom, but controlling my emotions does not make people love and accept me more. It keeps love, abundance and joy away. My story is long too, but I’ll say that in the last month since beginning to read your books, I’ve finished my novel, *The Space Between Time* which will soon to be self-published, started a YouTube series called “Loving Literature”, and decided that this next semester will be my last teaching at the local community college. I’ve got new projects that are firing my imagination. It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Ireland. I’d love to hook arms with the woman who wrote her story and dance and laugh together. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Pam, I love and respect your work, and use the principles. Self care and intentions are as crucial now as ever. Attacks on women of color and immigrant women have risen sharply in the last 14 days. Many women are afraid. We need our leaders to signal they are paying attention. Can you address the pain and fear that many are feeling?

  7. A truly inspiring story. Interesting how Joe Dispenza was mentioned. I recently discovered him by way of a friend and I have read his books and now have signed up for his workshop. I am hopeful and excited in anticipation of finding my happiness as described in the story I just read on your site. Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful for you once again being and sharing to awaken awareness to lead to that happy state of mind

  8. Pam, thanks for sharing this story! It is wonderful to hear! I have read many books on the Law of Attraction and the like, but I always go back to your books. I have read E-squared, E-Cubed and Thank and Grow Rich. I love all three. I can go back and read them over and over again. You are just so real, in the way you write. So down to earth! I feel like you know me and understand. Thank you for your wonderful work and Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thank you Pam for the wonderful email. It has inspired me to go forward in trying to release MY blocks. I have read all of your books and I love them. You are an inspiration. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Wow Wow Wow!!
    This is the best story that i’ve read this year! Thank you so much for this inspiring story. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!

  11. I smiled, laughed and indeed cried a little bit with this post! Amazing story, I really could FEEL the joy from reading her words. AMAZING!!

  12. I am reading E-Squared and I’m on Experiment #7 so far. I find that although the experiments are somewhat successful, I KNOW they could be mind-blowing if I could just get my energy flowing. I can feel that I have some serious block, so I know it’s me. The letter you shared is so inspiring and it is exactly what I needed! I have been trying to figure out why I’m falling short on the experiments and the amazing woman that wrote that letter hit the nail on the head.

    By any chance, do you know which Joe Dispenza meditations she is referring to?

    I love love love your book and you are such a gifted writer. It feels like I’m listening to a friend tell a story. I’m ordering E-Cubed and Thank and Grow Rich tonight. Can’t wait to read them!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Michelle. I didn’t write the letter, but know Dr. Joe’s work very well. He’s amazing. Any of the meditations are great! It’s best that you read his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and go to a workshop to really understand how it all works. All info is at his website.

  13. I love reading this material! Absolutely spot on: the more we can show gratitude, meditate, visualize, and use manifestation journals, the more we are going to see the change we want in our lives. Thank you for inspiring us!

  14. Pam that was a beautiful letter. I loved sharing in that woman’s joy and excitement for life! I’m also enjoying Joe Dispenza’s meditations and books, and I’m also going to read one of your books as I felt the nudge while reading this post 🙂 With love, Sharon

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