Another trio of tales from the annals of magic and enchantment

“Take off your shoes and let yourself go.”–Elvin Bishop

two-women-dancing-and-laughingMy mission remains the same. To be in service to the new story. The story that reminds us we’re all connected–to each other, to the natural world and to the big cosmic mystery.

One of the ways I fulfill my purpose is by sharing miracles, by pointing out that we are a lot more than what we see with our physical eyes.

I’ve been traveling lately and haven’t kept up with my sharing. So, before I take off again on yet another marvelous adventure, here are a few stories that recently popped into my inbox.

1. “Thank you so much for writing Thank and Grow Rich! It’s been an awesome, awesome read. I had to write to you and tell you what happened to me.

“I’ve been trying to sell my not-so-pretty house for a year, with no luck. My boyfriend died of cancer about 2 years ago and left me the house that we were working on. It still needed lots and lots of work. It has several holes between the inside and the outside of the house, one that is even big enough for a raccoon to crawl through. I had a black snake crawl over my feet in my kitchen last week (its still under the freezer as far as I know). The ceiling leaks in several places and the pipes freeze constantly in the winter and they are even located IN the house! Its been rough, loosing him, and now maintaining a house by myself. In the year that I’ve had it for sale, I’ve probably had 3 people look at it, total.

“I started reading your book about 3 weeks ago and I finally started getting what I’ve been doing wrong! I get it! I finally realized why the universe pours out blessings on me some days and at other times gives me the cold shoulder. ITS ME! ITS BEEN ME ALL ALONG! Wow. I am now grateful for everything, even when things don’t seem to go right. I’m using many different methods to change my vibration (your next book, I hope) and changing my poor-me attitude. I wake up every morning looking for the amazingly awesome things that will happen to me today.

“In this past week my house has been shown 4 times, twice in one day! Today, the realtor called me with not one, but 2 offers! The 2 buyers ended up in a bidding war. The winner (makes you think its Ebay) was happy to offer me $8.000 more than his original offer which was a little over my selling price! I’m still in shock. I walked into my 3rd floor office this morning and a feather was on the floor by my desk, which is my symbol that the universe is looking out for me. Unbelievable. My friends ask me where I’m going to live and I tell them that God will point me in the right direction. It’s nice to turn everything over to God.

“Thank you, thank you for your insightfulness and having the nerve to write down what you believe in a book for all the world to read. Superhero’s are the ones that don’t care what other people think, they do what they know is right.”

2. “First, THANK YOU. I think of you and your journey at least once a day as it has kept me “afloat” now for several years as a cheerleader of sorts. I have read and re-read all of your books regarding “placing an order” with the universe. Since I have been consciously aware of playing the game, I have enjoyed events that would seem IMPOSSIBLE to others. Straight out of the gate, I was in a movie with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler playing the violin. I had been searching and searching for an orchestra for 10 years before that point and then the door was opened to this wonderful land of miracles once I started saying YES to the signs and feelings! It’s been quite a journey since then and folks can enjoy all my manifestations via my website and IMDB pages.  Here’s Katy Harper’s website.”

3. “Thank & Grow Rich is the sunrise of my day and my manifestation is moving like a snowball downhill. Here’s the latest:

#a. At 55 I look better than ever – except I was overly focused on my upper arms – I said to myself, “Universe show me something new to tone my arms.” A few days later my girlfriend, a professional track coach world and American record holder, implored me to get involved in Master’s Track. “You’re so fit and strong. How about you try the throws?” So out we went I threw the shot put, threw the discus, and threw the javelin and I was pretty good for a beginner. One month later we had a heat wave in northern California and I confidently wore a sleeveless top in 94 degrees. Magic! Who takes up track at 55?

#b. I am about 5 weeks into training for the throws in Track and Field and have found an unbelievable 75 year old throws coach. After our first session he asked if I would mind small group and I ended working out with a 15 year old freshman phenom. It wasn’t bad but I wanted to train alone. During my T&GR time this morning I thought I really want to train alone today. Sure enough the young man never showed and I had the trainer all to myself.

#c. I’ve been acquiring throws equipment as my commitment grows but to date I haven’t bought any practice javelins as they are the most expensive piece of equipment. This morning I said, “Someone is going to give me practice javelins.” Towards the end of the training session today my coach said, “Why don’t you keep a couple of my practice javelins so you can keep working until we see each other again.” WHAT!!”

So, that’s how we roll, folks!

And thanks for whoever sent me this awesome video!!!


Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Thanks for all the different examples of manifestations. The first morning I affirmed that something amazing was going to happen today my granddaughter was born one month early, small but perfectly healthy. 😉

  2. hey Pam today something awesome happened to me. at work they post the time schedule to show us when we work and the days we have off. and this morning it said that i was working tomorrow (Tuesday Oct.25), during the day i imagined the owner of the business talking to the plant manager saying can you give Robert the day off tomorrow, and before i went home i checked the schedule and sure enough i have the day off tomorrow. btw have you ever heard of a guy who wrote the book code of yhe extraordinary mind?

  3. Thank you to whomever your anonymous 55 year young writer who posted the video. I didn’t want to workout today, so this just took my mindset and tossed it to the ground so I could dance all over it with this video and the followed autoplay that continued with the dancing videos. I am now ready to rock this workout! 😀 Thank you Universe. One more thing to add to my gratitude list today. Have an outstanding day everyone.

  4. I celebrate! I had lost the way in which to read the comments. I felt I was disconnected from my family! With your loving help Pam I once again can put ‘my 2 cents worth’ into the pot. Loved the video – is the dancer made of rubber? So inspiring.
    Love to you Pam for your encouragement and hello to all my “family.”

  5. Hi Pam,
    THANKS for your books! I have read three of them and found them so useful! In your latest you say that the universe will start sharing messages with you from the other side….Thought I would share this one with you: on October 19th it was 4 years since my mom’s passing. We were very close and I miss her everyday but the anniversary of her death is a particularly difficult day. I was telling my son that I missed her so much and that that day was extra sad for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and yearned to talk to her. I was walking down my street that afternoon and as I got closer to my house I noticed a postcard size of paper laying on the corner of my lawn. I spotted it and thought that it was junk mail that had blown about in the wind and that I better pick it up and put it in the recycle bin. When I looked at it I was in disbelief. It was junk mail and was an ad from the Bradford Exchange that likely had blown out from a magazine or newspaper. It was promoting a made to order trinket jewellry box that you could customize. What was remarkable was the sample message engraved on the box… It said “Daughter, I will love you always and forever.” I looked up and down the street and saw no ads on any other lawns or sidewalks. I smiled deeply because I just KNEW… I have no doubt at all that it was a message from my mom. The topper? My mom adored Christmas and the banner across the top of the ad said “just in time for Christmas delivery.”
    Joanne Collins, Toronto Ontario Canada

  6. I noticed from your book you love quotes. Here are a couple of my favorites: “Life is one big banquette and most poor bastards are starving to death”.
    “Michael, I’m going to open doors and windows you never dreamed existed”.
    Mame Dennis -Auntie Mame

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