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The Universe and Me: a love story

“Accept but the joyous as truth.”–A Course in Miracles


I normally share miracles from readers here on the blog. And while this story involves readers, it concerns three miracles that happened to me.

It is only my conceit that believes you might have noticed, but I have been pretty quiet on social media over the past week. I’ve been hiding, so to speak, with my tail between my legs.

Here’s what threw me off my game:

I got an email from my publisher. They were concerned about “my brand.” I don’t know that I put too much weight in matters like “my brand.” I just want to give and love as much as I humanly can. The reason for their concern, it seems, is that some of the Amazon reviews for my new book have been less than stellar.

So I did what any creator knows not to do. I read the reviews. Never mind that 74 percent of them were five stars. But there were also some “bloody awful” reviews, to quote one of the Amazon headlines.

And, even though my spiritual practice is “In my defenseless my safety lies,” I began defending myself in my mind. How dare these reviewers misunderstand me? Against self-help? Against meditating? Against sports car? Anybody who knows me knows that not only am I a self-help junkie (I practically have track marks), I meditate regularly and I am committed to not being AGAINST anything.

Except for that one tiny habit of occasionally being AGAINST myself. I let my ego have a party in my mind. It brought in all the big decorations—shame, fear, depression. Heck, it suggested, maybe I should never write again. Or even leave the house.

But then the universe, who loves me so darned much, decided to send a life boat. Three life boats in one day. In the form of very clear signs. And to me, true miracles.

First, I got an email from a speaker who told me that, using the principles of Thank and Grow Rich (moving towards what makes you come alive, turning your life over to the big mystery, relaxing and having more fun) he’d started a new business and manifested $250,000 in income. Without, as he says, selling or trying.

Then, I learn that a reader in Argentina (hi, sweet Nelly) and a reader in Germany who met through Facebook started a possibility posse. They’re texting each other their three blessings each morning. It’s step two of the 30-day experiment in the new book. How cool is that!! International posses. Affirming my belief that, together, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

And lastly, I open my mail (my snail mail) and a beautiful woman named Kris sent me a several THOUSAND dollar tithe because my book, the “bloody awful one,” inspired her to follow her dream.

I literally jumped up and down and pumped my fist to the heavens. I kinda think the universe might have even high-fived me back.

So thank you, universe, for these very clear signs that indeed I am on the right path. And for affirming that you love me and that all I need to do is follow my joy, offer my gifts unashamedly and let you take care of the details.

Thank you, my dear friends (those who are still reading) for being such a great blessing to me. I love you all so, so very much.

P.S. The picture on this post was made by Beverley Densham, who makes Happy Kids Cards. She sent it to me (yet another sweet gift) through twitter. Here’s her website:

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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      1. You will always inspire those who choose to be inspired and you will always trigger those that choose to be triggered.
        Everyone who reads your is growing. Congratulations my friend! The world is a better place because of the gifts you share.
        Love you
        Here’s to kickin up some dust!

  1. Truly loved reading this…..We sometimes doubt our true joy and purpose. Luckily some of us just know that our EGO is out of whack and within moments we feel our joy again. Love you Pam!

  2. I’m really glad you got clear messages that were impossible to ignore or misinterpret! If you WERE wildly popular with EVERYbody, I’d be worried. ;0) You’ll just have to content yourself with being wildly popular with people who HAVE A CLUE.

  3. Pam,

    I am getting sooooo much from your book. I have highlighted paragraphs and dog eared pages and am soon reading again do I can absorb it all.

    Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. Remember that those who are on the frequency of your book will get it. Even one sale…and you are a success …..but who’s measuring right?

    And lastly I wanted to remind you ….that one who us connected to FP is more powerful than millions who are not.

    Blessings to you for all the joy, love, laughter and richness you bring to our daily lives!



    “Happier people make a better world.” — Glennon Melton


  4. Looks like you’re up to 76 percent now…and as we well know, getting 76 percent of people to agree on anything these days is a miracle in and of itself 🙂

    (FWIW, your book is 5 stars in my,uh, book).

    Love, Jacob

  5. Pam,

    You are truly inspiring! Keep up the good work! And thank you for sharing your books with the world. They have meant so much to me.

    Have a peaceful and happy day!


  6. Dear Pam, I am a big fan of your books and your blogs. They bring me so much joy and miracles. So to also give you a little support for your good work. I ordered a ecopy of your book. With love! Sandra

  7. I just wanted you to know that I read your book and I thought it was awesome.  You know, you can’t please everyone. And while I enjoyed reading Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic, I liked yours  better.  Please keep doing what you do.

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  8. You’re the best people, and all the best people know it (stolen from my girlfriend who reminds me of this all the time)! I savor your posts, and I savor your books (AND give them as gifts, when inspired). Some folks just aren’t vibing on the high frequencies at the moment; how could they “get it”? We love you.

  9. Love your books so much. I have manifested a steady trickle of money, working on it being a big river flowing in, just being in gratitude more. Also last week, I was given a ticket to Beijing to visit my son, business class, I might add. Thank for sharing your gifts with the world.

  10. “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” ― Dita Von Teese Well, Pam, I LOVE peaches and your books are the juiciest! <3

  11. Your ‘Brand’? I might think about asking your publisher to practice some of your experiments. 76% is a huge majority. You cannot run a business if you respond only to the 24% who are not your clients. The publisher’s reasoning is flawed. Glad you didn’t let it get you down for long!

  12. Hey, wonderful woman. Thanks so much for sharing this part of your story with us. We all have our “doubt-full” days, and your story is just another piece of inspiration to continue to look for the miracles, despite our setbacks and fears. I imagine your books are kinda like your children, but they grow up, leave home and stand on their own merit. We are selling it here in our bookstore like crazy. No worries, my dear.

    Just remember the saying, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.” We all have opinions, on just about everything, just like we have orifices. Keep inspiring us, Pam, by doing what you do best – being you!

  13. Dear Pam, I love the book, It inspired me to share 2 positive thoughts in a whatsapp group with my daughter and her friend ( they live in Edinburgh, while I am in Germany) every morning, too. A day after I ve finished the book someone on FB came up with the idea to do 100 things before the end of the years #100Somethings. I committed to post 100 fotos with things I am grateful for on instagram and I ve started a blog with the intention to focus even more on gratitude. During the last days I had my pity party, too and wondered what the heck I am doing. But I keep on going, there is no way back.
    Lots of love, Petra

  14. Pam thank you so much for today’s message. It was just what I needed. I get small miracles everyday and keep seeing more since my daughter turned me on to E Squared. We both agree with you that sending out love and gratitude is the answer. Trust the universe and the F P will deliver.

  15. So sorry to hear about the haters hating. It naturally throws the lovers off, but then they get back on track – it’s their nature to find their way back home : ) I have a sweet story from 30min ago. I’ve been having a hard time with my marriage – stay? Go? Think differently about it? “Back Away from the Dials, Ma’am.” I went outside to exercise. I exercise with an affirmation so it can get deeper into me. I changed it up today to say what would be most comforting – “God is real.” And then I added a quote that I’ve been working with – “My life is a home for Soul.” The birds answered Instantly. An eagle cruised by on a higher current, its white head lit by the morning sun. Seagulls cruised in from the other direction (“I love Seagulls!”) and circled overhead for a while. Crows flew by sweeping air with their wings. Although I didn’t have any answers to my current problem, I’d found my way back home to my heart today. And I had lots of company. Your book has been a mood lifter and a pom pom booster for me during some hard days. Thank you Pam for doing it! And for sticking to it. May the blessings be!

  16. “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the high achievement of triumph and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” — Theodore Roosevelt

    1. Awesome!!! I also saw a great Elizabeth Gilbert quote about not paying attention to critics. As she says, tell them to write their own f***in books.

  17. Pam, even though I haven’t been able to manifest like some of those who write, I am still hopeful. Just so you know, that you write of your own misgivings at times because haters are hard to ignore, I believe in you and what you say and that we are all loved. You and what you write are my greatest gifts. When I feel a bit down and not riding the wave on my imaginary surf board of life, I open your book and read til I get there. I am “workin’ it” every morning, pumpin’ my fists in the air, (maybe slowly until my bulletproof coffee) but listening to Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas singing ..Its gonna be a good day and I repeat that in the shower. I keep saying to myself, “what’s in your mind?” (like the ad, what’s in your wallet?). I keep reminding myself, you can call into being a castle or a button as “Abraham” says. Know that you, Pam are deeply loved, very special and yes, we are lighting candles of fun, joy, gratitude so that it spreads throughout all the world. PS, your humor reminds me of the character in Janet Evanovich’s books. You make me laugh out loud. Keep sharing with the world, we so need it. Hugs.

  18. Pam. You have literally changed my life with your book. I love E2 & E3 and I now have 2 books beside my bed that set up my day and my life; the REST of my life: Thank and Grow Rich and Mirror Work By Louise Hay. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I had a day yesterday where I slid right back into old habits and then I remembered all I am here to do is spread love and have fun. You taught me that. I was one of those searching for my purpose for the past what seems like 100 years. Please pass by all the bad reviews with a gleaming smile and a high five and a big thank you. Just means their journey is waiting for another amazing book from you, lol.

    Sent from my iPhone


  19. I need you to know that I love your latest book – and am so grateful that I stumbled upon it. I’ve bought a few copies for others … and I really want you to know how truly INSPIRING it is.
    FYI – I do think the “party games” made it a better book. Abraham- Hicks is always advocating getting into the vortex … But your book gave not only some great stories but some real ideas on HOW to do that.

    Thank You for sharing your love and enthusiasm for being alive!

  20. This has thought me a lesson that it Dosent matter what life through at you. The universe really does have your back. I may think of this when some days I having a bad day. Look beyond the problem, there universe waiting to help us.

  21. Great blog post! As always, was just the right message at just the right time! Thank you for all of it Pam, the books the blog, you ARE MAKING A BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE!!! And we love you!!!!!!!!

    1. Love you, too. And love that you use lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!! I sometimes think back to my journalism days when I use so many !’s. But I love them.

  22. I read some of those comments too and figured those folks clearly missed the whole point of your book. I’ve read And worked through E2 and E3 with my two great friends and yesterday we started Thank and Grow Rich. We texted each other our three blessings this morning and I’m so excited to be on another Pam Grout led adventure with them. Keep on Pam, we need you to do what you do!

  23. Whenever I’m thinking of buying anything I tend to look at the reviews on Amazon. However honestly some of the things people criticise leave me in fits of laughter. My favourite was the man who criticised a 10″ tablet that came with its own clip on keyboard, he complained because it was only 10″ and therefore it was too small for him to type on with his sausages ( oops sorry, meant fingers!) I mean why buy a 10″ tablet and then complain because it hasn’t got an 18″ keyboard – duh! My point is Pam, too often people complain about something because it didn’t meet their expectations, but where is the issue? Is it the item or the expectation that’s the problem. So many people will criticise a book such as yours because they want a quick fix and look outside themselves for instant gratification, instead of looking within and altering their mindset. They miss the point entirely, so that doesn’t mean your book is bad ( heavens how could it be!) it’s just not the right book for them at that moment. I love your enthusiasm and positivity, it’s like a big gleaming light in the world. Keep doing what you do please.

  24. Well – to say I was floored by the response you got from some readers is an understatement! HUH!! You are a total positivity love-vibe-babe and inspiration for me and all my sisters/brothers/friends/loved ones I share your posts with ~ and your BOOKS ARE ICING ON MY UNIVERSE-CAKE!!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you PAM – U ROCK!! and because you are such a force of love and light – you have shown us how we can positively change the world with each loving thought we intend…I’m with the friends above – and send HUGE hugs, love and thanks for all you have done for millions of people world-wide! Heck – UNIVERSE-wide!!

  25. Well,
    Once again you have turned a light on in my life, and isnt it the truth that we can all do that for each other all the time?
    Ive been spending a little SWAMPTIME lately and sinking a bit in the quick and of ain’t it awful, too old, no money, cant work, too old, etc.
    Yes I too have run those criticisms in my head as fodder for supporting a negative spiral as an old familiar comfort zone. ENOUGH of that
    But I feel the light on my back right now as I write this to you, and am open to all the good the Universe has in store for me right now. I’ll keep you posted. This always works.

    Yahoo for a beautiful day. Much love to you and peace in all of our hearts today and always. PLEASE keep up this wonderful work you are doing.
    Dr Di

  26. We are blessed to have you in our lives Pam,and I for one love you too but I do know I am not alone in that, let help make the whole world beam with joy and magic. xo

  27. My dear Pam, I feel so honored that you name me in this post!!! You made my day, my month, maybe my year!! I always tell you how you have changed my life! And I’ll be forever thankful for having found your wonderful books. So, thank you again. And this post is surely one of the amazingly awesome things that I plan to have every day!! As always I send you all my love! And I surely write a review in Amazon and will give you a dozen stars!!

  28. Well I just left a 5 star review! I wanted to share a sign I got from the universe about reading Thank and Grow Rich. I decided to spend a quiet, solo weekend in the North Carolina mountains…a well-earned getaway. My plan was to read and do whatever I wanted. I download your book and drove away, thinking all the while that I could be using my time in a more productive way at home. When I got to the bed and breakfast inn and walked up to the door there was my sign from the universe…a big waving cat (maneki-neko, like the one on the cover of the book) hanging by the front door. Yep, spending a weekend reading your book was going to be a great way to spend my time…and it was! Now, just in case you don’t understand, I was in rural, bible-belt land, where there are more churches than gas stations. Japanese good luck symbols are not the norm, so seeing one was a clear sign for me. Great book!

  29. You are a true inspiration to me. Thanks for helping us remember that we can have our down times, but that we can always bounce back. Amazon reviews are so weird. You will never please everyone, but who cares? Love and light.

  30. Hi Pam!

    Please keep following your joy!!!  I am only half way through your new book but the 3 blessings a day experiment has been amazing. Also,  I am doing it with 2 friends and I so look forward to reading their blessings and knowing they are finding them too.  It really is connecting at us at a new and fun level.

    Much love and hugs!!!

    Christy Calgary, AB CANADA

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  31. Pam, I am so glad that the Universe gave you a nudge when you needed it most. We can be our own best enemy – I know it all too well! I just want to say that your book(s) ROCK. I know as a writer myself, that when somebody makes a comment that is anything less than amazing how easy it is to take to heart. But for every awesome comment out there, you can be rest assured that there’s a thousand more people who your books have helped them to create miracles in their lives – they are just too busy soaking up all the miracles and abundance to comment! So…on that note, I thought I would take my turn at it…

    Firstly, I have 5 ft vision board – not often used as much as it should be (and needs to be!), but when it is, man…(or woman!) things happen. Fast.

    1/ Our tenant left us in the lurch a few months ago – in more ways than 1. Financially. By using our car and having an accident. Emotionally. He gave 1 week’s notice and we were in the pooper because of it. For 47 days I had ads running in all the roomie online websites and also contacted 28 people looking for a room. Nada.

    I then decided, ‘right, it’s time to write my request for the perfect roomie down on paper and put it on the dream board’. i wrote down everything from loving my cats to wanting to be a part of our family and cooking together, doing stuff together now and again…i was very specific. I even said that I wanted someone who loves The Big Bang Theory. In less than 12 hours I had not 1, not 2 but FIVE people desperate for the room. I also had a smaller room I never considered renting, but ended up renting BOTH – to lovely people. And they not only love the cats and love cooking (and cook 2 days a week for us all), one of them…(who is Irish, we live in Scotland), her cousin in the States happens to be very close friends of Mayim Bialik…AKA Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory,

    2/ We desperately needed a new mattress. I struggle with chronic pain and my husband’s hips were killing him. We were not in a financial position to buy one. Long story short – I scored us a £3k bed specifically designed for chronic pain with adjustable foam slabs in varying firmness – so we each could create our own side of the bed the way we needed it for ourselves – for doing a blog a month for 12 months.

    3/ I have started to venture out a little more these days (I have been pretty much agoraphobic for the past 8 years and I am starting to gain a bit more independence). I can’t drive my husband’s car as it is a manual (I am originally from Canada – I only have a license to drive automatic). We were able to get a brand new car with a warranty and coverage for everything from tyres to insurance and road tax of £20 a month – for just £40 more than what hubby is paying for the loan on his car – which is up in December – when my new (purple!) car is due for delivery. So basically, we got a 2nd car without having to paying a whopping amount…just £40 a month and gas…

    …we then get a letter from our mortgage lender. Due to interest rates dropping…they have reduced our mortgage payment by…£40.68 a month!

    4/ I have been listening to sleep meditations every night regarding abundance as well as Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command CD’s on YouTube…all of a sudden business opportunities are flying in!

    5/ We have a rare breed of cat – with only a handful of breeders in the UK. For some (bizarre) reason I decided to look on Google for kitten images of this breed. I clicked on an image that caught my attention (out of the thousands) and it brought me to a website…only to find that there is a breeder 20 minutes away from us and…4 minutes away from the place I go to get my neck adjusted every week…so I just happened to send them an email…they have a wee kitten. A male. Just what we wanted. The person interested (from hundreds of miles away) backed out at the last minute. Coconut (I think that is going to be his name) is coming to our home in December!

    6/ Both hubby and I need a lot of adjustments done to our backs and necks ( like we are talking thousands of pounds worth of work needing to be done). And the person who does this has become a dear friend (and Lover of the Universe!)…and is trading her services for a website that my husband is doing…

    That’s just a few things! And your easy to read books just make all of this manifesting so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing woman! And it is my dream that one day I get to meet you! You are a true inspiration Pam. Thank you for all you do and all you share and who you are. A.x

    1. Dear Pam,
      I’m a Being that seldom shares, but this time I feel compelled to do so.
      Thank you for challenging yourself so you would get what you just got out of stepping out of your amazing vibration , and in return have me appreciate life more and more.
      I believe we challenge ourselves every time life seems to go smoothly so that we notice that there is always more ahead of us. I appreciate you very very much and I thank you for your contribution to the world and to me.
      Much love,
      From Venice Beach, Ca 🌹🎼

  32. Pam, Wow! Thank you for exposing your humanity and vulnerability. We’ve all been where you were and will be again. Next time, I’ll remember your blog! Rock on Pam. More success is on its way ☺️ Kathi

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  33. Pam, your work brings joy and inspiration to my life and that of a number of my friends. You are making a difference. Thank you! 💕

  34. Dear Pam – I finally after many years in a really bad situation am living a good life and yet every single day I find myself riddled with doubts, worry, sadness, insecurity, fear, self-loathing. I second guess myself constantly. My self esteem got so low that I stopped even looking at myself in the mirror! I’m an empath who is surrounded by some difficult people and situations and sometimes things are just too damn hard for me to handle! Your book is helping me so much. I can’t say that everyday I get up with a smile and ready to face the world but at least I’m trying and gratitude is the way to go! P.S. I recently went to a local China town. I said to my boyfriend “I need one of those cats with the arm that goes up and down.” I went to a couple of shops that sold them, saw some street vendors with the cat but none of them felt right for me. Well fast forward a couple of days and my cat arrived directly in my mailbox…..on the cover of your book that I had pre-ordered and had forgotten about. I feel the universe has sent this book to me! Thank you!!!!!!

  35. When stuff like that comes my way, I have a big ol’ dance party to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Haters gonna hate, my friend. Dance it out for them that they may one day see all of the goodness before them. You’re a rock star…don’t ever doubt it 😉

    1. Pam you inspire me every day! I aim to be on “your” channel even though paradigm 1.0 still can take a hold on my mind..ugh!! I get a smile when I see your name in my inbox email!!! So glad the universe responded so quickly to you with love and high five’s lol. It has happened to me a few times and I am still baffled by it sometimes. I do still kick myself for not going in January to Arizona to meet you but I am sure I will find you somewhere soon! HAPPY MONDAY and THANK YOU!!!!

  36. Hi! I enjoyed your post this morning. It is a reminder of humility, a way of keeping ego in check. I have a hard time reading your books and blog because of language and irreverence. The Universe has a way of putting them back in my life. I threw E-squared in the trash, unable to get to the message through the “clutter”. E-cubed showed up on my doorstep. I made it to page 50 and stuck it in a drawer. Your emails kept coming, even though I marked them spam. At some point, they always show back up in my inbox. I ordered your latest book because it appeared on my Amazon “you might also be interested” list and I mistaken thought it was something else. HOWEVER, I thoroughly enjoyed it until the party games section. You can’t please everyone. I would never dream of leaving a poor review; you are obviously reaching and helping many, many people. Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself.

  37. Didn’t know about the bad review until you mentioned it! You know the old saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity. ” Your books are wonderful, I’ve gotten a lot of good from them. What I love about your books is that they embody another wonderful old saying of “Show, don’t tell,” because we can use your experiments and show ourselves how the Universe works.

  38. It is amazing that you are willing/loving to share that even you the great “teacher” slips a bit and forgets for a moment that the Universe loves her. Why do we forget this over a couple bad reviews. Why is it sometimes hard to remember the 74 great reviews. I personally only read bad reviews with hotel rooms. Congrats our great teacher – you have taught us another lesson. Your BRAND ROCKS – Big hugs, Tracy

    1. Pam!
      You are such a miracle and leg-up to so many of us lucky Peeps who thrive on your work! In response to Amazon’s critique, based on a miniscule sample of those who didn’t like your latest book, I will order 2 copies today ! I have 2 of your other books, but my favorite leg-up from you is your weekly blog, and today’s blog was the absolute BEST! You are so lion hearted as you share what it is to be a vulnerable human being- that is the most valuable of all your contributions to my mental health, and your work on line is so creative- your quirky, vibrant writing, the art work, and the perfect accompanying quotes JUMP off the page just about every time. Talk about fun on the learning curve! Thank you so many,many times for sharing all your rich gifts with hundreds of us all over the Planet, and keeping us on track. Your huge, courageous
      efforts on our behalf are so greatly appreciated!
      With love, Alice

  39. Dear Pam,

    I have never written to you directly but wanted to share my experience of you and your gifts. Thank you for your amazing ability to put yourself out there in your pure authenticity and be the beacon of light at the end of the tunnel. I feel am still in the tunnel, stuck right at the precipice and am requesting a miracle to help me move through the darkness into the light.

    Blessings to you for always sharing your moments of divine intervention. You are helping so many of us.

    ( now if I can just get that gust of wind to help me through this )

    My vision is to Live the 5 Star Life….. Without limits…… On any budget. I’ve been doing this through barter most of my life but never enough $$$$! Like you I write reviews of travel, am a spa trends specialist and have been pampered from head to toe for decades. I get the best beauty treatments, hair stylists, everything I need in the luxury area.

    However, my interior design biz has been dead for years. I’m basically living on air and now the rents in Los Angeles have skyrocketed, so after a breakup I find myself experiencing my worst fears. No home, no paying work and my bank account is unspeakably low.

    I have traveled the world staying in 5 Star Hotels and spas and have actually lived my dreams on one hand. But now my weakest link is lack of Financial Flow. I am in the process of manifesting a $9 million dollar home to housesit while up for sale, but it is not actualizing. I am living in limbo.( Long story short, a friend graciously let me live in her posh high rise for fee for 7 months. But she moved back to Australia and I had to move out, am feeling stuck.)

    So I know I can manifest, but my spiritual coach says that I bring forth the 5 Star Life, but it falls through because I don’t feel worthy of having it! I am seeking paying work and a place to live,so far nothing!!!! Weeks have flown by and the dude has not abided for me. I’m feeling at the end of my rope!

    Going to buy your newest book today!!!!

    If you have any ‘miracle advice’, I would so appreciate it!

    Blessings to you, Marjorie Hope ( feeling hopeless)


    Live the 5 Star Life without limits………on any budget! 5 Star Interior Design with your lifestyle in mind


    Become ageless with http://www.marjorie.simplyyoung.com


  40. If you think you’re in the 50% deplorable category… Instead of the other 50%… You might need E2, E3 or Thank And Grow Rich…
    Sorry Pam couldn’t resist… It’s nice to know you are human and can still teach us awesomeness 😉

  41. Pam keep doing what your doing and you will keep soaring, so needed your story today as it inspired me to keep doing what i am doing….that BRAND things can kick ones ass and from your story the only mistake you made was giving away your power to those people on Amazon…..i was doing the same thing and thank you for kicking my ASS and allowing me to give guilt back where it belongs…..it really is none of our business what others think of us but boy when we hear or read something negative we take that spiritual i am so glad you got your three blessing and thank you for sharing because it became my BLESSING..xoxoxoxomuch gratitude for sharing

  42. Pam,

    Thanks for Thank and Grow Rich as well as, E2 and E3

    I am just getting started in Thank and Grow Rich and love it and reading E3 too and also read Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

    I love this plan and started posting 4 things I am grateful for on my Facebook page and it feels great and several friends are enjoying it too.

    I occasionally post 4 things I am grateful for Today on my Cowboy Ted Show FB page too – so I can share the process with kids and parents as we near launch of Cowboy Ted 101 – wellness and fitness videos – mobile app for schools in Oct.

    Thank you,


    Cowboy Ted Hallisey http://www.cowboyted.com 801-707-3070

    I hear – I forget, I see—I learn, *I do—I understand.”*

    ~ Gennady V. Oster

  43. I read your books and identify with your thoughts AND believe in them. So, obviously, I am bound to love you!! Yet to read your latest offering but I will soon once free from the project I am occupied with. Was really curious to read about the three miracles and yes, indeed they are affirmations that you should continue on your path…if not for anyone else, please do so for me 🙂

    Haters will always be there. Its for us to not let us hear those people who cannot be helped by any amount of help you offer them. Help those who are ready to accept our helping hand! I was ready to take the help your books offered and here I am writing to you. People like me are your true followers. 🙂

  44. Pam,

    Thanks for Thank and Grow Rich as well as, E2 and E3

    I am just getting started in Thank and Grow Rich and love it and reading E3 too and also read Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

    I love this plan and started posting 4 things I am grateful for on my Facebook page and it feels great and several friends are enjoying it too.

    I occasionally post 4 things I am grateful for Today on my Cowboy Ted Show FB page too – so I can share the process with kids and parents as we near launch of Cowboy Ted 101 – wellness and fitness videos – mobile app for schools in Oct.

    Thank you,


    Cowboy Ted Hallisey

    I hear – I forget, I see—I learn, I do—I understand.”
    ~ Gennady V. Oster

  45. Pam — Amazon just posted my five-star review for your new book. After enjoying “Thank and Grow Rich” I reread “E-Squared” with renewed appreciation.
    Since I’m so fascinating with all the new discoveries in science — especially astrophysics — our relationship to the cosmos — and have been a serious student of “Course in Miracles” for 30 years — I had a rather negative reaction to the words “Grow Rich” in your title. Your book is so beyond “materialistic”.

  46. Pam darling, please don’t ever think you’re not on the right path. Your messages and new book are helping me tremendously. I’ve been a self-help junkie for eons, spending boat loads of money on self help books, seminars and retreats. Your book has given me permission to understand “I have all the answers I need right here inside of me.”
    Now, I’m happily following my bliss…

  47. As Esther says. One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.
    Let the critics have their say and keep smiling. I for one will be buying the next book. 😄

  48. Hi Pam,

    What can I say? Hater’s gonna hate! But that need not be your concern 🙂

    I LOVE your new book! It’s the first of yours that I’ve read in fact. I find it refreshing, and fun, and playful, and uplifting!

    Since practicing tuning into the joy & gratitude frequency, miracles have become a daily occurrence! I’ve had my nature miracle: a rare, peaceful, and beautiful moment with a wild bunny. I’ve also manifested new clients and an angel investor for my business (which has been struggling to say the least). But all that is in the past and it can stay there.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your book and those detractors should zip it. Don’t change a thing! You and your “brand” are awesome just as-is!

    Thanks for everything you do!

    Lia Fagan http://www.shopmodpieces.com


  49. We are all so grateful for you… Especially because you share your all ( the fears, the flights, the freezing up) and the fun of the Universe constantly cheering you to guide you ever forward with us… You are so HUMAN!!! BLESS YOU!!!

  50. Dear Pam,

    You are one amazing woman!! Please don’t listen to any of those negative people about your book!

    You can’t expect anyone OUTSIDE of the vortex to love you or shine their light of appreciation onto you.

    They just can’t do it!

    I wish I had an amazing manifestation story to send you.. ( I know it’s on it’s way). But I love you dearly for showing up in my life.. And wanted you to know that I love your new book!! I love your old books.. I love the way you write .. You make me laugh out loud!! I always think of other funny ladies like Lucille ball or carol burnette when I read your stuff.. You’re among the comedy greats in my book! Lol

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    You are a blessing to my life and I’m sure millions of others

    Don’t read the reviews!! They must be outside the vortex! ( I can hear Abraham saying that in my head)

    Im deeply grateful to you for incarnating at this point in time so I may share this reality with you my witty friend!

    Many blessings and please keep em coming!

    Love Cindy


  51. Hey, even if your publisher gets wobbly in its support (which seems an extreme response to me), it’s no reflection on you or your work. Glad you shared this today.

  52. Hi Pam,

    Loved your story (even though I felt bad that you had been feeling bad!). As a newbie to this world of manifesting desires, it was nice to hear that even a master such as yourself sometimes questions the path. I just recently bought and read two of your books–the Esquared series, and they have helped me out a lot. I am now considering buying your book on breathing for weight loss.

    So keep up all your good work–you are helping light the way for people like me! Kari

  53. Hello Pam,

    We love you, you know that. I have read those reviews and feel sorry for the poor souls. Can you imagine the hell they are living in?!

    Tons of love and floods of joy!


  54. This was a confirmation for me today, as my ego began getting so sad about my gifts and sharing them with the world. A piece of my miracle! Thanks Pam❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  55. Hi Pam,

    I empathize. I’m also an author. A couple of years ago I had a book in the top five in Applied Psychology on Amazon. It did very well for about 6 months. There were a several competing titles. Out of nowhere I began to get an onslaught of one star reviews. They all had the same theme, saying that I had “made up” the content as I went along and that I had no credentials in psychology and therefore my work wasn’t legit.

    Like you, I read the reviews and complained to Amazon as it was obvious something was fishy. I have an author friend that explained I was the victim of what’s known as book bombing. This is where people with competitive titles, especially ranking closely, hire others to leave negative reviews.

    My sales fell from the top five to the top ten and continued downward. Amazon knew what was happening but since we couldn’t prove it they did nothing. People would buy the book and immediately ask for a refund. Having bought it made them a “verified purchase.” I did manage to get one exceptionally nasty review removed.

    It’s unlikely LOA folks, writers or readers, would stoop to this type of thing but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

    BTW, I haven’t read your latest but recommend E2 to folks all the time as a practical guide to LOA. I enjoyed the exercises and was a successful manifestor in about 75% of the excercises. Bless you. You’re one of the good guys.


  56. Thanks for being your authentic self, hopefully not just another buzzword. I’m 72 & recently retired, can you believe that? Now I’m going to hunker down & think about wonderful ME. Annie

  57. I LOVE all of your books including Thank and Grow Rich!! Those negative people are just probably miserable all of the time!! Thank you for your books!! Deb Gabay

    Sent from my iPhone


  58. We love you Pam! I have lead classes on E 2 and E3 and will be starting one in Jan on Thank and Grow rich. I’m at the airport right now SFO to lead 3 amazing retreats in Italy and Greece, yoga and meditation. You have helped me create this dream! You have to come and visit me in HMB next time you are in CA! Remembered I emailed you at midnight, cuz the FP told me too! Be You, with Gratitude! Anna

  59. Thank you Pam Grout!!! I think this was my favourite book of yours! I really appreciated the spiritual side of it the most. Please continue doing what you do.

  60. Your latest book has brought me so much joy in the last few weeks Pam………I can’t believe how easeful life is when I remember how powerful I am……..thank you so much for reminding me! <3 <3 <3

  61. Dear Precious Pam, you are a marvelous inspiring lover of life to the fullest and you share this with us all. Keep up the good work, write and write and write some more! I love your new book! BTW: do you know that GOD drives a bright orange Jaguar? LOL! Well, I can’t tell one make and model of cars from the other…..so…way back when the experiment was to ask to see a bright orange certain model of a car, I was at a loss….so I said, “Ok, GOD, just send bright orange cars and we will have a game of that!” So ever since, when I am out driving I see bright orange cars, at least one every time! This past weekend, we watched the Gran Prix races on TV. There was a commercial with a very bright orange Jag! LOL! I love it!

  62. You have impacted my life on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. After reading E-squared 2 years ago, I started a non-profit called Joy to the Kids, in which I dress up as a bald princess (yes, bald!) for children in hospitals. It was with the very first experiment that I received a gift that made me believe – and lawyers came to me to incorporate my organization pro-Bono… Now it is thriving! (Www.joytothekids.org) And that is only the beginning… You are Bloody Spectacular!!! Thank you!!!!!

  63. PAM, don’t you dare doubt that LOVE is always the answer. You are one of LOVE’S bright and shining Lights. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing. My motto if one person is awesomely affected then my work is worthwhile. My vibration seems to affect only a few people so my daily affirmation, “What I choose touches eternity.”, is true for me as it is for you. You have chosen wisely Pam

  64. Pam, Gary again. I am going to Kindle right now to buy your book to send a message to the naysayers. You go girl !!!!!!!!

  65. Your work is helping me to heal some of the ‘raised in the Midwest, and born a sinner’ nonsense that I was programmed with.  I am happier, healthier because you have opened your heart to heal those with whom you share this globe.  And I am extraordinarily grateful that you have done so…….. 

  66. And you’re a blessing to all of us as well Pam! As for your critics…you planted a seed of knowledge that they may “get” and need one day. Keep planting those seeds! Love and thanks


  67. Love the absolute honesty in this post. Thank you Iniverse for having all our backs and thank you Pam for your wonderful books (all of them) for inspiring millions of people to be the change they want. I pre-ordered Thank and Grow Rich and haven’t started it yet( it’s killing me!) because I am currently learning how to breathe all over again with another of your books, Jumpstart Your Metabolism, which I was very happy to be able to order from England and I’m in Australia. The Universe had my back on that as I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to find a copy 😊. Keep up the great work Pam Grout, we love you, your books and your blog!

  68. Pam, thanks to you my three year old’s favorite game is filling our gratitude jar every night – a game taken from your FABULOUS BOOK. As for your brand? It’s Joy – how simple and perfect is that? And you spread it around like my kid does peanut butter: on the bread, the plate, the counter, her face, her younger sister – no spot is missed! LOVE YOU!!!! YOU ARE A GIFT, not everyone can accept a gift, but we sure can. We love you!

  69. Pam, I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for modeling for us how to get back up when “stuff” happens. All that bad stuff, it seems so real, but when you evict it from your consciousness you get the confirmations from the world around you. Big ONES too!! Way to Go Pam!! This makes my day as I needed to hear this today! Thanks!!

  70. Hi Pam,
    I just got your blog in my inbox. “The Universe” one. Forget about the awful reviews. They mean people are reading your stuff! Good for you. I bought your book because I really wanted to feel happier. Yes rich would be nice (especially now that I actually don’t have a job!) I’ve managed to stave off panic about my newly non-incomed self long enough to build a website to promote training workshops. It is built but not a single ticket has been sold yet. Yes a few freebies have been taken up but aren’t they always? So instead of whinging (I could go on lol) I get up each morning and dance like a loon to “Jenni’s morning music” on my phone which shuffles one of the selection from your previous book’s list. Of course, before that I say “Today something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!”

    Well as yet I’m not any richer but I am happier. In fact anything close to happiness is a miracle in itself (no explanation necessary as it just puts the focus on the crap). So here’s the thing, when I first started doing the loon dances I used to cry more than laugh and that made me realise I was somehow suppressing all feelings rather than feel miserable and the loon dance sort of cleared that grot out. Now I just feel silly and then that makes me laugh. So it works and I do feel happy or thereabouts.

    So to the seagulls who fly in and poop on your review before flying out again I say good riddance. They’ve flown over my products a few times and I’m not even a New York Times bestseller so heck you are virtually throwing chips (fries) into the air.

    Now back to my “work”. I have a few projects that could produce an income. Let’s hope one of them coughs into gear and gets a wriggle on soon.

    I apologize in advance for the website below. So many gurus have had a finger in the pie of writing the sales letter that a dog would throw up if he got it for breakfast. That project is on my “imminent to do list”.

    Again, thank you thank you thank you for the happiness.


  71. Hi Pam (: Just wanted to say that you have made such a difference to my life. After the death of my son I was spiralling down into ‘the pit of no return’. Your books have given me a new way of looking at life and I am so much happier, life is not the daily struggle it was and I have been able to find some peace. Thank you from Moya in Australia (:

  72. Ummmm, it’s 84% Dear. 84% are five stars now, so do you care to raise? It’s your call. Bloody Aweful obviously folded 😏
    P.S. Lol, haven’t gotten the book yet, it appears I need an upgrade on my iPad or something, but gave all your other books and ain’t stopping now. Thanks for You! Paul

  73. Pam ,so your email just confirms you are human,have feelings that get bruised and can re circle and find your way back home.back to a place that tells the truth and gives freely with the pure no strings attached intention of just wanted to be of help.
    I enjoy your words put to paper as the wisdom and sense of humor reach my soul.
    I look forward to your emails and E2 and E3 were spectacular amazing reads and re reads.I am reading your new book and smile as I do and look forward to trying each game awaiting for its results!!!
    Dont stop now girl.Keep on keepin on.You are a gift and I am grateful to have connected with your masterpieces….Cathie

  74. Oh, Pam, I’m only 17 days into the 30 days challenge and now I wake up every single morning wildly in love with my life. I have received so many blessings – how could I have been missing them all for so long?

    There will always be those who are fearful and lash out. Bless them – they need it most of all.

    I have just started reading Thank and Grow Rich for the second time. Never doubt that you have touched many lives and we are all richer for it. Thank you. Thank you.

  75. Rock on Pam. Some people just don’t get it……I LOVED your bloody awful book. In fact I gave a copy to my friend. She will love it to.

    Everybody is on their own unique journey. Maybe the naysayers will “get” it when they’re in the shower, or they’ll get it next week, next month or next year. You are your brand and you’re the greatest!

    Barb Kasales

  76. Dear Pam,
    This really made me laugh… I wanted to order your new book and made the mistake of reading those strangely negative reviews, so ended up getting Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic’ instead. Well, I have tried very hard, but she just doesn’t ignite me or inspire me or whatever it is, so for me her exercises feel like serious hard work. (I’m sure she doesn’t mean them to be!). Anyway, I just realised it is your wonderful joyous, playful approach that I need,so have just ordered your book and can’t wait to start! Keep up your great work and maybe tell your publisher that ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, your book will no doubt soar to thousands of 5 stars! Your brand is love!

  77. We keep telling you, Pam (and we MEAN it) you are bloody wonderful!! So ignore the stupid reviews, they don’t get it, and that’s their own loss and journey. Your books are amazing, I love the way you write and I love it that you don’t pretend to be some super being who never gets knocked sideways for a moment by the negative stuff. We all do. But seeing the blessing in even the bad stuff is what you are teaching, and living. Show these grateful, loving and appreciative comments to your money focussed publisher!

    Incidentally, I’ve just started a direct sales business, which I love, but sometimes people don’t get what my product can do for them. After doing my AA 2.0 this morning I’ve had one ‘lost’ customer get back to me, and two people, out of the blue, offer to see my presentation (without me pitching it to them).

    With love

  78. pps Realised my review is on UK Amazon, where, Pam, you only have 6 reviews BUT they’re all 5 star – i.e. 100%. Come on Brit Pam fans, more reviews, please!!

  79. The Universe loves you Pam and I have proof. This story goes back to Oct 2014. I had finished E2. Loved it! On a business trip to New Orleans I picked up E3 and read a few pages. I’ll be honest, I actually whined that it seemed redundant and I was going to put it down. That is until the next morning at the hotel gym when the screen on the treadmill gave me the attached message. I was so floored that I snapped a photo and kept it as a reminder ! I mean what treadmill actually says View E3!!!! And it turned out to be one of my all time favorites – and TAGR is the best yet! Thank you, Pam 🙂

  80. Pam I am so glad that you confound the few closed minded negative people .You are a true inspiration and probably more inspirational than you realise .I have already bought three of your books and as well as being inspiring I love your sense of humour.
    Blessings and love

  81. Dear Pam,

    What a beautiful experience you tell us in this post, yes beautiful! Those people are our teachers, and the situation was a test from life. You passed it with honors, yaaaaayy!!!!

    And your editors worried about your brand?? what? Send them to me, please. I’m a Marketing prof and I’m thinking on you as a perfect example of “personal brand” for my class 😉

    I read and loved E-square looong ago, then E-cube and now I’m loving Thank and grow rich. It happens that I’m also a fan of Maneki-nekos after living in Hong Kong and I have one at my office door (sticker). It also happens that I totally love your book “The 100 best vacations to enrich your life” but it hasn’t been until recently that I realised that the author behind my E-squared and the others and this one, was the same, you!!

    It’s particulary funny because I love these so different topics and I’ve thinking on starting a brand new chapter in my life (leaving behind Academia) in order to inspire wider audiences. I’m on a mission! Making a difference it is 🙂

    Your personality also resonates with me. Cheerful, light-hearted, sparkling, inspiring, always in motion, experiencing life through curiosity lenses.. I feel that we have been sisters in a previous life 🙂 Let’s see if the Universe brings us together during this life-time.. we’d be an awesome team! 😉

    Big hug dear,


  82. Sweet Pam,
    first with E2, then E3, and now with Thank & Grow Rich – I always get multiple copies so while I’m enjoying your fun-loving words (love your writing style) and juicy experiments/games/stories – I’ve sent copies to friends & family so they can have as much fun as I am!!!

    Brand??? yeah. right. In the past I delved into that process for both myself and others (as all the folks-in-the-‘know’ insist is paramount for any author or business) – much of it is bullsh-t. The bs part is: worrying about how others perceive you, and twisting yourself into a pretzel (the salt-less variety-yuk) from the outside-in. When Being who you are, doing what you love, and sharing that – is the ONLY ‘brand’ anyone needs! Hay House is your publisher – and they worry about a few lousy reviews?! Has anyone there ever heard of John Lydgate: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. And I say: you can always please yourself, first, foremost – and let the love and joy overflow from there!

    Kudos to you Pam for turning your publisher’s ju-ju energy into multiple blessings – including me responding on a blog (which I rarely do). Hey – everyone reading my comment: let’s all login to Amazon, give T&GR 5 stars and a glowing review – RIGHT NOW. You know you feel it…

    1. Kristy here again – replying to myself:)
      after posting the above comment, I logged into Amazon, submitted a 5-star positive review, then went and read some of the poo-poo reviews…

      The common theme of those reviews is: they won’t maybe, possibly, walk on the wild side, get out of their box consider – that living a life you love could be S-I-M-P-L-E, could be E-A-S-Y.

      Why? If creating a golden-life isn’t about struggle, or complicated processes: how do they ‘earn’ or ‘deserve’ love and abundance? What standard or template or percentage scale of applied-efforts, or time, or experiential-dues-paid do they use to measure and accept that they are worthy of rewards and fulfilled dreams? Get where I’m goin’ with this?

      Yep – it’s always about self love, knowing and never doubting/questioning your worth. That simply being alive is the only validation you need. Like your creative test, Pam – “Are you breathing?”

  83. Hi Pam! I preordered your book Thank and Grow Rich the first day it was offered. And i too was disappointed. Not in the book but the wait for it to arrive! As with E2 and E3, this BOOK did not disappoint in any way!! It is superfantastic!! I bought the other two books many times for friends and family that couldnt buy their own and love to listen to their remarks when they try the experiments!! I have made believers out of most of them! Of course there are those that it just “doesn’t work” for. They will come around! They will figure it out after watching us for a while as we manifest awesome things. Cant wait to see what is next! The wait will be the only disappointment that i see!! Blessings, Love and Light to you.
    Kathy Nissen

  84. Thank you Pam Grout for prompting me to fully open the door I have had ajar for many years! The Universe is a vast and abundant place and, while I have always lived optimistically and manifested so much in my lifetime, I never felt 100% confirmed that I was supposed to remain in my state of joy and gratitude. I know now that I will never leave and believe always that the Source loves us and wants us to fulfill all of our wildest dreams and desires. I am also deeply grateful to the two beautiful souls that placed this book in my sights, Mary and Wes Kramer of my dear Savannah Georgia.

  85. For the record, I am finding your book amazing beautiful, simple to read, but profound in the way you use language to make things so clear. I bought “Thank and Grow Rich” from a locally owned book store, Copperfield’s, to help support them in our community. I’ve been savoring a few chapters each night, and falling asleep easily and having beautiful dreams. So keep on keepin’ on Pam- you are a blessing to me and so many!
    Hugs, Shoshanna

  86. As a novelist, I can attest that sometimes we allow those awful reviews to get under the skin. I had a reviewer on my last novel pretty much blame me for the demise of literature in the Western World. Course, that review was so horrible, we were all kinda laughing afterward.
    But those are often hard to swallow. Books we write are part of our souls. And we’re all human, no?
    You hit on the crux though, Pam. The Universe truly does have our backs–as long as we allow it to. And your practice has brought you to that.
    Kudos to you and the book!

  87. Bless you Pam Grout! I think you’re adorable and way cool.

    A fan. Vanessa from Perth, Australia X 😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  88. Hey Pam,
    We all get dinted and pushed around sometimes, but you can’t keep a good thing down!
    Love your work and you have proven to us over and over the circles we can achieve in our lives!

    Happy Days!

    Tammy xxx

  89. Pam I so appreciate you sharing you miraculous turnaround! I look forward to your posts and emails, I love the way you see life and infinite possibilities, you bodacious sense of humor and you honesty! Keep it coming <3

  90. Pam, ignore the ‘haters’ as Brene Brown calls them, they are not on the same wave length so will not get as excited as you and many of us do about the stuff you write about. I for one am a raving fan , I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! The first one I read was Esqaured, the Ecubed, then Thank and Grow Rich, the day I got an email from Hay House saying it was coming out, I pre-ordered it a month before! I had just entered into an extreme thanking and loving stage in my life and it came just at the right time. I couldn’t read it fast enough and now I am reading it again. All your books have changed my life and have been life savers. When I was working through some personal stuff and my energy and vibrations were down, all I ever had to do was to read a chapter or two from one of your books and my day and vibration would be turned around. I have read a gazillion books, mostly non-fiction and you are by far my absolute favorite author. Your fun, playful style is simply delightful. I have got most of my friends, I have insisted that most of my friends, to read your books, I just can’t stop raving about them. So Pam, a dear friend of mine Bruce Muzik said to me one day when I was having a similar experience, he said Deb, if you are getting criticism over your work or your writing, it means that you are doing something very very right! All that yin and yang stuff. So Pam I am saying the same thing to you, you are spreading light and love into our world, you are doing so much right! So keep going, use the critics as examples of you doing something right so just give thanks unto them too for that. Sending you so much love xxx

  91. Blessings Pam, just finished your new book and I’m giving it 10 stars, not 5. You’re writing is beautiful and comes from a place of love. Thank you for sharing your love with us and reminding us that the Universe IS on our side and wants to bless us everyday in every way. Xoxoxoxoxo 😘😘😘

  92. To hell with the naysayers. Your books have changed many lives and you are sooooo loved and appreciated. You are one of my blessings for today. I am grateful – thank you.

  93. I loved your book infact I gave it too my hairdresser ( who I only met that day for the first time ) I felt she needed it. Infact Pam your book literally saved my daughters life , she is a changed person…You are amazing and as they say …haters gonna hate … pffffffft to them you rock Pam 😊

  94. I read some of those horrible reviews. And I almost didn’t buy your book. After all, I’ve read so many positive thinking, visualization, the law of attraction, yadda yadda yadda. What could you possibly have to say that was new? And the reviews? Yikes! But something told me to buy it anyway. It is THE BEST BOOK EVER for me. I feel like all those other things were not working, and now I believe gratitude is the secret sauce. I read Thank and Grow Rich, E-Squared, and The Gratitude Jar simultaneously and things are starting to change. I’m reading them again. My friends are reading them. Thank you thank you thank you. Your book was the final piece of the puzzle.

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