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It’s time to set your dial on joy, gratitude, peace and love

“You can’t set your dial on disappointment while everything you’ve created is set on joy, gratitude and love.”—Esther Hicks


When Jimmy Kimmel was a kid, he was asked to draw a picture of God. Evidently, not an unusual request when you’re educated by nuns in Catholic school. In his beautiful innocence, he drew a dude in a sweatshirt with a giant “G” on it.

I love this story because it demonstrates how our perceptions of the “G” word play out in our lives. So many of us think of the bigger thing as a judgmental prick. Which causes us to run the other direction. Somewhere along the way, spirituality (God) took an uncool turn. And sadly, the Truth is the exact opposite. The bigger thing (the dude, the field of infinite potentiality, Source, the Divine, etc.) is nothing but pure and complete love that never judges, never wants anything except for our joy.

It wants us to become the very best version of ourselves. That’s it. That’s its only desire.

Which is why I wrote this book on gratitude. When we believe the bigger thing is looking askance at us, judging our decisions, we are on a different frequency. When we think there is something to fear (the dominant paradigm), we can’t see all the gifts and blessings that are ours to claim.

Already, the stories are starting to come in from the new book. As I say pretty much every other blog post, I am the luckiest person on the planet because I get evidence in my mailbox each morning that we are loved unconditionally—always, without exception, no matter what.

Once we start to believe that, actually let it into our lives, magic begins to unfold.

Here are a couple stories from readers that prove my point:

Story #1: “So today I was clearing out my desk, and getting rid of unwanted stuff. I came across one of my journals that I was using to maintain track of my experiments for E-Squared, and to prove my age of 14 (at that time), I had also illustrated how I wanted certain things to happen. So I really wanted a full 10 GPA (in India we have 10 as the maximum you can score) and had illustrated how there will be an announcement will be made related to it in school. Then I had also drawn myself walking in front of the Big Ben in London.

“Yep you are guessing it right I certainly scored a 10 GPA in my 10th grade exams though I am in 12th right now. And just this May my family and I went on a month long Europe trip, enjoyed Scotland and stayed in London for a whole awesome week. All I had asked for was London and I got to see so much more than that.

“So to conclude I’d merely like to say that I and in fact everyone can get whatever they want and sometimes the FP’s blessings aren’t limited to your wish alone, but a lot more than that–to be specific Monte Carlo, Paris, Florence and a lot more places. Thank you loads Pam for introducing me to FP.”

Story #2: “I was legal guardian to my only sibling, my sister Alexis who was learning disabled. Since our mother passed in 1986 and our father in 1990, she resided with me. In 2007, she suddenly passed away which was a devastating shock to me and our family. I took her passing extremely hard and I still, after all these years, miss her very much.

“Well, just yesterday I was sitting on the beach thinking of her and said:” Hi Alex, I love you and miss you very much. I think about you each and everyday. Could you just let me know you are okay and are with Mom and Dad?”

“After about maybe 5 minutes or so I looked up in the beautiful sky and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw a huge, I mean huge “HI” in the sky. I burst into tears because I knew it was my wonderful of a soul sister Alexis letting me know she was okay and saying hello. After ready both your E-2 books I have had many gifts given to me but this was the very best gift ever. Thank you Pam.”

And thank you, dear readers, for blessing me every day with your tales of magic and enchantment.

I love you all to the moon and back 14 gazillion times. Probably more.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. Aloha Pam I so love the new boom Thank and Grow Rich i did a review of it ..So good to have that boost, that Divine inspiration…you are such a blessing. PS I am so glad it was released in audio format as well…love your voice tonality.

  2. Aloha Pam
    I so love the new book…” Thank and Grow Rich”……
    I did a review of it …..
    So good to have that boost, that Divine inspiration that book provides……
    ..you are such a blessing.
    PS. I am so glad it was released in audio format as well…love your voice tonality.
    and the message of grateful living and feeling.

  3. Hi Pam Thank you for sharing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book. It’s been amazing just like you. Just got your new book. Meeting you is on my bucket list so I quess I’ll be seeing you soon. Life is good! Love Cal Merritt

  4. Your home is famous! Lawrence, Kansas was listed on a site called Thrillist as the most hippie-ish city in Kansas: Kansas

    *Lawrence* The town isn’t an outlier in Kansas because its residents have a strange aversion to wheat. No, the area around the state’s pre-eminent college town brings what’s as close to hippie culture as you’ll find in a state that wanted to teach creationism in schools. Its music scene was dubbed by the *New York Times* as “the most important between Chicago and Denver.” And while we can’t think of anything else that actually sits between those two cities, the title still sounds nice. The town draws acts that would typically ignore a city of 90,000, with names like Snoop Dogg, Luke Bryan, and Def Leppard headlining in the next month alone. And while the city might be known more for basketball than basket weaving, it’s still the lone bastion of hippie-dom in the Jayhawk State.

  5. Please think about having your books printed in large print. I would very very much like to continue reading your books but regular print is now beyond me. I’m 80 and a Sether and an Abrahamer and now also a Pam Grouter. Who could not love your positive happy healthy attitude to life .I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO LIVE THE LIFE OF PEACE AND JOY AND SECURITY AND ABUNDANCE EVERY DAY AND YOUR BOOKS ARE ACCOMPLISHING THAT FOR MANY I AM SURE. MUCH MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION SANDY

  6. Hi! I wanted to share my Own Personal Cosmic Joke that the FP sent me today, 24 hours after my request. While having my morning coffee, I ended up watching an old episode of The Golden Girls and laughed my tail off when I realized the episode is (in part) about the girls attending Rose’s “positive thinking for a happy life” group. Ha! The episode is entitled “Great Expectations” if anyone wants to catch it.
    I haven’t watched The Golden Girls in decades.

    Thanks for the assistance in reawakening my sense of humor, Pam! I’m loving your books and can’t wait to start Thank and Grow Rich!

  7. I lost my elder brother 11 years ago and been missing him a lot these days especially as he was the only one in the family who understood my core values and belief system. Inspired by Story 2, hence, will take help of Universe to find out if he’s doing okay wherever he is.

  8. Hi Pam, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and send you a quick kudos note to let you know how I have fared with e-squared. I have had so many cool experiences and synchronicities that I can’t even count them. But this is kind of a funny one that maybe you can relate to so I felt compelled to write.

    After a year of only having hot flashes in my feet, I got my first serious, full-body hot flash, and it kept me up all night. It was awful. My first thought when the alarm went off was, this is bull*t, I cannot have this. Then I remembered your blog post from the day before where you shared a note from a reader who was able to get rid of something using the techniques in one of your books. I had completely forgotten about that chapter. So I thought, thank you FP for the timing of that blog post, now I have tools to apply to this problem! I’m happy to report that it has been 2 months and I have not had another hot flash. Yay! Thank you Pam, Tracy


  9. Hey Pam, Thank and Grow Rich arrived in my mailbox two days ago and I’m already half through. I tend to highlight thoughts I feel speak to me in this kind of book, and a whole lot of the pages are yellow! Love it. Many thanks…

  10. I am enjoying Think and Grow Rich immensely. I am doing my daily Pam Grout mantra saying “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!” And awesome things are happening to me. And people keep giving me stuff! Cool stuff!

    The other day a new acquaintance invited me to go sailing with she and her boyfriend on Sunday. I love the water. But I also noticed, when the invitation was extended, my first instinct was to wonder if this was some kind of network marketing meeting I was being invited to, which I would not be able to escape. Or if it was some type of fringe chanting group… This is L.A. after all. I sat here, examining my innate cynicism, my knee jerk “don’t say yes yet” comfort zone, observing my usual process. Just taking it in. Then decided to overstep the cynic squatter and responded to my acquaintance, “That sounds cool! What can I bring?” Indicating I’m coming… even if it’s a chanting group, even if it’s a network marketing meeting…. I do love the water. 🙂 And it wouldn’t hurt to say yes more often and receive all the good that FP’s got for me. It’s a work in process..

    Still. I’ll let ya know how it goes. Sometimes my inner cynic is just a little bit psychic.

  11. Hoi Pam
    In Switzerland we say hoi unstead hello
    Well l listen to the esquare audio book ever night l just want to get this book in my neurological pathway, and when l get up.
    Just thinking about you l see butterflies on t-shirts and find coupons on the grount, l always able to payy bills and well l focus on wjat l already have
    Thank you universe sending me Pam’s books and her friendship on facebook and meeting her one day in person
    I am so blessed to have the pleasure to have all her books
    Love you Pam 💖

  12. Wonderful feedback and very inspiring…thanks for all the posts.Just moved to Cuenca Ecuador and need to make some spiritual friends here. Any suggestions readers???

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