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Why I always sign up for happiness and joy

“Future historians might conclude that our age suffered from a pathological need to repetitively seek out reasons for how bad life is.”—Rob Brezsny guestbook

NPR’s Ira Flatow produces “Science Friday.” I’m offering “Science Monday” with three scientific reasons to choose happiness this week.

1. Your brain, still running ancient “Eat lunch. Don’t be lunch” programming is not hard-wired for fight or flight. Two-thirds of its neurons, in fact, are malleable and CAN. BE. CHANGED. You man the dials and can train those pesky neurons to seek out joy.

2. The new science of epigenetics is proving that even genes are not set in concrete. How they unravel depends on their environment.

3. By taking time to register within your mind that at this moment “I have all I need,” at this moment “Everything’s actually going okay,” you can rewire your brain.By actively stopping for a moment and registering moments of “Life right now is going okay,” we can literally re-sculpt our neurological structure.

We wouldn’t walk into a wedding or a funeral and not sign the guest book. Why do we fail to register for all those countless moments when life really is just fine the way it is?

Once you actively start noticing those moments, you’ll find the years will take care of themselves.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the brand new, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. Hi Pam,

    Thank you again so much for continuing to send out such fabulous messages of fun and gratitude.

    These attitudes are changing my world from good to great, second by second!!!

    Would you please let me know how you formed a Power Posse?

    The more I do this “work” the more it seems that having a Joy Gang would be so good:)

    Thanks again and have a lovely day!

    My Best,

    Judy Lund


    1. What a great 64th Birthday Post for me to read. I woke up this morning remembering when the Beatles came out with “When I’m 64” and thinking that 64 was really getting up there and OLD. So, with a smile on my face and jump in my step I got out of bed and celebrated that 64 is far from OLD. Your post just solidifies how much the Universe has continued to shower me with sentimental meanings in life.

      I honor Wayne Dyer who passed on my Birthday by following your post with his perpetual calendar from Power of Intention’s saying for August 29th.

      “You cannot remedy anything by condemning it. You only add to the destructive energy that already permeating the atmosphere of your life.”

  2. Hello Pam, I recently had a FP moment that I would like to share.  In June of this year, my wife and I went to Chicago to visit our daughter, her husband, and our new 3 week old grandson.  Since it was now summer, I could not find a decent rate for a hotel room in Downtown Chicago, so I tried Air BNB for the first time.  Well I messed that up and booked a private room, so we were sharing an apartment with total strangers. They were very nice people but still it was very uncomfortable.  In my frustration, I told my wife, “Next time we come to Chicago, we’re staying at the Ritz.”  I had forgotten I said that, but my wife reminded me when I received an invitation to a business seminar in October from a company I do business with.  The invitation includes 2 nights at the Ritz paid for by them!  The FP never disappoints.  Thank you for your wonderful work.  We really do enjoy and embrace it. Joe and Jean FarhattSt. Louis, MO

  3. Pam
    How do I get a sign for the right deduction upon a job abroad..? Although my heart says yes still I freeze wether it’s the right or wrong. Do I test universe for answer?
    Many thanks

  4. Hello Pam.
    Every morning I say to myself:”This is going to be a great day! Something amazingly good is going to happen to me today!” And then I get to work and my mood and all my good intentions drop like stones. I hate my job! And it’s very difficult for me to get through eight hours with a joyful attitude at I place I hate being. I’m stressed and in a bad mood for eight hours a day . . . I keep saying to myself:”This is not the kind of energy I want to emit”, but it doesn’t really make a difference. How do I turn this around? All I want is “Freedom” to do what I want and be where I want to be. Suggestions, please . . .

    1. Dear sweet Elena, If you can find a kernel of gratitude, a tiny bit of willingness, that’s all the universe needs. I love that about the universe–that it only takes a minute opening. If you can change your story in any way, that will also be helpful. Good luck. I believe in you. And I guarantee the universe does, too.

  5. Hello Pam,
    Thank you for being who you are. I also never delete your emails /as stated in the previous comment/. I have already finished your new book /the Audible version – and thanks for your reply – I am the “Audible request girl”/ and started it again. This is also my advice for others: listening to certain audiobooks is an excellent way to “stay tuned”. So forget the radio.

  6. Pam, I just love the ripple effect that your work and blogs generate. The uplifting goes from me to everyone I see today. Thanks for your diligent dedication to making the world a better place, just by being your joyful self, and sharing that with all of us. Many blessings, my dear.

  7. I love when science finds evidence that supports the benefits of meditation and other spiritual practices. I’m currently reading “Buddha’s Brain,” and read “How God Changes your Brain” a couple of weeks ago. Would love to know what books you’ve read recently on this subject of brain plasticity and areas you mentioned in your post. Thanks for spreading the positivity!

    1. I just this morning finished Sam Harris’ Waking Up. It’s always a sure giveaway what I’m reading because I tend to tweet quotes from the author.

  8. Hi Pam, Do you know what I love the most about you? You write, you write words on a page that I can read as soon as I download my email. I don’t have to click on anything to access anything. There you are right in the in box. To me, that just rocks. I live next to the middle of nowhere north of Leslieville, AB. There is sketchy cell service up here and I rely on that to get my email, do limited surfing and so on. So when another email comes in, and I have to click click click to get to the possible message that I may or may not be interested in, I groan and move on to the next message. I’m very grateful that your blog comes in readable, ready for me to enjoy, giggle over and so on. So I’ll keep being grateful for your blog in my mail, and you’ll keep writing them, right? Ha ha.

    I love your blogs, love your books, I’ve gotten a lot out of them. I’m also looking forward to your new book arriving by snail mail, which I ordered yesterday. Also, thank you so much for spell checking, it’s a pet peeve of mine. 🙂

    I asked to see a rhino, and up here, next to the middle of nowhere, rhinos. One in a movie, one on a t-shirt, and the last one, a sticker on the back of a road sign. That road sign is smack dab in the middle of nowhere on Hwy 752.

    Linda M Foulis Beautiful Blooms http://www.beautifulblooms.ab.ca


  9. Love your post today, Pam. Newly subscribed to your updates. Thought I’d blow you a cyber-kiss of gratitude. Just doing that shuts up the “whiny-ass gloom-n-doom-my-life-sucks” voice that I’ve been sub-letting a space in my head for too long. Time to evict the killjoy.

    Thanks again! “Mwah!”

  10. Dear Pam,

    I have never chased down an author before, nor left wildly impassioned messages for a total stranger, accept once, and that turned out to be a special synchronicity! But I digress.

    A few months ago, my friend Myra and I began working to change our brains, our thoughts and imprinting, hence, our life scene, and we have been going at this like mad hatters. Recently, she discovered your book E2 and insisted that I get it and do it too. I am only in the third day of this quest and before I go another moment into this day, I would like to tell you about yesterday.

    After a very successful day of counting beige vehicles on Sunday, I lept out of bed ready for revelations on Monday. I looked out of the window and gasped, “Oh, no. It’s butterfly day and it’s raining cats and dogs. How am I going to see any butterflies on a day like this.” I went to work, looking all the while, but saw nothing. During the day I was so busy I did’nt go outside or look out the window. After a boat-load of meetings, I raced out to my car and onto the freeway. I decided to get off the interstate and take the country roads for a better chance to a butterfly. Nothing. I was getting ready to cry. Ok, I cried. I yelled. I told the FP to boot up a butterfly because my heart was going to break if I didn’t.

    As I came down the final stretch toward my driveway, a huge yellow butterfly swooped down and caught my eye. What? There it was amidst banging rain and purple skies! It was a HUGE butterfly and it wanted my attention. I pulled over and jumped out of the car with my phone and ran into the neighbors yard. Got it! A male Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail sitting on a Pride of Barbados that was lit like Marlene Dietrich, waiting for me to snap the shot.

    One waits their whole life for these things. I don’t have to tell you how I felt. I had the FP on the line and I’m thinking I might have heard a “My pleasure.” squeak into my ear.

    I am lapdog for this now. Thank you for bringing me to this… All better now.


  11. Hi Pam, I adore your book “Thank and Grow Rich”. I devoured it, in the proverbial sense of course, in less than 48 hours and I have been madly journalling my blessings. So much so, I now need to purchase additional notebooks! 🙂 I have noticed so many things, since I commenced my Odyssey of Gratitude, which I had previously overlooked/missed. I am about to re-read your book as I want to re-wire my brain and be on a more joyful frequency. Best wishes

  12. Hi Pam, Just a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful book Thank and Grow Rich. It is a joy. I am already seeing amazing things happen and shoots starting to …well Shoot! I have my Totem already a beautiful Compass pointing to True North.

    Love and Gratitude


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