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Notes from the frontiers of magic and enchantment

“When they go low, we go high.”–Michelle Obama

2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2You know that declaration I make every morning? That something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today.

Well, yesterday I was minding my own business after a fun breakfast with my pickleball pals and I get a message from an editor at People magazine.

“I know it’s last minute,” she said. “But would you be willing to interview Blake Shelton? He’s doing a pop-up concert in Kansas City. Could you possibly find time to go to the concert and imbibe in the free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres his new vodka company is offering to VIP’s beforehand.”

Ummmm……let me think about it.

You want to pay me to go meet a tall handsome man who sings?

I’ll bet you can guess what I did last night.

The point is, my friends, you never know what amazing thing might happen.

And with that, I give you a couple more fun stories about zeroes and asking largely, straight from my magical inbox.

Story A. “Being one who loves finding money on the ground, I usually have a habit of putting the coins in a bowl until I have enough for the coveted morning cup of coffee. Working at a school, it usually doesn’t take that long. After reading the experiment about asking the FP to show himself, prove himself and quit playing hide and seek, I decided to “think big!”

“So I asked him for a five dollar bill. I gave the FP 48 hours before I wanted to find a juicy, fat five spot lying on the ground. After all, I’ve read somewhere that you can go to the ocean with a thimble or a bucket – the ocean doesn’t care.

“Long story short, I was cruising through my everyday affairs at High School USA when there, right in front of me, sat a ten dollar bill. A ten! I immediately got mad at myself! “Why didn’t I ask for a hundred? Or a thousand?

Story B. “Hi Pam, thought I’d share our recent blessings. I read E-Squared about a year ago. I was thinking about re reading it, I have it on my iPad so no dramas. We were at the library and there on the shelf shouting at me was E-cubed.

“I got it out and started manifesting. I use my fridge as the sound board and write my requests on a magnetic white board. I started off with $2000 please. Within a month or so we had received that amount from various places, cheques, funding, rebates etc. I had lots of little signs in between.

“The secret joke between me and the universe had me in stitches. I decided to go bigger. I asked for gifts or prizes totally $7000. My son is a squash player and he is pretty tuned into the manifesting world and he wants to go to college in America under a squash scholarship. Out of the blue, he was approached by a private boarding school over there asking him to consider a fully-funded place there. He applied and yesterday we got confirmation he had been accepted. The rough amount they cover was not $7000 but $70,000! I suppose I did say approx. What’s a zero anyway? I’ve been telling my friends to “just ask the fridge”! Thanks Pam!!

And thank you, my beautiful miracle believers. Remember, ask largely!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. Pam, thanks for these examples! I know that manifesting works, and E Squared and E Cubed are my favorite books so far, but reading more examples of how the Universe has blessed plain, everyday people like me is very encouraging.

  2. Hi Pam !! Just wondering do you get emails from people that don’t get FP to work? My voice in my head just screamed of course not!!! The reason I ask , I have read your books,own them even the one on breathing even have your deck of cards couldn’t figure those out , can’t remember what if I tried but my point is I need a MIRACLE now , I will be out on the street by August 10th with my dis abled ex husband and Down Syndrome Daughter if I don’t find an affordable house with some lovely shade trees! Every night every day ok FP lets get that house … Nada -Zippo— I love you , your posts make me think it’s possible , but I’m sucking, so maybe FP will put this in your view before I hit the streets and you could throw out to your posters and all together we could pull a house off… ??? Susie

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    1. Not Pam here, Susie, but I’ll share anyway. Yep, it’s not hard to not get an answer from FP, but it’s usually (in my experience) because we are holding on to fear or not really believing or otherwise blocking our receiving. But those can be worked through!

      Try to not let the fear eat away at you. It’s possible for what looks like sure disaster to transform into a very positive result. Just reread E2 and/or E3 and keep the faith. And don’t forget to let the FP answer however will work best for you (http://manifestingboss.livejournal.com/3476.html). And since you asked, I’ll add your situation to my daily/nightly meditations.

      We’ll see what other positive advice Pam can add.

    2. Hi Angel, don’t think of any thing else but see your famiky n urself in that house and trees. Little birdie told me the moment t u makeup ur mind and see urself in the house day in day out, u will manifest in physical world. Love and light

  3. Love these stories… I have not read the book it’s on my to read list… from what you guys said, sounds similar to the magic or the secret, which I have found to be helpful in manifestation… can’t wait to get through my reading list

  4. I’m going to start asking largely(instead of small-ly) what the Universe can do for me so that I may be able to help my family more.Thanks for the constant reminders Pam!

  5. I have a fun story like yours .One a Monday at 5pm my boss called me and said . .I have a crazy question for you ..Can you go to Kauai for a week tomorrow??? My answer was the same!! I meet you in RI at the ITMI symposium and have been manife6a great life in the travel business…and we have mutual friends Virginia and Deborah 😎

    1. Hi Madeleine. I asked for a great gift. Something I was not expecting at all. So I was very curious what would come on my way. For two days I asked for it with all my power. Nothing happened. I was soooo dissapointed. But 3 weeks later I received my great gift. I guess I was not so committed … and my gift came a little later in the form of cute jewelry from my neighbor 🙂

  6. I have to read this book!
    I want to manifest an amazing job working as an assistant to someone with whom I can be inspired-like you, Pam!

  7. Here is my recent manifesting success: A couple days ago I playfully asked the universe for $5.00. Later that day my share for a group birthday gift was $5.00. I only had a $20 so I asked my boss if he had change for a $20, he said no but no worries, he would cover my share of the gift. I told him I would bring him a $5 the next day but he said nope, it was on him. I should asked for more than $5!!

  8. I find coins almost on the daily since reading both of Pams ‘E’ books, but the other day something fun happened that made me laugh. I decided while shopping that I really really wanted to buy a coffee. I only had $1 in my purse and wasn’t prepared to take money out of the bank just for a hot drink. So, I put it out to the universe that I’d like to find $5 for a coffee. I’m in the car park and looking for my $5, I decide to head straight to Target, a place I don’t often go to. When I turned the corner I practically walked into a sign which read,

    $1 coffees all day, today!

    I burst out laughing. I even shared my story with the barista who had a chuckle and a hot latte ready for me in under 7 minutes since making my declaration!

  9. If you really knew Michelle Obama’s background and history, you wouldn’t include a quote from her – PLEASE don’t air your liberal politics, let this be the forum which I think you intended it to be.

    1. Quit complaining and start living. If you are not happy in this site, find one is suitable for your conservatives views.

  10. Your stories and the stories from others makes me happy and gives me hope… I absolutely loved the FLOTUS words of wisdom… I have used them several times this week including now…. Happy manifesting one and all…

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