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Why I switched my morning newspaper habit

“Too many blessings, too little appreciation.”–Don Henley

6c073fad0d388ff49cc41e8a6285c674So yesterday, a guy from England tweeted this: “Switched my morning online news paper reading to ‪@PamGrout’s blog instead. It’s a much nicer experience.”

That might just be the nicest thing anybody ever said about me.

And it gives me hope that our team is expanding. Our team of believers who know that love is always the right approach. That possibilities are endless once you take your focus off the one story (it hasn’t changed in many years) dispensed by the news.

So go team!

I promised to send the P.S. to Michelle’s story. Here it is:

It’s Michelle from Germany, I wrote you in April about my plans to walk the Way of St. James and how the universe sent me beautiful signs. After 7 weeks I’m now back home and overjoyed I walked the Camino. You asked me for a report about my journey, so here I am;)

First of all, I must say that this pilgrimage in general was an unique experience, because you meet so many different inspiring people from all over the world and everyone has his own personal story. You walk across a beautiful country with great nature and you learn so much about yourself, your body AND your soul. So I can really recommend it to everyone. But I wanted to tell you about my amazing manifestations and experiences with the field of potential (Or how I call it : Dschinni and I feel like Aladdin). It would take too long to talk about all miracles of my journey but I want to list my Top 5;)

1. My body: well, I’m still impressed how my thoughts influenced my health on the Camino. I wasn’t an experienced hiker but I walked the whole way with almost no pain. Nothing hurt, my legs, my back, my feet, everything was fine. Because I decided on my first day: “I can do it! I will walk the whole thing and will not take the bus. By body is strong enough”. And I repeated it every morning. And the highlight was (some pilgrims didn’t believe me): I walked these 900 kilometer without any blisters on my feet. Not one! Because I worked hand in hand with the field. To reinforce this effect, I gave away all my blistering plasters and medicines to other pilgrims who really needed it. I’m so thankful!

2. My little gift: right before the city Pamplona, I did the experiment number 1 and asked for a little gift in the evening. By the way, I listened to your audiobook E-Squared almost every day. Some hours later, I stayed in a lovely albergue and sat in the garden. Suddenly, a pilgrim who was an utter stranger to me came to me and said out of nowhere: “ Hello. I’m sorry but do you know the Law of Attraction?” How awesome was that! We talked a lot and exchanges our experiences with the field.

3. My birthday: I also spent my 23th birthday on the Camino. 3 or 4 days before I said to Dschinni: “ Alright, my dear. What about a nice birthday gift for me? It’s your choice what it will be, just surprise me!” I had a beautiful walk on my own during my birthday. In the evening I chose a very small albergue in a little, nearly abandoned village. Suddenly, six of my “old” pilgrim friends stood in front of me. It happens that you lose each other on the Camino because of different walking speeds, plans or whatever. I hadn’t seen them for almost 2 weeks! And then they stood right in front of me! All of them! Independently, we all decided on that day to rest in the same village AND in the same albergue. So we celebrated my birthday together with a nice dinner, cake, singing and a lot of wine. What a great birthday gift from the field!

4. My free night in a luxury hotel: This was quite funny. Because I decided to try out something new and wanted to manifest a certain thing. So 10 days before my arrival in Santiago de Compostela, I asked the universe for a nice costless hotel. After all these weeks in the albergues (where 30 to 40 people sleep in one room) I thought I would deserve a little bit of luxury. But I guessed, maybe this manifestation will need more time so I did my affirmation 10 days before my arrival. But Dschinni wanted to impress me. Two days later, in Leon, I was looking for an albergue and met a pilgrim friend again. She is from Los Angeles and I helped her to find the right way and the albergue the day before. And she said: “ You know what? I just booked a nice hotel here. It’s a double room and you can joy me. It’s already paid. I know you’re a student on a budget and I don’t want money from you. You helped me yesterday, I help you today” How amazing was that, I was so shocked and happy at the same time! And the hotel was really luxury, much more than in my thoughts. But I think, my Dschinni likes me;)

5. It was a very hot day and my water was used up. I sat down on a bench in a little village and had no idea where I could get new water. Everything was closed (during the siesta, it’s really like in a ghost town, nobody was there). I tried to calm down and asked my Dschinni for help. One minute later, a front door opened on the other side of the street. A very old Spanish man came over to me, smiled and gave me a glass of water. So amazing! After I drank it, he wanted me to follow him. He leaded me to a hidden drinking water fountain where I could backfill my bottle.

These were just some examples from my Camino-miracles. Every day I experienced something new and remarkable, from little to big things. And with every day, with every step I lost my fear more and more. My fear of my future, of travelling, of failure. On the Way, there is an important place which is called “Cruz de Ferro”. It’s a memorial standing on a hill of stones. The tradition is that the pilgrim brings a small stone from his home to this Cruz de Ferro and leaves it there as a sign of his burden. So I left my stone there, I left my fear of everything there and decided to replace it with hope, trust and courage. This was very emotional.

Now I’m remembering something a woman from India said to me right before Santiago. “You know, Michelle, the universe seeks the perfect point of time for everyone to send him on the Camino. There aren’t any coincidences.” I think she’s right. It was the perfect time for me to lose my fear on the Way of St. James. But I’m not sure I would have do it without your books. They gave me so much power and trust. Thank you very very very very very very much, Pam!!!!;) Dschinni and me, we owe you a lot!

Blessings and joy,

Thank you so much, Michelle, for being an inspiration to all of us.

And with that, I’m signing off with my wishes for a weekend that gives you endless joy.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless

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  1. Thank you for that wonderful story. I have horses and wanting to go on the Camino trail on horseback.

    It has been a stressful year but working through it all with the help of your book and a book called Magic

    Gratitude is it….Thank you for all you do. I know the right time will come for me to ride that trail..


  2. Another great and inspiring story! I so look forward to your emails in my inbox. I am rereading esquared again..obviously my mind has too many negative thoughts but i refuse to give up! Looking forward to your new book as well! Thank you!

  3. This story brought me to tears. How wonderful! I need to re-read your book and LOOK for all the ways the universe responds to me. To practice and become besties with the field. Loved this story, loved how miraculous it was. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hi Pam,

    Awesome part 2, thank you so much for sharing Michelle’s story with us! I was reading a lovely book called “A Beaver Is Eating My Canoe,” a humorous compilation of true Canadian nature adventures and had a thought… Pam, have you thought of compiling these stories and anecdotes into a book? Kind of like Chicken Soup for the Soul, only about the FP? I think Hay House would jump at it, and I’d certainly purchase one. (and maybe a few more for my friends!) I would even be happy compile it for you – just throwing that out into the Universe 😉 Let me know what you think!


    p.s. Here’s a link to the book: https://www.amazon.ca/Beaver-Eating-My-Canoe-Inspired/dp/0973467169

    Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 17:50:42 +0000
    To: leslie.urquhart@hotmail.com

    1. It’s an awesome idea. And one that has crossed my mind. I don’t know if you saw E-Cubed, but I did have a whole chapter in there with stories. Many many more have come in since then. I feel so blessed.

      1. Do it, oh please do it !! I love the miracle stories, they lift me up every day. If they can do it, maybe so can I ! They give me hope and refill my energy tank !

      2. Please do hear opportunity knocking at your door. I would buy it for sure as well. It’s how we lift the world. One person at a time who can share how the Universe does work for you. First you have to put it out there. God listens to all.

  5. I dumped the newspaper years ago and have dumped many of the “inspirational” feeds on my computer–but you I read every time. Blessings to you. And thank you for sharing Michelle’s story. She gives me hope for the younger generation.

  6. Sooooo inspiring!!! I’m 52 and this brings me RIGHT back to 22!!! In fact it feels so good…I think I’ll stay in that energy …and see what the FP will do with it! Adventures are going to ABOUND!!! Thanks, Pam and Michelle!! ❤️👍

  7. I love Michelle’s story!!! It would make a fantastic movie!!!

    Thank you so much Pam for sharing it and reminding us of all the infinitely beautiful possibilities out there! I just forwarded your blog to my sister who gave me your book E2 as a gift that I so enjoyed and am going to re-read, then E3!

    Love your blog and thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Just bought yer book Ms Grout.

    Looking forward to reporting back some awesomeness!


    h Hugh Comerford Director and Principal Trainer http://nlpworks.com

    Providing Canada’s ONLY 20-day NLP Practitioner and 24-day NLP Master Practitioner Certification courses


  9. Dear Pam, thanks for sharing this amazing story. I have asked the Universe for something so that I can send you an email about my miracle. I’m done with the second book and have surrendered to the FP’s perfect timing. Stay tuned for my miracle email. Be blessed Pam 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Excellent story, Pam — thank you for sharing! I think your next book should be a compilation of stories like this that people have shared with you! Wishing you all the best, Annette Ermini

  11. I was wondering about Michelle’s Camino trip and how it went and this morning I got a lovely surprise with getting your post Pam. Lifted me so much not only for Michelle but for myself. Shed a tear for her when she wrote about her Cruz de Ferro, but Happy Days for Michelle! Good on her!

  12. What a fantastic read for a Monday Morning, since I wasn’t around to read this on the weekend. Inspirational for sure and I am thrilled for Michelle. E-Squared all the way. Pam you are always such a positive inspiration, no matter, so thank you for helping me to truly believe in the Law Of Attraction.

    It is Make It Happen Monday and I AM going to Make It Happen.

  13. What an inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing. I was reading your book in Japanese yesterday. I re-read your book many times. I learn something new every time. Thank you so much! Love!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing my story, Pam!:) my journey really was an adventure!
    Buen camino, everyone! 🙂
    Lots of Love,

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