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Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Episode 18

“I can’t just sit here vibrating with my own joy— I have to write about it, I have to share it.”
— David Mason 

Thanks to the filter known as the brain, I often fail to notice the amazing gifts I receive in every moment. Right now, for example, I am getting free oxygen, support from a chair, light from the sun, technology that allows me to communicate with you even though I’m here in my Kansas office and you’re in Bangladesh, Seattle or Terre Haute, Indiana. The gifts stream in on a continuing basis.

I recently heard it called “the miraculous imbalance.” At all times, we receive  far more than we could ever give.

I love when I remember that.

Luckily,  I get reminded of the largesse of the universe every morning. I get emails from readers  who share incredible miracles with me. As I say in my new book, it’s like having my own personal self-help channel.

When I get a moment, I like to pass these stories on to you. Here are three I heard just this morning:

1. “Remember how you told us in E2 how badly you wanted to travel? And that you found the perfect job that allows you to do so? You write from any corner of the world, yes?

“Well. I made that my mission. And like you say, ‘the universe is always paying attention, it always has our backs.’

“I got fired from not one, but three different jobs, and I knew I had to continue sending out CV’s and do what I had to…..but then it hit me, did I?

“Instead of sending out 10 CV’s per day, I decided to take naps. So, that made me have a talk with creativity which inspired me to launch my own online language business.

“It has been a year now. I take my laptop anywhere I want to and work from there. And it doesn’t feel like I’m working so much as enjoying meeting people from different sides of the world.

“It is so awesome. Life is so good to you when you are good to yourself, and trust.

Right now, for example, I am sitting in an apartment I rented in the beautiful city of Queretaro, Mexico.

2. “Your book E2 came at the perfect time for me. I am a small business owner and I was struggling to find personnel for my store.

“Inspired by you, I decided to create a vision board where I put pictures of the type of people I wanted to attract along with the affirmation “the person I am looking for is also looking for me and will find me”.

Within 48 hours, I hired a girl who is perfect for me and is moving from Florida to Massachusetts… to the same town where my business is! We are meeting in three days.

Thank you for your wisdom and for reminding me what I had forgotten: we are magical beings.

3. The last story comes from a member of one of my possibility posses. She just graduated from college two weeks ago. Last week, while taking a shower, she thought to herself, “I think I’ll start looking for a job today.” She got out of the shower and found a message on her phone from an architect firm (that she hadn’t contacted or even heard of) asking her to call them for an interview. She starts today.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment

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  1. Here’s one of my magical stories. I’m a fine artist and I’m introverted. I was at the point in my work where my watercolor paintings were “gallery ready”. Everyone advised me that if I wanted to find a gallery to exhibit and sell my art I would have to get out there and look. “You have to talk to the gallery owners or managers and show them your work. That’s how it’s done.” This was in the days before the Internet. I decided that I would have a wonderful gallery ask me if they could represent my work. I put it out there to the Universe. I kept doing what I was doing which was creating and painting. An offer came along that I should donate a painting to a fundraiser at the public art museum for a cause. I decided that it sounded like the right thing to do and donated a painting. They also asked for a bio and photos of my art. They produced a brochure for the event with my bio and photos. I forgot all about it and kept painting and creating. About a month later, another artist I knew who had gallery representation, who had also donated a paint to the fundraiser and I were talking. He had the brochure from the fundraiser event in his hand. He said he had showed the brochure to his gallery owner and she asked him to tell me that she liked my art and would I please send her my portfolio and art resume. I got gallery representation and a three person show came out of it. The gallery was in in an exclusive town in the Colorado mountains and my work sold easily. It works, if you let it.

  2. Your mention of the vision board in story #2 made me think of my own vision board. I noticed it the other day when vacuuming, and one of the affirmations I’d put on it a couple years ago: “All bills paid off!” I had to declare bankruptcy in April, so, after a fashion, all my bills are now “paid off.” I had to chuckle because I thought of the story you told in E2 about your smart-ass friend who wanted to sleep with two girls at once, and ended up in bed with his girlfriend and her young daughter.
    I guess it’s important to be very specific when dealing with the FP . . .

  3. Thanks for sharing inspirational stories. Nice to see other people achievement / success. Thank you

  4. Thanks for YOU! I AM enjoying my coffee while I appreciate the most gorgeous lake view.
    In a nutshell, I requested to stay @ the lake everyday for a month. Not just weekends. FP presented an inlaw in transition needing a place to stay for 3 weeks. Chaperone! Win win!!!!

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