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Signs from the universe are like whiskers—they keep coming back

“Consciousness is the ultimate magic show.”–Deepak Chopra

I got this tweet this morning:

“Was thinking ‘not so sure I see the signs.’ Then FLOWER PETALS appeared floating in the sky through my studio window.”

Not bad, universe. Way to make a point. Floating flower petals certainly work.

And so I felt inspired to share a couple stories about signs from the universe, one of four gifts promised in the new book.

A week or so ago, I was interviewed by Jenniffer Weigel. She’s an Emmy-award winning reporter from Chicago and does a podcast called “I’m Spiritual, Dammit!”

We hit it off so she sent me a copy of her book, Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side. It’s a great read and includes a story about one of the clearest signs I’ve heard yet.  She was feeling stifled in her job in the newsroom. But you know how it is? There’s the financial security to think about and she’d been doing it for a long time and well, she just wasn’t sure: should she quit or shouldn’t she?

She walked into the newsroom one day and said, “Okay, Dad (he had recently passed), I need a sign. I want to quit this job, but I’m scared. I need you to give me some sort of sign. Make it right when I walk in the door.”

The security guard at the front desk stopped her when she walked in. “Hey, Jen,” he asked. “Are you quitting today or something? Your picture is missing from the wall.”

Her news station features what they call a ‘wall of fame” with portraits of each reporter. Sure enough, there was a space where her portrait used to be.

“I’ve asked the other security guards and nobody seems to know what happened to it,” he went on.

Jen also turned me onto this orthopedic surgeon–Mary Neal–who died in a kayaking accident in Chile and then came back after going to the other side. Dr. Neal, like me, is a huge proponent of miracles. In her book, To Heaven and Back, she says a guiding presence is always with us, always trying to communicate with us.

Although she relates one miracle after another in the book, I’d like to share the following story about a sign, that like the missing wall of fame portrait and like floating flower petals, is anything but subtle. I like that in a miracle.

Neal’s stepfather George planted a Bradford pear tree at his home many years ago. He placed it right outside the window by the breakfast table, but had become dismayed because, unlike the other Bradford pear trees in the neighborhood, this one never blossomed. It got bigger and healthier every year, but it never bloomed. In fact, he was so dismayed after years of waiting that he told his wife, Dr. Neal’s mother, that he was going to cut it down in the spring and plant a new one.

Unfortunately, he died before he got around to it. The day after Dr. Neal and her mother had to remove his feeding tube, they sat down at the breakfast table for morning coffee and gasped. The Bradford pear tree that had 24 hours earlier been completely barren was bursting with huge perfect pink blossoms.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.


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  1. I turned on the radio one night after my dad had died. There was a speaker on talking about methods that the departed often use to communicate with the living. When the speaker mentioned pennies, I thought it would be great for my Dad to send me a penny. For about a week, I would ask my Dad for pennies, especially at night after a day of not getting any. Just a quick comment that I didn’t get my penny today, why didn’t you send me one Dad? That weekend, I went to a seminar and spent some time talking about my dad. I was disappointed that he had, in my opinion, given up on life. By the end of the seminar on Sunday morning, I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t grasp the concepts of the seminar. In my mind I determined that I would leave at lunch hour and not return. I just wanted to give up. As the leader announced lunch break, the person next to me asked if I wanted to go to lunch. Since I was going to leave the seminar I was ready to say no, but my mouth said yes. So we went to lunch and talked about what we were learning in the seminar. After an enjoyable lunch where we spoke for a long time, we realized that we were going to be late to the afternoon session. We ran out of the restaurant and stopped at a busy crosswalk. This crosswalk often had buskers there selling things, or singing, or asking for money. As we arrived at the crosswalk, I noticed that someone was doing some kind of art on the sidewalk. I briefly looked down and there on the sidewalk were thousands of shiny pennies. These pennies were used to make a sign on the sidewalk saying NEVER GIVE UP! I was totally and completely surprised to see that. The lights changed and I started to cross the street when it hit me, MY DAD SENT ME THAT MESSAGE! He knew that finding single pennies wouldn’t mean anything to me, that I would need to see something BIG that was impactful. This was the first time time I have every had a spiritual moment or a sign from the universe that there is a force beyond me and that I am taken care of. It was beautiful and I feel so incredibly grateful to have received such as wonderful sign from my dad.

  2. whenever I see that picture of you by the railway ..my heart miss a beat…you see 2 yrs ago I bought a magazine in the uk…I was living in Spain at the time and wanted to come back to uk..The villa we bought was for sale summer 2013 ……I sat under the tree reading about you and bought your books and here I am back in the uk..what I thought was impossible to do,because there were so many houses for sale and didn’t think we stood a chance of selling.. up on the mountains middle of nowhere…one of 4 couples that had our villas for sale and we were the first to sell,the others are still there, trying to sell and I thank you for helping me by putting in practice infinite possibilities xxxx

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!_such a wonderful early morning read for me. Just in time to reinforce my belief in the higher power . As I was checking my Facebook feeds ,was just thinking how nice it would be to find a post by Pam and there it was!!

  4. I loved this post. I read Dr. Neal’s book and loved that too. The signs are everywhere. When my dad passed away in 2006 – I was with him. I had sent my mom home and within 2 hours he was gone. I have always found that being with him at his passing was truly a gift. I believe it was a sign that I needed to stay on this spiritual path on which I travel everyday. Dad was a huge fan of Edgar Cayce, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, etc. I realized all of these authors are his “new age” authors and still available to all of us. About two years after his passing, on his birthday on May 4 (1929) my land line rang. I had to get up out of bed when the phone rang, only to find out that there was no caller there. The time of the call was 5:29 a.m. and the call came in on May 4. I found this a huge sign that it was my dad. There was no way that he would have known my cell phone number as his stroke did not allow him to recall things like that. I know that it was him. He called me at 5:29 a.m. on May 4 – Happy birthday!! What a great sign. I also went to a group reading (Mollie Morningstar). My dad came through and he was the 4th guest that evening. All of the things he shared via that communication was just further confirmation that we indeed can communicate with our loved ones and that they are only a whisper away.

  5. Now there are two more really interesting books I have to get. I have and have been working through all 3 of yours, am reading Joe Dispenza’s “You are the Placebo” and Amy Scher’s ” book. I get everything I ask for but somehow health has been alluding me. But I’m getting to the bottom of it.

  6. Just as I spend a day bantering back and forth with a dyed in the wool scientist about this type of thing, and me getting fed up about why he can’t accept bigger ideas in his ideas of reality, I get to see this post about miracles and signs being everywhere! What a confirmation for me personally that I am on the right path for my own life.

    Since we’re on the topic of the dead speaking back, shortly after my grandfather passed, my grandmother had an experimental eye procedure that went awry. When she went to schedule a visit to check up on her progress, the only available slot was months away. This worried her considerably because of the symptoms she began to see in her eye.

    The next day, someone called and said her name had come to mind. They had an available appointment in the next day or two and would she like to take it. Of course she did. After the appointment, she got home and went to drop her things off in her bedroom. As soon as she entered the room, there stood my grandfather who said these words:

    “See. I told you I’d take care of you.”

    Then he promptly disappeared.

  7. My first husband’s father passed away before we got married. One of the plants we received at his funeral was a tropical corn plant known for its large lush green leaves. A few weeks before our wedding, I noticed an aroma that filled our home with a floral scent, and mentioned that it reminded me of the overpowering fragrance of a funeral home. I found the source. The corn plant created some very unusual looking buds that were dripping sap all over the carpet and were definitely letting off the aroma we smelled. A few days before the wedding the buds bloomed in beautiful white flowers.

    We were having some construction done in the house and moved the plant to the bedroom for safe keeping. It was when we got the wedding pictures back that we saw the sign. While my husband was getting ready for the wedding with his best man, the photographer took a picture of him in the mirror, and right next to my soon to be husband was the corn plant in full bloom, as if his father was standing right there with him.

    I never heard of a corn plant having flowers, much less saw such a thing. I asked a horticulturist and he explained, that in the right conditions, it can bloom about once every 25 years. Well our corn plant bloomed for our anniversary for the next 2 years.

  8. OH ! Pam ! It’s me ! I was wondering if really those signs you’re talking about really existed or if your readers would just make them up, like “Ok, the sun is shining today, this is a sign !”. I looked up my computer, and there they were : pink petals everywhere in the sky… I saw one petal first and smiled. A floating petal, in spring, here in Paris : that’s beautiful. I wondered “Could this be considered as a sign ?” But then i noticed : there were not ONE pretty petal dancing in front of me in the parisian sky, but THOUSANDS of them. My smile grew bigger. “Ok ok, i thought, i admit it, THIS is a sign !” I smile again thinking about it. I’m known for loving exaggeration. It makes me laugh. It was as if the Universe (or God or ?) had just said “Oh wait ! I’m talking to Juliette ! You know how much she loves BIG stuff… She’s not really into tiny delicate little sign, right ? COME ON, SEND THE WHOLE BUNCH OF FLOWER PETALS, UNIVERSE !” So : Thank you Universe. And thank you Pam, for sending me this other sign that, yes, when i speak, i’m heard.

  9. Thank you so much for this article! It brought me much comfort! Yesterday I had to put my 15 year old dog down….in the late afternoon my younger dog, Pippa and I took a little nap. And when we woke up she looked out the window up to the sky….as I looked to see what she was looking at….there was a big cloud in the shape of a dog running happily in the sky! Just a sign to let me know that all is well.
    Thank you!

  10. So at the last full moon, I was set up to do a camp out nite in the backyard under the stars. I was feeling really sure that I needed to do a full moon ceremony to set the balance back in my life. So I did! I built a bonfire, I danced, I had a gratefulness time, I invited the gods, the faeries and even trolls to come play, and help me set the balance back into my life. As I laid down in the bed of the old pickup to watch and listen to the universe, I said “oh! And I’m going to need some sort of sign from the faeries that I’ve been heard & my request granted!” I quickly fell asleep. In the still of the night, screeeeeech! I awaken to a hideous squeaky belt noise. I lie still, look around, don’t see anything in the trees and then hear someone’s a/c rumble on. So I dismiss the awful noise & start to drift back into my lazy slumber under the night sky. And SCREEEEECH! Ok, I say “you have my attention, but I don’t see you.” So I change position and continue panning the backyard and trees until I see this beautiful owl perched in the Palo Verde across from me! “Hello! Aren’t you beautiful! Sorry I didn’t see you the 1st time.” Screeeeeech! “Are you my sign? And do you have any message?” Screeeech! I told him thank you for letting me know I’ve been heard! He then swooped down, back up over me and flew away! I was exhilarated and smiling beyond wide! I told the faeries thank you for such a lovely messenger at 0218 in the morning & I fell back into a peaceful sleep!
    And ever since, the signs are everywhere that my life balance is returning.

  11. Hi Pam!
    I love getting your emails – thank you so much.
    On the subject of signs; one day some friends had been discussing signs from the universe and I was sceptical about feathers being a sign of angels.
    As I was filling the bird feeders I noticed a pile of feathers that told me a blue-tit had met a sticky end. “Ok”, I said “if feathers are a sign of angels, show me a whole cloud of beautiful white, fluffy feathers and I don t have to think ‘ah, poor bird’ ” then forgot about it.
    The next day I decided it was time to switch to my winter duvet and pulled it out of the cupboard and pouff! – a snow storm of duck down burst out of a large hole (bloomin’ rats!) and filled the whole room. Well I asked for it!
    I definitely believe in signs now/
    Keep up the good work.

  12. I love reading Pam’s posts and normally I am really positive but two weeks ago I had a horrible accident depriving me of a luxury holiday and attending my daughters wedding. I have been feeling fearful of thinking about my dreams as when I dream big or try to change my negative thought patterns for the better something totally opposite happens.

    I read the above and said I would like a sign from the other side to say it is ok to dream for my secret desires and have to admit didn’t know who to call on that has passed as thankfully not many people have passed in my life time that I close to then I had a thought. I love Wayne Dyer and I was meant to see Wayne shortly after he passed and still attended what had become a tribute evening with Rob Holden and Anita Moorjani.

    At the end of the evening Anita said Wayne is available to all of us all at once now and I thought ok I want a sign from Wayne.

    As I read on something clicked and thought that I had just bought the book by Dr Mary Neal and been communicating with her on twitter so I did a search. It wasn’t her but I spotted something on the Dr Mary Neal I clicked on. A photo that said Never Give Up which related to the first comment I read above and not only that it was posted on my birthday last year.

    I thought this was my sign and then I clicked off the photo and then on my twitter feed I saw a post by Ali Brown which said

    “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing” – Wayne Dyer

    Flabbergasted and with renewed Faith

    A x

  13. Hi Pam,

    I love your work and I am having trouble finding a way to change my email to continue to receive your posts! I tried through “manage subscriptions” line but without success. Any advice?

    Thank you, Amy Borel

    1. I’d love to be able to tell you exactly how to do it, but I’m not totally sure. As I understand, you can either hit the RSS feed button or you can subscribe–maybe with your new email. Again, apologies for not being as tech savvy as I could be.

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