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Manifesters who do too much

“She would think things so hard that they showed on her face.” –Amanda Palmer


I got an email the other day from a reader of one of my books. “Help,” she said, “I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I meditate every day. I’ve made at least three vision boards. Every morning, I make lists of positive aspects. I’ve got a focus wheel (These last two are practices recommended by Abraham-Hicks). And nothing is happening.”

I was exhausted just reading her email. And here’s what I told her after I took a few deep breaths: All of those practices are fabulous. I’m an avid fan of Abraham-Hicks myself.

And I also know how tempting it is to work hard, to try, try, try.

But when we “try so hard,” we negate Truth. We put up roadblocks to all the good that wants to manifest before our eyes. It’s as if we go brain dead and forget that all this “stuff” we’re trying to manifest is already ours. This is important to say again. Everything you’re trying to manifest is already yours. It’s sitting right there in your field of potentiality, twiddling its thumbs.

But because you’re on a different wave length (the wave length of I don’t have it, the frequency of I’d better get on my running shoes and move faster, try harder), it’s invisible to your eyeballs.

All of us are already living the life most extraordinary (on one of the FP’s channels), but because we’re focused on all we don’t have or on what we’re trying to get, it’s fuzzy and not something we can put our hands on. It’s surrounded by static.

Just like a filmmaker decides which of many objects his lens focuses upon, we get to decide if we want to zero in on the stuff in the foreground (what we have now) or if we’re prefer to shine our lens on something else. We’re the cameramen.

It’s important to remember that reality is never static or complete. It’s an unending process of movement and unfoldment. We choose what to unfold, what to put in our lens, where to point our viewfinder.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. You are so right, Pam! I’ve seen this so many times myself. When I relax and “know” I’m always amazed at what shows up. Of course, it tends to be easier for what we refer to as “little things”!

  2. I recognise this! Totaly frustrated I emailed you and you said: let it go. Instead of trying so hard to sell your house, let it go. Enjoy your home and take care of it. Took me a while to do so, but when we decided to take our house of the market because the piece of land we wanted to buy was no longer available, we sold our house in a week! And even better, the piece of land was available again! So we bought it And are now in the proces of building our dream house. Thank you so much!

  3. THAT WAS SUCH A TIMELY BLOG POST! Thanks! I was at your workshop this past weekend in Reno (THANK YOU!) and have incorporated your sage wisdom of saying, “That’s okay…” Your answer to my question about manifestation. This blog post just builds on that mindset. We are grappling with financial stuff… so there always seems to be this sense of urgency (Why won’t the Universe respond immediately?! I’ve been trying so hard…). Now I can say, “That’s okay, I already have it.” Thanks Pam!

  4. Hi Pam, really enjoyed reading this. Been there myself at times as we all have! I see this try, pushing, making in hard thingy in many women that I work with…letting go of our own self-sabotage of creating a different style of road block the ‘try so hard one’ is so relevant, thank you for sharing so I saw it!!

    1. I heard Derek Sivers talk about the daily bike rides he used to take. In the beginning, he pushed himself as hard as he possibly could. He wanted to get all the exercise he could, he wanted to get faster and faster and he always timed himself. One day, he decided he’d just relax, enjoy the ride. His time increased by a mere two minutes. But his enjoyment increased exponentially.

  5. If you don’t sent the email or mail letter with your order it will never arrive. The last step of manifestation is to let it go and feel as if it’s already done.

  6. I can’t tell you how often I’ve fallen into THAT trap. Even now, I’m weeding out all this “trying” to really focus better, but I had forgotten the whole “you already have it” bit. A much needed reminder.

  7. See the end result (the desire) and then let it go and dance…giggle…do your thing. The happier you are the better you are…if meditating daily becomes an awful chore..it will never ever serve you well. It’s like running because you have to do it and you hate it (although healthy for your body…it will not benefit you in anyway if it is not done with love and joy). So know in your heart you will have what you desire because God(FP) is so amazingly awesome and loves when you are happy! Don’t try figuring out the how and why…just put your wish out there and let go. Be happy and grateful you already have it! It will come!!!

  8. I have fallen into that trap so many times lol! Just last night my friend and me were talking about manifestation. As hard as it was for me to “let go” I started letting go and things just seem to be falling in place bit by bit! Such perfect timing this blog post is !

  9. What synchronicity…..I just watched a video by Adamus on the Crimson Circle and he said the same thing….we humans have so many distractions as we try to get enlightened…many thanks for this.

  10. Thank You Pam for the reminder. Its so easy to focus on what we don’t have and forget that what i have now, i didn’t have a while ago. #E2

  11. Hi Pam I hope you see my comment. Last year I wondered what it would be like to be rich as I know I’m supposed to act it to be it. I thought rich people go to Chicago for dinner. I live in Ct. I chuckled. I thought of this only a few times and how nice it would be. Chuckle. In January I started my first ever book club with E2 and a few peeps. I happened to mention this and chuckled. The one lady I didn’t know who was brought with my friend asked me do you really want to go? My insides leaped. Yes!! She said she has flight privileges and would get us buddy passes. KaPow! Last weekend we flew, we food toured, we Prohibition toured, stayed at a Marriott and flew back first class first time ever! Even better than I imagined. LOVE this!

  12. Ms Grout
    Today I found a gentleman on youtube,”Redz2012″ who has a post on the law of attraction.
    This gentleman makes so much sense that not only have I subscribed to his channel but I have watched several of his videos.
    I do believe this gentleman’s videos could help anyone having trouble with manifesting and understanding law of attraction.
    Once again he is listed as Redz2012.

  13. I think we try too hard because we have doubts. Therefore for me the big question is, what can I do to release these doubts? In my head I readily accept the truth, that there is a field of potential also for me and that I deserve all amazing things, that I wish for. But my heart whispers: what, you? who do you think you are? And my heart ist stronger than my head and that is the reason why I so often fail in manifesting.

    1. The heart would never whisper “What, you?” The heart only transmits love. For me anyway, it’s my head that sometimes gets in the way

      1. Thanks Pam for your reply! You are so right. Thanks for this reminder. Maybe that is the real reson why I try too hard: I don´t listen to my heart! I am to busy with thinking! That is an important insight for me. Thank you!

  14. I’m grateful to have read your message today – it was a gentle reminder to change frequency, to breath, remain fluid and trust that the Universe has my back. Thank you.

  15. Hi, Pam. I enjoyed what you shared about the woman who was trying her “hardest” to manifest what she desired. For me what stood out, was what her actions implied about her deep beliefs: that it was going to take Very hard work, or that she truly didn’t believe she could have what she desired. Thanks for the great article. Art

  16. It took the death of my baby sister, my only sibling, to start my change(30+ years of meditation, Daily Word, affirmations, writing in my gratitude journal daily, etc.). At first, I was very upset that I just couldn’t accomplish my normal routine. Now I understand that it is time to allow myself to go with the flow. My preparation thus far needs to be fully absorbed. My intellect understood but my heart/emotions not yet. Thank you for sharing. It helps me know I’m moving into my heart where I need to abide.

  17. It’s so funny that you wrote about this exact thing. In fact my girlfriend makes fun of me because I am so firm in my manifestation practices. I feel that I do it all “right” and yet nothing I visualize, journal or ask for manifests. Then I lose hope and question if there really is a God or Universe or if what’s to be will be no matter what we do. I have both of your books which I almost threw out the window the other day because it doesn’t seem to work for me. And before I hear that’s because you believe that, I didn’t always. I’ve spent over 8 years studying and practicing LOA, quantum physics, NLP and hypnotherapy. I would love for my visions to manifest and I am more than open to receive, I’m excited and I’m taking action. You’re blog inspired me to let go and not attach to the outcome. If you have any other suggestions that would be wonderful.

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