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My new job title: deployer of miracles

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it,”– J.M Barrie

happiness-miracles-are-everywhere-marianne-williamson“Soooooo,” it always begins, at a cocktail party or a gathering of strangers. “What do you do?”

Most of us have a suitable answer we can pull out of our pocketbooks. Usually it’s a job—I’m an accountant or a teacher. Or maybe a zookeeper.

I, too, have that pat answer at the ready. It’s simple enough to tell people what I do during a few hours of every day. I write.

But every now and then when I’m feeling mischievous or wanting to start an unusual conversation, I’ll say something like, “I’m a miracle deployer.”

Deploy, according to the dictionary, is to position into readiness, to bring into action, to distribute strategically.

And that’s what happens when we talk about anything–be it miracles or woe is me! We deploy it into action.

That’s why I only want to share stories of miracles. And love. And possibility.

That, my friends, is what I really do.

And why I like to share stories here on the blog. Here are a couple that recently materialized into my inbox:

Story #1:

“I always walk my dog in the morning after I wake up, and during the walk, I usually buy a newspaper with cash, but this day, I didn’t have cash with me and was in too much of a hurry to go and get some, so as I took the dog out, I said to the Universe that it would be really nice if I could be provided with some cash to buy the newspaper.

“Then I took Pugsy out to our garden (which we share with 4 other households, but not very many people go out there), as usual. To my delight, I found a huge pile of coins in the middle of the lawn! It was enough to buy at least 2 newspapers. I said thanks and then took the dog out of the apartment complex and bought the newspaper at a kiosk.

“The next day, I said to the Universe, “I sure would be nice if I could find some more money today too.” I didn’t find a pile of money in the middle of the garden, but I found one-tenth that amount outside that someone had thrown away with a foreign exchange receipt (we live next door to a foreign exchange shop). I was delighted again and said “thank you” and went to buy my newspaper.

Story #2:

“Thank you! I never thought E2 experiments would work for me so did quite a lot of Byron Katie work to enquire into my negative thoughts just to be able to even proceed and when I get over the shock of it’s success I know it will change my life.

“For experiment number 4 you did suggest picking something small to manifest but when I thought about what I really wanted there was such an energy surrounding my desire I thought what the heck. I wanted a 200 year right of access across our land, by two neighbors, extinguished within 48hours to give my family some privacy. We had been talking with our neighbors about the possibility of extinguishing the access for over two years but the middle neighbor was never keen. That night I had a vivid dream that explained to me why I had chosen, not just this but every property I had ever had, with a right of access across it.

“Despite being happily married with two beautiful children, I had left a right of access open in my heart for a first love of some 35 years ago. The next day I noticed and heard a buzzard flying in circles above me, the same happened the next day and on the third I got a sense that I needed to visit an antique centre not far from me, only to stumble across a stuffed buzzard on one of the stalls. I got the message this buzzard is stuffed, dead, gone.

“A second dream that night ended with the question, isn’t it about time you stopped this. I got it in an instant and guidance told me that there was nothing else I needed to do. So, not 48 hours but just 90 hours later I had a knock on the door from one of the neighbors saying they had been talking to the other neighbor and his son and they both agreed they didn’t need access over our land any more. I contacted the solicitors the very next day, papers have been signed and I’m still dancing round the house. I am so glad I didn’t ask for a bunch of flowers as suggested. Yours still in shock–Julia xxx.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. I first read that as “miracle deplorer” and couldn’t believe my eyes! For good reason, apparently. Haha.

  2. Keep on deploying!:) It is your calling.

    My recent “E2 wink from the universe”: The other week my daughter was invited on 3rd birthday party in a week and I had had it with buying creative gifts that don’t cost a fortune. I wanted to buy a kite to get children moving, but to my surprise it wasn’t easy to get one. I found one in 3rd store I went to but it wasn’t nearly as cheap as I had set in my mind. Since money doesn’t really exist (right?) and kids turn 7 only once, so I bought it. Next day, after the party we went to the groceries store to get some bread and milk… And there was a stand with at least 100 different kites and there were all on sale…

  3. Miracles do happen in funny ways I guess! Two weeks ago I decided to do the Dude Abides experiment for the 2nd time and asked for a blessing. Some sign to show that all would be OK depite my current situation being otherwise. Simultaneously I had recommended E2 & E3 to a close friend who is very sceptical. And he had been jobless for 4 years and I had been praying that atleast this month something would show up. 48 hours into the experiment I got news that he had landed a job! I was like wow! Was that the FP’s way of sending me a blessing about a loved ones happiness! The FP sure like to have fun I guess and works in strange ways lol!


  4. Im soooo Happy that you are back, I have missed you 🙂 Thank you for another inspirational post that is making my day!

    Love you Pam… hugggzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. This story predates the E-Squared and the E-Cubed books but I still love sharing it although it happened in the early eighties when my son was in first grade.

    As a family we hit some dire circumstances. I mean dire. We had a high end BMW and my son went to a private school costing as much as college tuition. Suddenly there was an oil bust in the land of oil. My husband’s clients stopped paying their legal bills and their clients could not pay them either. GULP. Our finances dwindled quickly from cushy to broke. In a matter of months we didn’t even have enough money to put gas into our BMW. That was humiliating to say the least. I can recall partially filling the tank and paying with a baggie full of coins.

    The local market started selling ten cent hot dogs to help people make ends meet as much of the area was hit hard by the oil bust. We bought those ten cent hot dogs at least once a day as we didn’t have money for groceries. My son had a birthday coming up and I felt I didn’t have enough money to host a birthday party. I made a birthday cake from scratch with the last of our remaining ingredients. We had a humble birthday dinner at home with our unique little cake.

    I was having major doubts even if my overall belief was in an unlimited Source. I was determined to teach my son that he was prosperous no matter how things appeared at the moment. My son, in his first grader way, took it to heart. No matter where I took him he would manifest money. At school Santa gave them all five dollar bills to open a bank account at one of the banks that a parent of one the students owned. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of money but that would be about twenty dollars in today’s money.That tells you how broke we really were! It was the first paper currency we had seen in days! As we had zero money, five dollars was an amazing amount. It was touching that our child was lending us five dollars. We felt pathetic but grateful that he was lending us money. The next amazing manifestation was when I brought my son with me to see my friends at a fast food restaurant. He sat down at the round booth and stuck his hands down the back of the booth between the back and the seat. Voila! He started pulling out quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies! Lots of them. He said, “Look what my prosperity bear gave me!” as he showed us the many, many coins. I asked him about the “prosperity bear”. He showed it to me. It was a tiny, little, teddy bear punched out of glittery foil. That teddy bear would find money in the street, in pockets, out of thin air it seemed. On another occasion we went to visit a friend. I rang her front door and my first grader noticed a bunch of dollar bills in the flowerbed. He ran down and picked them all up. When my friend opened the door he handed her a handful of bills and said he found them in her yard. She was so thrilled that she ran inside and brought back a big handful of coins in exchange for giving her the dollars. I think that might have been an answer to her prayer. My husband and I were still broke and couldn’t manifest much money but my son had no worries. We soon were able to prosper again.I don’t recall the details. That prosperity bear and my son’s believing attitude made an impression on me which has lasted some thirty years later.

  6. My husband always likes to ask (and I started doing it, too) “So, what do you do for fun?”

  7. great stories…please share more of them…it is so inspiring for people like me who are running out of gas…it sort of strengthens the belief in the principles that pam is propagating. I wish there was a pdf or something of peoples success stories using E2 principles. It would be an ideal pick me up when you are in low spirits.

    1. Hi Praveen–I don’t know if you’re had the chance to read E-Cubed, but there’s a whole chapter in there. (It’s called Well, Duh!) that has stories about readers and their experiments. I wish I had time and space to share ALL the stories. There are SO MANY! It really has changed my worldview. Anybody who thinks the universe is anything but abundant, unlimited and strangely accommodating is not paying attention. Blessings, my friend!

  8. Greetings: I thought I would share my story here as well. I just lost my job and was afraid I could not pay the rent. It was a hard time anyway because I had just escaped a codependent, abusive relationship that spanned over two decades in a beat up car with the clothes on my back. Normally I would have panicked, but not on that day. Instead of jumping off of something tall, I decided to just ask the universe to meet my needs. Then I deliberately tried to relax and let go. I tried to feel as if my request were already met and act the way I would if I had the money to pay the rent.  Long story short, my father (who had rarely called and never showed any inclination to help) called out of the blue and asked me to drive several hours for a visit. I told him I did not have gas money and he replied that he would not only pay for the trip, but would add the exact amount I needed to pay the rent! (Please note, I did not ask nor did I tell him anything about the rent.)  On the way down I decided to ask for another sign just for fun. I asked for a buffalo to show up that very day in some way (reasoning that it was unlikely to see a random bison roaming about). Just before leaving my father took me aside and not only gave me the money I so desperately needed, but handed me, get this- a solid silver ingot with a buffalo stamped on it. He said he wanted me to have it and that he loved me. I do not know of another time in my life when he had said those words.  I was stunned and grateful to say the least. After that, it was on. When I gt stuck I remember that coin and ask for the direction and help I need and it always appears. WOOT! WordPress.com | psgrout posted: “”The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it,”– J.M Barrie“Soooooo,” it always begins, at a cocktail party or a gathering of strangers. “What do you do?”Most of us have a suitable answer we can pull out of our pock” | |

  9. Hi, I wanted to share my story because it shows a great ripple effect from the Universe.
    My son had been avidly collecting Lego for years, however he had reached teen years and it no longer captivated him, subsequently his room was stuffed with Lego that was never touched,making the room overcrowded. I decided to gather it all together and remove it from the room creating a lovely clutter free room. I was happy, but now I didn’t have space to put it elsewhere, I left it out in my lounge in a corner and said to my daughter wouldn’t it be amazing if we could sell this,but it was January so generally people don’t have spare cash right after Christmas…..so I said out loud “what we need is a Lego enthusiast that has spare cash right now” we placed an ad on Gumtree putting what we thought was a ridiculously high asking price just to see what happened and within minutes I had replies, one offered very near the asking price and wanted to come that evening…. I expected a man, but when I answered the door a five year old boy with his mum came in, the boy was absolutely ecstatic about the Lego ( he was the enthusiast I asked for). My son now had cash he needed to buy an Xbox, my daughter’s boyfriend wanted to sell his as he had barely used it and so he had cash to pay for driving lessons that he really needed, we were a very happy and amazed household that night!!!

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