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Do your beliefs provide the circuitry for your greatest good?

“Hard is relative.”–Shonda Rhimes

I’m more or less illiterate when it comes to anything electrical. I know what a plug looks like and I know how to attach it to a wall socket. Beyond that, I draw a blank.

But there’s a device used in electronics that provides a good metaphor for understanding why some intentions are so easy to manifest and why others seem darned near impossible.

The device is called a resistor and basically (All you electricians out there, please forgive my simplistic explanation) what it does is reduce the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit. Resistors limit the number of electrons that can flow past a given point at any one time.

Our beliefs about ourselves and about the way the world works serve as resistors, blocking the flow of the world’s limitless abundance. Our beliefs are the brakes that stop the natural, always-flowing current of good.

Let me give you an example. Most people believe money is limited and hard to come by. That’s a resistor.

On the other hand, they don’t believe health or intelligence is limited. Just because I’m healthy doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy, too. Steven Hawking’s brilliant intellect doesn’t prevent Matt Groening or Steven Spielberg from using their brain power.

But when it comes to abundance, the belief there’s only so much to go around is a big, fat resistor, much better at blocking the flow than tungsten, carbon and other popular resistors.

The other family-size resistor is believing you know how to best accomplish a particular goal. Let’s take traveling, a popular intention for many. Most people I talk to believe the best way to become a world traveler is to get a job so they can accumulate enough money and vacation time to visit say, Cape Town or Monte Carlo or even Denver, Colorado.

I, on the other hand, had no expectations one way or another. I knew I had a burning desire to travel, but I had nary a clue how to make that happen. What I did have is the wherewithal to acknowledge I had no clue. It was abundantly clear to me that if I was going to jet around the world, my only option was to give it up to the universe.
I let it go completely, trusting the universe was a heck of a lot smarter and more abundant than me.

Instead of following the “accepted path” of slaving away and accumulating money and vacation time, I now travel for free. The universe led me into travel writing, an occupation I’m not even sure I knew existed when I first made the declaration that I wanted to be a world traveler.

Money? Who needs money?

In the world of electronics, resistors sometimes come in handy (they can create heat and light), but for me, who longs for a life of ease and grace, I prefer to keep the flow as wide open as I possibly can.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder, Pam.
    My wife, daughter, and I are ready to receive the abundance of the universe. We’ve turned off the resistors and opened the floodgates to let the joy in!

  2. Great metaphor. It explains why things appear that we’re not at all invested in, that are merely mild preferences. Like, I looked at a gold-and-diamond necklace on a website, admired it, then clicked away and forgot about it until I found THAT gold-and-diamond necklace on the ground the next day. Not a facsimile of a gold-and-diamond necklace. Nice! And no resistors in my circuitry.

  3. I believe there is MORE than enough health, wealth and happiness to go around and I am open to all that the universe has to offer me with plenty to spare and share! My circuits are Wide Open!

  4. You reminded me that I wanted to visit all my nieces + nephews at least 4 times a year, without having to leave my dog to do it, and without spending all my time away from home. I remember crying on an airplane because it seemed impossible but then I let it go. Then somehow, a few years later, I spontaneously moved back “home”. Where everyone comes! So now I get to see half of my nieces + nephews pretty much every week and the other half much more than I did before. It is so wonderful.

  5. This is incredible that you are using resistors as a metaphor and the intention to travel -and lack of monies to do so- as one of the metaphorical resistors. I have just recently been exposed to electrical circuitry for the first time in my life and have had a burning desire to travel long term and/or often with my girls for quite a while now. That you chose to tie these two together -and that I just so happened to come to your blog to find inspiration and relief- is utterly amazing. Thank you for your post (for all of your posts). This visualization of limiting thoughts as resistors will stay with me indefinitely. I also appreciate the reminder to release my desires and believe the universe will support me in their realization. That the ‘how’ doesn’t have to/need to come from me.
    Love and Gratitude,

    1. Funny you should ask. It’s the topic of my new book. But in a nutshell we must take our attention off limitations and be grateful for all we do have. The fact we’re alive and breathing is a miracle and a true gift. We won the lottery of life and get this chance to expand the universe.

      1. Yesterday I put thank you notes on things like my fridge and in each of my rooms. I put some at the library and in the trash dumpster. And on some trees. It sure felt good!
        -the DarkLady

  6. Pam.. dear, when is your new book due to come out?

    Also I saw Oracle cards ~ E2 ~ for purchase online….are these your manifestations?

    Love, love your stories and love you.

    1. Love you, too Brit Bunny! The Oracle deck is indeed a product that sprang from a creative collaboration with Colette Baron-Reid, a wild and wacky oracle who predicted the success of E2 long before it happened. And the new book is due out in autumn of next year. Stay tuned!!!

  7. Pam,
    Your inspired posts always leave me feeling more joyful, so I thought I’d pass this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzpBCr8P4WA onto you. You’ve probably seen it but it brings me joy and makes me smile big time (it’s also a good holiday calorie burner). Our individual creativity always leaves me smiling!


  8. hi Pam, how did you put to the universe the ‘world traveller you wanted to be?’ I have put abundance and world traveller as well yet why has this not happened? Am I doing something wrong? I always look at my board and release my desire everyday to be a world traveller taking my daughter with me. I desire to travel on my art… what is the process….? love n lightRach

  9. Dear Pam,

    Thank you for generously sharing such inspiring wisdom all the time and helping everyone open the door wide open for magic in our lives! When will your next book about gratitude be available? Thanks again!!


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