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Abundance is in our consciousness waiting for our us to withdraw

“How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.”
― Charles Eisenstein
As most of you regulars know, I just completed my next book. It’s about how getting on the frequency of gratitude and joy creates abundance of all kinds.

Financial capital is, of course, part of the equation, but it’s not the biggest or the best part. Most of us have money blown WAY out of proportion. As Grace Bell once said, we view money as if it was a god or some kind of unattainable movie star.

My new books discusses all kinds of capital—creative capital, social capital, having loads of fun capital.

And since I’m heading out soon to enjoy some of that having loads of fun capital (I’m going to Virginia and D.C. for a travel story), I’d like to share a couple stories (about capital) that recently came my way.

1. The first is from the woman in the picture. She used the Abracadabra principle from my book, E-Squared, to receive $100.

2. Next came from celebrity hypnotist Scott Schmaren who says: “Reading E2 has helped me more than quadruple my business, have multiple appearances on The Howard Stern Show, Coast to Coast Radio, Fox News and more. It has given me the opportunity to help more people and have their lives touch mine.”

3. This is from a beautiful soul who attended SHINE Miami: “I just wanted to write you to tell you that what a miraculous experience it was meeting you on Sunday. The event- SO FUN! I just can’t get over how exciting the energy was. On the way there, I asked my mom to “focus on things she wants from the FP, like a vacation”. Absolutely couldn’t get over it when they called her name for the grand prize which was a Royal Caribbean gift package.”

4. Last story comes from a woman who decided she wanted an all-expenses trip to celebrate her upcoming wedding anniversary. After a bit of changing her mind, she finally decided on Arizona, decided she needed $4000 to cover the trip.

The next day, while at work, her boss came into her office. He personally thanked her completing a major project and on behalf of the company was pleased to offer her a mid-year raise for—you guessed it, $4000

Thanks everyone for sending me your amazingly awesome stories. As I often say, I feel like I have my own personal self-help channel right in my inbox.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove

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  1. Holy Universal Energy….Batman….I was just saying …I hope that you are writing a new book…I’ve read E2 and 3 so many times that I can recite it chapter and verse. I’m putting it out there that I should be the first to receive a signed copy as soon as it comes out….just saying.

  2. You have so awakened my learning to just focus on what I love doing…and all of these doors of abundance keep opening up and pouring forth more of what I love to do. Plus the wherewithal to do it!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… You’re emails are one of my major sources of inspiration!!

  3. So excited for the next book, and the next book, and the next! And one day, to have a cup of coffee or a walk and talk with you, laughing and dreaming!

    1. Heck yeah! I look forward to that in a big way! Two Pams would have even more unstoppable energy than just one!

  4. nice post- i think it takes some one like the people who came into your life to change our ideas about what we think is possible.

  5. We talked back late 2013 and planned for the Universe to send you to VA so we could put our positive energy into a best selling book series!! “IT’S TIME to Make it HAPPEN!!” Can’t wait to see you!!

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