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Two more reasons to believe in magic and miracles

“At any time I still expect that the no-talent police will come and arrest me.”—Mike Myers

I chose the Mike Myers quote because my hosts in Japan just sent me the video they produced to open my talk this Friday in Tokyo. According to the translation, the last line says, “The World Top Master Pam Grout is here for the first time in Japan.”

I almost fell out of my chair. They must have me confused with someone else. Some other Pam Grout. I’m just a writer who likes to share stories about magic and miracles.

The only part that rings true is that I will be in Japan for the first time. Or wait? Even that’s not 100 percent true, since I did have a brief layover at the Tokyo airport when I went to Hong Kong for a travel story a few years ago.

Studies show that more than 70 percent of us suffer from what’s known as impostor syndrome. Which means, in reality we are ALL way cooler, more talented, more masterful than we think.

So now that I’ve re-composed myself, I’d like to share a couple E2 stories that recently landed in my inbox:

The first story comes from Aakriti:

I am a freelance writer based out of New Delhi, India and earn my living writing various gigs for websites and clients based all over India. Around 4-5 months ago, a client took all my work and vanished off the face of the earth without paying my due. It was a significant amount, so it goes without saying, I was devastated.

Your first experiment asked me to just wish anything I want and order the FP to grant my wish within next 48 hours. Now let tell you what happened;

1. I read the first experiment; opened my mind; started imagining a big field around me charged with good vibes and ordered it to get me my due check within next 48 hours.

2. Hardly around 2 minutes later, my cell rang. The message is from my bank; 10,000 bucks have been credited to my account.

3. I went berserk, opened my online bank account to see where the money had come from, and there it is. It came from the same client who not only ran away with my work but also refused to take my calls, answer my emails and texts and avoided me for past 5 months.

I am unable to tell you how powerfully connected to the world I am feeling right now. I am here, I am breathing and I can see things which were not visible to me just hours ago. And I have not even completed the book. It took just one experiment and I fell so hard I am laughing like a maniac right now.

The second comes from Dorothy:

I recently returned to teaching in a traditional classroom in Pennsylvania after teaching ballet, acting, musical theatre, and piano classes at a large performing arts school in Massachusetts for fifteen years. My new position teaching academic subjects to second grade students is joy-filled and fulfilling. But I miss teaching dance.

So on a Wednesday in July this summer, as I was driving to my traditional classroom to check on delivery of supplies for the coming school year, I said out loud, “Oh Universe, I miss ballet. I want more ballet in my life. Thanks for taking care of that.” And I went on my merry way.

On Saturday of that week, I went to see a childen’s show production at a local regional music theatre (The Media Music Theatre Company). It was a very good production, so I waited to congratulate the director on such a fine job. During the conversation with him, I mentioned that I had taught children’s classes in the performing arts. He asked if I taught dance, and when I said yes, he asked me to send my resume and information to him.

That was Saturday afternoon. By Sunday morning I had the job–teaching ballet and tap (eleven classes per week) Monday through Friday afternoons and evenings at the theatre’s recently opened school. Just that quickly, the amazing organizing powers of the Universe delivered the perfect circumstance for my “more ballet in my life” desire to manifest.

Thank you, Aakriti and Dorothy for sharing the love.

And, dear readers, if I don’t write from Japan, I’ll check in as soon as I return.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Those stories are great, they must be really good at doing the experiments, I have done them but with no results. Can’t figure it out.

    1. Me, too! I have had many synchronicities in my life , but I just can’t seem to direct the old FP to give me what I want. And I truly believe that it works for many.

    2. Hi Linda, If you feel stuck, it’s a good sign to go out and have some fun. Just use the two magic words (It’s okay!) and let it go for awhile. The crockpot principle often works for me. Set it and forget it.

      1. Hello from Old York, Olde England,

        having just read E Squared, I’ll now go back to page 1 and start doing the experiments. I now know what I needed that straw from my local McDonlads restaurant for. I have E Cubed waiting but one step at a time.

        i did want to say that a phrase frm your E2 book resonates – believe it then you’ll see it. Strange, because that phrase is also a key phrase in one of the CD lessons I bought recently from Dr Robert Anthony. So I’m guessing its all about convincing your subconscious its already happened by believing its happened already (plus one or two affirmations every hour until the subconscious finally gives in and says ‘OK OK enough already, I get it!’)

        All i need to do now is come up with a way of silencing and eradicating the ‘Yes but look at the reality of your bank account never mind all that mind and spirit mumbo psychobabble!’ – and I’ll be well on my way on my new journey 🙂

        Thanks for both books Pam – i look forward to the experiments and the E3 book 🙂

    3. Yes, I tried some of the E Squared experiments and none of them worked for me either. Any ideas where I might be going wrong, Pam?

  2. Holy wows! These are so inspiring! I’ve been a little ‘askeered’ to even try the experiments, but this is a sign to go ahead and get started. Fun!

  3. Love reading new happy stories…
    Enjoy your trip Pam.. You are the “World Top Master” to us too…
    WE ~Believe

  4. Hello Pam and Psgrout!
    I read your books and i notice so much change in the persons who try ! But I only get little things! Problably the problem is in my mind, that think that little things are possible but the major things aren’t for me!!!! For instant I’m waiting for a answer since friday and I’m tryng to keep calm but it’s very dificult becouse is something that I really want… What’s your advice for me in this situation! Thank you very much for your time.

    1. Exactly! Me, too. But it’s not so much a case of “That’s ‘too big’ to manifest” as it is “I MUST have so-and-so.”
      It seems the little things I want that occur to me in passing, almost as an afterthought (“Gee, it’d be nice to have a parking spot up front”) happen almost instantly, but things that really, really matter (money, a job, the return of a lost cat, for instance) remain elusive. Is that it? The desperation involved in needing these things somehow keeps them at bay?
      I have a feeling that’s it, and need to re-read your books to see how to deal with that. “It’s okay” helps sometimes, but not always.

  5. HI Pam! I’ve commented before on your FB page, read both E2 and E- cubed, awesome! I have this note I wrote on my desk about “FP”ing and I’m not sure if it came from you or another related book but it was about this lady who entered contests all the time and won constantly! Her mantra was “Select, Project, Expect, Collect”! and I thought it was so applicable here, and maybe an easy way to remember what we are doing when we are manifesting! Hope it can help someone! Peace

    1. Dear Pam,

      Hi from Japan! I am writing this before going to bed on Sep. 30.

      Am I dreaming with my sleepy head? Wow, are u coming to Japan this coming Friday?

      Although I am not living in Tokyo , I hope or believe that I would be able it share magic and miracles then.

      I am ready to be surprised by FP🌟💫


  6. Hey Pam’ Thank you for your books! I want to share this happy ‘miracle’ with you. My husband had been trying for over a year to find work while finishing his PhD.Nothing. I gave him both your books to read along with others and he read them but it didn’t sink in. At one point he told me to stop being such a f*!* cheerleader for the universe but I couldn’t and continued to pack up the house, we were moving to a colder climate I had been ‘told’.Then I found out he hadn’t looked (2 exceptions) for jobs outside of Texas, his home state. I felt as if he were having an affair but with a state! Anyway, after yet another rejection, I sat down with him and told him the IF could not help him until he was ready to let go. To his credit, he did and went and applied for a job that had just popped up online.That Saturday evening they called him.Then Sunday -I mean who calls on a Sunday?! and by Friday he was in MA going over his perfectly tailored new role in life. I type this while wearing a sweater, yeah! I just have to learn to get out of my way and say thank you for the daily miracles! Best, Gianna

  7. I’ve been reading your book, and I’ve just finished trying the first experiment (the one about giving “the Force” 48 hours to “put up or shut up.”)

    I completely expected evidence — no evidence arrived.

    Now what?

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