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There is no “other side”

“Death isn’t as serious as you think it is, honey.”—Billy Fingers

In E-Cubed, the follow-up to E-Squared, I talked a lot about Worldview 2.0, the quantum viewpoint of life. That everything’s connected, that all we see and experience is just a temporary modification of the one fundamental energy.

One of the most ridiculous, yet cherished beliefs in Worldview 1.0, the old viewpoint, is the belief in separation particularly when a loved one no longer animates a physical form.

This belief has been in my face the past week with Wayne’s passing and with the unexpected departure of a posse member’s 21-year-old son.

I am forever grateful that I “just happened” to be re-reading The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. “Just happened to be” is one of those code words for Divine Presence, kinda like “out of the blue.”

This book by Annie Kagan is such a great reminder that there really is no “other side” and that, if we choose, we can shift our attention so we’re still able to perceive and hear and communicate with a particular spark of Divine Light that vacated the physical body.

Annie’s brother, Billy, got hit by a car. She was devastated by his death until one day he started speaking to her. At first, she worried she was going crazy, was convinced she was playing some game with herself to assuage the grief. But, one after another, he kept giving her signs.

He passed on helpful messages for her friends. At first, they made no sense. Like why would Billy tell her to say, “drink green tea” to her friend, Tex.

Except that just that morning Tex’s chiropractor told her to give up coffee—it had made her body toxic.

And why would Billy tell her to say “Aint no sunshine without the sun” to the one person who thought she was absolutely nutso.

Except that this person, although he’d never told her, had lost his son years earlier and was definitely experiencing a “lack of sunshine” ever since.

Other times, Billy would send silly signs—like a clone of Mitzi, her childhood pet, a blond fox terrier or he’d say, “You’re going to see a star” and then, after suggesting she fix her hair like Lena Olin, she shows up at the beauty shop only to be seated next to the movie star, Lena Olin.

I love these kinds of stories and knowing, that no matter how it may appear to the naked eye, we are forever cosmically connected and deeply loved.

And that whatever my highest concept of good might be is only the starting point. Suffice it to say, the Divine Presence has a much grander, more unifying vantage point.

In two weeks, I’ll be speaking in Orlando at the Hay House I Can Do It conference.

Wayne, of course, was scheduled to speak Friday night. Instead, Reid Tracy, president of Hay House, will be doing a tribute to the 75 years, the starting point, of our great teacher and friend.

Would love to meet you there. My goal remains to hug every person on the planet.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove

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  1. Pam, I always enjoy your emails and think it’s time I told you. Thanks for all your work! Jody

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  2. I’m facing the biggest loss of my life. He’s behind a gossamer veil. Yet I miss the physical form. Hearing his voice and guidance everyday. Thank you for this. Sharing with him to greet Wayne and Oliver Sacks. They will truly will like each other. Love to attend, allowing the universe to conspire the ticket, transportation and the accommodations. 🙂

  3. I must say Pam, that I was turned off really quickly by the book you mention in this message, The Afterlife Of Billy Finders. I believe this book was written by his sister. I never read the book, but did read excerpts and quotes from the book at various sites and forums. For me, this book was HIGHLY influenced by his sister’s religious beliefs and belief in the bible as a holy book and a book from God. Therefore I discount anything about the afterlife coming from this source/writer. Although I must also say, that for a temporary moment in the afterlife right after death, we will experience exactly wha we thought we would and see the things we felt we would, until we realize that our thoughts materialize immediately with no time delay. Hell, you might even see this thing called the Devil if you think you will. For me, the absolute BEST book about Death and the Afterlife is from Neale Walsch. The book, Home With God In A Life That Never Ends is all about death, before, during and after. The 3 stages of death and the FACT that we can all come back, to the same body if we wish. This is why we have Near Death Experiences. They chose to come back. Not many do, some because they are confused for quite a long period and don’t understand, some because they absolutely love what they are feeling and experiencing without the chains and Heaviness of this 3D life here. When I saw that book title I did not want to even read this article. Shame on me, because we can take something good and positive out of all life experience and that means the book by Billy’s sister.

  4. I loved “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” Also Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be me” I talk to my mother all the time. And to my Angels and God. I write a letter every night to “God”. That energy that creates and loves. Did I read the comment here or elsewhere that dying is just a change of address. People come and go in our lives all the time. We embrace them when they come and miss them when they move on. “LIFE” Not always easy but just is. It’s perception. We will miss Dr. Dyer but I’m sure he’s busy orchestrating something at his new address. 🙂 Wish we could send a welcome to the neighborhood basket.

  5. Pam, thanks so much for so many vibrant emails in the week since Dr. Wayne passed. It has helped but then, your posts always help. X

  6. I am looking forward to an person hug from you too! I appreciate your books and your post. I love and appreciate Dwayne’s, your’s and others contribution to my experience on this side. There is good in everything when we are willing to look for it and realize it is always “our choice” to choose differently!

  7. First of all (((HUGS))) & <3. One more down for you. Second, I read Billy Fingers when it first came out and I read it a second time just because I loved it so much the first time. I am a newie to being a medium and don't do it often, but all the wonderful people I have met say the same, "it's nothing to fear, and it's really nice." The messages bring so much comfort to family members. Someday we will meet, I do love your books, and have learned so much from them, and love your posts. You make everything so easy for us and I appreciate your wonderful words. Wayne will be on stage the whole time while everyone is in Orlando, he probably will even make some "magic" happen. Sending you Love, Light, Peace and Angel Hugs filled with unending Joy, Mary

  8. Hi Pam! I started reading your first E book and am still looking for my yellow butterflies, never doubting they will show up when I stop trying. Love your posts. And since you have the intention of hugging everyone on this planet, consider yourself hugged from Athens, Greece. Much love!

  9. Have so enjoyed your posts and am working my way in E cubed while I recoup from surgery 7 months ago. About the transition to the “other” side: I am a believer who is very broad minded. I felt the best way to handle my physical self while my conscience enjoys whatever is “there”, is to donate what remains to The Genesis Program who will care for my earthly parts for research, and then, after 1 year, will offer my cremated remains to my children or my spouse. I have also considered having an emerald ring made with those ashes which can be mixed with emerald pavee and precious metal, compressed and offered to my family to remember me. This idea may sound weird or creepy to some, but I believe that it would be of benefit to this earth, and to science to keep my footprint light when I am done with this body. I think I’ll get a copy of Billy Finder’s book. Thanks for all you do to help keep me positive during these hard times! With great love,Trish

  10. I love you so much. Thank you for the Love that you are….and for the Love that you sprinkle on my inbox. Much Gratitude. Mary

  11. Would love to be there. Grieving over here in Australia too. Could Reid Tracy’s tribute to Wayne be taped. Would love to see it. Would love to see yours too. Thank you soooo much for your blogs and thoughts. Xx

  12. I sure wish I could be at the conference! We will be in our FL home in Oct. but can’t make the conference. :0( You are such an inspiration to me, Pam!! This blog about Billy Fingers was just what I needed today!! Thanks, again!!

  13. I just having books come into my life when least expected. I just reserved my copy of Billy Fingers from the library. I send you a virtual hug. Hopefully our paths will gross sometime in Washington state!

  14. Thanks Pam as always and thanks for the right info at the right time and I love the information about Billy Fingers. Will defo get the book.

    Despite knowing world view point 2.0 I have definitely been finding it hard not to come from world view 1.0 since learning of Wayne’s passing over.

    I was due to see Wayne for the first time in the physical form on October 1st in London and I have felt bereft like I have lost a close friend.

    Thankfully Hay House are still going ahead with a Tribute Evening as you probably know and I am excited about that.

    Lots of Love


  15. I see Mom was up early again. This almost made me cry. Katharine you lokeod beautiful. Can’t wait to meet Claude. Wish we could have shared the day with you both. An awesome day. Congratulations again.

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