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Why you should stay on the joy and gratitude frequency

“I need the memory of magic if I am ever going to conjure magic again.” ― Robert McCammon

When you’re on the frequency of joy and gratitude, the universe is free to line things up, work things out, pull rabbits out of hats.

But most of us, instead of staying on that clear, sweet channel where magic happens, hit a bump in the road and immediately start worrying, start dredging up past times when things didn’t work out. In other words, we create static.

We create a resonant field that blocks the magical realm that’s always working things out for us.

My friend Jay told a great story last night that perfectly illustrates what can happen when we don’t put up that wall, when we don’t create static in our frequency.

He had accidentally left his garage door opener in a rental car. He called the rental agency only to find out they’d already rented out that car. And, no, they hadn’t noticed the door opener.

He could have gotten frazzled. Especially since he was due to meet a friend for lunch and had also left his credit card at a bar that wouldn’t be open for three more hours. On top of all that, his four-year-old son Emmett picked that particular time to pitch a fit.

Jay knelt down, calmly dealt with Emmett and felt nothing but love and gratitude. Even for the now-missing garage door opener and the credit card he needed to pay for lunch.

“I don’t know why, but I just stayed grateful, trusted that all was going to be well,” Jay said.

He stopped at the bank to retrieve some cash (since his card was MIA) and there sitting in the parking lot was the very car in which he’d left the garage door opener. An older gentleman was standing outside of it, talking on his phone.

Jay asked, “Is that your car?”

“It’s my son’s. He’s in the bank.”

Jay explained what happened and asked if he could take a peek inside.

With garage door opener in hand, Jay got a hit to go ahead and run by the bar, even though it wasn’t scheduled to open until 3 p.m.

Sure enough, the owner was sitting outside, also on his phone.

“You’re really lucky,” he told Jay. “I usually don’t get here for two more hours. But I was waiting for my carpet cleaner.”

Jay, of course, knew it wasn’t luck. Just further proof that magic is always afoot…as long as we don’t create “problems” to block it.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth,

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  1. I so needed this story today! To help get into the joy I’m going to go around my house and take pictures of the things that bring me said joy and post them on Facebook!

  2. Great story. Thank you for sharing Pam. I totally agree with your article, but what can I do to increase that joy, trust faith, etc.. while wanting romantic love for 9 years. I feel that I am already in a state of gratitude and I try to practice it daily. Thanks. What can I do further?

    1. Mary, your post touches my heart, as my “sister”-sister from another mother-is in a similar place. I keep putting it out there for her, as she does, too. All I can say is keep developing yourself…fall in love with you. LOVE all that surrounds you…I know “it” is out there waiting for the perfect moment!

    2. Two books I can recommend in regards to romance and using the law of attraction in addition to Pam’s awesome books is the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford and the other is Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

    3. Hello Mary! What we are up against here is the highest, most well built wall ever constructed, bar none! I have been in this Spiritual game/journey for years now, about 7 years. All spiritual teachings coming from many sources, Masters, Guru’s, enlightened Ones teach the very simple lesson for transforming everything and that is LOVE. But we humans think we know all about Love and we do not. Unconditional Love means that if your partner or spouse were to cheat on you, you would not see it as cheating at all. You would be real happy for them that they got to experience something that they felt would be good, make them feel good or happy. That is only one example of unconditional love of course, but it is the real Love we know nothing about and would not approve of. It is the same as being told that we must Love everyone, everything and every experience no matter what and be greatful. Loving a kidnapper and murderer for example. When we hear or read about this simple one word Love, we move right on to the next lesson or next book or next idea and always keep searching, because we think that Love is understood and simple, easy. We hear about how we must love ourself before we can expect someone else to love us. When we read and hear about the law of attraction we feel good about it and get excited and we believe it might be truth and might work, but deep down, really deep down we are NOT BELIEVING. We can think about being wealthy, feel good feelings about the thought of being wealthy and we can try and act all day long like we are wealthy and can have whatever we choose, but deep down we KNOW how much is in our bank account. So this is the same as hoping or wishing for a loving partner. Deep down we are NOT feeling like it is going to happen or WILL happen and so then it does not. This creates lots of depression, frustration, anger and sadness because we really felt good about and felt like the LOA was real and the Truth, but it continues to let us down. And so I just really feel like we must work in each moment to see good, love what is there on our plate RIGHT NOW, this Moment and do everything we can to make others feel good and be happy. It is so simple yet so damn hard for us humans! The Best message or article I ever read about all this is from Esther Hicks or Abraham titled THE ART OF ALLOWING. That message is MAGICAL! I wish everyone in the World can read and absorb that message. Everything coming from Pam is fantastic also and we MUST make it our Life moment by moment without fail and the MAGIC will happen and happen often. I really think most of us, if not All of us are looking for that RED EASY BUTTON.

      All THE BEST,


  3. Funny thing< i had three issues that were taking up space in my brain.
    I had a raccoon in my back yard in the tree that my dog had fought with, I was not sure if the racoon was injured and would fall out of the tree or if he was waiting to make a break for it when the dog was in the house.

    I had to confront a friend of 50 years who had chose to behave in a way I found most offensive and I had to deal with it in a very tactful way,

    I lost the computer that had all our bookkeeping on it.

    I knew that all three issues would be resolved. I did not think otherwise. The next day the racoon was gone, my friend called we dealt with the issue, and the computer showed up at my daughter-in-laws house. Never once did I think that these three issues would not be resolved. I left the timing to the universe. It was really quick. I did allow for about two minutes of freak out.

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    psgrout posted: ” “I need the memory of magic if I am ever going to conjure magic again.” ― Robert McCammon When you’re on the frequency of joy and gratitude, the universe is free to line things up, work things out, pull rabbits out of hats. But most of us, instea”

  5. Thank you so much Pam. This is magically perfect!! This allows me to focus lasers on gratitude in all that I do. And to believe in magical outcomes in my daily going ons. I SO Love what Robert McCammon says…so true. I do want my brain to remember magic, so that I can conjure it again. Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!

  6. OH MY SOURCE!!!! And in FP Fashion, my co-workers and I were just discussing this!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! It is so crazy! Yet, practical!!!!! Thank you for always sharing the LOVE, Pam!

  7. LOVE this, Pam! My hubby has a bit of a challenge accepting this way of life; tho I keep at it ! I see him get in his own way, which can be a struggle for me, as I adore him. Hmmm. We who are in the know, keep on, keeping on! You are Blessing in my life. Thank you!

  8. Thank you, this is such a great reminder, Pam.
    No matter how positive we are, every so often we can lose ‘the faith’ and it takes a post like this to allow us to breeeeeathe again and let the energy flow, as it does, when we’re open to receiving.

  9. Thank you, this is such a great reminder, Pam.
    No matter how positive we intend to be, there are always going to be the times when we ‘forget’ to relax and breeeeeath.
    Jay’s story is that prompt to ‘let it go’ and let ourselves be supported.

  10. Pam thank you for always sharing the most amazing stories. In addition to Pam’s awesome books I recommend any and all by Neville Goddard. I found the gaps in my LOA practice and my life has changed immensely. Namaste to all.

  11. This is so true!!

    We recently got our credit card stuck in an ATM abroad (in Asia). Not a nice situation to be in, but for some reason I remained calm. We called the bank but nothing they could do until 2-3 business days. I still remained calm, and just kept on thinking “thank you, this will be ok. Thank you”.

    And what do you know! As we were standing there, 3 repair men come to open the ATM. But they were not there because we called, the men said they were told the machine had not been functioning the whole day (which was not true since there had been people withdrawing money before us).
    They opened the machine, turned to us and asked “is this your credit card?” With a show of a passport we got the card back.

    I still cannot believe it! Had we freaked out, we would have left and missed the beautiful event that was about to unfold.

    Thanks Pam, this is all because of your books! 🙂

  12. What a great reminder post to stay in the state of love, joy and gratitude! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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