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Here’s your permission slip to have an amazingly awesome day

“There is something more — it is the unseen essential, and everyone has access to it.” –Bryant McGill

Some people collect wine. Others collect old cars. I collect stories of the unseen, stories that the ancients called miracles.

My hope in sharing some of these stories sent to me by readers is that you will consider them your personal permission slip to find your own spiritual affinity for the unmarked trail that leads to joy and peace.

Here’s one that popped into my email a few moments ago:

“I find myself constantly asking the Universe for fun ways to show me my power to manifest things just for the fun of it. I ask for easy things ~ show me a purple car (I like purple better than “sunset beige”) or license plates with triple numbers or how about a rainbow today. Its just so fun to see how the universe will deliver this fun to me. It’s often not in the usual way I expect it will happen.

“Recently I was thinking that it would be fun to find a penny with my birth year on it to enjoy that experience that I have often read about. Then I thought I should pick something different like a dime because here in Canada pennies have been taken out of circulation and since I’m over 50 those old pennies are just too uncommon and therefore finding that specific penny cannot happen.

“I let that idea go as something that won’t happen for me. Yesterday my husband and I were in our backyard digging up grass to build a stone path. When I lifted a clump of grass my husband looked down and said, “that looks like a penny.”

“Immediately I knew what that penny was about and, as I picked up the dirt-covered coin, I said to him, “If this penny is from your birth year it’s from your angel.”

“He is not really into that sort of thing, but he goes along with it for me sometimes. I wiped off the penny and laughed as I looked at the year of not mine, but my husband’s birth year ~1962!

“There were so many thoughts running through my head and the best message that I was reminded of is that there is nothing that I cannot create and ALL things are possible. All I need to do is simply imagine it and let it go and the universe will take care of the rest. How fun is that!

“Thanks, Pam, and enjoy an amazing day filled with purple cars and shiny pennies.”

Thank YOU, sweet Melissa. And thank you, dear readers. Consider this your very own permission slip.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Hi Pam! I like to look for coins as I travel (a lot), and I collect them taped in a notebook. Yesterday I did laundry, and looked for coins on my way – nothing. I thought “Fred, it would be a lot of fun to find a penny here.” Then a man walked into the laundry, loaded his clothes, THREW DOWN three pennies, and left.

    1. I like it very much. Thank you very much. Look forward to seeing you soon.

      Much Love, Dad

  2. Hi Pam! I have two daughters in private colleges and as a single mom had to pull from the depths of my faith how to financially go from one semester to the next. On a pretty piece of paper I wrote these two requests and taped it to my refrigerator: 1) daughter one’s semester in Spain would be free. Within 3 months her father came through out of the blue and paid for all the extras there and I didn’t need to. Free. 2) 2nd daughters education would be free. She recently had to take summer classes at a local community college she didn’t have any interest in beyond how close it is. She fell in love with the brand new school and the professor’s style of teaching. Then she realized how much she misses her home. She’s moving back. This is a savings of over $50k a year! This miracle took 14 months. Plus, she learned here that she needs just two years (not 3) and she may be able to have her employer pay for her bachelors degree. So grateful – Life really does work out in our favor <3

  3. you and all the stories you post are so fun and I read your emails regularly! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me to always be open to all the possibilities life has for me!

  4. I love reading the stories …..they inspire me. Would love for E3 to come out in audio tapes….let’s all think of that together!!!!

  5. How fun!! A new hobby. I picked an orange car, thinking that would be an unusual color on Hilton Head. Now I just laugh when I see one which is more often that I thought.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Pam! I love these stories ! So inspirational and uplifting ! I am not on Facebook so I am not able to follow our group from Omega so I love getting your emails! Have a beautiful day!

    With Love!

    Nancy and Skylar Bachman

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  7. I love the comment today about manifestations happening in unexpected ways. I was trying to manifest a beach ball in experiment 2 from e cubed. I tried and tried, it just was not happening. Yesterday, when going through a stack of old papers I came across a front page article ” festive graduation ceremonies feature BEACH BALLS”

  8. I have a heavy hanging sculpture made of rusty rebar that recently fell down. Needing something stronger to hold it in place, I put out a request to the Universe for some heavy-duty wire to attach it. Later that day I stopped off to visit a friend and, while I was there, a neighbor came over to show me a problem with his tomato plants. We walked to his house and through his carport. I noticed a bunch of driftwood laying on the ground, and a partially finished hanging he was making, with heavy wire to hold it together. He happily cut me off a bunch when I asked for some to help me with my project!

  9. June 23, 2015

      Dear Pam,

      You have a made such a wonderful change in ourlives, I had to write this letter before I got carried away and forgot allabout the amazing gift you helped bring to us.

    About 60 days ago, we filed for a consumer proposal –as close as you can get to bankruptcy in Canada, without actually calling itthat.

    Anyhoo, that week, my husband, J.T. bought a copy ofyour E3, after having enjoyed your E2 a few years ago.

    I picked it up and began reading. And believing. Andreading, and believing.

    Butterflies showed up and coat hangers swooped atremarkable angles when infused with great, big happy thoughts of joy.

    A tell-me-you’re-here moment occurred when a whistlewoke me up in the middle of the night.

    Here’s the thing: I’d meant to bring my cell phoneupstairs with me so I would hear if my daughter –who’d just had her wisdomteeth out – called.

    But I’d forgotten it in the den (I know – bad mom!).

    But I heard the whistle, climbed out of bed andsearched briefly for the phone before remembering I’d left it downstairs, inthe back room, on my desk…

    In other words, there’s no friggin’ way I could haveheard that whistle so clearly.

    I came down to check – no text.

    So, huh.

    I checked with my daughter the next day and althoughshe’d been up all night, hadn’t texted, because she didn’t want to wake me up.

    So who whistled in our bedroom in the middle of thenight?

    Well, Dad passed away two years ago, and he alwayswhistled…

    I’m not saying it was him, but, I’d bet my life onmy hearing a whistle that night.

    I went for a walk in the local labyrinth and felt amessage to look up. I did and there was a beautiful butterfly, floating past,dappled in the sunshine.

    I cried.

    Perhaps hope, love and joy is abundant. Maybe we’renot losers, just victims of lay-offs, poor business deals and expensive taxbills.

    So I kept reading, sending out positive messages ofhope to the people looking after our file and the people who made the decisionon whether they’d demand the lien on our home be fulfilled and kick us out in90 days.

    Yep, it was that big a deal.

    I kept praying to the universe, believing we were keepingour home and going out of my way to help others whenever I could; to share joy.

    Guess what?

    Today was D-day. We went to see the debt folks at 9a.m.

    Kate has never seen a creditor let go a lien on ahome.

    They did.

    She’s never had so many creditors fall in line,which they all – save one – did.

    Even the provincial government caved and acceptedour (quite measly) offer.

    Pam, what can I possibly say except thank you.

    I believe you’ve helped us through one of thedarkest periods of our lives and I will share my joy and abundance witheveryone I can.

    May God – whoever she is – bless you and yours.

      I don’t mind if you use this as a testimonial, buthere’s the thing: I’m a reporter for a small daily newspaper and I’d reallyappreciate if you would use a pseudonym if you’d like to share this: call meShirley Delaney. My dad would love it.

      Cheryl Browne

    Barrie, Ontario



    1. A very quick story. I have been working at manifesting for a long, long time and I wanted white roses. I kept thinking my husband would bring me some or somehow white roses would come to me…..months….nothing. Several weeks ago I was in the car with my husband…I was driving….he said drive down this street, I want to show you something….please remember he knew nothing of my manifesting white roses. We drove down the street and there was a house surrounded by nothing in the yard but white rose bushes….all in bloom….there must have been 1000 or more white roses. Well, it did not even dawn on me at that moment ! We returned home and I picked up a magazine and fanned it and there at the top of the page was a picture of a white rose….suddenly it all became clear!!! Don’t expect the manifestation to always appear in a usual manner……this event gave me faith to continue to believe!

  10. Thank you Pam for your inspiration. I recently asked FP for confirmation that my life was on track, and question about my career and would be revealed soon. I opened up Facebook, scrolled down, and there sat the most beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet, wings stretched to reveal an abundance of red feathers. Thank you FP.

  11. whether it be my yellow butterfly, what feels like a drop of water, shiny dimes, music or more, my Angel’s continue to visit. Now that I’m connected.

    thank you for the help in plugging in!

  12. I just found this page surfing, and caught a bit about asking the universe for a need… So I close my eyes and ask the universe for a car! I gave thanks dismissed it and went on surfing only for the very next page to be of yours showing a beautiful car! The universe validating my wish letting me know I’ve been heard!
    Awesome here..glad I found you!! 👍💞💝✌🌟🙋

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