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Why your life should always be a verb

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.”–
Martin H. Fischer

Hey sports fans! I’m heading to the Omega Institute this weekend and wanted to share a quick story before I go.

I mentioned in E-Cubed that E-Squared has gone from being a funny title on a little black book to being a verb. This is from a guy who says he “E-Squares” everything. It obviously works.

Take it away, David Knapp-Fisher!

“I’m an avid follower of your blog, and loved your books.; in fact, when referring to the F.P. my wife and I always talk about “E-squaring” this, and “E-squaring” that! Well, after reading your post about giving a TEDx Talk, I thought you’d be interested in my little experience…

“I live in Victoria, B.C. and I was accepted as a speaker at the TEDx Stanley Park event in Vancouver which was this past Saturday. Several months ago speakers began attending monthly rehearsals to hone our talks – and since I travelled a distance to be there I’d usually be in Vancouver a few hours early, so I’d hide in a Starbucks and write blog posts until rehearsal time.

“Last month was no different; and with the pressure of a looming deadline to perfect my speech, I wrote a post about how I’m dealing with the nervousness of it all… (sound familiar?) and here’s where E2 came in on a few occasions. I know you know what I mean!

“My first worry came the day before the event – I needed about $25 dollars in change for the myriad of busses and subways I’d need to take over the next 3 days, but was about $8 dollars short. I just “put it out there” and figured the universe would step in, and it would work out. Sure enough, on the Friday (which also happened to be the busiest travel day for me) I arrived in Vancouver to find out that – due to an earlier issue that inconvenienced transit riders – all buses and subways were FREE for the entire day! Woot! Woot! $15- saved already, and problem one out of the way! Thank you, F.P.!

“The next morning the day had arrived, and to be honest, I felt prepared, but still nervous… I mean after all, this is TEDx! I walked into a random shop to grab a coffee, and what was blaring over the speakers, other than “I Lived” by One Republic – the theme song I’d identified weeks earlier that was meant to help me sail through this experience; and hear it was, playing for me the morning of the event!

“And with that, a sense of calm came over me, and nervousness was squashed for the rest of the day.I aced the speech received a standing ovation, and have been riding a high ever since! Let’s chalk another success up for F.P.!

“Anyway, as much as I’ve always believed in the F.P. it’s pretty cool how during one of the most important days of my career, it showed up at all the right times to make sure everything went smoothly, and now I can look back on a seriously cool experience.

“We love, love, love “E-squarin” stuff all day long!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Pam, please take a quick bow. Your small black books are providing MANY people with greatly increased awareness of the FP and the benevolence of the universe. Let’s shoot for that “hundredth monkey” and turn this whole world around. Love and joy will be all we will know and need. Thank you for your amazing contributions.

  2. I’d love to learn how to feel so confident and ” just “put it out there” and figured the universe would step in, and it would work out… When, I have tried for many years (10) and it hasn’t happened yet?

  3. Hi Pam, shouldn’t it be ” Today I choose Joy” I will puts it in the future no?

    I will clean the garage doesn’t mean I did it! Tickles, D

  4. I just got E cubed from the local library,and I’m sure I am going to have to buy it.I tore out the page you told me tear out.I am loving the exercises.

  5. Pam,
    I love noticing all the E-Squared moments that show up in my life and I had a big one this week that was very similar to David’s. I’m going back to school to become a massage therapist (at age 59!) and Tuesday was the first day to massage someone other than people we knew, and I was nervous and worried that things would go well and that I would do a good job. Well, the day arrived and as I and my fellow students selected our tables and started getting them ready for our clients, I looked down and at the head of my table on the floor was a penny. And my first thought was, “This is my lucky penny and everything will be alright”. Well, I had a couple of challenges with my people, but I managed it and received great evaluations from them. After they left, I went back to the classroom, and under my desk was another penny. I immediately thanked the Universe for the messages and scooped it up, declaring that it indeed was a lucky penny (not one, but two that day!) and I received the acknowledgement with gratitude. Nothing is a coincidence and it’s amazing what we “see” when we’re aware.

  6. I can relate to this and some how wanted to put it out there to E:squared understanders what happened to me very recently but wasn’t sure how and here I am communicating it so thank you for your post.

    The other day my mother in law text that she needed our passport numbers for our up and coming holiday. Now I always keep them in the same place but when I went to retrieve them mine wasn’t there.

    I went from slightly puzzled to getting really anxious when I said to myself a big fat “STOP” !! – Reminding myself there is never a need to get anxious over anything just ask the FP for help.

    Now I also believe in Ask and it is Given so knew if I asked for help in finding my passport it would happen but using E:squared experiments I decided to put a deadline on it which was 7pm the following evening (yesterday).

    My partner was due to go away and usually I do all the preparing but due to work commitments I was unable to do this and as I travelled to my meeting I pondered how painless the am had gone without my partner going have you seen ??? do you know where my ??? is !!

    Whilst in the carpark I was preparing last minute notes when he called. I was expecting a ‘Did you make it ok?’ but it was the have you seen etc etc. I gave suggestions where these items should be.

    At lunch time I had to pop outside to make a call when I noticed a text “I found them and I found you passport”

    I immediately called to confirm I wasn’t imagining it and it turned out if he hadn’t done the have seen, do you know where call he wouldn’t have found my passport.

    My deadline was 7pm I could almost feel the FP smiling. 7pm I can do better than that.

    So like you I suggest everyone makes squaring stuff a part of everyday life 🙂 x

  7. First of all, great post!
    The part that grabbed my attention was the following:
    “Anyway, as much as I’ve always believed in the F.P. it’s pretty cool how during one of the most important days of my career, it showed up at all the right times to make sure everything went smoothly, and now I can look back on a seriously cool experience.”

    I don’t believe this is just coincidence. You have worked toward that peak state and attracted the circumstances and people into your life to make it happen. Let this be a reminder for just anyone who is seeking out for positive change, don’t just visualize the things that you would like to experience, but take action. Turn this action into a daily ritual and things will start to expand for the better!

  8. David’s story is wonderful! His last paragraph especially spoke to me, his acknowledgement and appreciation of the FP. It’s also very cool how during an important time, he himself showed up and remembered to connect with it. What a fabulous example!

    I love this blog! What a great way to be immersed in FP awesomeness, and then carry that outward in my day. Thank you. <3

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