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Why Freaky Friday has become “Well, duh!” ……or….Miracles, it’s just how we roll

“I thought my life would include more impromptu sing-a-longs.”—Susan Kristiansen

Happy Friday, my friends. Thought I’d head into the weekend with a couple stories from the Twilight Zone.
Only these days, we fully realize that what used to be dubbed miraculous or coincidental or beyond the natural order is nothing but the universe saying, “Psst. Over here!!”

I’m lucky because these stories land in my inbox every day. Who needs the New York Times when you’ve got readers sending stories of life in the miracle trenches?

Here are just three:

1. A friend of mine in Kansas wanted to move to California. So she told the F.P. (the field of infinite potentiality where all things are possible) that she wanted her husband to get a higher paying job working half as many hours. A week later, her husband gets an offer. He hadn’t even realized he was looking for a new job. But this offer (you can guess what I’m about to say ) is in California, for twice as much money, working half as many hours.

2. Sandy was doing one of the experiments from E-Cubed. She was desperately missing her daughter who left the physical plane (some people call it dying) in December. She made the intention that she wanted to hear from her. She turned the page and there was this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “You gain strength,courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

“That’s the quote,” Sandy said, “I put on my daughter’s booklet at her funeral.”

3. This one’s for those who still aren’t sure the universe is working behind the scenes.

“Back in Detroit, where I grew up and was going to Wayne State at that time (math and philosophy), I was riding shotgun with my friend Stan on a warm Saturday afternoon, circa 1967. Stan often worked at his father’s gas station on Saturdays, but on this day he was free to play. You may know that at that time Detroit was still a vibrant grand city, with lots to do on any given day. There were gas stations on practically every major street corner, almost literally. Thousands, I imagine, throughout the city.

“At one point he realized he needed some gas, so he pulled up to a random station and started filling up. In those days there were offices in most stations. Also, most stations had attendants who pumped the gas for you. So, we were both in the car when suddenly another attendant came out to our car (we were the only car there) and asked my friend, “Are you Stan Liebowitz?” Stan said “Yes, why?” The guy said, “There’s a phone call for you inside.” We both looked at each other and silently were thinking WTF!!!

“He went inside and it turned out that a friend of his needed to contact him, thought he was working at his father’s station, looked it up in the Yellow Pages (no Internet or cell phones at that time), and ACCIDENTALLY copied the number of the station listed JUST BELOW his father’s and called it, which turned out to be the station we drove into just at the same time he called.

Okay, so here’s the deal. We can continue to be surprised and call these events random chance or we can shrug, say, “Well Duh!” and recognize that the universe is constantly trying to get our attention, to interact with us, to rain down blessings.

Our only job is to widen the aperture of our awareness.

Have the best weekend of your lives, my friends!!! And please enjoy at least one impromptu sing-a-long!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Your piece couldn’t have come at a better time. Freaky Friday has only encouraged me to put my request and intention out to all one more time only this way to you..There will come a way that I will be going to the Holy Land in October with Wayne Dyer. I know there will be something, some where, some how..that I will. I just know it..things will all align! Thank you for the avenue for all of us to share you and your delightful stories. Have a wonder weekend!

  2. Care to join me in this sing along…
    Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way

    Happy Easter and love to all!

  3. Love it! !! Almost makes me giggle to think how this happening all the time right under our noses and we don’t see it. Becoming aware is kinda like an Easter egg hunt where you’re getting warmer, …warmer. . Found it!!

  4. All right – I’ve had it!
    I simply don’t know what I’m doing wrong or not doing or over-doing . . ??! I cannot seem to manifest anything at all!
    I have read and reread E-squared and E-cubed as well as The Secret and The Power and apparently there’s still something that eludes me. When I try the experiments outlined in the books, hardly anything happens.
    I consider myself reasonably intelligent, I can read and understand what I’m reading so I should be able to follow “the recipe”.
    Now, when people sometimes ask me if I’m a good cook I say: “Well, Jamie Oliver is, and I am good at following his recipes.” So if I was asked whether I am good at manifesting I should be able to say: “Well, Pam Grout is, and I am good at following her recipes”, right? But somehow I stir in the ingredients in the wrong order or I forget to add something or cook it too long or roast when I ought or boil – whatever! I end up with air-meatballs and wind-pork chops.
    And sadly now I’ve gotten to the point where all your wonderful stories just serve to remind me that I cannot do it (especially the ones where someone pulls a miracle out of thin air in one week!!). Trust me, I’ve tried telling myself over and over that I CAN DO IT!
    Please, don’t get me wrong – I still manage to be happy on your behalf (and very envious). But there must be others out there like me, right? And I would just LOVE to hear from you and know that I am not the only one (well, I sure hope I’m not! – or I ought to reconsider my perception of “intelligence”.)
    Please, let me know if you’ve “struggled” like me and how you managed to turn things around – if you did.
    And please, don’t take this as griping – I’m just frustrated.
    I wish all you wonderful people out there a HAPPY EASTER!!
    And best wishes for a wonderful weekend
    from Elena

    1. Dear sweet Elena, I so hear your frustration. And thank you so much for speaking up for that part of ourselves (we’re all connected) that’s working on its PhD in self-flagellation. I just used that term in my new book and thought it was kinda clever. Anyway, I would suggest that you stop trying for awhile and just start noticing any tiny bits of beauty you might be able to spot in your life. Did the sun come up this morning? Did you have to order it or request it? Is your heart still beating? Can you see any abundance in say, all the buds on the trees? Find any thread of something to be grateful for and go from there. But give it a rest. At least for awhile.

      I really like that you asked this question. I, myself, have written about spending full days on the pity pot. We’re all quite practiced at dissing ourselves. But quit telling yourself YOU CAN DO IT! And just start enjoying and noticing any little tiny thing that might be good. Let us know what happens.

      Sending you so much love,


      1. Thank you, Pam, for your quick and understanding response.
        I’ll take a walk – the sun actually happens to be out today 🙂 – and when I come back I’ll pick up A Game of Thrones instead.
        And if a miracle suddenly pops out of thin air, you’ll be the first to know!
        Sending all the love right back at you 🙂

    2. Dear Elena, I can relate to what you are saying. For me, when I first stared to read Pam’s wonderfully written, witty books, I was able to see some results in little things like manifesting bright yellow cars or the numbers 221, but then it stopped and I have been in a dry spell for a while. But I have also been struggling with a health/emotional issue for a while, and am wondering if my focus is on the wrong things. Maybe take a look at what’s going on in your life and see if your focus is on what you don’t want as opposed to what you do want? Just some advice from what I have learned recently. Much love, Marie

      1. Thank you, Marie. I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me.
        Maybe you’re right, although I try very hard to avert my thoughts whenever I start thinking about the things I don’t want – like my job, for instance. And I think I am doing an OK job of not dwelling on the negative.
        Unfortunately, I can sense a feeling of longing and sometimes despair way deep inside of me. And that’s a bit hard to get rid of . . .
        Anyway, I’ll keep your kind words in the back of my mind as well as Pam’s.
        Again, thank you so much for writing to me – it means a lot.
        Sending you much love

    3. Elena,

      Perhaps this will come to you a bit late with the measure of time. But I’m sure it isn’t late.

      Please, allow me to tell you a little secret… and that’s, lie. Yes, tell lots of lies.

      I call them lies because that’s what people call them.

      But they aren’t lies… they are what you want to see happen in your life.

      Before I was a published writer I told the whole world that I was. And in no time, I was.

      I remember one time friends at work were talking about what cars they were driving… and I wasn’t driving any. But since none of them knew me well, I told them I have a BMW. Well, I had that BMW in less than three months.

      Once I wanted to work in a big advertising agency, and what did I tell friends? Well, I was working in one. I remember a friend asked me, how do you get paid? While I had no idea on how agencies pay their creatives, I said I get commission. Well, that was in January, on 1st March I was in central London working in one of the top 5 advertising agencies.

      I can tell you a few more examples… but here is the point. Tell the story you want to see… not the story you are frustrated to see.

      I know it’s hard at first but if we want a change, we must change the language we use to define or express our realities.

      So no more talking about what has already happened, it’s of no use to us.

      Now it’s time to talk more about what you want to see happen.

      At first you’d want to laugh out loud as you say, ‘My health is so good, I will be running marathon next year!’, ‘Amazing things flow my way all the time…’, ‘Just look how blessed I am! Just look at it…!

      So don’t wait until something happen before you believe, believe because that’s how it will happen. And most of all, make it like a game because seriousness will have a resistance to it, and you don’t want that.

      Change your language, change your life.

      All the best.

      Bt you

      1. Josh, Great advice and wonderful stories. You sure have made a fantastic life for yourself.
        Elena, I hope you are reading this, and Josh’s response to you above, and my response to you, below. You have so much power to improve your life. So many tools and apparently a lot of support – at least from us Pam Grout fans.

      2. Thank you so much, Josh, for taking the time to write to me!
        I see your point and I understand what you’re saying. I’ll try to follow your example although I don’t know if I am capable of “lying” to people who know me. I’d feel awkward – but I suppose I have to try and work my way around that. I can certainly “lie” to myself and that’s a start, right?
        I really appreciate your advice and I’ll save it (as I’ll do with all the answers I’m getting to my post) so I can read it again whenever I get stuck.
        Sending you much love

  5. I always look forward to a new post from you for they automatically lift my spirits! thank you so much .Also


  7. Hey Elena,
    I have spent a lot of time living E2, E3, The Power (in my CD player, in my car, right now – for the 5th or 6th time.), and others. I am often good at manifesting, but even when I’m not, I continue to be grateful that these wonderful, fun, and beautiful influences have come into my life. It makes me happy to read or listen to them, even when I don’t seem to be “getting results”.
    I love Pam’s response of stop trying for a while (she always knows the right thing to say, doesn’t she?).
    Have you tried EFT tapping, to clear any of the emotional negativity? If you can clear some stuff, you will be freer to allow more good stuff in. Sometimes, no matter how much our conscious mind is focused on the good, the unconscious mind is focusing on negativity and baggage, behind our backs.
    Tapping would certainly be worth looking into.
    Keep on truckin’, girl!

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela. I am just floored by all you amazing people who are responding!!
      I’ll be sure to take your advice, too, and save it along with the others. I really think you’re right about the subconscious mind working behind my back. That makes a lot of sense and would explain the blockages. I don’t know what EFT tapping is, but I’ll try to look it up on the internet.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me! (And Yes – Pam does know the right things to say!)
      Sending you much love

  8. I live in the Universe. I think I could have written your book, if I did write books. There are so many stories about how the Universe tries to get our attention. I have them every day.

  9. Elena,

    I had a similar issue and I finally just prayed, said I gave up. I got nasty, I won’t lie. I am non-denominational so I use the term “prayed” lightly, to the universe, God, angels, people I’ve lost-I covered my bases. I asked to be able to recognize the signs when they come. I kept meditating every night before bed, “praying”, setting intentions, even with very little energy because I’d given up, and now I receive signs every day…repeating number sequences all day long, songs I need to hear on the radio, one particularly bad day I was driving and said some nasty things to the universe and looked up to see a giant painting of white light and angels on a power box at the set of lights I was stopped at, followed by a recognizable (to me) song on the radio. Books I need find me, the passages I read are the ones I need. I still struggle today, as I’ve had a broken bone that IS HEALING in its own time as its meant to be (did i manage to sound positive there…? 😉 but I just keep “praying’ and I just keep seeing the signs. Some days I’m in ‘the flow’ some days I’m not. Just remember, ask, surrender, watch, believe and you’ll see them. But they may not always look like what you think they should look, when you think they should look. When I don’t know what I am supposed to be seeing or learning, I ask and I sit and I listen. It always comes in its own time. My biggest lesson in all of this? You keep repeating the same things over until you learn what you need to learn. So look for the lessons, ask for help from whoever/whatever you believe in. I hope it helps to know we are not all manifesting mavens all the time…it takes faith, time and practice and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. Find what practices work for you! And don’t worry about it, it’s supposed to be fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Allison, for taking the time to write to me!
      I can so relate to what you’re saying – I have been yelling at the Universe, too! But it really, really helps to know that I’m not the only one. And it’s also a great help to learn what others are doing to solve the same situation.
      I think I need to etch your last sentence into my mind: “It’s supposed to be fun!” I forget that ever so often. And I will keep your encouraging words and read them over again whenever I get stuck.
      Again, thank you! It means a lot to me that all you nice people are reaching out to help me.
      Much love

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