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Why unexpected money flows to me

“The world is awash in money.”–Ted Turner

I’m reading Tony Robbin’s new book, Master the Money Game. It’s 600 pages of quite fascinating advice. I particularly enjoyed learning that Warren Buffett is a fan of self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie. So it’s not just us spiritual types who are out here getting our woo-woo on.

I’ll probably even take some of Tony’s suggestions. I’ve been to his resort in Fiji and, hey, the guy knows how to live. My daughter and I, in fact, bunked in Namale’s 2500-square-foot Dream House, next door to he and his wife Sage. It had outdoor showers, two pools, a couple hot tubs, maid’s quarters and 200-foot windows overlooking the ocean. It also had a pull-down TV screen on which we were able to watch the Bachelorette episode that was filmed there. If you want to read the travel article I wrote about the house where Ashley Hebert was wooed, click here.

But an even better financial tact than Tony’s is the affirmation of my power posse pal Rhonda who says, “Unexpected money comes to me every day.”

As I mention in E-Cubed, money is nothing but energy that forms around our beliefs and expectations, so if we want to believe the only way to acquire it is from a paycheck, that’s certainly one of the options. But Rhonda (yes, she’s the Never Say No to Fun gal) gets unexpected money every day.

Some days, it’s a penny. Often it’s five dollar bills. It seems five dollar bills stalk her like Mary Margaret Ray stalked David Letterman. Other days, a sales clerk at the counter where Rhonda (not Mary Margaret) is making a purchase will say, “Ya know, this sweater is going on sale tomorrow. I’m going to go ahead and give it to you for 50 percent off.”

Robbin, also in the posse, has been known to find up to five 20 dollar bills in her get this….clothes dryer. Who needs an ATM? As for me, I regularly get checks in the mail, sometimes really big ones, I wasn’t expecting.

The thing is, we can hold on with white fists to our beliefs around money or we can open up to the world’s abundance. We can argue for our limitations (a chief one being that money is scarce and hard to come by) or we can crack the window for a more-pleasing fiduciary story.

One of my favorite things about E-Cubed, in which I encourage people to seed money, is that readers are starting to leave notes and dollar bills inside the pages of E-Cubed at bookstores that some new lucky reader will eventually find. How cool is that?

As for me, I continue to believe in the world’s largesse and to know that plentitude is the only realistic way to fly.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. what i was trying to say in my selfie of my girls is that i am changing the way i talk to them about money, and life because of you. Iam celebrating the universe and every day thinking what is he best thing that could happen in this situation. Also, not instilling in my girls that money is a struggle . No more terrorist thoughts about money not growing on trees. I taped money on trees while walking my pup so it must !

  2. Thank you Pam. I needed this reminder today even though I normally feel like I am one of the most prosperous people I know. Unity teaches us the paycheck is not our source, God is our source. Blessings to you, Robin Joseph

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  3. I find dimes and I always get super excited when I find it. Just the other day I was out and I found a $10 on the ground no one around just me and this $10bill. I jumped up and down ad screamed even had a tear. I said thank you 3 x out load. This is so exciting!!!! Thank you for your books I have enjoyed them both and they have helped me to view ideas and thoughts in a different more postive light. Much gratitude

  4. While traveling with my family this past December, we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. We were on our way home to see my mom on her deathbed. We were feeling down and a little tight on money since we we just had Christmas and hadn’t planned on making a trip across four states … When we were getting read to cash out our check, the waitress informed us that a stranger paid our entire tab for us. It was a $40 tab! It’s not all about finding cash, but accepting the abundant kindness of individuals “paying it forward”! Have a blessed and abundant day, friends!

    1. Joseph, I really like your story!

      I too, got this idea where when on drive-through I pay for the car behind me, and I tell you… I just don’t really know how that person would feel when they find out but one thing I know is this: I feel so good for doing it.

      Would I pay for someone’s gas one day? Well, I don’t see why not when money is flowing effortlessly into my life.

      As Pam says, it’s energy… and energy is useful when shared.

      1. Thank you, Josh! It certainly is nice to be on the receiving end, but I know it feels pretty good to be the “giver”, too! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Question please, I grew up in a home where there was A LOT of lack and scarcity around the issue of money and I seem to be having real difficulty changing this. I have carried this into my own adult life and it is like being in financial bondage no matter what I do to change it. Any suggestions in addition to daily affirmations that will help?? I want and need to turn this around. Thanks

    1. How about starting with a slightly different story? I’d likely add “up until now” to this comment. And then take away the “no matter what I do.” Remember you need do nothing. But relax and enjoy and start looking for abundance.

    2. I don’t wanna sound like a desperate marketing guy… but I’ve just posted on my blog the blog post titled ‘make peace with where you are’.

      If you have time, try reading it. It will for sure help you ahead.

      But if you don’t have time, then allow me to emphasis this one point:


      That’s very important.

      Feel good and make it your habit to talk good about every sign of abundance that you see. The sign of abundance according to your definition.

      And if you are like me, tell them ‘more money is on its way to me…’ give it a number and see what happens.

      I joke about it all the time, and it’s happening all the time, too.

      Sometimes I think, was it just a coincidence? But deep down I know there’s no such a thing as coincidence.

      The ‘screwest’ thing most people do is the language they use about and around money. Change your language about money to change the way this energy flows to you.

      The first time I changed mine the magic happened within days. You too can change yours. I’m not at my best yet, but I’m getting better at it every Friday, I mean on daily basis…

      As I said, go check the post (‘make peace with where you are’)… I’m sure Pam doesn’t mind me doing this in her blog.

      Any hey, all the best!

  6. And something Amazingly Awesome is happening to all of us, today!!
    I have Tony’s book, too. I am currently reading Ask and It Is Given (Abraham-Hicks), and even though Tony’s book is on my night table, I have been resistant to actually read it. But if Pam Grout can read and enjoy it, Pam Marshall can, too!

  7. I have to share how my family and I leave money with notes of encouragement in all types of random places. My favorite was the generic diapers at a store. Just knowing that someone having a hard time will find my surprise and smile. BEST feeling ever!!

  8. Hi Pam,

    I am in love with E!! Both Squared and Cubed. I especially like where you ask, “Why are we surprised!” Within one week of starting the experiments in E Squared I landed a $1200 client.

    Then I asked my Yes/No Question last night about an issue. This morning on Facebook was a share that said, This Is For You Angel Snow. It was a website that answered my question with an unquestionable YES.

    I love how you explain this magical world we live in and I am having a ball!


  9. 2 accounts from Texas Unclaimed P
    roperties, one a old paycheck from 19 years ago for $66 and one from 9 years ago for $150. Then an old forgotten IRA for $678. All within 3 weeks. Mailbox Money!

  10. Ms. Pam Grout! YOU, my dear, CRACK ME UP! HAHAHA! I could be in an upside down mood, then when I get a sec to sit down to read and write, I read your blog and now, my whole sense of being changes little by little! The honesty you show in your writing is uplifting. I think I put off my thesis even longer because sometimes I feel like I don’t have a filter, and then, I catch myself doing what I know I shouldn’t be doing anymore, and that’s care about what society is going to “hear” from me. So, I cracked up when you said, ” It seems five dollar bills stalk her like Mary Margaret Ray stalked David Letterman”. Hahaha, just seeing it again makes me chuckle! I thank you for reminding me that anything is possible with the law of attraction.
    Any problem I have, or had, can be traced back to my good ole scapegoat, money. Even now, with all my learning, practice, and more learning, and more practice, I still have to catch myself when I start doubting about money. It’s almost like a train wreck of thoughts with me sitting back, watching the explosion as it happens. NO MORE! Money is abundant, and I have what I need, including a few extras…thanks Pam! Keep being an inspiration!

  11. Thanks for co-creating some more Ted in my experience. Then, after reading, I spotted an unfamiliar bumper sticker in a parking lot and approached to examine it. It was from the Turner Foundation. ‘This world is awash in Ted Turner!’

  12. Money flows to me from unexpected sources. My story has two miracles, as both were quite unexpected. My transmission went out on my used car. Money was tight but I managed to get it taken care of, with some creative financing and a bit of worry initially. There were some ups and downs with the repair company which was initially stressing me out.

    Then I just decided to ‘let go and let God’ and trust in the Universe. And THEN, last week I received a totally unexpected check for $500 towards it with no strings attached from a part-time employer, followed by a $240 check today from the third party warranty firm that told me a few weeks ago that my coverage for reimbursement had been exhausted, to cover part of the rental car costs I had to outlay during car repair period.

    The story may not be sexy but the money flow miracles ARE, and it is IN those miracles that I choose to believe, stand and continue believing in their manifestations. Now I am working on manifesting a new job more aligned with my higher purpose. Let the Universe speak, as I am listening. I have been doing E2 book for the second time, before I totally jump into E3 book. They are both really fun books, Pam! Thank you for the goodworks you do. Namaste.

  13. Pam, I loved E2, and just started reading E3 last night. I have been studying LOA for a decade, but struggled with the concept of God. (Fundamentalist C. background) When I read about ‘The Dude” I began to relax. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve had mixed results with the experiments, but tend to block with old programing, and I am tapping on that.

    Thank you for these wonderful gifts (E2 and E3) to me, and to humanity. I think I am finally ready to turn this around and live a positive, abundant life. Sue McClafferty

  14. I was having dinner with a friend and was leaving the restaurant feeling great. We laughed and had great conversation. We were walking to to his car and as I opened the door a $10 bill came jumping up in the air and fell into my hands. The funny thing was it wasn’t my friends car I opened. It was someone else’s car I opened by mistake. It made me smile.

  15. Absolutely awesome Pam. We spent 4 months in Savusavu and learned many stories of Tony’s generosity and abundance mindset in action from our neighbors. No wonders why he prospers so. Great blog.


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