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Be crazy with love. Love, even when it makes no sense.

“We all long for love. Everything else is just killing time.”
–Kenny Loggins

A reader of E-Squared wrote to me asking how to draw love into his life. I always chuckle at that question because the bottom-line truth is theres no need to draw love TO us, because love is who we are. It’s our number one super power. And we don’t have to seek for it…ever.

It also reminded me of a blog post I wrote for Valentine’s Day two years ago. Thought in honor of the upcoming holiday, it might be time to repeat it. Here goes:

Most people hear the word “love” and immediately think of long white dresses, tuxes and diamond rings. Our tendency to associate love with romance is a gaping blind spot. Not only are there millions of people to love (forget your quest to zero in on Mr. or Ms. Right), but there are million of ideas, millions of causes, million of quests to fall in love with.

Take Dale Price, for example. This stay-at-home dad from American Fork, Utah, has spent the past three years waving at his high school son’s bus dressed in weird costumes, a different one every day. It started the first day of his son’s sophomore year when he realized the bus, for the first time, would drive down their street. Price greeted the bus (and his embarrassed son) that first day wearing a football helmet. From there, his creativity grew. He has waved at the bus dressed as Elvis, Fred Flintstone, Santa Claus and, once, a lampshade. He and Rain, the red-faced son, ended up on Good Morning America and the resulting blog, Wave at the Bus, has received millions of hits and raised money for Rain’s college fund, although his dad is quick to admit it may also end up being used for therapy.

Or take Matt Harding who fell in love with traveling. In 2003, while in Hanoi, his traveling buddy videotaped him dancing, a rather kooky arm-flapping, march popular with adolescent boys at middle school dances. And then he videotaped Matt dancing in Tonga. And in the Philippines, Mali and the Panama Canal. The video on the resulting “Where the Hell is Matt?” website shows a grinning Matt bouncing up and down in 69 countries. What’s more, the underlying, if unplanned message of unbounded human joy and connection comes across loud and clear.

“There are no words on the video and I’m not trying to get anybody to doing anything,” Harding say, “It just makes people happy.”

The point is, there are lots of ways to make people happy, lots of ways to love. Don’t sit around waiting for your soul mate. Be crazy with love. Love when it makes no sense. Love in all it bewildering ways, shapes and styles.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. I am lucky to have married the love of my life, but I was lovin’ life before we ever met. These days, besides my husband, I am completely in love with our daughters; the rest of our crazy family; our cozy little home; all the beautiful scenery around us; serving breakfast in two great restaurants; my hobbies of weaving and gardening and hiking; and of course, reading and living E2 and E3! And much, much more!
    Lucky me!!!
    P.S. I am way into certain numbers (3, 33, 333, 13, 9, 27) and see them all the time. But lately, I seem to be catching a whole lot of 222’s, as well. I think of Pam Grout, and smile, each time.

  2. Absolutely Pam ­ beautifully said, thank you

    Much luv xoxo

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    From: Pam Grout Reply-To: Pam Grout Date: Friday, 13 February 2015 6:17 am To: Cheryl Yamazaki Subject: [New post] Be crazy with love. Love, even when it makes no sense.

    WordPress.com psgrout posted: “³We all long for love. Everything else is just killing time.² –Kenny Loggins A reader of E-Squared wrote to me asking how to draw love into his life. I always chuckle at that question because the bottom-line truth is theres no need to draw love T”

  3. I love you (but not in a weird creepy way) and your posts Pam! It’s my intent to meet you in person someday. Until then I’ll just keep reading your posts and smiling 🙂

  4. Hi Pam, I did the Pennies from Heaven experiment and was blown away by what happened. I blogged about it today and or course, gave you and your book credit. Thanks so much for being who you are and sharing your amazing insights with us. Peace on ‘ya!

  5. Love, sadly many ppl have given Love a bad rap. Ur post reminds me that love is the most perfect aspect of life. However, due to a lot of us being unable to manage love…we blame love when things go not accordingly. Further more, we all love every single day countless times and ways. Be careful who and what u love, for we can give our love to improper aspects. learn to love self, for how can one expect to be loved and to love, without having the proper dose of self love. Love doesn’t hurt! Our inability to maintain love at times is where the source of hurt comes…love is and always shall be the greatest gift.

  6. From Louise Hay: There’s a big difference between the need for love, and being needy for love. When you’re needy for love, it means that you’re missing love and approval from the most important person you know—yourself. Remember, when you think joyous thoughts, you’ll be a happy person, everyone will want to be with you, and all of your current relationships will improve. Here are some favorite affirmations:
    From time to time, I ask those I love, “How can I love you more?”
    Love happens! I release the desperate need for love, and instead, allow it to find me in the perfect time-space sequence.
    I draw love and romance into my life, and I accept it now.
    Love is around every corner, and joy fills my entire world.
    I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.
    I am comfortable looking the mirror, saying, “I love you, I really love you.”
    I now deserve love, romance, and joy—and all the good that Life has to offer me.
    Love is all there is!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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