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Don’t miss your blessings and signs from the universe

“Scientists are slowly waking up to an inconvenient truth – the universe looks suspiciously like a fix. It’s as if a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics.—Paul Davies

Carol Burnett, who won countless Emmys and Golden Globes during her 12-year tenure on CBS, used to pull on her earlobe during her variety show. It was a sign to her children, who were watching at home, that she loved them.

The universe, for those of us paying attention, is every bit as generous. It’s constantly sending us signs, constantly letting us know that, “Hey, it’s going to be okay. You’re all right. Life is here for your enjoyment.”

Pope Francis says that whenever he’s troubled or needing comfort, he sees a white rose. That’s his personal sign, directly from the Big Guy. My friend Annola is sent a crane—the bird, not the construction rig.

Blessings and signs such as these never end. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t paying attention. We’re too busy following the scripts and constructs we created to serve as our reality.

I’m lucky because I get cool stories sent straight to my inbox from readers who remind me daily of the world’s beneficence.

Here’s one that came in this weekend:

“I joined an E-squared group and had just started the first experiment. Got an unexpected retro check for over $300 I wasn’t expecting but that wasn’t the best part. Later that day my two kids and I went to the beach. I went down to the water’s edge to sing a water healing song and pray for the water. I was wishing I had some tobacco to offer with my prayers. I finished and headed back toward the kids. My eldest son was coming toward me following a seagull which had something in it’s beak. As I got closer, the seagull swung around and flew right toward me. I swear it looked right at me as it dropped it’s package on the ground in front of me. Not only was it a pouch of loose tobacco, it was the very brand (American Spirit) that I use for my prayers! Can you say mind blowing???!!”

I look forward to the day when stories like this are no longer mind-blowing. But simply cause us to nod, pump our fists in the air and say, “Well, duh!”

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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    1. Hi Linda,

      You’re not alone. When I first started reading Pam’s books, nothing came to me. Nada. Still, to this day, I haven’t seen many things from the book. However, I did see one, and that was 222. That number series changed everything for me. I don’t know if it was because it made me laugh and loosen up when I saw it, or I just finally believed that the Universe if full of good. And, I’m laughing right now, because I just noticed the series in today’s date 2/2/2015.

      All that to say, keep going. Have fun with it.

      Have a great week 🙂

      1. Thanks Jenn and Linda, me too! I started reading E3 last week, waiting for my cosmic joke to show up. But hey, just as I was wondering if I should give up ‘cos maybe I wasn’t doing it right or something… The clock read 22:22pm, amazing or what?

  1. Dear sweet Linda–Things like that are happening all around you, all the time. The
    trick–and this is really our only responsibility–is to play around and start letting go of all blocks and mental constructs that preempt the flow. It’s there, sister, I promise you that.

  2. For as long as I can remember, I have noticed and celebrated the synchronicities, coincidences, and little signs that came to me. But E2, E3 and your blog posts help keep me paying even more attention! Thanks again, again, and again for E3-ing my life! xox

  3. I finished reading your post a few minutes ago. I was feeling a little off, wanted a boost, so I did a PG treatment and asked for a yellow bird. I took off on a walk and starting noticing yellow everywhere! My spirit began to lift! Then I got a kick out of how much yellow there is in my neighborhood and felt happy, happy! I walked inside to shuck my jacket and what do I see – 2 yellow birds!!!!! One was metal and their ceramic!

    Off for another mile and treatment!

    Thank you PG!

    Kathee Dowis

  4. Greetings for the day…Ma’am I wish to get back love of my life. He has walked off suddenly 3 years ago…I still love him like before…Want him back….Please let me know how do I go about it.

  5. Hello, it has been..let me say a challenging month. yet I wanted to tell you about a sign…assurance I received this morning at the beginning of meditation…I read Wayne Dyer’s book…”Excuses Begone”. Wow…and I came to realize even though I have come far in this journey. There are hard moments where I activate and use each and every one of those excuses. But near the end of the book, he speaks about Compassion…for oneself at first..and then moves out.
    So I sat in meditation..palms out and said over and over again Compassion…because we draw in to us that which we are…and I want to always be compassion..and never again have an excuse…so I will..move right back into compassion and give it to me first and then be it. The great thing about it is, you do not have to say a word to anyone, you can just give compassion.
    here is the back story. My boyfriend used to drink a lot. It caused many problems as one can imagine. And it has been a hard year. he lived like an animal when I met him, yet something inside of him…his true essence was pleading to come forth. I know in all of me, I am to be with him in this journey. In ways a catalyst for change. he also understands it on some levels. but as an undeveloped being, who is stuck in some places he fights the light. We have had many situations to deal with. The latest is he wants his dirty, filthy house back with animal stained walls and him eating Vienna sausage out of a can and drinking like a fish.
    So I handed to him what he asked for. And I will add as a side note. One day I was handed what I “thought” I wanted and ran screaming into the woods. So I took a paint brush and made the walls white again. Took down all the creations we had made together. All the softness, all the love shown about the house. Everything. He went ballistic. In one breathe he said…I love all your cooking and painting and creating, all the wonderful things you have done…I Love you…to…..I have destroyed his life. I am hateful…back and forth…all along I smiled serenely and painted the walls white from this magical celery green color he had chosen.
    he bounced back and forth, back and forth. All along I gave him what he asked for…and in a nutshell it is death. I did not rant and rage and tell him he should be thankful. I exampled how what we put out will come to us in some form…and guess what…I got to be that form….I got to be that vessel.
    I finished painting and cleaning up and he left on a claim he was getting cigarettes and was gone 2 hours. I continued to read books and go through healing…
    He returned and after spending hours doing computer work..he asked me..how was my leg(which by the way has been in full ache mode, and I know why). I said it hurts, but ok, then he asked how I was…my reply was good…he looked like he just took a bullet. He then said…he was not good…so I paused and listened..and told him three things…
    1. I will continue to love him, without pause.
    2. I will give him the greatest compassion. I will give compassion to me and then to him. Because we all know it starts with us.
    3. I told him he was fabulous, wonderful, intelligent. Hard to do, but then not so hard, after someone spits at you that you have destroyed their life.
    He was floored. because the fearful part of him, hoped the scene would make me go. So it would validate all that was wrong with him.
    So I sat in meditation and said looking out to the trees in the grey sky, with rain pounding heavily to the ground…COMPASSION…over and over…COMPASSION COMPASSION COMPASSION.
    My eyes were closed and suddenly this brilliant light busted onto my face. I opened my eyes…and like those pictures we see of a light shining down from heaven in a column…like we see around saints and such…it was right there…like a spotlight in a black room. And all around it was pounding rain, grey skies and me..in awe…So I got my sign, without even asking…yet this heart knew it needed something as a confirmation…
    And to be honest, I was slightly in awe of me yesterday. because I loved without holding back, not even a sliver of me. And I did not fear or try and control. I was vulnerable(which is true strength)and the Universe, God..said here is the green card..You did well Kiddo…
    And as another side note. Usually these fights or movements last a week and all these things he cherishes he makes bad…and drags all his family into this. I understand this struggle is within him..and he wants to travel to the next place…in his soul…Yet to see him so calm shortly after that outburst…for me to extend compassion to him…well people…what better sign could I have been given..that I am on the right path…and I am doing good…I am becoming in all form…LOVE…

  6. How do you tell the difference between a manifestation (such as in E3 asking to see a senior citizen in a fancy hat) and a “sign” from a departed loved one? If I’m asking for a specific sign, and I get it, how do I know that I didn’t manifest it on my own connection to the universe? Help appreciated.

  7. It seems that, for me, a butterfly is my symbol from the universe. It first started when I was four and my great grandfather passed away, but before I found out a butterfly landed on my finger and played around, kissing my face etc. Since then, I have seen a shining butterfly reflection on a glass when I took a picture of an object. This happened a few minutes after I found $5 on the ground right in plain view. The butterfly was not part of this object so it was a nice reminder that life is there for me.

  8. Just received a letter about a forgotten IRA from an old place of employment. $675 that will really come in handy as it’s time for a new left knee. I’m living with and caring for my mom who just turned 100 and we have 2 teenage boys in the household. Life is exciting
    and oh so sweet!

  9. Strangely, most people who talk about these ‘signs’ are women.

    The people who shares these rich, aligned thoughts are simply kind ladies.

    I’m sure some gents do have/see the signs but somehow… well, I don’t know but perhaps I should be the first to say something.

    My signs are numbers.

    If I see 111 like this morning when I was doing some online shopping with my wife, I know that I’m in a good frequency.

    I see similar numbers in so many places. Like when I wake up early in the morning and it’s 5:55, or when I buy stuff and the total is 9.99, or when I’m listening to some music as I drive and the track playing is track 3 and the time is 3:33pm.

    I used to shout or get overly excited, but not any more… what I do is as I notice them, I smile and keep doing what I’m doing (though some people may ask me, why are you smiling? And you know it’s hard to tell them why.)

    But signs are all around us.

    The other one that I recently manifested over and over again are the parking spaces. They are super easy to manifest…

    And here is the best one, of recently, companies here in the UK have contacted me to say, ‘Mr. Lugembe, we have a credit card for you that was accepted two years ago… would you like us to send it to you?’

    And guess what, it was given to me but because I was on a wrong frequency I never saw any of the many emails they sent me… even emails showing the annual balance…’

    How about this, another company opened a credit account for me by a mistake. With a huge credit limit and all… As they wanted to close it, all I had to do is say ‘leave it open’.

    Mind you, all these happen when not so long time ago I was told my credit is poor… And because of these small changes, I’m now accepted everywhere!

    All I had to do is learn to take resistance out of my relationship with money…

    It’s super amazing.

    And that’s why I feel so good, so good… because that’s all I have to.

    I wish you all all the best, and keep watching for the signs.

    And one of them is that you are reading this.

    Abraham Hicks says, after knowing all these, there is no going back to the old knowledge.

  10. I have been loving your book E-Squared. It really is increasing my awareness . I had asked for a sign about a project I was working on . So one morning,I am sitting at my desk , I look up at a :BELIEVE” metal sign I have on my wall and right above it is the a capital letter I . ” I BELIEVE”. ! I had to take a picture . The faint black I came right through the paint on the wall. The strangest thing to me is that I have had this BELIEVE sign on my wall for over 5 years , just after I started reading your book and doing these experiments did this I appear right above the word Believe . Today I was suppose to notice butterflies, it is really cold where I am but i have a daily calender and when i selected today’s date , Butterfly’s all over the page and purple butterflies as today\s highlighted picture . Incredible . Thank you .

  11. Aloha Pam,

    Yep, the universe does indeed “conspire to shower blessings” & it’s happening to me more & more. What outrageous fun!!!

    One of my recent faves was me standing in my kitchen over the holidays bemoaning to my husband how I wished I had time to make Christmas cookies because it just wasn’t the same without them.

    Less than one minute later my neighbor walked in with a plate of her best! YES!!!

    Honestly, I can’t much think anymore about how to make my future work when existence takes such good care as it is.

    Here’s to wishing for even more ease & joy & blessings!

    Alexa (And mahalo nui loa to your good heart.)

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