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Use this year’s 525,600 minutes to write a different story on your etch-a-sketch

“Refuse to be sidetracked into detours and illusions.”
—Course in Miracles

Sorry to be incommunicado for a spell. I’ve been out in Newport, Rhode Island, speaking at ATMI. I’m not sure what those letters stand for, but I do know this group of 500 tour directors and operators did a mean conga line right across the stage during my speech. It was the height of fun being snowed in with these really cool folks.

Just got back last night, but wanted to send a quick blog post–especially since I’ve I started fielding emails from subscribers who were worried they’d accidentally been dropped.

Never fear, oh fearless readers, I am back and, even though I’m about to start traveling again, I will check in with you here on the blog from time to time. Enjoy!

You’ve heard it a million times: George Santayana’s famous line that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that it is ONLY our remembrance of the past that condemns us to repeat it. If we got up every morning with a completely clean Etch-a-Sketch, with not an iota of an idea of how so and so reacts or which dangerous road we think our world is heading or even what the status of our financial situation is, we would be free to write a brand new story.

We are the creators of our reality, but, instead of using this oh-so-awesome gift, we have the tendency to create our reality based on the past. We get up each day and focus on the same-ole, same-ole we created yesterday.

What’s even worse is yesterday’s same-ole, same-ole is filtered through our fears and illusions so the “past we’re condemned to repeat” isn’t even accurate.

I think it’s also important to remind you that you are the captain of your thoughts, the boss of your etch-a-sketch and that, at any time, you can throw yesterday’s memories overboard. You can use your will to create a brand new reality. I mean, starting from scratch.

Nobody’s forcing you to focus on anything. You get to choose.

Why write the same old soap opera? Why assume today is going to be just like yesterday? Do you really know for certain that your boss is an a-hole? That your partner is going to defy your needs?

What if they only act like that because that’s what you draw out of them with old expectations? Why not decide right now to draw out a more pleasing reality. You get to choose. Always!

I’m a student of “A Course in Miracles.” Its main thesis boils down to forgiveness which doesn’t mean forgiving someone for yesterday’s wrong. It means letting yesterday go and not making the assumption that the blessed NOW will be a re-run.

There’s no reason it has to be except your decision to “remember the past.”

P.S. Get those E-Cubed selfies posted soon. You never know when I might decide to start passing out prizes.

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  1. Como te ha gustado esto del propio control universal, te mando esto de Pam.

    Un beso y hay que ver porque apareció este problema estomacal justo ahora. Tómalo como información nueva para algo que solo TÚ sabes la respuesta.

    René Born  renebornb@gmail.com

    > El 29-01-2015, a las 16:25, Pam Grout escribió: > >

  2. Pam,
    I am so excited to see you will be at the Hay House I Can Do It in Denver! I am in a panic because you are speaking at the same time as SONIA CHOQUETTE, who I also love! Oh my, such decisions! I love your work, thanks for everything you do.

    -Jen Landis

  3. Is this true, and an important lesson man of us are striving to achieve … get out of your story, and creating stories for everybody else based on illusion and fear.

  4. Pam, I was introduced to a Course In Miracles in a small town (Glenwood Springs) in western Colorado about 20 years ago. It changed my life forever. I have continued the search since then for all things metaphysical. Your book E Cubed was a giant leap for me and a shot in my sometimes ‘lethargic’ arm. I look forward to your posts. I meditate and practice your experiments daily. Thank you!!!
    ps You are sooooooo damn funny!!!!!

  5. When you have a moment, read this blog from the author of E squared and E cubed. This is apropos of this week – enjoy!

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  6. I made a list of what I want in a soulmate right down to the smallest detail & i found someone exactly like that. & when I showed him the list he thinks I’m lying & I’m a stalker!!! This is so not fair!!

  7. A follow up to the above post. I read your book E-squared and did the first experiment where I should expect a miracle. I went to this event which I was not planning to go to.. It was a last minute decision & I saw this person staring at me not in a creepy way! Later I found out more about him & he turned out exactly like the one I had on my soulmate list..I met him recently & he doesnt believe a word of it. He thinks I’m a stalker & this is some sort of pick up line I use on everyone & that I actually found out everything about him beforehand .. It feels so unfair!! I’m a staunch believer in LoA..

  8. Heyy here I am again and I am sorry that this time I am not here to say Thank you but I am mailing you for a way for my problem. I thought about it so many times and yesterday at night I suddenly thought may be I should mail you and find an answer and today in the morning I decided to mail you and as soon as I opened my mail there was your post so I thought this was a sign from the universe that I must mail you. Okay not wasting your time let me tell you I am 24 and I am from India and if you are even little bit aware about my country we are not allowed to chose our own life partner and moreover if you are a girl then forget about love marriage. I was in class 8th around 12 or 13 years old and I fell in love with a guy at that age I was not aware about the consequences we both were going to face. He belongs to another state of my country so we are both of the same religion but different castes. So 2 years later my family came to know about me having a boyfriend they gave me warnings but we were still together so they decided to take action so after 12 th class I was not allowed to study and not allowed to talk to anyone other than my own family members I was not even alllowed to go out of the house and if necessary someone would always come with me my mobile was taken away. Even today after 7 years conditions are the same I don’t have friends can’t go out no mobile phone nothing Thank GOD that I made an email id and have wi fi to get connected to the world even from here. So now after almost 11 years of a relationship we both want to get married but my family is not allowing me to get married to him and emotionally torturing me to get married to a guy from our caste. Can you please show me a way to convince them please and also it feels like I have lost every positive emotion I almost feel nothing but just blank spaces PLEASE HELP me may be you are my last hope. 

  9. I cannot believe you were just in RI!! I live in RI and so wished that I could have attended the event that you were at. I loved E2 and am currently reading E3!

    1. It would have been great to have met you. I was snowed in at the Hyatt Regency on Goat island with 500 tour directors and operators. It was a blast!!!

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