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Why upgrading your beliefs and expectations will create an exciting new story in 2015

“If we do not change what we believe, we will create in 2015 the same thing we’ve created in 2014….2013, 2012….”—David Moser

Whatever your dream is for 2015, there’s only one way to reach it.

You’ve got to change your beliefs and expectations. About what’s possible. About the way the world works.

Whether you want more money, a loving relationship, or a new and exciting career, you’ve got to upgrade your views. You’ve got to create a new vision and begin to believe more in the new vision than in “what is.”

Focusing on “what is” only slows the process down.

Anything is possible. But you’ve got to elevate your beliefs and expectations. And to remember these 11 words: The universe has your back and everything’s going to be okay.

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Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. i bought and (still reading) your Ecube book but the BFF experiment well you said that i should find a penny and well Canada has removed the penny out of circulation for almost 2 years now so finding a penny isn’t as easy as it seems.

    1. Your putting a limitation on the universe delivering it to you. Its a belief that will block. There are two things you can do. Believe that you will see one and let the universe deliver it to you or try asking for a different coin its that easy. Nothing g is impossible for the universe only our beliefs that its limiting will.

    2. No pennies! I’ll bet you’ll find a few anyway. But I’d ask the universe to deliver something else. There’s some bread crumb out there awaiting your notice. Let me know when you find out.

      1. I still believe there is a penny left somewhere in Canada.I would stick with the penny because it will be that more awesome when one shows up.Don’t you agree !

    3. That makes the experiment all the more exciting ! Because WHEN ! You find that penny there will be no denying that it works !

  2. Hello. I hv rd ur 2 books n experience the new world and I wnna tl yu…I luvvv you…meet yu one day and ur books r so amazing nd inspiring..ur writing z jz outofthworld… Nd wishin yu a vryyy hppyyy new yr…nd plz write more books like thz n nevr stop inspiring us….thnkyusomch…luvv yu…

  3. Hey Pam, cheers for the thought provoking post!

    My 2014 was a year where I came to some very profound understandings and conclusions about how unbelievably awesome and accommodating the FP is and that ANY-THING is actually possible.

    I ‘thought’ that I had changed my beliefs on this subject, but… I have found my self in what seems to be a very similar situation, and not achieving what I set out.

    Are these ‘thoughts’ more on a intellectual level ‘surface’ level and there is a deeper underlying belief or thought system that is sabotaging what I set out to achieve?

    I have proved through E-Squared and E-Cubed that CRAZY things can be achieved… But when it comes to more personal and business goals I seem to flop. Any clues hints or advice you could offer?!?

    Cheers, Paul

    1. Dear Paul,

      Right now, it may seems that personal and business goals are flopping, but that’s only because that’s your belief, that’s your story. Once you truly let go of yesterday (and I mean wake up fresh without any preconceived notions), the FP will deliver everything. It only wants to endow blessings and miracles and love. WE block it, but only with our stories and antiquated beliefs.

  4. Hi Pam,
    I read your books, and love them.. But, just to clarify..I believe my intention, but how can I believe it even more? I’ve been intending to find my partner for 9 years, so I was wondering what I need to do more?

  5. “Focusing on “what is” only slows the process down.” When I read this from your blog, it made me stop and reflect, and this is what I came up with Pam, with all do respect.

    Focusing on “what is” does slow the mind down, which in turns slows down what we create, which slows down the process as you stated. That may actually be a good thing, because slowing down allows us to observe what we are creating with our negative metal programming. The “what is” part allows us to slow down, clear and reset our old mental programming, which allows us to start a new, clean and refreshed mental outlook. This way we can make a more thorough transformation from an old negative belief construct to a more clearer positive.belief outlook.

    Most of us probably would feel safer skipping the “what is” state because this means facing our demons, fears, negativity, or whatever you want to call it because… well it’s like watching a scary movie as you sometimes call it Pam. So yes we can go from old negative think to new positive thinking in a moments notice, but we must remember that old “survival-fearful-negative-thinking” has thousands of years of momentum in the Vniversal human psyche which creates a powerful pull back into the old mental state. So as I’m with you on how we actually create our own world(s) we must also take the time to practice and balance ourselves to the present “what is” moment so we can make a more thorough new, positive transformation in our mental constructs. Come to think of it, it’s very much like learning a true martial- “Art”.

    Thank you Pam, Much love. 🙂

  6. Hi Pam!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts and stories. I find myself inspired, uplifted, and empowered after reading your posts! I know 2015 will be a great year for you!

    My 2015 is looking very exciting. I felt inspired to take a big jump and launch my own new project to help people successfully use the Law of Attraction.

    It is a custom whiteboard that encourages people to figure out what they really want, and practice daily visualization and positive thinking to actually achieve it.

    I call it the DreamBoard.

    I would love to hear what you think about it.

    Please check it out here on Kickstarter: bit.ly/1Hiey2w

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

    Thank you, Wishing you all the best.

    Eric Santagada

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