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What badass reality might be available if you let go of your treasured, but teeny-tiny vantage point?

Anything that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” — David Whyte

Unlike the intentions of many LOA aficionados who are envisioning new jobs or new cars or new significant others to snuggle with on the couch, most of my intentions revolve around ideas—beauty and joy, things I want to see happen in the world at large.

At the risk of sounding like a beauty contestant who gushes to the pageant emcee that she only wants “world peace,” I’ll go ahead and stand here, naked on the stage, and admit that my highest intentions revolve around all of us finally getting it that we all really love each other and knowing that there’s a heck of a lot of support available (in many different dimensions) that we’ve blocked by our limited mental constructs.

Today, at my group, we talked about loved ones on the other side. And how ridiculous it is to believe they’re no longer with us. Because of our very stubborn belief that you have to have a body to communicate, we miss a lot of cool things these loved ones are trying to tell us. Let’s just say they have a much bigger perspective. They’ve escaped from the echo chamber of fear that we so often experience on the material plane.

Annola shared a story about her dad. When he wants to get through to her daughter, his granddaughter who was born the same week he passed, he turns her TV off. I suppose that could be annoying if you’re right in the middle of an episode of “Orange is the New Black.” But you gotta admit, it’s hard to ignore him that way.

Cindy shared a story about her brother who died young and way before the average. She said it took her awhile to open to his presence. She said her intense grief completely thwarted his efforts.

But finally, she tuned in and now gets regular guidance that, as often happens, is much clearer and more loving than the guidance we might get from a friend still viewing life from the tunnel vision of a body.

She said to him one day, “Ya know, it would be a lot easier if you could figure out a clear way to make your presence known—like how about using electronics?”

A couple days later, she’s downstairs, folding laundry or something when booming music comes from upstairs. She’s irritated, wondering what her husband is doing. She meets him in the hallway and he’s also heading to the very LOUD music playing in the bathroom. Coming from a radio is an extremely loud rendition of one of her brother’s favorite songs.

The weirdest part is that radio—which they hadn’t used in years (it was shaped like a toy so they left it in the bathroom as a decoration)—had no batteries.

So I ask you? What’s a mental construct, that you’re completely sure is fact, that you’re now willing to throw overboard? Might open up a whole new conversation!!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Holy fuck! Can I say that? Yes I just have! Pam I LOVE YOU!! I could waffle on about why but you already get it! What a post!! Amazing, you are blessed, whatever that means to you, have a great XMAS!!! 😀😀😀🎄👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍀

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  2. I think my mantra for this year will be “All the earth’s problems are already solved” and if I hear of a disaster I’ll keep saying “Only good will come of this” and mean it. Let the Universe, The Dude take care of it.

    1. That’s so powerful! All the earth’s problems are already solved. I’ve been thinking of that mantra. And I believe we got this, peeps!!!

  3. Dear Pam,

    Being a total stranger to you, but believing in this process from your vantage point and biting hard on your smooth and articulated prose, I was curious:

    You ever invite a stranger to your group? And when I mean “group” I mean a few people that can get together on FaceTime or Skype together listening to one another, with you commandeering the conversation.

    Somebody said once, “To achieve the impossible, attempt the absurd.”

    Figured this was right up near a “ten” on the absurd meter, but I didn’t think there would be any harm in trying.

    You’re welcome to look at my background, get three references, credit check, whatever you feel comfortable with.


    Ed McShane ed.mcshane@gmail.com 760-745-1947

  4. Absolutely tickled by this! Looking forward to reading more “clues” that opened the doorways for love and comfort. Thank you!

  5. Pam, we have a light in the kitchen/meals area that needed replacing. It was one of those ‘one day’ jobs. Last Christmas eve, before going to bed, I walked by our tree and stopped and looked at the angel ornament that was there to remember my dad, who passed several years ago. Staring at the angel, I thought about him and said ‘miss you, dad’.

    Walked into the kitchen, switched the light on and the non-working bulb worked. Even flicked the switch a few times, and it still worked. The next morning, the bulb was back to being non-functional, and never worked again. I like to believe that he was checking in.

  6. I love love love this . It makes me want to get out your books and read them again, I forgot how funny you are also.

    1. Hi Diane! I know you talk to Lorraine regularly. She has to be such a fabulous person to have raised two fabulous people like you and Jim. Love you.

  7. Pam, thank you for recommending Mike Dooley. I am half way through his “Top Ten things” book and it is the second most influential book on my current journey. And by the way, your e-squared book was the first life changer book for me. Seriously. I am most grateful. Thank you for sharing and letting us be a part of your journey as well.

  8. Oh Pam I love this! JUST YESTERDAY, I found an old penny on the floor of my studio. What is odd is that we recently relaid the studio floor and put new floor boards on it, and varnished them up etc. took a lot of work. So the whole floor was completely new. And I’d just vacced the floor the day before of all my papers, etc. and I’d never seen this penny before in my life. Picked it up, it was lovely old halfpenny, Australian, 1955, the year I was born!!!! I knew my dad had sent me a penny from heaven! I’ll send you a pic of my lovely half penny! What a beautiful present from heaven and your beautiful post! Thanks for this, and lots of love, for Christmas and all through 2015, Robyn

    Robyn Emerson http://www.robynemerson.com.au Email: robyn@emda.com.au



  9. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for your posts. I get them in England.

    I keep asking to see my son James. He has been isolated from me in a vindictive break up with his father. I have time with my other younger son George for which I am very grateful. I love them both but feel powerless to help protect James. Elizabeth xx

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  10. I wish I could share your inspiring and helpful insight with all my friends that insist on spending so much time with sadness and grief. They don’t understand me when I tell them I prefer to think that my loved ones are in a far better place and can help me more there then they ever could here in this 3-D dimension. The love I feel gives me such a feeling of gratitude everyday that I find it difficult to focus on one thing to be grateful for. I love the sharing that your message today brought. Your E2 and E3 have brought my daughter so much help and comfort also.

  11. Yep. They come to visit, some of them often.

    I love the ones that leave little material gifts. The ashtray that my husband thought stolen found in the back of the cupboard a year later, the picture of my husband as a child when he thought there were none, found tucked in my old Jackson Browne guitar book that had been boxed up since BEFORE I had even met my husband. The overwhelming smell of baby powder that lingers for only half a minute but is so strong you have to stop reading and leave the room. You know, those little gifts.

    Yep, they come to visit and guide us.

  12. Yup they visit. After my husband died he said if there is an afterlife like I was saying he would let me know. I said Houdini couldn’t prove it. Nevertheless, family was in the car and we smelled cigarette smoke. My husband quit years ago. There was no one smoking near us. No way for the smell to be in the car. Then I was sitting in church when my cell rang. It said Dan’s cell. I asked my daughter what she wanted as I didn’t take the call because I was in church. She had his cell. She said what do you mean Dad’s cell isn’t even charged. I ask for signs all the time & get them.

  13. Oh Man! So good. Reading the post and the comments, I’m having goose bumps all over and I’m thinking granny is close. Love the glowing angel pic. Thanks for the post and remainder. Love

  14. Talk about revolving intentions…here’s a spin of synchronicity that is hard to believe…but happened to me yesterday.

    On Sunday morning, during my meditation time, I got a message from the spirit energy of a beautiful fit 30 year old man who suddenly died of a heart attack on Dec. 15. His message was overwhelmingly loving and profound. I phoned his best friend’s mother, Karen, to share what I had learned so she could pass it onto her grieving son. In the afternoon, another friend happened to visit and brought me the local newspaper which I don’t usually get because I live way out in the country. After she left I opened the paper and immediately saw the young man’s obituary—and he looked exactly as how I “saw” him that morning! I was then drawn to open my e-mail system and went straight to the already highlighted post from Pam re her heartfelt and brave message about loved ones on the other side….and forwarded it to Karen… who then wrote me back to say she would share it with her son. OMG! My head is spinning with the heady revolutions of communication—in one day.

    -Julie Larsen, Vernon, BC, Canada

  15. I am really grateful you shared their stories! I’ll be honest, I have somewhat thwarted any external energy ready to guide me because of the BS (belief system, of course) that anything paranormal is “of the devil”. Though I am moving away from this tunnel-vision belief system, I do find it easier to embrace when I hear and read of such profound and heart-warming experiences. And the chills that I got while reading them, I now take as a “Universal nudge”… That I am safe. We all are. ****

    Holy cow! as I sat here writing this last statement, I am listening to my band Tool in a song where the commentary JUST SAID, “You’re in a safe place. We want to help in whatever way but you need to talk to us. We cannot help you otherwise.”!!!

  16. Merry Christmas Pam

    The list I have is too long

    It started with E2

    Many thanks



    New Zealand

  17. I know I can’t turn this on or off like a faucet, but I’m getting there. Among my many experiences, this funny story is totally on! I’ve had dreams where I’ve dreamt of my deceased father where we usually talk. One night I dreamt of seeing him at a table looking over the racing news. He loved to bet on the horses when he was alive. I asked him which horse he liked, and he told me the name (I forgot it now). Next day, I went to OTB, and my eyes went up and down over all the racing lists looking for that horse. To my surprise, I found a horse running in one of the races that had our last name, which is not common! I’m not much of a gambler, so I bet $2 on the horse to come in 3rd (I usually bet to show), and the horse came in 3rd. I didn’t win much, but what a confirmation that was!

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