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Why “what’s possible” is far more important than “what is”

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ― Gloria Steinem

We have a choice. We can place our attention on “what is” or we can dream of what can be. By placing our attention on new possibilities, we animate a completely different future.

Here are the headlines I’m envisioning for today:

New Ebola cases in Africa fall to zero

U.S. Democrats and Republicans hug it out on the Senate floor

The Middle East celebrate 10 years of peaceful coexistence

Snows return to Kilimanjaro

Pam Grout appears on Super Soul Sunday

Tell me in the comments section below: What’s your new headline?

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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    1. Breaking Headline News: Marlon Gilbert is awarded a spectacular new job opportunity for his outstanding achievement in aligning with joy and his vortex.

  1. After 4 years of talking the talk: Carlyn Shaw walks the walk, gifting the world her first best selling book.

  2. Jan retires and moves into her beautiful log home. Focus is now on travel plans with husband and volunteering in the community.

  3. One of my Quantum Thought Exercises (in my new book) is to replace “What’s the worst that happen?” with “What’s the best that can happen?”. Try this for one day and see/feel how it boosts your energy. Fits right in with your awesome post, Pam. Thank you.

  4. One of the best ever writen self-help books writen by Mary Christine Helen, helping millions to achieve miracles in their lives!!!!

  5. I already reccommended you for Super Soul Sunday several weeks ago, Pam Grout so you will be a guest on there eventually.I am anxiously waiting… My headline..” Marie has a complete home make over..”

  6. Maria is happily married in a wanted, healthy, accepting, appreciative, helpful, understanding, loving marriage, family and partnership with C.

  7. Wow! Endless possibilities!!!
    Mexico’s government distinguishes for its remarkable honesty and concern for its people!
    Millions of people around the world fall in an enthusiastic brotherhood and loving care to their fellow men!
    Ricardo Viesca unleashes his natural healing power!

  8. John in UK buys the biggest hardback note book he can find to record all the manifestations he has just hurtling his way! One day this will have been the first part of his best selling book!

  9. Reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Break the Habit of Being Yourself” at the mo which echoes this post 100% and it is so exciting planning the futures here right now – if you get what I mean. Much Love as always xx

  10. BREAKING NEWS: Tony-Award winning playwright/author, Tamara Carson, knocks another one out the park with her latest Broadway Musical! (Director: Debbie Allen. Starring: Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, and Cee Lo Green, and other amazing new talents!)

  11. My colleague’s life of burden is transformed into one of joy ! Help arrives daily to care for her autistic daughter with Down’s syndrome, who is now able to feed herself ! Go baby angels everywhere!

    1. Yes, we are love. I am so excited reading all these amazing headlines. Thanks you guys for playing!!! We can make this real. We really can.

  12. Dear Pam,

    I love your work and the moment I see your name pop up in my inbox, your message is always the first one I click on to read. Today’s post about seeing different headlines really struck a note with me. I live in an area that was seriously threatened by drought conditions, to the point that our community water supply — a large lake — had almost completely dried up. About six weeks ago, I began daily visualizing opening up the newspaper and seeing the headline “Scientists and Forecasters Agree: Heavy Rains Bring End to Historic Drought.”

    When I began that visualization, we’d had no rain to speak of in months. In the weeks since then we’ve had two nice rains and a good soaking drizzle that lasted a couple of days. While the lake is not full by any means, enough water has flowed in to keep us going and I see that as a clear sign from F.P. that my visualized headline is whirling itself into physical reality. But the nicest part is now, when I hear other folks in the community talking, it is about how nice the moisture is instead of how badly moisture is needed. I love it!!!

    And I love you. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing making sure people know that not only can we change our lives with our thoughts, each and every one of us has the power to completely transform the world!

    May your blessings abound…Kate (AKA: Empress of Everything)

    1. Dear Empress of Everything,
      It sounds like we live in the same area. I will join you in the visualization for rain!
      I see a very wet winter coming our way! Thank you for the inspiration!


      1. Thank you, Donna for joining me in visualizing the headline. Where two or more….I’ll take that to mean a downpour is coming! Prepare for rain! Whoo-Hoo!!!!

        Empress of Everything

    2. Dear Empress of Everthing,
      I live very near a national forest which experienced a devastating wild fire in the summer of 2012 . My husband and I along with our two dogs had to evacuate our home. We were staying with friends and another friend in another state called to tell me of the power of a song called ” I Dreamed of Rain” by Jan Garrett. One night I played this song over and over and fervently sang along. Tears flowed freely as I kept singing. The next day the local news announced that there had been a small shower that had formed over a portion of the fire and this helped the firefighters get an upper hand. Please look up the music and lyrics to this powerful song. Another verse of the song dreams of peace.
      Blessed Be,

      1. Oh Carole, thank you so much for that song. It brought tears to my eyes and I cannot get the words out of my mind. I prayed for rain and the rains came and peace spread over the land. What joy-filled words those are!!!

        Empress of Everything

  13. Donations have poured in and have far exceeded the fundraising goal that is making it possible for my son, who has intellectual disabilities, continue to live the independent life he loves.

  14. Megan Kathleen recovers and celebrates a colorful, delectable, and healthy “first meal” while surrounded by her family and layers of love!

  15. Pam, you have done it again! ….just what I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it! For months I have been troubled by continuous news stories about children who are murdered, hurt, abused etc, here at home and throughout the world. My new envisioned headline : “All children are safe, cared for and loved!”

  16. Kathleen Arnason’s “The Dream” hits the Silver Screen staring Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway,Kathy Bates, Meg Ryan as the faerie’s and Amy Adam’s as Jennifer……. Oscar’s get very excited!

  17. Organized Religion has been abandoned, and everyone is pursuing their own personal Spiritual Path, reaching deeper for Enlightment, and engendering Peace throughout the whole entire World, reaching every corner.

  18. Driving an owning my brand new 2015 Dodge Challenger. Im all moved in my new home. Running a successful crochet lingerie business.

  19. For the first time in history:
    All the children in the world are cared for and shown love;
    Everyone in the world has all the money they need and desire;
    Everyone in the world is doing their dream career;
    Everyone in the world is treated equal and has equal rights;
    Jennifer Thur became a successful professional dancer at the age of 36 and inspires millions to follow their dreams.
    That’s my kinda news!

  20. Yes

    What possible is an audiobook version of E3

    What is is “We are not planning one right now”

    Elan Star

  21. New Ebola cases in Africa fall to zero
    Morne wins this weeks Powerball jackpot
    Organised religion has been stopped

  22. Rickie Banning lands new job before end of 2014 working for major coaching-management consulting firm-on the Mainland and thoroughly enjoys every successful minute of it!

  23. “Watching my favourite show – Super Soul Sunday, with Pam Grout this week!”
    And after watching the show every week, I give gratitude for the author, go out and get their book – but this week, I don’t have to, as I have this book already!

  24. Ms. Blanca Julia Garza is awarded Best Teacher Ever Award, her students acknowledge her amazing work and her wonderful ideas have been published for other teachers to use.
    Her credit card debts are paid in full and she is now living in her beautiful new home with her loving husband.

    Thank you Pam!

    (I could go on… 😉 )

  25. Donna wins super lotto jackpot and retires to Santa Barbara where she writes her first of many bestsellers! And there is peace on earth. 🙂

    1. The only thing we have to lose is the antiquated mental constructs that have created an antiquated world with antiquated headlines. So glad we’re moving beyond all that.

  26. “I’m so excited! Pam Grout is presenting at the opening of Nest Healing Centre and partying with us afterwards with Trevor Hall playing live around our fire pit!!”
    Facebook: nesthealingcentre 🙂 xx

  27. I love all these wonderful headlines from all of you! I have been on a 90% news fast for a couple of years. Life is so much better when all this so called “reality” is not constantly ringing in our ears or being read and re-read.
    Now, a newspaper with all these headlines – and the stories that go with them – that is a newspaper I would read and re-read.

    1. It occurs to me how brave you are, Pam, standing behind your mission’!

      “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” ~ Maya Angelou, American writer

      But then, why not… I’ve been told I’m a Pollyanna and I don’t care, I’d rather believe all good things are possible, avoid the negative news and live my life ‘as if’ as the alternative sucks!

      Life is grand and getting better, every day and in every way!

      1. Hi, I loved your answer. I’m from Argentina and would very much like to be your friend, if you want to.. We could exchange emails and ideas. Also, I travel to the US sometimes… Love, Nelly

      2. That’s okay, I will take your nice reply, anyway – even if you were talking to “the other Pam”.

  28. Carrie-anne Mitchell wins the jackpot on the national lottery, she now gives her time as a childrens counsellor for free and is able to travel to schools all across the country helping to make sure every child’s voice is heard.

  29. The entire population of the World is officially LOA savvy and everyone is living Happily Ever After!

  30. My “Something’s Gotta Give” house overlooking Lake Michigan is close to completion. Thank god, I’ll be moved in by News Years! Now I have plenty of room for all my family and friends that I’m flying in (1st class) to help me celebrate my retirement, my new home and the New Year!! WOOHOO! Oh, and did I mention that winning lotto ticket for $300 million? (This past August, I dreamt I was holding the winning ticket for $300 million in my hand!)

  31. A dear friend of mine living thankfull, happy and blessed. her heart is filled with joy! and she met the nicest man on earth and he loves her very much!

  32. “atelier mipiace” is thriving more and more- ther are three museums which ordered costumes for display. it is now best known for exquisite garments- historical and modern. and Mrs Frank is winning the award for excellent embroideries and perfect craftmanship.

  33. The world has embraced the revolution of A-Life Services. A world where every household is living A Life In Financial Freedom Enrichment and Enjoyment. Be and Have an awesome day.

  34. I am debt free, a New York Times Bestselling Children’s author, my marriage is filled with loving kindness.
    I live in a world where there is plenty for everyone and where mindfulness and meditation are taught in every school.

  35. Juan Gazpar Ascencio and Jim Carrey to present Pam Grout with
    the “Vniversal Life Prize”

    U.S. Solar and Wind Power Energy Liberated

    Academy nominates Juan G Ascencio for Best Picture and Best Actor

    Ascencio’s raise $10 Billion for Tesla and The Venus Project Global Initiative

    Organic Farming Now Accounts For More Than Half The World’s Food

    W.H.O.: Diseases Are Disappearing At Alarming Rates

  36. Rather than create a headline of what is possible, I’d settle for a headline of what IS, like this:

    Millions of New Yorkers From Hundreds of Countries of Origin Commute Safely Together Every Day- And Arrive At Their Destinations On Time

  37. My headline is: Pam Grout’s E-Squared and E-Cubed made millions of people happy! She is one of the most influential people in this century!

  38. Terry Stanford’s soon-to-be-released new book, “Quench, Drinks From A Thirsty World” and her children’s book, “Howlin’ Jak Listens To The Desert” become Amazon best sellers in 2015!

  39. Conscious Comedian, StevieAnne Petitt shares her first Published Work, “Egos are like Farts… A comedic approach to conscious living” as one of 40 hand-selected 2015 TEDx Fellows! Lightening up Enlightenment one comedic comparison and PUNch line at a time! Next stop: a spoof with Ellen giving her “# 1 Best Smellers Award” lol!

  40. Terry Stanford’s soon-to-be-released book, “Quench, Drinks From A Thirsty World” and her children’s book, “Howlin’ Jak Listens to The Desert” become Amazon best sellers in 2015!

  41. Manchester, ‘Sickest place to live in the UK’ now healthiest after incredible success of Health Realization Program.

    Beginning in 2015 as a 3 month pilot in the four worst affected areas of the city, the impact on personal levels of health and well-being was so significant that the model was adopted by the rest of the city and is now being embraced nationally. Program leader, Viv Barclay, said about the surprising success, ‘It’s not a surprise at all to me. People have an incredible capacity for new thought that can profoundly change their experience of being alive in any moment. In being pointed towards how people create their experience of the world, they return effortlessly to their natural states of mental health and ‘realize’ the impact this has on them physically. People stop blaming factors outside of themselves for their malaise and take personal responsibility for the thoughts they choose to give their energy too. The result speaks for itself. Manchester has gone from reporting 1 in 3 people having a chronic illness to virtually no reports at all.’

    1. Holly has a good handle in creating her financial flow for all her needs creatively (through photography, writing and production) and is producing wonderful projects that help others to realize their goals and inspires them to believe too.

    2. As a resident of the UK, love the idea that there are other UK’rs out there that embrace the thought that there is another way of thinking and living other than sickness and negativity 🙂 x

  42. Headlines: Cheryl is living in her beautiful home on the golf course, with her fabulous new husband, she is in the best shape and health of her life.

  43. I can think of quite a few.

    -Bailey Becker wins lottery jackpot, invests money so well he has plenty to live on and more to give!

    -Diabetes cured!

    -Christian communities across the world thrive and grow, persecution ceases!

    -All autistic people able to live happy, independent lives!

    -Bailey Becker’s novel, “Little Boy Blue and the Crooked Man” tops bestseller lists!

    -Bailey Becker signs lucrative motion picture deal!

    -People cease aging, remain strong, healthy, and attractive their entire lives!

    -Christ returns, ushering in New Millennium!

    -Classical, swing, and Irish folk music experience massive resurgence!

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