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Random acts of forgiveness: a new movement starting today

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”—Mae West

I had a different post planned for today. But I woke up this morning to some news that simply MUST. BE. SHARED.

Last week, a woman from Derbyshire, England asked her followers to retweet the idea that “we’re seeing more and more good news. That we’re finally starting to “get” the idea about “loving your enemy.” Maybe she added my twitter handle because that’s one of my goals—-to change the dominant paradigm, to encourage people to start recognizing all the good that’s happening, to take the focus OFF “what’s wrong” and place it back where it belongs. On blessings and miracles.

Well, this morning she tweeted “And so it begins…” with a story about a former radical anti-Muslim who went to a Mosque to apologize.

As he says, “I’ve been an unwitting twat and let my beliefs be manipulated to further an opposite agenda.”

He ended up talking with folks at the Crayford mosque for an hour. He couldn’t get over how nice and loving they were.

This is big news, folks. And here’s what I’d like to propose, let’s start a movement where, each day, we apologize to someone we’ve held out of our hearts for whatever reason.

Granted, it’s a little bit trickier than random acts of kindness, but, wow! what a difference we can make. Forgiveness erases all the gunk that keeps us from recognizing the world’s largesse and this profound secret: “Even though we sometimes play “the opposite game,” we all really love each other.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. My other half has (literally) just been a complete twat himself… although on a much, much smaller scale 🙂 What a timely post. Thanks Pam. He IS forgiven!

  2. Lovely article and a tough thing to do, we all have experiences that take time to heal, forgive and move on, and it’s interesting to discover that when doing so the first one that benefits from that is ourselves. Thank you 🙂

  3. This is greatness! My now focus is to immediately forgive any negative thought/emotion that might creep up!

  4. Hello dear Pam, I have several comments to make.

    First, I totally love your books and blog messages. You win the award for bucking old trends and challenging us to rethink our false beliefs. Thank you for being such a bold voice!

    Second, if you are considering the idea of writing yet another book along the E2, E3 thought line, then I’d suggest that you focus on the magic of water and call it H2O Squared. There is so much fabulous information about how water has a tendency to imprint both emotion and information (Emoto) and because we adults are composed of 70% water (babies 90%) the energy awareness potential via water experiments is huge! Check out John Holland’s little handbook “101 Ways to Jump-Start Your intuition” p.193, the water bowl experiment for parties. I use this wonderful water energy awareness “trick” when teaching Intuition night classes at the local college and it always works—and makes a huge impression about our super-conscious level of intuitive awareness as we literally connect to water!! Given that you have uber travel experience with places near water, it is a natural next step to teach people why their attraction to water is so strong. (Those who actually claim to dislike water environments would benefit from investigating a previous life time where they died as a result of drowning—so the old negative auto-energy water response can be eliminated.)

    Third, is a story of amazing synchronicity that I have to share with you: The day after I read p 13 of E3 re the 4 year old boy who wanted some one-on-one time with his new baby sister, I did a regression session with a 53 year old client. When asked to recall a childhood memory, she very quickly started describing herself at the age of 2 on the day her new baby brother came home with mom from the hospital. She said that he smelled like an angel and all she wanted to do was to be near him to savor his beautiful connection to the fragrance of pure love. Her mother noticed the (spiritual) bonding taking place and banned her daughter from the baby’s side. In that moment, she was completely aware that this new baby was what her mother had been waiting for all along, and she would be on her own from then on. When the session was finished, I read her that powerful E3 page from your book and she started to cry. She was so happy to know that someone else could relate to both her strong angel-baby awareness and her deep pain of being kept away from it. And just like that, she released 51 years of excruciating pain and forgave her mother for not knowing!

    Thank you for being the catalyst for all this magic, Pam!! You rock, you rule—in more ways than you realize!!

    Julie Larsen, Vernon, BC, Canada

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