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Pam and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

“Refuse to accept apparent delay and detour as anything other than the perfect path.” —U.S. Andersen

Despite rumors to the contrary, I still feel like unflavored gelatin from time to time. I had one of those days this Tuesday. I was in Grand Haven, Michigan recording the audio version of my book, Living Big, at a fancy-schmancy studio owned by Amazon.com.

My flight had been delayed so I got in late the night before, I had to show up bright and early, I had a headache and the producer was quick to point out my glaring inability to pronounce such words as Dostoyevsky and joie de vivre.

Now, I know good and well that the only thing wrong in this situation was my attitude and my grumpy thoughts, but like a squid, I kept squirting out that woe-is-me ink that puts up a smoke screen between me and my highest intention, which is unceasing joy.

Finally, after leaving the studio and being unable to even muster the energy to walk very far along the gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches (I didn’t even leave my normal beach affirmation.), I returned to my hotel room and went to bed.

I woke up the next day feeling bright and sunny and was even grateful for the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

Here’s why it was the best thing to ever happen to me:

1. It made me achingly aware of how far I’ve come
. Being disgruntled used to be way of life for me. Going back there for a little peek confirmed to me that it’s not much fun. And it made me appreciate even more that my life is now heading in a new direction.

2. I was able to be kind to myself in spite of it all. Okay, so I had a less than stellar day. So what? I used my magic words (“It’s okay!”) and shrugged it off as the perfect unfoldment and realization (see point 1) that I’m on the right path.

3.Lastly, I finally learned how to pronounce my favorite word: Joie de vivre, a French word that pretty much describes my life now that I’ve officially broken up with discontent and grumpiness.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-Time Gig.

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  1. Dear Pam,
    You are and always will be my hero.
    Thank you for changing the trajectory of so many of our lives. I share your books with anyone who will listen!

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    “Relax. We’re all crazy. It’s not a competition.”
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    1. Hi Pam, not walking on the beach could be positive or negative! Depending on how you look at the experience, a large tsunami wave (not common in L.M.) could have appeared and swept you to Green Bay and you’d have to wear one of those Cheesehead hats, OR the dolphin of your dreams (also not common in L.M.) could have captured you and happily transported you to Mackinac Island where you could operate a horse-drawn tourist vehicle! So, who knows? I’m sure the day in bed was a good thing. Pete Vandenberg (Vail)

      1. Love this, Pete! Did I tell you I was in Vail this summer? My mom had a condo not far from your old place in east Vail. Such a glorious place to be in the summer and even the winter for us ski bums.

  2. You hit it on the head! I am extremely grateful for not so “happy” moments myself…..I can look back, let my bad moment go and be my happy, rainbow and lollipop self again for a long period of time! Love your blog and books!

  3. Well, “Dostoevsky” is difficult to say on a good day, let alone a grumpy one. Glad you’ve learned to cut yourself some slack. And it strikes me, too that you can now return to the Michigan beach and give it what it really deserves. An affirmation blessed with unlimited joie de vivre. Rock on, Pam Grout! xo

  4. Just what I need to here Pam had a few days like you’ve described recently onwards and upwards

  5. Pam, what a great piece! I think all too often those interested in positive transformation think that those shifts are permanent. The AHA from your article is that they are so great that they create contrast and the realization of having something better to live in and live for. When we fall back into old behavior, as you pointed out, we can really see and feel the difference.

    The importance of your article is to show that thought leaders such as yourself are just as vulnerable as anyone else. Your example is even more instructional as your readers can see the humanness and take it as an example for recovery and snapping back to that positive transformational place and beyond.

    Write on! : )

  6. It is so comforting to see and hear that you have a down day now and again. I was beginning to think you were in the “zone” 24/7. While I’m not happy you had a bad day, as Tom points out, it is a great way to show us how you got off your own case and snapped back as quickly as you did. Thanks for the great post. Very uplifting!

    1. How candid of you, and thanks for sharing. I, too, will remember how far I have come when I have a ‘not so fun day’. I am glad you are putting that book on audio. Thanks for all your effort and writing. I love to read your books! They are uplifting and re confirm my own thoughts and belief system

  7. Coming through those unhappy moments is just amazing for me – I always appreciate everything I’m given now……..everything! And, even when I’m feeling really horrible, I’ve noticed that I have moments, instances of sheer joy. Yes, I know, it sounds bizarre but it’s true!!! And I am so grateful because in the past, the horrible times were just that, horrible. Reading your books Pam, has helped me to appreciate everything I’m given even more, and to find a way to send out more and more love. You are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

  8. I’m not sure I pronounce Joie de vivre properly, but I love it just the same. Glad you were able to be kind to yourself in spite of it all – and I hope you get to leave your beach affirmation!

  9. I too had a Terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad day on Tuesday. I kept saying to myself “you have to turn this around. so I tried singing the song “happy” dancing around, nope didn’t work, so I started to sing, “let it go!” nope. So I just went to bed thankful for my day and visualizing a better day the following morning, and it worked. I still am singing “let it go” because I am having a hard time releasing the negatives. Visualizing and things are materializing for the good. I even have my son doing the experiments in e squared (btw he is the biggest pessimist there is!

  10. Thanks for your perfectly timed post, Pam! I sooooooo had one of those days today… but I have learned to ice a cake; -) plus tomorrow’s a new day & who knows… it might even win the Halloween competition!

  11. Also it may have just been your body saying take a rest and get some sleep.
    Sometimes we push to hard & don’t realize that sometimes the body knows what it needs while we are rushing around and manifesting.

  12. First, I need you to write me an “E” book every year, I am so grateful for E2 and E3!
    Today I finally got my bum back to the gym after a horribly long hiatus.
    In the locker room I realized that I had lost my lock. I have had things stolen from my locker at this gym before so I thought about leaving and skipping the workout. But I didn’t, I got on the elliptical and began reading E3 (I’m on page 97).
    I was distracted by the thought that my wallet, cell phone and such were in an unlocked locker. While I read a thought came to me “Manifest the lock I had lost, on the shelf behind the counter at the front desk of the gym.”
    As I said, I had not been to the gym in many weeks, so even if I had lost my lock (which I also use for my work locker) at the gym, the odds of them still having it were very scarce.
    But I was reading about experiment #2 so I tested the FP. I said in a low voice “My lock is at the front desk. All I have to do is go get it.” Then, for the next 30 minutes I repeated this thought internally while I was doing my cardio.
    I got off of the machine, wiped it down, walked up to the counter and asked the young woman at the counter to look for my lock. Without a second of hesitation she reached down and picked up the lock from the shelf behind the desk and handed it to me with a smile. I thanked her and on my way to the locker room I said out loud “I love you Pam!” (true story)

  13. I wanted to forward your horrible day email I got but I wanted to be sure that who I send it to doesnt unsubscribe me from your emais but it won’t let me delete that line..An suggestions? Oher than to tell them to subscibe themselves cause they won’t yet til they get more understandng..Thanks, Marie Hendrix

  14. In Access Consciousness, we are offered the idea that much of what we experience — thoughts, moods, even physical symptoms — are not really “ours”; we pick them up from others like radio antennas. (What if we’re all WAY more psychic than we think we are?) If it were me, Pam, I would have felt (and usually do, when I find myself in one) that a no-good-very-bad day was DEFINITELY someone else’s!
    Not to denigrate our very real power to choose our own experience, of course, but I find that sometimes there’s a sort of…”tide,” maybe, for lack of a better word… that you just have to ride out, and a lack of judgment — “It’s okay!” — is almost crucial. Without judgment (or denial or panic, which LOA sometimes has the unfortunate side-effect of generating in regards to negativity), you don’t drown in the wave, it passes more quickly, and ultimately carries you right back to the shores of Happyville none the worse — and perhaps the wiser — for wear.
    Who knows — from God’s/The Universe’s/the FP’s perspective, maybe it was even IMPORTANT, somehow, that we ride that wave. It does have a much broader field of view than we “mortals” do… 🙂
    Glad you’re back to where you want to be again, Pam! Thanks for all you share with us.

    1. This is so true, there was no reason for me to be in a mood, and I kept thinking that I had picked it up from someone, or some negative energy somewhere! so I saged and picked up a protective crystal to carry with me the next day! Feeling much better, but oh what a wave ride that was!

  15. OMG!

    New Audiobook !!!!!!! Yes! Yes

    and for amazon even better. When is this available So excited.

    Next is E3


  16. Even unflavored gelatin has its uses.

    Sprinkled on a salad, it’ll increase your absorption of vitamins. (an Edgar Cayce tip).

      1. Thank YOU, Pam.

        Compared to the buoyancy of hopefulness you offer so many, my comments are just the little tip that would not otherwise rest above water.

  17. Thank you Pam, I relate to your feelings. But like you I always end up seeing the other side of the happening and it lifts me back into your world of appreciation and gratitude.

  18. Manifique!!! (I think this mean “magnificent”, in the language of joire de vive)…. If not, who cares? Life is only what we decide it is… Thanks for the Joy you bring to me!

  19. Thanks Pam for the candid & timely reminder. Had one of those old habits revisit me today and was acutely aware of how awful I felt. Stopped, laughed out loud at the realization that I had orchestrated all of it. I just love how far I have come. My favorite quotes from now on are ‘Its okay’ & the french one when I figure out how to pronounce it.

  20. Hi Pam, what perfect timing! I have’nt had a really bad day in a while but yesterday was a doozy! Just so happens that my husband and I are traveling to the Grand Haven, Holland area this week to celebrate our 35th anniversary. We plan on taking a peek at the Lake Michigan shoreline, rain or snow! I’ll make sure to write something positive in the sand for you.

    Happy Halloween!

  21. Hi Pam, we all have those days, and it’s good to acknowledge that attitude is the key to everything, changing is not so easy and fast but totally worth the effort, singing helps a lot and so does taking a brisk walk. Have a wonderfu day.

  22. Pam~ you simply crack me up. I love your natural, down to earth style. I’ve been super stressed at work lately, but your messages about how we create our reality always bring me back to center, with a big sigh and a smile. Please keep up your communications with the world – we need you to keep us going in the “right” direction 🙂

  23. I had a very grumpy day a week ago. I kept thinking who is this person and where did my joyous self go. I was so disappointed in myself. But this helps me realize that we can breath in breath out and move on. Thank you

  24. Great post, Pam. Thank you. Like you, i decided some time ago that the purpose of ‘off’ days, whether a case of the blues or feeling ill for a while, is to point up the contrast to when I’m feeling my normal buoyant, well self, and to help me to really appreciate the feel-goodness.
    SO enjoyed E2 and am loving E3 even more. You definitely rock. xx

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